James Bond 007 Walkthrough By: MACK Hello and welcome to the James Bond 007 for Game Boy Walkthrough, which tells all you need to know about James Bond 007 for Game Boy. What do I do with the M.A.R.B.LE.?If you beat the game with it you get the best ending. Where do I get this M.A.R.B.L.E.?Talk to the man in the spaceship in London, he'll go flying and break a wall, walk in the hole from where the ship crashed, inside is the M.A.R.B.L.E. Are there any secret names to enter ? Yes.They are BACCR to play Baccarat, REDOG to play Red Dog, and BJACK to play Blackjack. Now for the levels ! Place:China Boss:Zhong Mae Objective:Find plans for a hidden base and bring them to London. Top Secret Advice:Go into the first house you see, on a bed you'll find a Med Kit.To damage Zhong Mae's guards block until they attack then punch them.Repeat the plan until they are defeated. Instructions:From the start of the level go to find the carpenters house, on one of the beds inside you'll find a hammer, exit the house and go right until you see a broken bridge with a man on it , give the hammer to the man and exit the screen,Go back to the man on the bridge and you'll find he has repaired the bridge.Now go on until you find a temple with a guard by the door, use the guard strategy on him to defeat him and gain access to the temple.Once inside the temple go to the northern room and search along the east wall to find a secret passage !Inside the room you find search the file cabinets until you find a key.Walk up a screen and use the key to open the safe you find and get the secret plans.Then walk left a screen and beat Zhong Mae.Exit the temple and follow the path to the boathouse to beat China. Zhong Mae:Punch her until she falls to the floor, use Med-Kits to replenish your health if it gets low. Place:London Boss:None Objective:Give back the plans to the secret base, get the keychain and your gun. Top Secret Advice:Get the M.A.R.B.L.E., instructions are near the top of the page.Go south of the room with Q and look for a Med-Kit in a "data bank". Instructions:Give the plans to the secret base to M and he'll tell you your next mission, then talk to Q twice to recieve your gun and the Electric Keychain, once this is done, leave. Place:Kurdistan Boss:Iqbal Objective:Find Iqbal and 008. Top Secret Advice:Look for a Med-Kit in the house to the right of the start of the level. Instructions: From the start of the level go right a screen, down a screen, and right a screen, you'll find yourself on a screen with two houses.Go into the right house and left house and talk to the man inside, he says that he thinks his neighbor stole his machete, leave his house and go to the right house, search it until you find the machete.Bring the machete back to the man, he'll say you can keep it if you use it against Iqbal.Now go to Iqbals house and find the pad of paper in the chest there.Then find a man who gives you a gold ring if you don't tell the police about him.Now go to the town prison and give the gold ring to the prisoner there so hey will make a pass to a building you couldn't enter before, he says he needs paper so give him the pad you found.Then equip the pass and enter the building you could not before.Shoot the blinking light in the bar and then exit by the right into the courtyard, take the lamp there and exit.Now go to the cave in the northeast corner of town and equip the lamp and the machete.Go into the northern part of the cave and confront Iqbal.Once you beat Iqbal take the keys he left and free 008, who is also in the cave. Iqbal:Equip the lamp and machete, when you see Iqbal you'll throw the Electric Key Chain on the floor, draw Iqbal to the key chain, if he looks stunned it means he touched the key chain, hit Iqbal with the machete when he is stunned until you beat him and you get the keys. Place:Maccarech, the Hotel, the Casino, the Q Branch Office, the Catacombs, and the Black Market Boss:None Objective:Find Odd Job and Mr. Fez. Top Secret Advice:Look for a Med-Kit in your hotel room. Instructions:At the start of the level talk to the manager to get the keys to your room.Then exit the hotel and go left, follow the path to the Casino, inside the Casino go to the cashier to get a $1000.00 credit line to bet with, if you lose all your money you can go back to the cashier for more.If you win $2500.00 you can enter the baccarat room.If you win enough in the baccarat room Mr. Fez will appear.Once Mr. Fez appears, leave the Casino.Then search Maccarech for the Q Branch Office, where you get the Laser Watch.Now search Maccarech for the Black Market.When you find the market look for a man who sells turkies, you'll steal a turkey, bring the turkey to the man who is giving out cats, he'll give you a cat if you give him the turkey.Bring the cat to a man who has a pest problem, he'll give you a pearl.Now go to the man who deals things 'Off the record,'show him the pearl and he'll give you a fake passport.Now go to the man who needs to escape from Maccarech, give him the passport and he'll give you the Night Goggles.Now go to the north section of the market and enter the catacombs there.Use the Night Goggles to see, search for two rusty grates, which you can open with the Laser Watch, one grate takes you to a window where you can see the Casino and one takes you to the hideout of Ms. Bliss, who is on a table, talk to Ms. Bliss who will give you a large jewel.Once you talk to Ms. Bliss you'll find yourself back in the streets of Maccarech.Go to the electronics shop in the southeast of Maccarech and talk to the man there to get the Satellite Link.Now go back to the catacombs and give the Rat Man the jewel you got from Ms. Bliss.The Rat Man will give you a tranquilizer gun.Now go to the window where you can see the Casino and shoot Mr. Fez with the tranquilizer gun.Now exit the catacombs and go to the baccarat room of the Casino, search Mr. Fez and get the key to the room Odd Job is staying in.Now go to hotel and find the last hotel room on the left open the door and you'll find Odd Job, he'll take away all your Med-Kits and drop you off in the Sahara Desert to die ! Place:The Sahara Boss:None Objective:Find the airbase in the desert. Top Secret Advice:None Instructions:From the start of the level go up a screen and talk to the traveler you find there, he'll give you a canteen.Now go back a screen and fill up the canteen with water from the well.Now go up four screens, left a screen, and up a screen.Then go left until you find the airbase. Place:Tibet Boss:The Test of Courage Objective:Find Odd Job. Top Secret Advice:Use the statues to pull you up with the grappling hook. Instructions:From the start of the level go into the first cave you find, exit the cave and go into the next you see, keep searching until you find a metal shop, take one of the steel hooks you find there, now go looking for a monk to give you a rope, once you get the rope you'll have the grappling hook which can take you to higher parts of the mountain, now, with the help of the grappling hook find the temple on top of the mountain.Enter the temple and you will find two monks who take all your weapons away from you so you can face the Test of Courage.Enter the room to the right of where the monks are and you'll find yourself in a room with three Sumo wrestlers !Block the Sumos until they attack then punch to harm them.Once you go through five or six rooms of Sumos you'll find two more monks who say you have completed the Test of Courage.Exit the room to find Odd Job-with about fifteen men !Now Odd Job takes you to a hidden base to interrogate you... The Test of Courage:Fight your way through Sumo wrestlers, who you treat like guards in China. Place:Secret Base Boss:Odd Job Objective:Beat Odd Job and escape the base. Top Secret Advice:Look on tables for weapons and closets for Med-Kits. Instructions:First, escape your cell by pressing A by the door, go up a screen and find your rescuer-Zhong Mae !?Now go right until you find a room with a south entrance, beat one extra-strong enemy there to obtain the Shield.Now search the level for a room with many tanks and crates, fight your way through this room to find Odd Job.Beat Odd Job and search for Zhong Mae.When you find Zhong Mae you'll escape the base. Odd Job:Equip yourself with the Shield and Med-Kits, use the Shield to send Odd Job's hats back at him and use Med-Kits to replenish your health when it gets low. Place:Kurdistan and War Zone Bosses:Sadam and Khatar Objective:Locate the base which the center of an evil plot led by General Golgov. Top Secret Advice:None Instructions:You're back in Kurdistan, but it has been bombed, look for a man who will give you a machete then go to the cave where you fought Iqbal, outside is dying 008 who gives you the Exploding Pen.Now go to the right of the path that took you to Iqbal's house and use the Exploding Pen to open a path into a zone with grenades blasting everywhere and army camps.Search the camps for Khatar and Sadam, when you find them use the Missle Launcher on them.Then go to Mustafa who will give you the Mirror and let you go to Russia to find and defeat Golgov. Khatar and Sadam:Launch around fifteen missles at Khatar and about two at Sadam. Place:Russian Junkyard Boss:Jaws Objective:Enter Golgov's base. Top Secret Advice:None Instructions:Search your way through the junkyard until you find a building with Jaws inside, beat Jaws and enter Golgov's base. Jaws:Draw Jaws to a magnet in the room that is down and shoot him with your Missle Launcher. Place:Golgov's Base Boss:Golgov Objective:Defeat Golgov and save the world from the missles he plans to launch. Top Secret Advice:None Instructions:Zhong Mae is tied to a rocket which is about to be launched !Find and throw switches throughout the base to find the evil Golgov, beat Golgov, then switch off all the missles he plans to launch.To get to the switces that shut down the missles you must block lasers using the Mirror and bullets using the Shield.When you see Zhong Mae below you still have four missles to shut down, when you shut down all the missles go to Zhong Mae to beat the game. Golgov:Stand at the bottom of the screen and shoot Golgov with your Missle Launcher. Look in Nintendo Power issue 104 or 105 (I don't know which) for more info like maps. -M.C.K.</p>