Donkey Kong Barrel Blast FAQ By: Super Slash Version: 1.0 Email: ---------------------------- =================== VERSION HISTORY =================== v 1.0 - Submitted the guide NOTE: To find what you're looking for, hold Ctrl and press F (Apple for Macs), and type in, for example "V. Walkthrough", without the quotations. Do this for any section you may be looking for. TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------- I.........Introduction II.........Controls III.........Characters IV.........Game Basics V.........Tracks VI.........Candy's Challenges VII.........Items VIII.........Unlockables IX.........Frequently Asked Questions X.........Email Info XI.........Credits XII.........Copyrights ================ I. Introduction ================ Donkey Kong Barrel Blast is a racing game for the Nintendo Wii. It was released on October 8th of 2007. It was originally supposed to be released for the Nintendo Gamecube, using the Bongos to control the game (the same ones used in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat), but for reasons unknown to me, the idea was scrapped and it was ported to the Wii instead. The game is controlled by using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk together, and many people think the game is killed due to its controls. However, they actually work rather nicely. If you play too much at a time, your wrist might hurt, but other than that, there is nothing particularly wrong with the controls. If you're looking for a good racing game, or just a game to have fun with to play with your friends for awhile, then this is the game for you. I highly recommend it, as it's really fun and addicting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============= II. Controls ============= ---------- Wii Remote ---------- Wii Remote: Shake this over to the right to move to the right. Flick this and the Nunchuk up at the same time to jump, and flick this and the Nunchuk down right before the "1" disappears before the race begins to get a boost of speed. Also, shake this and the Nunchuk up and down to get into acceleration A Button: Press this button to attack. This is only used to attack other racers in front of you, and to attack barrels and enemies scattered throughout a track B Button: Use an item you've obtained Home Button: Press this to bring up the Home menu - Button: Does nothing + Button: Pauses the game 1 Button: Does nothing 2 Button: Does nothing D-Pad: Does nothing ------- Nunchuk ------- Nunchuk: Shake this over to the left to move to the left. Flick this and the Wii Remote up at the same time to jump, and flick this and the Wii Remote down right before the "1" disappears before the race begins to get a boost of speed. Also, shake this and the Wii Remote up and down to get into acceleration Z Button: Use an item you've obtained C Button: Does nothing Control Stick: Use this to navigate the menus, character selection screen, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================ III. Characters ================ In this section, I will list all of the characters in the game, along with information about them and such. See the Unlockables section to see how to unlock the hidden characters. There are three Kongs and three Kremlings available at the start; the rest are hidden (including Ultra Barrel DK). Kongs ----- ----------- Donkey Kong ----------- Boost: *** Speed: *** Agility: *** Description: DK is one of Nintendo's most popular heroes (second only to Mario, probably). He is a gorilla that wears a necktie with his initials plastered on it. He's always looking out for his "little buddy", Diddy Kong, and they have been best friends for the longest time. King K. Rool is always out to destroy the Kongs (mostly DK) and their precious island, and DK is always the one to stop him. In this game, he is an all-around average character, as you can see from looking at his stats. He's basically a beginner's character, which is why I recommend beginners choose him (obviously). --------------- Ultra Barrel DK --------------- Boost: ***** Speed: ***** Agility: ****** Description: The ultimate character of the game. All of his stats are maxed out, and he has a big advantage over some characters. He's great to use on the Expert difficulty, and makes it almost too easy. To top it onto that, it doesn't take all that much effort to unlock him! After unlocking him, you can select him by highlighting DK on the Character Select screen, then by holding Z and pressing A. ---------- Diddy Kong ---------- Boost: *** Speed: ** Agility: **** Description: Donkey Kong's best friend. Diddy is almost always by DK's side, never leaving him. In Donkey Kong Country 2, DK was captured by Kaptain K. Rool, and Diddy rescued him with the help of his girlfriend, Dixie. In this game, Diddy excels in agility, but is lacking in speed, and is average in boost. He's not a bad character by any means, he just doesn't have much speed. This can also be considered a beginner's character. ---------- Dixie Kong ---------- Boost: ***** Speed: * Agility: **** Description: The girlfriend of Diddy Kong. Her first appearance was seen in Donkey Kong Country 2 for the SNES. She and Diddy were the two characters you used in that game to help save DK from the evil clutches of Kaptain K. Rool. She then made another appearance in Donkey Kong Country 3, this time teaming up with a fat baby known as Kiddy Kong. Since then, she has been seen in several spinoffs such as Mario Superstar Baseball, and obviously this game as well. She's a pretty decent character, and if you like boosts, you will like her since it is maxed out. She's not all that much different from Diddy stat-wise. ---------- Lanky Kong ---------- Boost: ** Speed: Four and a half stars Agility: * Description: Lanky has only made an appearance in two games that I know of, aside from this one: Donkey Kong 64 and Donkey Kong Country 3 for the GBA (he appeared in one of Funky's mini-games). In DK64, he had to be rescued in Angry Aztec before he was available for use. He collected blue Bananas scattered throughout each world, and he had a variety of abilities, such as floating like a balloon and using his stretchy arms to attack enemies from a distance. In this game, he excels in speed but is overall bad in boost and agility. If you like fast characters, Lanky is the character for you. --------- Tiny Kong --------- Boost: ***** Speed: **** Agility: ** Description: Like Lanky, Tiny was in Donkey Kong 64, and also made an appearance in the GBA version of DKC2 and 3. In DK64, she was also imprisoned in Angry Aztec, and had to collect purple Bananas. She had the ability to fly in the air with her pigtails and shrink herself inside to enter micro-sized holes. She is also the little sister of Dixie. In this game, she's an overall good character, but is sorely lacking in agility. She has also adapted a much more teenaged look, and many DK64 fans hated this change (as did I). It's a shame to give her the name "Tiny" in this game, really. ---------- Funky Kong ---------- Boost: * Speed: ***** Agility: * Description: In the original Donkey Kong Country, Funky had his own station called Funky's Flights. He allowed Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to use his flight barrel to travel from world to world, the ones they already completed. In DKC2, he had another station which was known as Funky's Flights II. He did the same thing he did for the Kongs in DKC1, but for a price of 2 Banana Coins in each world. After paying up, however, any other future flights were free of charge. In this game, he has excellent speed, but is poor in boost and agility. He's pretty much a heavyweight, similar to Lanky. ------------ Wrinkly Kong ------------ Boost: *** Speed: *** Agility: ***** Description: Wrinkly was first seen in Donkey Kong Country 3. In the SNES version, she saved the Kong's game whenever they passed by her cave in each world. She also has some animal friends called Banana Birds, and she wants the Kongs to find them for her. After the events in DKC3, she died, and in Donkey Kong 64, she came back as a ghost, hence the form she's adapted in this game. She could be found through colored doors in the lobby of each world, so she could give tips to the Kongs to find specific Golden Bananas. She is an overall good character in this game, and is basically an upgraded version of DK. ----------- Cranky Kong ----------- Boost: **** Speed: **** Agility: **** Description: Like most Kongs, Cranky's first appearance was in the original Donkey Kong Country. He's a grouchy old ape that always lectures DK and Diddy, always telling them things that they fail at and that he succeeds in and such. In DKC2, you could pay him some Banana Coins to get tips on certain levels, but it really wasn't worth the price. In this game, he's a pretty good character, and is the best Kong, not counting Ultra Barrel DK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kremlings --------- NOTE: Pretty much all the Kremlings have identical stats to the Kongs, so I won't bother saying what's good/bad about them since I already did so for the Kongs. ------- Kritter ------- Boost: *** Speed: *** Agility: *** Description: Not much to say about this guy. He's the basic enemy in all of the Donkey Kong Country games, and in Donkey Kong 64 as well. It only takes a simple bash to knock out these goons. In this game, he's about as good as Donkey Kong, as he's average in every stat. Like DK, he's a good beginner's character. --- Kip --- Boost: *** Speed: ** Agility: **** Description: I don't know where this Kremling came from. Must just be a filler character for this game, He has the same stats as Diddy Kong. ---- Kass ---- Boost: ***** Speed: * Agility: **** Description: Looks pretty much identical to Kip, so it's pretty much safe to assume that Kass is his sister. Her stats are pretty good aside from her speed. ------ Kopter ------ Boost: *** Speed: *** Agility: ***** Description: This Kremling looks kind of similar to one of the enemies that appeared in Donkey Kong Country 3, although I can't tell if it's supposed to be that Kremling or not. This is basically just an improved version of the Kritter. ------- Kalypso ------- Boost: ***** Speed: **** Agility: ** Description: A Kremling with a purple afro. I can't tell if this is supposed to be a guy or girl, but its first appearance (and as of now, only appearance) was in this game. He's great in boost and speed, but has little agility. ------ Kludge ------ Boost: * Speed: ***** Agility: * Description: I'm almost certain that this is supposed to be a Krusha from Donkey Kong Country 3. He's a big, bulky blue Kremling that has tons of speed, but is very poor in boost and agility. ----- Klump ----- Boost: ** Speed: Four and a half stars Agility: * Description: In the original Donkey Kong Country, these guys made an appearance as a fat Kremling with a green body and yellow stomach, and they wore a metal green cap. In the animated Donkey Kong Country cartoon series, Klump was K. Rool's right-hand man, along with Krusha (although they both are lacking in brains). Klump is an overall decent character if you're all for speed. ------------ King K. Rool ------------ Boost: **** Speed: **** Agility: **** Description: Yes, you can play as the menacing crocodile himself, K. Rool! He is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong series, and is always out to ruin DK in some way, be it by capturing his friends, stealing his horde of bananas, or blowing up his very island. In the end, the Kongs always manage to stop him in some way. He's a pretty good character in this game, and is identical to Cranky Kong in stats. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================ IV. Game Basics ================ In this section, I will list the basics of the game to help you get started. It is highly recommended that you read this section before you play the game, as there are some important things you should know about. -------------------- Game Modes / Options -------------------- When you boot up the game and exit the title screen, there are a variety of different modes and options to choose from. They will be listed here. Jungle Grand Prix ----------------- The main aspect of the game. Jungle Grand Prix is where you race on different cups to unlock other difficulties and cups. It's not as rewarding as the Grand Prix in the Mario Kart series, but it's still really fun to play. This mode can be played with up to four players. Single Race ----------- This is kinda like Grand Prix, but instead of choosing a cup, you choose a single track to be played on against humans and/or computers. You can also choose the difficulty you want to play on, and can also see your best lap time and overall time for that track. You can scroll through the list of tracks using the + and - buttons. Time Trial ---------- Pretty self-explanatory. In Time Trial mode, you can race on your favorite tracks and try to set a personal record on that track. The times you've gotten on races on Jungle Grand Prix or Single Race do *not* save here; by default, the record for each track in Time Trial mode is two minutes for a lap, and six minutes for the overall time. Scroll through tracks using the + and - buttons. Free Run -------- In this mode, you can play whatever track you want with no worries. It's similar to Time Trial in that you can keep going through a track, setting a record for each lap. The track never ends, however, so when you're ready to quit, feel free to do so. You can also choose the difficulty you want. Cranky's Flight School ---------------------- Here you can learn about the basic aspects of the gameplay. Cranky teaches you pretty much everything you need to know, from how to accelerate to how to use Wild Moves and such. However, there's really no need to even waste your time with that when you have this guide, now is there? :) Candy's Challenges ------------------ This is one of the most fun parts about the game, at least in my opinion. There are four different levels of challenges, and you have to complete one level to unlock another. Each level has eight missions on specific tracks for you to take on, and in order to unlock some of the characters, this mode has to be played. By completing all of the missions, you unlock Ultra Barrel DK, the best character in the entire game among both the Kongs and Kremlings. See the Candy's Challenges section for help on completing the challenges. Records ------- You can view your records for the Grand Prix, where you can see your overall best time on a specific cup or difficulty. You can also view your records for specific courses, where you can see your best time on a specific track, difficulty, and character. By selecting "Switch", you can also see your best lap, best Wild Move combo, most bananas obtained, and your rank for that specific course. Finally, you can view your Time Trial records, which has the same options as the Course Records. Options ------- On the Options screen, you can change certain options of the game. You can turn items on and off (they're on by default), you can change the configuration of all controllers (meaning you can set a button to attacking, using items, or make it where it's not used at all), and you can also change the dominant hand you use for all controllers. There's also a Controls options where you can check the game's controls, but I don't think it's possible to change them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Racing ------ Acceleration ------------ This should go without saying, since you're told about it right when you start a race, but before you can get moving, you need to shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk up and down repeatedly to start accelerating. You can then shake the Wii Remote to the right to go right, and the Nunchuk left to go left. If you get hit by an item or an object/enemy on the track, though, you'll have to go back into acceleration again. You can also use a Wild Move to do it instantly, though it really isn't worth it. Bananas ------- Throughout each track are bananas. Some are bunches, while a majority of them are in single numbers. Bunches are worth 5. You can also obtain bananas by smashing through barrels with Wild Moves or by hitting them with A. Every time you get 50, you get a Wild Move. There are also special golden bananas that are worth 50 by themselves, but these are really rare and if there are any at all, it's only one at a time. Wild Moves ---------- In order to do a Wild Move, you need to obtain some by collecting bananas scattered throughout a track. Once you get a total of 50 (which isn't very hard), you get 1 Wild Move. Hold down the Control Stick to charge up, then release it and you'll get a burst of speed. Do it near an object (a barrel or an enemy), because if you use a Wild Move and ram into the object, you'll get another burst of speed. Where there's one set of objects, there's likely more, and as long as you keep getting speed boosts by ramming into objects, you can get a chain going until there are no more objects nearby. This is extremely useful, and can cause you to win an entire race you normally wouldn't win. You can even hit other racers with Wild Moves. Attacking --------- You can attack enemies, objects, and other racers by pressing A on the Wii Remote. Attacking objects and enemies earns you some bananas, while attacking other racers will make them get stunned for a moment (but they won't lose their acceleration). This can be moderately useful, especially if you're wanting to get bananas quickly. Jumping ------- To jump, you must flick the Wii Remote and Nunchuk up at the same time while in acceleration. This can prove to be pretty useful, as you can use it to jump over objects you can't break through if you're too close (such as steel kegs). You can also jump to dodge certain items, and there is one item which requires you to jump to avoid. Items ----- Throughout each track, there are two colored balloons: red and blue. Each one has an item inside; you have to grab the balloon to get it. The items are completely random, and once you obtain one, you can press B on the Wii Remote or Z on the Nunchuk to use it (B is easier, at least for me). There are a wide variety of items, and each one does something different, which will all be listed in the Items section of the guide. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ========== V. Tracks ========== At first, you'll only have a single difficulty to choose from: Rookie. There are four different cups: Topaz, Sapphire, Diamond, and Platinum, along with two extra cups: the Selection and Random Cups. The Selection Cup is a cup to play for fun, where you select the levels you want in the cup. The Random Cup chooses between 5 random courses to play on. Both of these cups award you with nothing; they're just for fun. See the Unlockables section to see how to unlock these cups. Also, I highly recommend going to Cranky's Flight School (or simply look at the Game Basics section, the easier choice) before playing the game. I will be giving tips for each track, and this is based off of the Jungle Grand Prix mode. --------- Topaz Cup --------- Track #1 - DK Jungle -------------------- This is a relatively simple course, with not very many obstacles in the way and such. You start by going forward over a path of bananas both in the air and on the ground (err, well, not the ground, exactly). You will then come to some Item Balloons and barrels; get an item by getting the balloons, and whack the barrels away to get some bananas. Go past the fan blades you'll come to (they aren't very hard to avoid) and either jump into the barrel ahead to be launched all the way forward, or continue under the wooden plank thing. If you take the latter path, you'll find barrels that are being shot from cannons. You can pull off some Wild Moves here and get a good combo going with the brown barrels and such coming up. Regardless of the path you take, keep going, and hopefully you'll execute a good Wild Move combo in this area. If you take the red barrel coming up, you'll be shot forward and will be prompted to move the Wii Remote in certain directions. Tilt it in the direction prompted; *don't* move the whole Wii Remote. Depending on how many you succeed on, you'll get some bananas for it. If you didn't take the red barrel, you'll come to a cliff. Upon going down the cliff, you can collect some bananas in midair. Keep going and execute some Wild Moves along this part of the track to rack in yet more bananas. Ride over the big "!" plate and a big box will be knocked down, revealing a shiny golden banana. Collecting this banana gives you 50 bananas, thus giving you a Wild Move. Hopefully you can get the banana while in a Wild Move combo. When the path splits, take either path and you'll reach the end of the lap. Track #2 - Salty Sea -------------------- Start off by collecting the bananas and swiping away the barrels. The track is pretty straightforward in the beginning. You will eventually find a barrel in midair, which you can either jump into to collect some bananas, or you can just ignore it and keep going. Either way, you will go underwater, and this part of the track is also really straightforward. If you touch the Enguarde Crate that is moving back and forth, you'll ride Enguarde and be temporarily invincible. With Enguarde, you can run over anything until you're taken to the surface. Watch out for the Blooper tentacles you'll come to; if they hit you, you have to either use a Wild Move or go back into acceleration the normal way. Once you come up from under the water, you can either ride over the tablet to make a golden banana appear, or you can enter the barrel over to the right for a shortcut. Either way, the end of the lap comes soon after. Track #3 - Mt. Dynamite ----------------------- Not much to say about the beginning of the track. Once you come to a floating barrel, you can enter it to be shot forward and collect some bananas, or you can keep going past some steel kegs. Be warned that you *cannot* do a Wild Move on a steel keg. Keep going and ride over the "!" plate to make some barrels appear ahead, which you can execute a Wild Move off of. Avoid the big spiked balls, and keep going until you reach a path going down. You can execute a good Wild Move combo down this hill, or you can use the barrel ahead. After this segment, you will be at the end of the lap. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Sapphire Cup ------------ Track #1 - Scorching Canyon --------------------------- Starting this track, you will find lots of bananas scattered around. There are also some wooden barrels and steel kegs (watch out for the latter). If you jump into the barrel coming up, you'll be shot into a mine cart. Here, you'll ride along a track where you can collect some bananas. You'll come out in front of a tornado. If you don't take the barrel at the start, then just keep going along the path, riding over the "!" plate if you want. Doing that will cause a golden banana to fall down, so quickly grab it before it disappears. Either way, once you get to the tornado area, you'll eventually find two "!" plates. The one on the left causes some barrels to drop down, while the one on the right causes a golden banana to appear, which seems impossible to get before it goes away. The rest of the track is pretty straightforward. Track #2 - DK Jungle Falls -------------------------- There honestly isn't much to say about this track. It's basically just a remix of DK Jungle (hence the nearly identical name). Near the start, watch out for the aqua bubbles the frogs spit out. You'll lose your speed if they hit you. There are TNT Barrels scattered throughout the course, so avoid hitting those as well. There is also a small tunnel area with some Zingers and a whole lot of TNT Barrels. Avoid doing a Wild Move here at all costs, as there's a highly likely chance you'll just ram into a TNT Barrel in the process. Use the barrels for shortcuts and bananas. Under the wooden thing near the end of the track, there is a golden banana, so I recommend taking that route rather than the barrel route on that part. Track #3 - Shimmering Sea ------------------------- Just like the last track, there isn't much to this one. It's a remix of the Salty Sea. Near the beginning of the the track, there are floating barrels that move around in a straight line. You can't pull off a Wild Move combo on them, but you can jump in the air and hit them to get some bananas. Underwater, watch out for the steel kegs and the sharks, because the sharks are able to hit you. As usual, use the launch barrels to your advantage, and just avoid the steel kegs (there seem to be a lot of them on this track). It's simple enough. Also, don't forget Enguarde underwater. Track #4 - Mammoth Glacier -------------------------- Welcome to one of my favorite tracks in the game. There are quite a few bananas at the start, so try and get as many as you can, attacking any nearby racers if need be. Soon, you'll come to a yellow launch barrel in the air; by jumping into it, you'll see the Wii Remote and Nunchuk appear onscreen, along with a meter. You're prompted to swing both of them forward to launch. Don't do so until the meter is almost full, and if done correctly, you'll launch forward by quite a bit. Soon there'll be another launch barrel, which launches you up into a ski cart. You can collect bananas along the wooden passageway while riding it. If you don't take the ski cart route, just use Wild Moves and get a good combo going through the barrels. Either way, you'll come to some snowmen before the end. Although it doesn't look like it, you can use Wild Moves to plow through them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Diamond Cup ----------- Track #1 - Open Ocean --------------------- Get used to these remixes of old tracks. There are a lot of 'em. This track hasn't changed much from Shimmering Sea, although there are slightly more sharks and objects than before. Again, an Enguarde crate is found underwater. Watch out for the steel kegs, and don't forget about the bananas and barrels moving in the air near the beginning. Near the end is a launch barrel that will shoot you through an item balloon, and there's also an "!" plate that makes a golden banana appear. That's about it for this track. Track #2 - Mt. Dynamite Remix ----------------------------- At the start of the race, the other racers will likely get way ahead of you. Don't worry, though; it's not all that hard to get ahead of them, as you probably already know. At the start, you'll find two "!" plates, but do *not* touch them. If you do so, the walls ahead of you will cave in, and you'll have to use a Wild Move to speed ahead and avoid being squished. Use the barrel in the air coming up if you want; otherwise, just use Wild Moves on the wooden barrels. Watch out, because in the spots with a small pool of magma, some meteorites may come down and crush you. Later on in the track, there's also flames that get shot out that hurt you if you get hit by them. Watch out for the spiked balls near the end of the course. Track #3 - Parched Palace ------------------------- The beginning of the track is relatively simple. Eventually you'll come to a big temple, and right in front of the entrance, there is a pillar on the ground and an "!" plate. The plate makes some barrels appear. Jump over the pillar, because if you don't, it'll slow you down when you ram into it. Use a Wild Move on the barrels and then ram into a barrel by the "!" plate in the temple. Once you hit the barrel, ride over the plate and keep boosting forward through more barrels. If you ride over the plate without being in a Wild Move combo in the process, you'll be hit by the TNT Barrels dropped in front of it. If you are boosting, however, you can avoid them and leave them as obstacles for other racers. The rest of the track is pretty simple. Track #4 - Cranky's Temple -------------------------- This track has awesome music. Enjoy it. There are several areas that are great for using Wild Moves in, especially near the beginning. There is one area where you turn a sharp curve, and there are wooden barrels. Whenever you can, do a Wild Move off of these barrels and hit the Zingers to keep your combo going. It might end, after a bunch of banana bunches formed in a triangular shape. Coming up after that are grey barrels being shot out of cannons, but there are also steel kegs nearby, so be careful when doing Wild Moves. Watch out for the Vultures coming up, as they can hurt you; if possible, do a Wild Move off of them. If you enter the launch barrel in the air, you'll be launched to a bottom part of the temple where you can perform some Wild Moves freely. If not, you'll be in the upper part of the temple with some purple blobs. Ride onto the purple blob on the left and you'll be shot to one in the air, which then shoots you to a golden banana. Regardless of which path you take, the rest of the track is mostly just barrels once you get outside. However, near the end of the track, there's a purple blob on the left side that you can jump to, which will take you to another golden banana. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Platinum Cup ------------ Track #1 - Dynamite Run ----------------------- This time, the walls will cave in and out at the start no matter what. Not only that, but there are also big spiked balls in the first area and TNT Barrels scattered everywhere! Be careful in this track; it's hard to get a good Wild Move combo going without crashing into some object. Use the launch barrels to your advantage, and watch out for the spitting fire in some areas. This is basically just a harder version of Mt. Dynamite Remix, as the course itself hasn't changed all that much. However, you can find a Rambi crate in one area of the course. Track #2 - DK Jungle Sunset --------------------------- Not much has changed this time around. Obviously, there are more obstacles, but it's nothing too bad. Under the wooden thing is a golden banana (near the start of the course), and on top of it are three barrels. You can start a Wild Move combo off of said barrels, but it's not worth it since there are barrels for you to do it on right after those anyway. Take the lower route to get some bananas. Watch out in the small cave area, as there is still a Zinger and more TNT Barrels than before. There are still aqua bubbles that frogs spit out, too. Track #3 - Alpine Peak ---------------------- The beginning of the track starts off smoothly. Collect the bananas and break the barrels. Keep going while doing Wild Move combos to breeze through, and eventually, you'll come to an "!" plate, then another one right after. The second one brings a launch barrel down, which launches you to an open area where you'll find another launch barrel and a golden banana. If you use the launch barrel, you'll get the banana and will be shot down to the lower side of the track. If you ignore the barrel, you can jump and get the golden banana, then you'll find another one shortly after. If you don't use the launch barrel spawned from the plate, then just keep using Wild Moves on the barrels, but avoid the steel kegs. Track #4 - Temple Heights ------------------------- At the beginning, watch out. There are lines of steel kegs and wooden barrels, and it's a bit difficult to avoid them. Once you exit the little temple area, you'll be outside again, and you'll see some purple blobs. Use those to hop over the red laser, because if you go through said laser, a statue of DK will shoot a laser at you to hit you. Soon you'll come to a hallway where an arm of DK will pound the ground; there's three of these, so watch out. The rest of the track pretty much just has barrels for obstacles. Track #5 - Cosmic Highway ------------------------- This is the most unique track in the whole game, and it's the last one, so have fun with it! Shortly after starting, you'll go through a wormhole which will warp you inside a weird tube. You'll come out on the other end at a different part of the track. Cool, huh? There are a couple more of these throughout the track. There are even ghost DK figures that shoot out eye lasers, and inside a building part of the track, there is a big DK statue that shoots missiles at you. Enjoy this track, because there's not many things to mention aside from all of that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ======================= VI. Candy's Challenges ======================= You can access Candy's Challenges from the main menu. The challenges are necessary to get all of the characters in the game, and they offer a bit of replay value to the game. There are four different levels of challenges, and each level has 8 missions you must complete. You must complete one level to unlock the next. ------- Level 1 ------- Mission 1-1 ----------- Objective: Smash 15 Barrels This is a fairly easy challenge. All you must do is use the A button to attack the barrels scattered throughout the course. Smash fifteen and you're done. Mission 1-2 ----------- Objective: Don't Finish Last Simply race like normal, just don't come in last place. It's not exactly hard, right? If you can't do this, then quit this game forever! Mission 1-3 ----------- Objective: Go Wild with Backward Barrels This challenge is slightly more difficult than the previous two, but it's still pretty simple. Each item balloon contains a Backward Barrel, which is just like a normal barrel, only you toss it behind you. Get behind some foes and toss it right at them. Hit four racers with a Backward Barrel and you win. Mission 1-4 ----------- Objective: Collect 200 Bananas You're by yourself on this one, and you have exactly one minute to do it, which is way more than enough. There are bananas scattered everywhere, with barrels near the bananas. Just smash the barrels while grabbing as many bananas as possible and this will be done rather quickly. Mission 1-5 ----------- Objective: Knock Down 5 Rivals The objective is kind of misleading. It says you have to knock down five rivals, but you don't have to hit five different racers. It'll still count as another hit if you hit the same racer more than once. With that explained, just hit the racers five times and the challenge will be complete. Mission 1-6 ----------- Objective: Execute 15 Wild Move Combos You'll probably have to go through a lap and a half or so before you complete this one. Get enough bananas at the start and you should have 1 Wild Move by the time you get past the wooden fan. Then, unleash it at the area with white and brown barrels. You should be able to keep the combo going until you reach the cliff, where you can get even more bananas upon falling down. Do some Wild Moves through the barrels here, and after the first lap, repeat the process. You should have 15 done by the time you get back to the brown/white barrels. Mission 1-7 ----------- Objective: Smash 15 Zingers All you have to do is hit 15 Zingers, which respawn as you go around a circle of the course. Just ride around and attack the Zingers with the A button, but be careful not to be hit by them. Mission 1-8 ----------- Objective: Cross the Finish Line before Kritter This is a simple race like normal. Kritter loves to use Wild Moves, so you will have to use them as much as possible if you hope to win. It's only two laps so it's not so bad. Run into him with a Wild Move if you get the chance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- Level 2 ------- Mission 2-1 ----------- Objective: Don't Hit Any Obstacles Hitting no obstacles may seem pretty difficult, but the catch is that there are no other racers; you're alone. You can either attack your way through the obstacles, jump over them, or just use Wild Moves through them. Either way, this is a rather easy challenge to complete. Mission 2-2 ----------- Objective: Finish Laps in the Top Three This one is similar to 1-2, except you have to finish *all* three laps in the top three. This shouldn't prove difficult to you by now, especially if you've grown accustomed to racing. Just do the things you would do in a normal race, and you should come out on top. Mission 2-3 ----------- Objective: Smash 40 Barrels There are barrels everywhere on this course, along with bananas, making it even easier. Near the beginning of the lap are lines of barrels in three; if you're positioned right, you can hit one barrel and it'll hit all three, scoring you three points right there. Just keep hitting the barrels and use Wild Moves if you feel like it, and you'll clear this challenge in no time. Mission 2-4 ----------- Objective: Collect 700 Bananas You have exactly two minutes to do this. Use as many Wild Moves as you possibly can, and get a good combo going each time to rack up lots of bananas. It really helps to get the golden banana by riding over the Surprise Panel near the end of each lap, too. You'll probably have this after nearly (or exactly at) three laps around the tracks. Mission 2-5 ----------- Objective: Smash 25 Zingers See the strategy mentioned in 1-7. This is essentially the same exact thing, except you need to smash 25 instead of 15, and the Zingers move this time. Mission 2-6 ----------- Objective: Help Tiny Kong beat Kalypso You may not understand what you have to do in this mission. You don't even have to come in first place, but you *have* to make sure Tiny is ahead of Kalypso at the end of the race. In other words, Kalypso must come in last no matter what. Other than that, it's just like a normal race. Mission 2-7 ----------- Objective: Beat DK Jungle in 2:00 Use Wild Move combos to your absolute best here. This is probably the hardest challenge up to this point, but it's still easily beatable. Just never stop using Wild Moves, because you have to go through all three laps before two minutes is up. Also, about half way through the track, take the barrel route rather than the route where all the brown and white barrels are. I've found this to be much faster, regardless if you use Wild Moves or not. Mission 2-8 ----------- Objective: Cross the Finish Line before Klump Character Unlocked: Klump This can be a little difficult, but once you get ahead of him, you shouldn't have much trouble staying in the lead. Just take the best routes you can find and be sure to use Wild Moves as best as you can. He's not that much more difficult than Kritter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- Level 3 ------- Mission 3-1 ----------- Objective: Win Without Wild Moves This one isn't too bad, but it's still minorly difficult. Don't use any Wild Moves *at all*. This doesn't just mean combos, it means period. Whack any racers you come by, and use items to your advantage. Good luck. Mission 3-2 ----------- Objective: Don't Hit Any Obstacles I hope you enjoy this one, because later on, you have to do something very similar, only it's much harder. Anyways, avoid all of the barrels around the course (obviously), and just Wild Move your way through them instead. This one shouldn't be too hard. Mission 3-3 ----------- Objective: Execute 40 Wild Moves Combos and Finish in First Place You're only up against two racers, but you're in a course where getting 40 Wild Move combos can be a bit hard. It could just be my luck, but I seemed to have gotten a Melon item often in this challenge, which helped me a bit. Hopefully, you will too. Good luck with this one. Mission 3-4 ----------- Objective: Collect 200 Bananas This is easier said than done. You only have thirty seconds to do it, so you'll have to be as quick as possible! Smash as many barrels as possible until you get a Wild Move, and in the proccess, collect as many bananas and banana bunches as you possibly can. Once you get a Wild Move, use it on the second lap. You should make it with about a half of a second left to spare. Mission 3-5 ----------- Objective: Finish the Race with Diddy Kong and DK in First and Second Places You're forced to use DK in this race. You are supposed to come in first, but you have to make sure Diddy comes in second at the end of the race, no matter what. That's kinda difficult to do, but unfortunately, there aren't many tips I can give. This is just like a normal race aside from your objective. Mission 3-6 ----------- Objective: Knock Down 7 or More Rivals and Win the Race This one isn't all that hard, it's just that you need to make sure you don't finish with first place unless you've hit the Kritters seven or more times. Every racer in this challenge is a Kritter, aside from you of course. There's not much to this challenge, in all honesty. Mission 3-7 ----------- Objective: Finish Parched Palace in 4:10 4:10 isn't actually a hard time to finish the track in. In fact, I finished it with about thirty seconds left to spare. As long as you keep using Wild Moves, you should speed through this challenge. Mission 3-8 ----------- Objective: Cross the Finish Line before Cranky Kong Character Unlocked: Cranky Kong That's right, you unlock Cranky from finishing this mission! He's one tough cookie, too. This is the first challenge that actually puts your racing skills to the test. He can get pretty far ahead of you, and he seems to have way more speed than you and greater speed than he should have overall. The only way you can get ahead of him is through the use of Wild Moves, really. Once you get ahead of him, try and stay in the lead as much as possible. It should be a breeze from there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- Level 4 ------- Mission 4-1 ----------- Objective: Finish Each Lap in First Place There aren't many tips I can give you for this one, but it is a bit hard. Just do your best, and be careful. Avoid hitting any obstacles as best as you can, and if at all possible, ram into other racers with a Wild Move so you can move ahead and hopefully get first place. Remember, you need to finish each lap in first place, which is what makes this hard. Mission 4-2 ----------- Objective: Help Wrinkly Kong Finish in First Place Character Unlocked: Wrinkly Kong This is pretty similar to 3-5, only this time, it's a little bit harder. You have to let Wrinkly finish in first place, as the objective tells you, or you will fail. Try to make it so that you never hit Wrinkly with any items or by attacking her, while trying to distract other racers but also staying away from first place. Sounds easier said than done, huh? It may be slightly hard, but it isn't mind-boggling hard. Just keep at it until you win. Mission 4-3 ----------- Objective: Collect 1,000 Bananas You have two minutes and ten seconds to complete this challenge. Sound easy? It's not. This is easily one of the most difficult missions in the game, in fact. I managed to complete it with *one* second left to spare. You pretty much have to do everything perfect, or you'll fail. Collect all of the bananas you can get, and don't miss any barrels. Take the lower path where the launch barrel is instead of entering the barrel, then do a Wild Move combo through all the barrels there. You can enter the red launch barrel if you want, although it is easier to get bananas by just falling off of the cliff. Get the golden banana on each lap, otherwise it's pretty much impossible to win. Good luck. Mission 4-4 ----------- Objective: Don't Hit Any Obstacles This challenge is the real deal. Wooden barrels do not count as obstacles. However, steel kegs, any kind of item obstacle, the fallen pillar near the temple entrance, and attacks from other racers, do count as obstacles. To top it onto that, you have to race with a bunch of other racers, too, and you have to win it as well! If you don't get the item balloon inside the mine near the beginning of the lap, then watch out, because another racer will likely throw a pack of flaming bananas at you. If you run into those, it's over for you. Also, near the end of the lap, there will almost always be a Quawks (a purple Squawks) that will attack you if you're in the lead. If this happens, JUMP. That's the only way to avoid the attack. All I can say is good luck, because you'll need it. Mission 4-5 ----------- Objective: Knock Down Eight or More Rivals and Win the Race This is just like any other "knock down the rivals" challenge, except it's a bit harder than usual. You're on an annoying course, coupled with annoying racers who seem to love attacking you from behind. Do your best to attack people eight times, and be careful not to run into any obstacles! There are TNT Barrels everywhere; those are what you need to mostly watch out for. Mission 4-6 ----------- Objective: Execute 30 Wild Move Combos in Succession There's a golden banana right in front of you at the start of this mission, so I don't recommend getting a boost start. You'll likely miss it if you do. Get it, then start your Wild Move combo by busting through barrel to barrel, without ever stopping. If you miss a barrel, you can see how big your combo was in the top-right corner of the screen and you can try again. However, you only have a minute and thirty seconds to complete the challenge, so you won't get many attempts before your time runs out! Mission 4-7 ----------- Objective: Cross the Finish Line before King K. Rool Character Unlocked: King K. Rool I honestly found this easier than the race against Cranky. At first it may seem hard to get ahead of him, but it's really not. Just take your time, and when you can do a Wild Move combo, do so and you should catch up to him by a lot. By the time the second lap rolls around, or maybe even before the end of the first one, you should be in first place. From there, you should be able to maintain the lead without much trouble. Mission 4-8 ----------- Objective: Finish Three Laps around DK Jungle Before the Time Expires Say hello to the final challenge! This is way harder than it sounds. You're alone, but that doesn't make it any easier. Not much to say about this one, though. Just do your best and put your skills to the test (like my rhyme? =P). You have to finish the mission within one minute and 47 seconds, so best of luck to ya! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========== VII. Items =========== In this section, I will list all of the items in the game, along with info about them and such. There are two colored balloons scattered throughout each course: red and blue. Each balloon contains certain items, and each balloon is for a specific race (Kong and Kremling). However, both the Kongs and Kremlings can get both colored balloons, but if you get the right colored balloon with the right race, certain items will have a better effect than they would normally. Not all items have an extra effect. With that said, here is the list. ------------------------- Red Balloon Items (Kongs) ------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prop Monkey Effect: This monkey will fly near a player for a certain length of time, slowly stealing his/her bananas. Extra Effect: The length of the item is increased. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Squawks Effect: This parrot will fly near a player for a certain length of time, disabling his/her ability to use Wild Moves. Extra Effect: The length of the item is increased. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quawks Effect: This purple-colored parrot will fly up to the leading player and attack him/her. It's avoidable if you jump just as it's about to dive at you. Extra Effect: If the player gets hit, he/she will lose all of his/her bananas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banana Fairy Effect: Attracts all nearby bananas to the player that used the item. Extra Effect: The length of the item is increased. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blazing Banana Effect: These are bananas that are flaming, and they're set as traps. If someone runs into them, the player will lose speed. Extra Effect: Throws more Blazing Bananas on the course. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tasty Melon Effect: Makes the user invincible for a short amount of time, allowing you to run through anything, even TNT Barrels, without getting hurt. Extra Effect: The length of the item is increased. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crystal Coconut Effect: This is the rarest item in the game. I haven't even gotten it once. It makes you invincible for a decent amount of time, and also gives you unlimited Wild Moves during that time. Extra Effect: - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banana Bunch Effect: Gives the user 30 bananas. Extra Effect: - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Blue Balloon Items (Kremlings) ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mini-Necky Effect: Attacks whoever is behind you. Extra Effect: If the target is hit, he/she loses a Wild Move. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whirlwind Effect: Takes bananas from everybody on the course except the user. Extra Effect: Takes more bananas than normal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backward Barrel Effect: Throws a barrel behind you as an obstacle. Extra Effect: When thrown, you'll throw a TNT Barrel instead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mini-Zinger Effect: Throws a swarm of Zingers behind you as an obstacle. If a player runs into the Zingers, they swarm around that player, slowing him/her down. To shake them off, shake the Wiimote and Nunchuk rapidly. Extra Effect: Makes more Zingers swarm around the victim. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pineapple Launcher Effect: Shoots the racer ahead of you with a pineapple. Extra Effect: Shoot two pineapples instead of one. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wild Elixir Effect: Obtain a Wild Move. Extra Effect: Obtain two Wild Moves. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mega TNT Barrel Effect: This item causes TNT Barrels to be shot at other racers, making them slow down and lose any Wild Moves they may have had. There's also a chance the victims will get dizzy, making their directions reversed for a short time. Extra Effect: - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banana Bunch Effect: Gives the user 30 bananas. Extra Effect: - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================== VIII. Unlockables ================== Wondering how to unlock all of the characters in this game? The different difficulties, or perhaps the cups? Look no further, as this is the section you are looking for! I will list all of the unlockables here. ---- Cups ---- Sapphire Cup - Clear the Topaz Cup on Rookie Diamond Cup - Clear the Sapphire Cup on Rookie Platinum Cup - Clear the Diamond Cup on Rookie ------------ Difficulties ------------ Pro - Clear the Sapphire Cup on Rookie Expert - Clear the Diamond Cup on Pro ---------- Characters ---------- Kongs ----- Lanky Kong - Clear the Topaz Cup on Rookie Tiny Kong - Clear the Sapphire Cup on Rookie Funky Kong - Clear the Diamond Cup on Rookie Wrinkly Kong - Clear Mission 4-2 Cranky Kong - Clear Mission 3-8 Kremlings --------- Kopter - Clear the Topaz Cup as the Kritter on any difficulty Kalypso - Clear the Sapphire Cup on Rookie Kludge - Clear the Diamond Cup as the Kritter on any difficulty Klump - Clear Mission 2-8 King K. Rool - Clear Mission 4-7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================== IX. Frequently Asked Questions =============================== In this section, I will list the most commonly asked questions regarding this game. Before emailing me with a question, please refer to this very section first, and see if your question is already answered! Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Why are Lanky and Tiny in this game, but not Chunky? A: I don't know. That boggled my mind as well. I guess Nintendo just thought Funky would be a better choice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Can you help me with ? A: Aside from the tips I gave in the appropriate section, not particularly. If I could help further, I would've done so in that section. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============== X. Email Info ============== If you wish to email me about this guide, whether it be a comment or a typo, or even a big error in the guide, then email me at my email listed at the top of this guide. For those who are lazy, my email is Email me there, and I'll add whatever it is I missed, or fix whatever it is I messed up on as soon as possible. Please make the subject something to do with the game (such as "Donkey Kong Barrel Blast FAQ"), so I'll know that your email isn't spam. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============ XI. Credits ============ Credits go to you for reading this guide. Credits go to me for taking the time to write this guide. Credits go to Nintendo themselves for making a really fun Donkey Kong spinoff! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================ XII. Copyrights ================ Do not copy this guide without my permission. If you attempt to do that without my permission, you will be in trouble with the law. For permission, email me at my email adress listed at the top of this guide, I may say yes, I may say no, it depends. This guide is a Copyright (c) 2008, and was created by Jesse Winstead. All rights reserved. The following sites have been allowed to use this guide: End Of File. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>