Bloodlines CPU Password List Version: 1.03 By Jake Zahn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a simple list of all the password for all the computer found within Bloodlines, this list makes the Hacking Feat worthless. They should all be here since I just went through the hack terminal files one by one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starcraft Junkie - For the Therese fix. Andy Halper - For the Fu Syndicate password fix. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PASSCODES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Santa Monica --------------- Haven - Email: sunrise Jeanette's Laptop - Contacts: callme Email: wishes Therese's Desktop - Contacts: business Email: 1baroness3 Beach House - Email: hang10 Carson's CPU - McGee: Imalia Kilpatrick's CPU: Bonds: money Medical Clinic Administration: Email: lakers Blood Bank - Freezers: ambrosia CiS CPU - CS Door: dosage CS Cabinet: paige Malcolm's Cpu - Email: panacea Patients: hippocrates Morgue - Cadavers: cowbell Security - Camera: optometry Megahertz Computing: Net Security: gil bates Tung's CPU - Email: tung Notes: obfuscate --------------- Downtown --------------- Confessions CPU - Email: slave Important: master Elizabeth Dane - Log: antoniobay Control: lighthouse Empire Hotel - Guest Logs: power Suites: wealth Museum Computer - Email: iluvgabe Sales: danfinsip Computer - Email: archeopteryx Cameras1: pterodactyl Cameras2: velociraptor Computer - Email: ihatemyjob Results: ksdfieow Computer - Email: fijdslo Beams: platypus Alarm: wombat Nocturne Theater - Net Security: break a leg Skyline Apartments Basement - Email: peep 1st Floor - Email: ectoplasm 3rd Floor - Safe: jewels Tutorial - Safe: chopshop --------------- Hollywood --------------- Ground 0 Computer - Email: Kafka Computer - Email: shizzle Computer - Email: subarashi Metal Head Productions Computer - Operations: codpiece Computer - Net Security: bang your head Safe: turbo lover Nosferatu Warrens - Electrical: tank PUMP 118A: septic Sinbin - Logfile: sinner Peepshow: sinner PRIVATE: dirtydog Tawni Session's CPU - Camera: cleopatra --------------- Chinatown --------------- Fu Syndicate Computer - Status: elimination Computer - Species X Data: autopsy Server - Door Control: freedom Kamakazi Zen Computer - Power: gwailo Computer - Email: shinto-x Computer - Email: waterloo PERSONAL: elba Computer - Net Security: nirvana Vault: nippelhcs --------------- End Game --------------- Society of Leopold - Heat Sig: soc Power: soc Ventrue Tower - Lights: hitthelights -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If I am missing any, please notify me with location of the computer in question. Email -</p>