Emblem Power Runs Created by Mallowball ****************************************************************************** Table of Contents: I. About this FAQ (atf) II. General Tips (gnt) III. Big Boss vs. Chicken (bbc) IV. Most Emblems in a Single Run (mer) V. The Starting Run (tsr) VI. Credits (cred) VII. Contact (cnt) ****************************************************************************** I. About this FAQ: (atf) I decided to create this FAQ to list how quick you can obtain all 40 emblems on the shortest amount of runs. General tips listed as well. ****************************************************************************** II. General Tips: (gnt) Always perform a few extra requirements if you are doing a number emblem. Example: Get 11 or 12 Combat Highs. Give 55 soldiers items. Keep a tally of how many you perform. Getting the Stealth Suit makes a lot of these emblems easier to do. While you can complete emblems without it, it makes life a little easier. Check your status in the mission briefing. Will help narrow down what you need for a requirement if you lose track. Using the Mk. II/III can net you easy alerts without having to risk death. Simply equip the Mk. II/III and run in front of an enemy or friendly soldier. They will go into alert status so quickly exchange the Mk. II/III for any other item and the alert will clear quickly. Repeat until you achieved the desired number of alerts. ****************************************************************************** III. Big Boss Emblem vs. Chicken Emblem (bbc) A small comparison which net you the most emblems in a single run. Big Boss Run Chicken 1. Big Boss 1. Chicken 2. Fox 2. Cow 3. Fox Hound 3. Crocodile 4. Hound 4. Giant Panda 5. Mantis 5. Pig 6. Octopus 6. Puma 7. Pigeon 8. Raven 9. Scorpion 10. Wolf I only listed definite emblems after completing each game, I know that you may end up getting more emblems than what I listed but I�m only stating what you will definitely obtain. Obviously a Big Boss run would net you more emblems than a Chicken run, but when combine them; you have completed the hardest emblems to get in the game. ****************************************************************************** IV. Most Emblems in a Single Run (mer) Even though the Big Boss Run nets you more emblems, the time needed for the Chicken Run grants you a lot of bonus time to get a lot of other emblems. During the course of the Chicken Run, you can obtain 22 emblems total including the Chicken itself. (That would make an awesome trophy for MGS4, obtain 20 emblems or more in a single run.) The emblems are as followed: Ant, Bear, Bee, Blue Bird, Chicken, Cow, Crocodile, Eagle, Frog, Gecko, Giant Panda, Gibbon, Hawk, Hog, Hyena, Inch Worm, Lobster, Pig, Puma, Rabbit, Scarab, and Tortoise. ****************************************************************************** V. The Starting Run (tsr) First, I recommended to beat the game once, netting you all the weapons and items from your previous playthrough. That'll help obtain some of the emblems early on (i.e. syringe) but you do not have to beat the game to do this. First Run: Chicken, Emblems Obtainable: 22, Difficulty: Liquid Easy+, 22/40 If this is your first playthrough then obtaining this emblem is easier to do since you'll be watching all the cutscenes and codecs already. If it's your second playthrough, then enjoy it all over again. ACT 1. After the Gekko intro and you're in full control of Snake, you'll be in a safe area. Easy to knock out a few emblems right now. Start with LOBSTER (crouch position for 2.5 hours), then to GECKO (press against wall for 1 hour), then on to INCH WORM (Crawl position for 1 hour), next do SCARAB (100 front rolls), and finally do FROG (200 rolls; front or side) since you'll only have 100 left over doing the Scarab. Continue through the game, killing PMC's as you go, eat any rations/noodles you may need until you get to the Mk. II/III cutscene. If you already completed the game then you'll access to some better weapons at this point. If not, just continue onward, killing once again. For those that have completed the game, as soon as the cutscene ends, equip the syringe and any gun. Move forward where you see the 3 PMC guards and kill two of them. Sneak up behind the survivor and CQC Grab him and drag him back to the cutscene area. With the syringe equipped, inject him 50 times with it to acquire the BEE (Use Syringe or Scanning Plug on 50 times). He will remain knocked out while you do this. Wait for him to wake up and perform a hold up on him. Search him 50 times to obtain the ANT (Perform 50 searches). Proceed to perform 50 more hold ups on the same soldier for the GIBBON (Perform 50 hold ups). Dispose of him and continue into the Militia Safehouse. Find a room that has some dead PMC's and equip the Mk. II. Run it by the militia and they will go into alert status. Quickly switch to any other item and the alert will go away within seconds. Do this over and over to get COW (Over 100 alerts). This area is also a great way to obtain BLUE BIRD (Give 50 items to friendly soldiers). If you run out of items, just give what you can give the rest as you go along. Remember you'll need to use rations/noodles for yourself to obtain the PIG (Use 50 recovery items), but finish the BLUE BIRD first. Open the lockers in the rooms to find a playboy and proceed to get RABBIT (Flip through 100 pages of a Playboy). Continue on until the cutscenes with the drum can. Once you obtain it, equip it to get TORTOISE (Remain inside drum can or carboard box for 1 hour). Continue until you get to where you need to enter the Advent Palace, do not enter it though. Stay outside where militia and PMC are fighting with the helicopter above. PMC's constantly respawn here so kill like crazy to get CROCODILE (Over 400 kills). If you are fighting close to the militia, they should see you kill their enemies and award HAWK (Admired by 25 friendly soldiers). Also, if you have a weapon with zoom, get EAGLE (150 Headshots) or try to aim really well. Try to pick up all weapons from either the PMC or Militia side when they die to get HYENA (Pick up 400 dropped weapons). Also while here, attempt to sneak up on the PMC's and chokehold them to death to get BEAR (100 death chokeholds). You will most likely get an alert during the process so it's a perfect time to get HOG (10 combat highs) by firing 100 bullets in alert status. Remember you need 150 alerts and 500 kills for CHICKEN so continue to kill here. After all that is done, continue through the game normally and complete ACT 1. Remember to view all cutscenes and codecs, you'll need all that time. ACT 2. Finish any alerts needed to reach the 150 mark. Same for kills to reach 500. Use any recovery items to reach 50 or give away to rebels if you still need to finish the emblems. You will receive the syringe towards the end of this act so if you still need BEE, finish it here. View all cutscenes and codecs. ACT 3. Same of Act 2. Finish up anything you may have missed. ACT 4. Continue through here for a while until you get to a spot where there are two holes in the ground and some dwarf gekko's. Continue to drop in the holes for your 50 continues for CHICKEN requirements. ACT 5. Once again, finish anything that you may need since this is your last chance. You should already have met all requirements by now. If you need to add more time to get the 35 hours of gameplay, then hide in the hatch in the beginning and wait it out. When you finish your game, you'll be awarded all of the emblems mentioned plus GIANT PANDA (30 total hours of gameplay) and PUMA (Over 75 alerts, over 250 kills, over 25 continues). 22 emblems down, 18 to go. ********* Second Run: Assassin's, Emblems Obtained: 2, Difficulty: Liquid Easy+, 24/40 For this run there are two goals. Getting the ASSASSIN'S emblem (50 CQC holds, 50 knife kills, and less than 25 alerts) and picking up any missed weapons from the first playthrough. Make a list of weapons and compare to what you need, if you can buy it, then do so. If it can't be purchased, obtain through dropped weapons or find it. Do the ASSASSIN's requirements early on for CQC Hold/Knife Kill combo. Then just work on not being alerted. You can earn another emblem for this run but it's up to you how you want to play it. You can get either CENTIPEDE (less than 75 alerts, less than 250 kills, over 25 continues), SPIDER (less than 75 alerts, over 250 kills, over 25 continues), or TARANTULA (less than 75 alerts, over 250 kills, and less than 25 continues). Whichever you pick one, you'll end up doing the others later so the choice is yours. As a side note, I know you can also get SCORPION here but don't choose to do it because you will get it during your Big Boss run. ********* Third Run: Big Boss, Emblems Obtained: 11, Difficulty: The Boss Extreme, 35/40 Doing the BIG BOSS (Beat game on highest difficulty under 5 hours with no continues, no alerts, no kills, no recovery items, no stealth suit, no bandana) will net you 9 other emblems at the end as long as the requirements are met. You will get FOX, FOX HOUND, HOUND, LITTLE GRAY (providing you got all the weapons), MANTIS, OCTOPUS, PIGEON, RAVEN, SCORPION, and WOLF. All of those emblems relate to the BIG BOSS after completion. That brings our total to 35 emblems within 3 runs. The next couple runs can be done in any order. ********* Fourth Run: Jaguar, Emblems Obtained: 1, Difficulty: Liquid Easy+, 36/40 Complete JAGUAR requirements (over 75 alerts, less than 250 kills, less than 25 continues) ********* Fifth Run: Leopard, Emblems Obtained: 1, Difficulty: Liquid Easy+, 37/40 Complete LEOPARD requirements (over 75 alerts, less than 250 kills, over 25 continues) ********* Sixth Run: Panther, Emblems Obtained: 1, Difficulty: Liquid Easy+, 38/40 Complete PANTHER requirements (over 75 alerts, over 250 kills, less than 25 continues) For the final two runs, please refer to Assassin's run and determine what you alredy went for and obtain what is left. ********* Seventh Run: Centipede/Spider/Taratula, Emblems Obtained: 1, Difficulty: Liquid Easy+, 39/40 Complete requirements for your remaining emblems CENTIPEDE (less than 75 alerts, less than 250 kills, over 25 continues) SPIDER (less than 75 alerts, over 250 kills, over 25 continues) TARANTULA (less than 75 alerts, over 250 kills, less than 25 continues) ********* Eighth Run: Centipede/Spider/Taratula, Emblems Obtained: 1, Difficulty: Liquid Easy+, 40/40 Complete requirements for your remaining emblems CENTIPEDE (less than 75 alerts, less than 250 kills, over 25 continues) SPIDER (less than 75 alerts, over 250 kills, over 25 continues) TARANTULA (less than 75 alerts, over 250 kills, less than 25 continues) ****************************************************************************** VIII. Credits (cred) Kojima Productions for making this truly awesome game. All work is done by me. I did not use a strategy guide; I only obtained the emblem list from the internet and added in all my own tips. I will credit anyone with new tips or corrections in this section. ****************************************************************************** IX. Contact (cnt) If you'd like to contact me for tips or spelling mistakes, please feel free. I can be reached at darthmazza (at) hotmail (dot) com. Please leave an alias to credit you as I do not want to credit an email address to anyone reading. --------- COPYRIGHT --------- This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. In a nutshell, please do not recopy or post this anywhere else without my permission.</p>