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Version 2.0 (_Mace_/Mace22 edited): - Overhauled the FAQ to fit the Own Sphere Grid rule into the challenge. 1.0 COPYRIGHT: -------------- This guide is solely for private use. If you wish to host this guide on your website, contact us for permission before doing so. Any profitable use is strictly prohibited. 2.0 FOREWORD: ------------- In this guide you are (as the name says) only allowed to use Lulu. You will also not be allowed to access any portion of the Sphere Grid outside of her defined Grid (Standard Sphere Grid. This challenge is in my opinion harder than a No Sphere Grid or Tidus only Challenge. Don't read any further if you have not completed the entire game yet, because it will be too hard and I will remark story-spoilers without warning. Also, I'll pretend you have collected all 26 Al Bhed Primers from another game. They will be useful here for an unlimited amount of gil. If you don't have them, you are still able to finish this challenge. 3.0 TABLE OF CONTENTS: ---------------------- ============================================================================== Copyright 1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Foreword 2.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table of Contents 3.0 ============================================================================== Starting Rules 4.0 ============================================================================== Additional info 5.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Focus & Reflex 5.1 Overdrive=Overkill 5.2 Timing 5.3 ============================================================================== The Game 6.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Zanarkand&Al Bhed Boat No Boss (No Lulu) 6.1 Besaid: Sin, Sinspawn Echuilles 6.2 Kilika: Sinspawn Genaux, Lord Ochu 6.3 Luca: Oblitzerator 6.4 Mi'hen Highroad: Chocobo Eater 6.5 Mushroom Rockroad: Sinspawn Gui 6.6 Djose, Moonflow: Extractor 6.7 Guadosalam: No Boss 6.8 Thunder Plains: No Boss 6.9 Macalania Woods: Spherimorph 6.10 Macalania Temple: Seymour 6.11 Lake Macalania: Wendigo 6.12 Bikanel and Home: No Boss 6.13 Bevelle: Evrae 6.14 V Purifico & Highbridge: Seymour Natus 6.15 Calm Lands: No Boss 6.16 Sunken Cave: Defender X 6.17 Mount Gagazet: Seymour Flux, Sanctuary Keeper 6.18 Zanarkand Spectral Keeper, Yunalesca 6.19 Sidequests No Boss 6.20 Geosgaeno (BOSS) 6.20.1 Capturing in Djose Highroad 6.20.2 Capturing in Thunder Plains 6.20.3 Capturing in Mushroom Rock Road 6.20.4 Capturing to unlock One Eye (OPTIONAL) 6.20.5 Final Armor 6.20.6 Airship Sin's Fins, OD Sin, Genais 6.21 Inside Sin Seymour Omnis, BFA 6.22 ============================================================================== Credits 7.0 ============================================================================== 4.0 STARTING RULES: ------------------- - You are only allowed to use Lulu. If Lulu dies at any point in the game, it is considered a Game Over. You're on the honor system here, so be honest with yourself! - You can activate Sphere Grid Nodes ONLY for Lulu (this means No Sphere Grid rule applies to the other party members). You are only allowed to activate nodes in Lulu's Sphere Grid. - You WILL be allowed to place stat spheres anywhere on Lu's portion of the grid. - Other active party members must continuously attempt to escape on every turn they have. - In most boss-battles, your characters cannot escape. Have them change weapons on every turn. You are not allowed to defend with them because this will reduce any physical damage. They are allowed to kill themselves off. - Don't revive fallen party members. Period. - You can customize any Weapon/Armor for Lulu. - You are allowed to equip Armors/Weapons for other party members when Lulu is not available. When she is available be sure to unequip any weapons or armor that would give the others some kind of advantage (I recommend equipping them with their initial equipment, or in the case of Kimahri and Wakka's armors, use equipment with no abilities or the least advantageous abilities). - You are allowed to make other characters join the party because of their Weapon/Armors or stats (such as Auron of high HP or Rikku of quite high Agility). - You are not allowed to switch in party members with a Sensor-weapon equipped, so that you can check HP and elemental weaknesses. - In battles where Lulu does not participate, the No Sphere Grid rule applies to any and all characters, aside from that, anything else is fair game. 5.0 ADDITIONAL INFO: -------------------- 5.1 FOCUS & REFLEX: ------------------- Lulu will learn Focus pretty fast (Kilika). You're going to need this BAD. It reduces magical damage inflicted on Lulu and raises magical damage inflicted by Lulu. Focus's raising amount will stop after using it 5 times. Each Focus will add 1 point to Lu's Magic Stat, and decrease the damage intake from magic based attacks by 1/15. After five uses, her Magic stat will have increased by 5, and damage from magic based attacks will have been reduced by 1/3. Reflex gives a boost to Evasion. Each use of Reflex adds 10 % to Lulu's final Evasion rating, capping off at an increase of 50 after five uses. Lulu already has a great Evasion stat, but with Reflex x5, most fiends will never physically touch her. Very useful with some bosses. For example, if Lu has a 50% chance to evade an attack, using Reflex will increase that to 60%, capping off at five uses, which would grant 100% evasion. Be aware of the fact that in some battles: 5x Focus and 5x Reflex is recommended! 5.2 OVERDRIVE = OVERKILL: ----------------------- Lulu's Fury is very useful. Overkill will award you with more AP and allow you to progress along the Sphere Grid faster than normally. You have to master her Fury-overdrive. You should get 7 hits in the beginning with ease, but keep in mind that 8 and even 9 castings per Fury is possible in the beginning. Spinning the analog stick with your thumb is NOT the ideal method. Brace the controller against your thigh and use your right palm to rotate the stick. I actually use the nitch between my thumb and palm, but the principal is the same. You should also use your left thumb to move the left analog stick out of the way, as there's a chance that it could get in the way of your right hand (one of the main reasons why I use the nitch between my thumb and palm). And remember: practice practice practice! 5.3 TIMING: ----------- Timing is everything in this game. Because you will need Fury very bad, you have to gain it very fast. Sometimes even twice in one fight! Lulu will learn overdrive mode LONER very fast (45 turns while alone in battle). This will be the overdrive mode you will use for her for the complete game. When Lulu is fighting alone it will charge every TURN she gets with 16% which means it takes 7 turns to get a full OD gauge. The fastest action that a character can take is switching equipment in battle, keep in mind that you can do this without actually changing equipment (simply select the currently equipped armor or weapon). When fighting enemies that only attack physically, OD charging will be very simple. Lu has incredibly high Evasion, allowing her to dodge most physical attacks thrown at her, but to be on the safe side you should Defend (only slightly slower than equipment switching) to reduce the damage of the attack IF it winds up hitting her. Always keep an eye on the CTB bar in the upper right corner, it will indicate the change in turn order if you choose to take an action with a higher or lower recovery time than a regular attack (which is what the predertmined order is based on). Keep in mind that all of Lu's Elemental spells have the same recovery time as a normal attack, so there will be no change in the CTB bar. It should also be noted that her Furys tend to have an extremely high recovery time, so ALWAYS be cognizant of the change in the CTB bar when using them, as enemies can pile up attacks if you don't manage to kill them with the Fury. Lulu is incredibly slow, so keeping an eye on the CTB bar is essential to this challenge. 6.0 T H E G A M E ======================= 6.1 ZANARKAND & AL BHED BOAT ---------------------------- You don't have Lulu yet, so just play the game as you normally would. Watch the intro movie, give Tidus a name, do whatever you want. For Sinspawn Ammes, just attack and use Overdrives, he can't kill you, so don't waste any items. In the Baaj Temple, don't forget the Hi-Potion and the Ether before you jump down to initiate the Geosgaeno "fight." On the Al Bhed Boat, do whatever you want. Don't forget to receive the Potions from the Al Bhed guy next to Rikku. You can continually enter the salvage ship and resurface to get more Potions. It's not required, but it's always nice to have some extra Potions handy. Defeat Tross in whatever manner you please. 6.2 BESAID ---------- Long, boring and boring again. First cloister of trials. They are soooo fun. Argh. Watch Yuna become a summoner, sleep and wake up. Do yourself a favor and buy a healthy supply of Antidotes and Potions, enemies in Kilika have an affinity for inflicting Poison, and there's no items shop in Kilika. I'd say 20 of each is more than enough, but they're relatively cheap. Feel free to sell Yuna's weapon from the Cloisters for some extra cash. Tidus has a fight with Kimahri, just attack and use his Overdrive when given the chance. You shouldn't have to heal at all, but if you don't get a single Overdrive or evade at least one of Kimahri's attacks, you'll need to toss a Potion. I advise that you get into a fight with a Condor or Dingo (or kill its companions to get him alone) and learn the LONER OD Mode. This will take 45 turns of Lu being alone in battle. It really isn't that difficult, and Lu's Evasion will allow her to use a minimal amount of healing items while doing this. Save. Move along and take part in the tutorial battles. You can defeat the first Garuda with Valefor if you want, it doesn't really matter. The second Garuda fight is with your characters and Wakka has to inflict Darkness on it. Kill the Garuda with Lulu's spells. It might be nice to receive Darktouch for Lulu, although it isn't necessary. Don't bother fighting him more than once, Lu's Evasion is high enough not to have to worry about Blinding enemies. Before boarding the boat, talk to all of the people a few times, some of them will yield items that will help you on your journey. One of them gives you a Remedy, make sure to grab it! Before you initiate the next boss battle, make sure to run down to the Cabin of the Liki and get the Remedy that is in a chest. /\/\/\/\/\ BOSS - SIN'S FIN HP: 2000 Overkill: 1000 AP: 10/15 Not much different than in a regular game. Kill two Sinscales with a random spell. Do *not* kill all three of them, cause this will cause another trio of them to appear (you can kill more of them to receive gil, but because you need to buy more potions then, I wouldn't suggest it). As soon as Lulu's HP gets under 150, use a potion. After this. Let her cast spells on Sin itself until it goes down. You can easily Overkill the Fin with an 8 hit Fury Chain. Two 8 hit Fury chains will take out the Fin. \/\/\/\/\/ Remember to switch weapons (but not really doing it) with the other party members. I'm not going to say this again, cause you have to get used to it. You win. Done? No. Tidus falls into the water and Wakka saves him. An underwater fight in which Lu cannot participate will ensue. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS - SINSPAWN ECHUILLES HP: 2000 Overkill: 400 AP: 12/18 Overkill is not necessary because AP goes to Wakka and Tidus and not to Lulu. Inflict darkness on the boss to make it miss it's Drain Touch. Do not kill the Sinscales, they are annoying, I know, but they keep on coming back, so don't bother killing them. Sin will use 1 or 2 Drain Touches (which'll miss when blind) and then Blender, which never misses. Use potions when low on HP (around 130). You can use Dark Attack twice in this battle, after two times Wakka will have 0 Mp. Spiral Cut will come in handy here, the same goes for Elemental Reels (any element of your choice). \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ 6.3 KILIKA ---------- Fun place, fun movie, fun dancing. Save the girl on the left side of the docks to receive Ether and enter Kilika forest. This is the first place in which you are going to feel that you really wish you could use Tidus and Yuna. Learn Kimahri's Seed Cannon (as if you have a choice). Train in the forest until you have learned Focus. <> introduction: I will add information on how hard the parties are. All credits go to Split Infinity's FAQ. This is where I took this (and some more) information from. Without him, I could have hardly made this challenge. The symbols go from easyness to hardness. ++ is Very Easy. -- is Very Hard. O is Medium: 1x Ragora----------------------------------------------: + 2x Ragora----------------------------------------------: -- 1x Dinonix + 1x Yellow Element + 1x Killer Bee---------: + 1x Dinonix + 1x Killer Bee-----------------------------: O 1x Dinonix + 1x Yellow Element-------------------------: O <> introduction: I will add the name, amount of HP and additional info of the fiend, if necessary. Dinonix 140 HP Cast Blizzard and he dies. Focus once to achieve overkill. Watch out for Petrification! Killer Bee 110 HP Cast Blizzard and you'll achieve overkill. Don't heal poison, you need those antidotes, cause you can't buy them yet. Yellow Element 300 HP Cast Water and he dies. Water Fury to gain overkill Ragora 780 HP Focus twice and Fire twice and he dies. Or Fire x3. I suggest to escape from a Ragora x2 Party, cause they do too much damage. When you are lucky, they will miss Lulu most of the time, but they hit hard, so watch out. Always fight close to the Save Sphere to gain back HP immediately after the fight. Be sure to save constantly, because Dinonixes can Petrify Lu, and if you get ambushed by two Ragoras, they could get in several hits, possibly resulting in Lu's demise. Talk to Luzzu and Gatta and talk to Luzzu again, receive 4x antidote. Don't go wasting Antidotes in regular battles unless it's a life or death situation. If you get a Poisonward armor from Killer Bees or a Ragora, that's great, but it's not something you'd need to spend time on. Say, how the heck do you want to defeat the almighty Lord Ochu without Yuna's Esuna? Charge up Lulu's OD and...well... VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I HIGHLY recommend that you leave Ochu be for right now. He can rarely drop 2 Hp Spheres if you Overkill him, and we'll want/need these for later on in this game, and that means we would potentially have to fight him repeatedly to get the Spheres. If you want to fight him now in hopes of getting them, feel free to do that, but the fight will take a little while, and we can always come back later. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS - LORD OCHU HP: 4649 Overkill: 400 AP: 40/60 There's one BIG rule in this fight: leave 2 or 3 antidotes in your stock. DO NOT use all of them or the next boss fight will be very close to impossible. About Lord Ochu: He has two different attacks, all of them as painful and annoying as they sound. The first one is Poison Claw, which does about 120 damage and inflicts poison. The second one is Water, which is used after one *or* two Poison Claws, Water hits hard for about 300 damage. This fight is one of the rare battles in which you can escape. Try that with your party members as soon as they get turns. When you start the battle you unleash a Fire Fury on Ochu immediately. It delays Lulu's next attack, but because other characters might still be there, you might be lucky if Ochu hit them instead of Lulu. Unleash a Fire Fury whenever Lu's OD is full, and be sure to use Focus whenever you have an opportunity to (no more than five times, remember). \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ If you receive 2x HP Sphere: Make a victory dance, if not, reload and fight him again. Don't forget to pick up the items/equipment in the forest. Especially, don't forget the Luck Sphere at the end of the forest. Allocate the Hp Spheres to your grid if you've obtained them, if not, we'll be coming back later for them. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS - SINSPAWN GENEAUX HP: 3000 Overkill: 900 AP: 48/72 Geneaux has a main body and two tentacles, the tentacles have 450 HP and their attack will do minor damage, but Lu will dodge them most of the time. Take out the Tentacles as soon as you can. Once you've dispatched of them, Focus five times (gaining an Overdrive in the process), and unleash a Fire Fury on the main body. Switch weapons and heal up until Lu has a second Overdrive, and use it. This will Overkill the Sinspawn. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Get on with the story and complete the Kilika Cloister of Trials, you don't need the treasure here, but if you really want it (Fire Ward, Lightning Ward and Ice Ward for Kimahri), get it. It will sell for a decent bit of cash, so if it's not too much trouble for you, go ahead and get it. ---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Before departing, buy the Cactuar Scope with Sensor. It will be important in a lot of battles! Get back, enter the boat. I suggest you obtain Jecht Shot for the upcoming Blitz game against the Goers. 6.4 LUCA: --------- Make those Goers Goners, first, watch the bad-ass-dude Seymour (how does he get his hair this way?) make a speech and then proceed with the story. Talk, talk, talk, Yuna kidnapped, walk, walk, walk. Hey, who's there? If it ain't our buddy O'aka! ---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: BUY the Stunning Steel or you will have a HARD time beating Extractor. If you loop around to the other side of the dock (going to the right from the main counter), you can obtain the Magic Sphere and Hp Sphere before the upcoming boss fight. If you go the way the arrow points you towards, you'll find that you can't access the area with the Spheres because the AL Bhed have blocked off the area with boxes! These Spheres will come in handy, but aren't extremely necessary at the moment. You WILL want to pick them up some time before you leave Luca. MONSTERS: Worker 300 HP Thunder and they fall. I suggest that before you face Oblitzerator, you win some random battles against workers, they drop Hi-Potions and rarely X-Potions. Keep on fighting them until you have at least 25 or so X Potions, we'll need them for some of the later parts of the game, as well as for BFA. It'll be essential to Overkill them, as it doubles the amount of items you receive, getting the Magic Sphere from the other dock helps greatly with this. Save before you intitiate the boss fight. I highly recommend that you've activated the first Agility node on Lu's Sphere Grid before this fight. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS - OBLITZERATOR HP: 6000 Overkill: 600 AP: 36/54 We can't use the Crane, but it does play a part in this battle. Not in our favor though...the problem is that Fury can and will target both the Oblitzerater and the Crane at the same time. Oblitzerator can be a nasty boss, his speed increases as his Hp lowers, which is NOT a good thing against someone like Lu, who has a pathetic Agility stat. As for Oblitzerator's speed increase, this is exactly how it works. At less than 2,000 Hp, it's Agility increases from 1 to 16, and when it's under 500 Hp it increases up to 26. Given Lu's horrendous Agility stat, you will NOT want to get its Hp under 500, as it will pile on BB Rush attacks most likely resulting in your demise. Make sure you Focus five times before you start attacking him, as you won't have time for it later on. I highly suggest you stick with Thunders until its Hp get to around 1,000 or so, and then unleash a Thunder Fury. Blitzball Rush will shoot 10 Blitzballs at our party. Once the others are dead and all of them hit Lu, it'll deal a total of about 350-400 damage to her. This attack can not be evaded, so just grit it out and heal when necessary. In retaliation to any Overdrives or Spells used by Lulu, the Oblitzerator can counter with Mute Ball, which will deal about 70-80 damage to her and cause Silence. The Oblitzerator only has a 33% chance of countering though, and remember that Lu's Fury Overdrive is not hindered by the Silence status. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ We now walk back to the Stadium in which you are going to play your first Blitzball Match. I highly recommend that you win the Blitz match so you can get a Strength Sphere. It isn't absolutely necessary, but there's one boss for which we'll want as much Strength as we can get, and it can never hurt to have a decent Strength stat when capturing. A few tips on the Blitz match. -There's not a whole lot you can do against the Goers when they're on offense, you'll be relying on the random number generator going in your favor. -A good tactic to get Tidus the ball would be to take Jassu or Letty and swim up the left side (bottom on the map) of the Sphere Pool and shadow Tidus as they both head towards the goal. Stay on the perimeter of the Sphere Pool and when the defender comes for Jassu/Letty, pass to Tidus when he has swum free of the defender's range. Get as close to the goal as possible without initiating an encounter, because you'll most likely get the ball stolen from you. Take a shot at the goal, Tidus's SH stat is 10, while Raudy's CA stat is 8, so there's a good chance for you to score (Raudy's CA will range from 4 to 12). -At the half, I recommend that you equip Jecht Shot. Usually I would opt for Sphere Shot instead, but you'll most likely only be able to use either of these once (and even if twice, Sphere Shot can't be used more than once without powerleveling Tidus in the first half) and you won't need the extra SH value you'll most likely get from Sphere Shot. -At the 3:00 mark in the second half, Tidus will leave the Sphere Pool and be replaced by Wakka. Wakka will have an easier time scoring on Raudy, because his SH is 13, with another 3 on top of that from Venom Shot. -If you have a lead at any time in the second half, swim to your goal and hold the ball next to Keepa. The Goers will very rarely come up to you and initiate an encounter, so this is a safe area to let the time run out. If you do this before the 3:00 mark, be aware the Goers could win the next Blitzoff and score on you. In the Sahagin fights, just attack the Sahagins and heal when low on HP. Use Thunder Reels for the last wave. Garuda fight: Inflict Darkness with Wakka, Slow with Tidus and Power Break with Auron, silly Garuda :) ---IMPORTANT ITEM ALERT: Go to Dock 4 and behind some crates, you can find a MAGIC sphere. WOW! Also, HP sphere. This is of course if you didn't pick them up before the Oblitzerator fight. Buy about 70 Potions (99 if you have the cash), some Antidotes and some Echo Screens. Wakka quits Blitzball, Tidus and Yuna laugh, quite shockingly, Auron decides to accompany the party on their journey. 6.5 MI'IHEN HIGHROAD -------------------- This area has by far the widest variety of enemies we've yet to encounter. They aren't too difficult, but you should be aware of the potential for danger if you get unlucky enough to be Ambushed by a group of pissed off fiends. <> - 2x Floating Eye + 1x Bomb-------------------------------: - - 1x Mi'ihen Fang + 1x Floating Eye + 1x White Element----: O - 1x Bomb-------------------------------------------------: ++ - 3x Bomb-------------------------------------------------: -- - 2x Bomb + 1x Dual Horn----------------------------------: -- - 1x Mi'ihen Fang + 1x White Element + 1x Raldo-----------: O - 1x Mi'ihen Fang + 1x Floating Eye + 1x Raldo------------: - - 1x Floating Eye + 1x White Element + 1x Raldo-----------: + <> Bomb 540 HP Cast Blizzard twice. Floating Eye 140 HP Thunder twice or Focus x1/2 and Thunder. Watch out for Confusion, this one has priority to every other fiend! Mi'ihen Fang 160 HP Fire/Water once/twice. Watch out for Sleep and Silence. Raldo 240 HP Blizzard twice of Focus x4/5 and Blizzard. Watch out for slow. This one has second priority. It hits hard. White Element 390 HP Cast Fire once Dual Horn 1875HP If you don't have a Darktouch weapon, this will be a pretty tough fight, fair warning. Floating Eyes are the worse of all the fiends. If they inflict Confusion on Lulu, you are screwed, because her accuracy is low and evasion high. She will miss herself, so she won't "wake up". Raldo's slow and Fang's sleep is also a guaranteed Game Over. Be aware that Raldo's hit hard and White Element's Blizzard is also not fun. Heal yourself outside the battle (not others, don't even think about it) with Potions. Try not to waste Hi-Potions in battle, unless you have a healthy supply. Make a run for the Agency and meet Belgemine on the way. Accept the battle and as soon as Ifrit has arrived, run. You just won a Seeker's Ring without summoning, isn't that odd? If you are really low on MP and the agency is not in your eye-sight; use an ether. Otherwise, don't. Next stop: The agency. Rest. Watch a long story by Tidus copying Mika's quotes. Rin stops by in the agency and tells you that you should learn Al Bhed. Don't forget to snag the 2x Mega Potion from him! Also, a boy in the agency gives you a Level 1 Key Sphere. Compile your Al Bhed Primers if you didn't do so in Baaj earlier on. Now it gets boring, at least for me. To defeat Chocobo Eater, you HAVE TO learn Fira, without, you won't kill him. So get back to the highroad and train until you've learned Fira. Done? Good. Get Lulu in overdrive and save. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: CHOCOBO EATER HP: 10000 Overkill: 800 AP: 90/135 This battle is quite easy with Fira. Chocobo Eater has initiative so he will start the fight most of the times by killing a character. Sometimes he will use "You're next" on someone; Fist of Fury is next, which is *ouch* (1000 damage) If he KO's a character, fine. If he uses "You're Next" on an other character or Lulu. Even more fine. If he hits Lulu, quite alright. Lulu's turn: Fira Fury. Oh yeah, he'll feel that. It will knock Chocobo Eater on the floor. This is the time to heal and use Focus. He will stand up after 2 turns, but Lulu gets *most of the time* two turns in between. Use one to cast Focus or heal(if you have another spare turn, do it again). The last turn is Fira. Chocobo Eater will move away. You just made him angry. He'll hit your characters who will die fast. Keep casting Fira until he falls back again. Focus/heal once or twice and knock him back with a Fira (do not make him get up). After he loses 50% of his HP, he will be nasty. He will use Rush Attack (in which you will be pushed back) much more and when on his back, he will counter every attack with Blizzard. Not quite bad, but annoying. But, in the meantime: a new Fury is ready. Fira Fury. There falls the little Chocobo Eater again. Focus/Heal and Fira before he stands up again. He didn't even get the chance to counter with Blizzard. Cast Fira again until you have overdrive. If you find that Lu has already Focused five times, and is in no need of being healed, simply change weapons on her turns, as its a faster action than healing and Focusing. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Now that you have won, you can rent a Chocobo for free. Do it. Ride it and make the Chocobo jump on the yellow feathers. Don't forget the Fortune Sphere. ---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Also on a Chocobo Feather, get the Scout for Wakka: it has Lightningstrike and will be VERY important with the Extractor. Dona is not allowed to enter Mushroom Rockroad, Lulu and the rest are, thanks to Maester Seymour. 6.6 MUSHROOM ROCKROAD --------------------- Train a little bit until you've learned all 4 -ra spells. O'aka: "Sneaked past the guards, i did." Sell all useluss stuff for Lulu and other characters. IMPORTANT: if Tidus has received a Lightningsteel: DON'T SELL IT! You also need to hang on to his Stunning Steel. Make sure you hang on to Wakka's lightningstrike weapon as well. Speak to everyone on Mushroom Rock, you'll recieve Remedies from two different people. ---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Get the Tough Bangle with 20% HP from the guard. Equip this armor, it will be extremely helpful throughout the rest of the game. <> 1x Raptor + 1x Red Element + 1x Gandarewa------------: + 1x Garuda--------------------------------------------: + 1x Lamashtu + 1x Red Element + 1x Gandarewa----------: + 1x Raptor + 1x Red Element + 1x Funguar--------------: + 1x Red Element + 1x Lamashtu + 1x Raptor-------------: + 1x Raptor + 1x Funguar + 1x Red Element--------------: + 1x Funguar + 1x Red Element + 1x Gandarewa-----------: + 2x Funguar + 1x Garuda-------------------------------: - <> Funguar 540 HP One Fira. Overkill. Gandarewa 148 HP One Watera. Sometimes overkill. Lamashtu 275 HP One Fira. This one has priority; its attack is hard and can carry slow. Its Ice Breath is also painful. Raptor 200 HP One Blizzara, it's fast. Watch out for petrification. Red Element 450 HP One Blizzara. Overkill. Thunder Flan 450 HP One Watera. Overkill. Garuda 4000HP This one is quite tough. He'll miss quite often, but keep an eye on your HP, cause he hits hard. Just Focus some times and try to overkill him with a Fury, it doesn't matter which one; he has no elemental weaknesses. But he gives quite a lot AP. If he comes with two Funguars, kill them first. Lamashtu is a fiend which can make your life hard, with the rest of his friends. Take care of him first, always. Heal yourself with Potions and work your way to the Command Center. Don't forget the X-Potion on the way and talk to Shelinda for a free Hp/Mp restoration. If you feel like learning Reflex, it will greatly help you in the upcoming fight. Keep in mind that it's not completely necessary though. Hear Wakka complaining about the Al Bhed and after some reunions with Auron's friends, you have control again. You can buy the Blue Bangle for Lulu with Waterward, but it's not really necessary. You can buy the Sentry for Auron. It has Initiative and can be useful when Lulu isn't in the active party. Grab the Mega-Potion, equip the Tough Bangle and the Cactuar Scope. Save Talk to the guard and say "yes". /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SINSPAWN GUI PART I HP: 12000 Overkill: 800 AP: 400 This boss is for some people a threat in a regular game, now, we can only use Lulu. Gui has one body, two arms with 800 HP which we'll never touch and a head with 4000 HP. The body alternates between punch, punch, Demi, repeat. The head will use Thunder, moving suspiciously, Venom, repeat. The arms won't do anything but reduce physical damage to Gui's body, and take some of the Fury spells in place of the head and body, which can be quite annoying. The body isn't quite bad, but the head can and will hurt you. Start of the battle, hopefully Gui's first few attacks will target your other party members, killing them. First turn of Lulu, cast Reflex (if you have a spare turn, do it again) The head will now use Thunder on a character. If it is Lulu, heal, if it's someone else, good. Heal if necessary, otherwise, Reflex. The body will use Demi and Lulu's uses Hi-Potion. The head will now move suspiciously. Use a spell to make him not use Venom, cause Venom does about 400 damage and carries Poison, which is very bad. Repeat this until you have used Reflex 5 times. After five Relfexes, Gui shouldn't be able to land an attack on Lu. I highly recommend that you use single spells (no Fury) to take out the head as soon as possible. Venom can be a serious problem, and it won't be too difficult to take it out with our newly acquired -ra spells. Once the head is gone you can focus your attacks on the body. If you want, use Fury when it's available, but it won't be much better than casting single spells, considering that the arms will take most of the damage from Fury. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Now that that's over with, we get to do it all over again! /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SINSPAWN GUI PART II HP: 6000 Overkill: 800 AP: 400 Just kidding. This fight shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. Use our new friend's -ra spells to take out the head, and then focus on the body. Have Yuna use Cure spells if necessary, and have Auron attack the body if you wish. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ You'll gain a hefty amount of Ap from this fight, so no complaints! If you get a Dreamy Cait Sith (Sleepstrike), that's great, but you won't miss out on anything if you don't get it. Operation Mi'ihen blows up in our face, as expected. Tidus wakes up on the Djose Shore. If you let Gatta live, be prepared for an annoying scene...and actually, it's annoying no matter what you did (didn't think Tidus was THAT big of a Gatta fan, sheesh). Save Tidus has a talk with Auron (I smell a pattern here...) Save again 6.7 DJOSE HIGHROAD, MOONFLOW ---------------------------- Fun place. Monsters here are quite annoying and like to turn your characters into stone. As you walk down the Djose road be sure to speak to everyone you see, as most of the people will hand over some decent items/equipment. <> 2x Bite Bug + 1x Basilisk-------------------------------: - 2x Basilisk---------------------------------------------: -- 1x Garm + 1x Bunyip + 1x Simurgh------------------------: + 1x Basilisk + 2x Funguar--------------------------------: - 1x Garm + 1x Bunyip + 1x Snow Flan----------------------: + 1x Lamashtu + 1x Raptor + 1x Funguar--------------------: O 2x Bite Bug + 1x Funguar--------------------------------: + 1x Snow Flan + 2x Gandarewa-----------------------------: + 2x Bite Bug + 1x Simurgh--------------------------------: + <> Bite Bug 200 HP Cast Blizzard for overkill. Not even Blizzara is necessary. Although it's easy. The bug is fast and will act before Lulu. Keep those antidotes handy. Bunyip 400 HP Cast Watera or Blizzara once. Garm 240 HP Cast Fira or Thundara once. It's fast, be aware of Sleep and Silence. Simurgh 200 HP One Fira. Its attacks inflict Darkness. Silly bird. Snow Flan 600 HP One Fira. Basislisk 2025HP These ones are annoying. If they are in a duo, I suggest to escape. It's Stone Gaze inflicts petrification and you need two spells each to kill them. Four spells against two annoying fiends means taking a risk. However, they might drop Stoneward or Stonetouch, so fighting them might be handy. I don't recommend spending much time around here unless you feel like you need to level up, which shouldn't be an issue at this point. Walk to the Djose Temple and don't forget the 4000 gil in a chest. If you let Gatta die, you'll see Luzzu freak out (MUCH more entertaining than seeing Gatta freak out if Luzzu dies). Enter the temple and watch the cutscenes. Use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with Seymour's past by speaking to one of the people in this room. Third cloister of trials. In here, you don't want to forget the treasure. It's a MAGIC SPHERE! Nothing better than a free boost in your Magic stat. Yuna's sleeping in as usual (lazy ass Summoner). Wake her up and prepare to head back out on that long dusty trail. Restock you Potion supply, as well as Antidotes and Echo Screens. Save. Continue, on your way back to the highroad, talk to the people to receive items. You'll see some monsters that you encountered on the Djose Highroad here on the Moonflow, like Snow Flans, Garms, Bunyips and Bite Bugs. You will not encounter any Simurgh's or Basilisks on the Moonflow, but there is a noticeable addition of one big mother of a fiend: Ochu 7200HP This dude absolutely refuses to die. Don't fight this one if no-one has escaped of your other party members. If Lulu has Sleepstrike, it will be easy, if she hasn't: it will be bad. Cast one or two spells and Fira Fury and Ochu will counter with Ochu Dance. It can inflict Silence, which is bad. It can also inflict Confusion, which is even worse. With confusion, you're dead. With Silence, you can live. Heal Poison and use Fira. If you have a Stonetouch weapon, you can petrify Ochu. Although this doesn't allow for an Overkill, it will allow you to make short work of this fiend. <> 1x Ochu----------------------------------: O 1x Ochu + 1x Garm------------------------: - 1x Ochu + 2x Bite Bug--------------------: -- Keep in mind that Ochu can drop many, many different types of status ward armor. You will eventually need a Confuse ward and Berserk ward armor in this game, so you might want to hang around and kill some Ochus (only recommended at this point if you have a Stonetouch weapon, which can be dropped by Basilisks on the Djose Highroad). Level up some, especially with the Ochu's. They give 270 AP if overkilled. Whew!!! Kimahri talks with his friends (Ahem) and you'll meet Belgemine again. There's nothing of any use to us that we can get from her now (we only get 6 Smoke Bombs if we initiate the fight and escape). Proceed, don't forget the X-Potion, 6x level 1 key sphere, 5000 gil and a Magic Defense Sphere. The party arrives at the Moonflow. Tidus wants to stay. Too bad for him. In the next area, there are a lot of merchants. Sell any useless stuff to O'Aka or someone else. Too bad that none of the merchants sell any useful stuff. You can buy the Silence Ward armor, but because you can customize real soon. It's not neccesary, unless you have plenty of gil. Now, preperations for OTHER characters, because Lulu doesn't participate in the next boss-battle. Wakka, Full overdrive, Scout with Lightningstrike equipped, any Water protection armor you may have for him. Tidus, Full overdrive, Stunning Steel equipped, Lightningstrike on standby (IF you have it), and any water protection you may have for him. Save and ride ze shoopuff. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: EXTRACTOR HP: 4000 Overkill: 600 What the heck is Rikku thinking? This is one of the reasons why you should have bought the Stunning steel from O'aka, as it will Slow the Extractor. Slow it to start off with, this may take a few attempts. Attack with Lightningstrike weapons, use Spriral Cut and Lighting Reels. Depth charges will deal around 350 damage and cause darkness to Tidus and Wakka. Eventually, this thing will crap out. Heal when you need to. This can be a difficult fight if you're not used to NSG games. Those Hi Potions will be handy. If you see the message "Readying Depth Charges," you'll need to deal 500 points of damage to prevent the Depth Charges from being used. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ You arrive on the other side of the moonflow. "Shoopuf's shleeping", so you can't go back at the moment. Have a talk with Rikku. She joins the party and in the next battle you are forced to use Rikku. Don't bother to mix the Bomb as the game tells you, mix 2 Power Spheres instead to create a Frag Grenade and overkill. Proceed to Guadosalam. 6.8 GUADOSALAM -------------- Rikku tells you that you can customize. Whoohooo. If you don't have a Poison Ward armor, Customize one now at the expense of 40 Antidotes. You might also want to create a Silence Ward armor, at the expense of the same amount of Echo Screens. This place is a nightmare for anyone who have completed the game 2 or more times. It's SO BORING. Trommel puts me to sleep faster than a glass of warm milk and a bad made-for-TV movie. *coughLifetimecough* On your way to the Farplane: take the 8 Lightning Marbles hidden on the left side of the path. Look for an armor in your inventory with one open slot. Two open slots is even better! I had a Guardian Bangle in my game with 2 open slots, you might have less luck. If you have it, customize Lightningproof in it. If you don't have it, don't worry: go to O'Aka and buy a Yellow Bangle, it has Lightning Ward and one open slot: use that slot to customize Lightningproof as well. Kinda weird, but it is worth it. If you have a lot of money: buy the Fatal Cait Sith with Deathtouch. If you want to get an Initiative weapon from Qactuars in the Thunder Plains, you'll need this, as it'll be the only way to kill them (even then, it's highly improbable). Save With your Lightningproof Bangle (equip it!), proceed. 6.9 THUNDER PLAINS ------------------ Alright, if you don't like Blitz, tough luck, because I'm going to recommend that you play a Blitz League in which the First Prize is a Teleport Sphere and the Top Scorer Prize is a Return Sphere. We'll want an Evade and Counter weapon to help Lu against the fiends who physically attack (even though her Evasion is high, this will still help) and a First Strike weapon. Lu's Agility is just so horrid that even if an enemy party doesn't Ambush you, chances are that one or all of the enemies could still get an attack in before she even acts! In an ambush, one or all of the enemies could even act twice before she gets her first turn. This won't be happening right away, but with each new area you'll certainly notice that the fiend's increase in difficulty. It's not about damage output, because we know that Lu can dish it out, it's about survival. You CAN wait until you find these items normally throughout the game but I don't recommend it. The first Teleport Sphere you can find is in Bikanel, which isn't too far off, but the first Return Sphere you can get is as a prize from defeating Biran and Yenke on Mt. Gagazet. If you DO decide to take my advice, keep in mind that you should ALWAYS equip your First Strike weapon after a battle in preparation for the next battle. You'll find yourself switching weapons a lot in battle, but with First Strike and a weapon switch you'll still be acting sooner than you would by relying on Lu's Agility stat to determine how quickly her first action in battle comes. You can make yourself a great weapon, First Strike + Initiative, if you want to spend the time fighting Qactuars for an Initiative weapon with a free slot. The only way Lu can kill these guys at the moment is by getting lucky with the Deathtouch weapon. You have about a 6% chance of actually killing them, so if you decide to hunt for the weapon, just be aware that it may take some time. This place is not very hard, many of the enemies here rely on Lightning based attacks...good thing we customized that armor. <>: 1x Gold Element + 1x Larva-----------------------: ++ 1x Melusine + 1x Kusariqqu + 1x Aerouge----------: O 1x Gold Element + 1x Melusine + 1x Buer----------: + 1x Gold Element + 1x Buer + 1x Aerouge-----------: + 1x Gold Element + 1x Kusariqqu + 1x Aerouge------: + 1x Larva + 2x Aerouge----------------------------: ++ 1x/2x/3x Qactuar---------------------------------: --- 1x Iron Giant------------------------------------: + 2x Larva-----------------------------------------: ++ 1x Iron Giant + 2x Buer--------------------------: -- <> Aerouge 200HP He only uses Thundara which does 0 damage to Lulu. Leave it until other the fiends are dead and then use Watera for an Overkill. Buer 230HP I hate Eyeballs. They are fast, have tons of Maic Defense and can inflict confusion. Watera is enough to kill him, and these guys take first priority in ANY battle. Gold Element 1200HP Silly one. Thunder doesn't hurt you. Watera is an instant overkill. Kusariqqu 445HP He hits hard and doesn't want to die after one Watera. Give this one priority. They luckily never appear together with a Buer. Larva 1498HP They can't hurt you (told you Lightningproof would come in handy). Finish them with a Watera Fury to overkill. Melusine 365HP Just like Buer, they are fast. These ones can Petrify Lulu. 2nd on priority-table. Qactuar 500HP Chances are you won't be killing these guys at the moment. Your only chance would be the Fatal Cait Sith, but since you only have a 25% chance to hit them with a physical, and only a 25% chance to kill them with Deathtouch (IF you hit them), you have about a 6% chance to kill one. Iron Giant 3600HP It'll take two spells to destroy them. A Fury means overkill and 1200AP! Beware of Reaper, used every fourth turn for about 800 damage. His regular attack will cause about 1000 damage if it connects. A fast kill is recommended. If it shows up with Buers, kill them off first, as Iron Giant targets the characters with the lowest Hp values first (undoubtedly NOT going to be Lulu). Make a run for the Agency and watch another boring cutscenes. I like Wakka's: "Let's give Rikku a kick in the butt and go, ya. Hehehe." But that's it. Leave the agency, pick up Lightningproof shield for Tidus, sell it for cash, you won't be using it at all in this game. Level up some more in the Thunder Plains and don't forget to save now and then. Because being Ambushed by two Buers and an Iron Giant can most likely result in a game over. Larvas and Iron Giants will be your best source of Ap, too bad there are no fixed encounters. You're gonna hate me...but I HIGHLY suggest that you get the three Strength Spheres and three Hp Spheres awarded to you by dodging 100 bolts. If you're not too good at dodging while dealing with random encounters, then there is an alternative method. Alright, we all know that nitch in the south area that houses a Cactuar stone and a chest containing Wakka's Water Ball, right? It's on the right side, about 3/4 of the way to the Travel Agency. If you position Tidus between the Cactuar stone and the south wall correctly (it may take some time to get right), he won't move away after dodging a bolt, thus, you won't have to move around at all, thus no random encounters. This makes it very easy to keep your focus, and to not get unlucky and face a random battle right before a strike hits Tidus. Once you've done this, you can go claim your prize from the Travel Agency. If you really don't like dodging bolts, you can get away with dodging 50 right now for the Strength Spheres (without these, Crawler becomes about a two-hour long fight), and you can come back later for the Hp Spheres (which we will want for BFA), and the Venus Sigil (which I HIGHLY recommend, unless you plan on making your own weapon near the end of the game). Save and proceed. Make sure to pick up the Remedy in a chest in the Northern area of the Thunder Plains, it'll help later on. 6.10 MACALANIA WOODS -------------------- Before you enter the woods, grab the 2000 gil found in the chest on the left side. Monsters here are quite annoying. Re-equip the Tough Bangle, when fighting Wasps and Xiphos you might want to consider equipping that Serum Bangle we Customized. Pick up the Remedy on the way to the Northern area of the Macalania Woods. <> 1x Chimera----------------------------------------: O 1x Xiphos-----------------------------------------: + 1x Xiphos + 2x Wasp-------------------------------: -- 1x Iguion + 1x Murussu + 1x Wasp------------------: O 1x Wasp + 2x Blue Element-------------------------: -- 1x Iguion + 1x Murussu + 1x Blue Element----------: - <> Blue Element 1500HP These ones are DEADLY. Watera hits hard. Thundara will make short work of them. If you have an OD filled when encountering two of them, Thundara Fury is your best bet. Iguion 370 HP Just like his other friends: he is fast and can petrify Lulu. One Blizzara should put him down. Murussu 580 HP Same old story, it hits hard. A single Fira/Thundara should be enough. Wasp 360 HP Faster than hell, and can inflict Poison. Blizzara is overkill Chimera 5250HP The first of two. I always like those. It has three elemental attacks and a gravity based normal attack, which can't kill you. Megido Flame is the worse of all. You are mostly not able to kill him without Fury. He is strong to Fire and Thunder, so Watera Fury or Blizzara Fury will kill him mostly. He leaves 1830 AP if overkilled. Xiphos 2700HP Pretty fast and pretty strong. It's attacks mostly inflict Poison, so keep those Antidotes handy. Two or three spells will do the trick. A Fury for overkill. When you leave the forest, O'Aka will be standing here again. Sell all useless stuff. ---VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Buy the Sonic Steel for Tidus. It has First Strike and will be useful for when Lu isn't available. Evrae Altana and Geogaeno can be huge threats without it. Save, equip your Yellow Bangle, get Lulu in overdrive and prepare for the next boss. Make sure you don't have any elemental weapon equipped. Thanks Auron, we REALLY needed to fight this guy... /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SPHERIMORPH HP: 12000 Overkill: 2000 AP: 3240/4860 This boss is very easy. On it's turns, it will use Press, which knocks of 50% of current HP or just a physical attack which does about 250 damage. It counters every physical attack with a 1st level elemental spell. First turns: Focus a couple of times or heal when necessary. Next turns, Reflex x5 or heal when necessary. Now, his regular attack will connect rarely. Which means that the only way of dying is hiscounter. Attack physically once, look what Spheri counters with and use the opposite spell/Fury. Example, Spheri counters with Fire: Lulu uses Blizzara or Blizzara Fury. Spheri counters with Water, Lulu uses Thundara of Thundara Fury. Be sure not to use the wrong spell or you will heal Spheri. After this, Spheri will change its elemental weakness and Lulu attacks him physical again. Repeat this patern and you'll be done very fast. Note: He is suspectible to Bio, but it is not necessary. If he dies from Poison, you won't achieve overkill. And you WANT those 2x lvl.2 Key Sphere. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ If you already reached the circle after Bio on the Sphere Grid, use one of your Level 2 Key Spheres to open up the Strength +4 node. We'll want all theStrength we can get for Crawler. ***Massive powerleveling ahead*** Alright, here's the deal. To defeat Seymour and Anima without cheating, we'll want to take Lu up to her first -ga spell on the Sphere Grid (Waterga). A -ga Fury is the only way to deal with Anima before she unleashes her instant death Pain attack on Lu. There IS good news about this though. The fights in the Macalania Snowfield offer up to 1800 Ap if you overkill all the fiends, which is very easy to do with our -ra spells (specifically Fira). This really won't take you as long as you think it will. While you're powerleveing, make sure to allocate and activate the Strength Spheres from the Thunder Plains in an effort to greatly shorten the time needed for the Crawler fight. You will also want to allocate and activate the Hp Spheres you received from dodging as well, and the Mp Spheres if you can find the room for them, don't forget about that Luck Sphere we have as well (we have a Fortune Sphere, from Mi'ihen). <> 2x Snow Wolf + 1x Ice Flan----------------------------: O 1x Snow Wolf + 1x Ice Flan + 1x Mafdet----------------: - 1x Evil Eye + 1x Mafdet + 1x Snow Wolf----------------: - <> Evil Eye 310HP They are back. You know, Confusion is devestating. This one has priority. use Fira. Ice Flan 1350HP Blizzara hits hard, but one Fira will overkill this dude. Mafdet 710HP An armored one with high Magic Defense again. It might take two Thundara's or Blizzara's to take him down. Snow Wolf 400HP Fast and more powerful. Fira to the rescue. Watch out for Sleep. If you *DON'T* have a weapon with 1 free slot: Buy one now in the agency. This is the first time you can buy Hi-Potions, buy some until you think it's enough. Make sure Lu has a full Overdrive. Save. Make sure Lu has her First Strike weapon equipped. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Boss: CRAWLER AND NEGATOR HP: 16000 Overkill: 4000 AP: 4400/6600 While this will most certainly be a LONG fight, it's by no means a difficult. By the time Lu has reached Waterga on her Sphere Grid, her Evasion and Luck will be high enough to grant her perfect Evasion after three Reflexes. Since we can't take out the Negator, the only attack we'll be dealing with is Gatling Guns. A Lightningstrike weapon will expedite the damage dealing process, as we'll only be able to use physical attacks. If you have a turbo controller, make use of it. Set it on X and wrap a rubber band around the controller so the button is pressed down. Now go find something else to do for 25 minutes or so. Come back, and you'll see that the fight is over. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ If you receive Alchemy for Lulu, you can dance, if not, that's okay. Watch the Wakka vs Rikku scene and you'll catch a ride with whomever Tidus has treated like garbage the least (I always get Rikku). 6.11 MACALANIA TEMPLE --------------------- Fight monsters, make sure Lu's OD is full. If you hadn't already learned it, train until you've learned Waterga. Get to the bridge leading to Macalania Temple. Get inside, claim Shell Targe from Tromell and sell it to O'Aka again. It gives quite some gil. Watch Jyscal's Sphere. Now, it's going to happen: one of the trickier battles in this challenge. It's not difficult per se, but if you don't do things right, you'll find yourself reloading your game. There are two Remedies in a chest in the entrance hall of Macalania Temple, make sure to grab them. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE IN MACALANIA TEMPLE. You don't want to have to do deal with that Crawler fight again, do you? Equip Lu's First Strike weapon, and any elemental protection you may have (Lightningproof comes to mind). /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SEYMOUR + 2 GUADO GUARDIANS SEYMOUR: HP: 6000 Overkill: 1400 AP: 2000/3000 GUARDIANS: HP: 2000 Overkill: 2000 AP: 290/435 each. ANIMA: HP: 18000 Overkill: 1400 AP: 2500/3750 Alright, priority numero uno is taking out the Guado Guardians, if left in the fray too long, they'll use an attack called Shremedy, which will confuse Lu and most certainly end your chances of victory. A -ga spell will take them both out in one hit. DO NOT USE FURY. We can't kill Seymour yet, we need to prepare for Anima first. Forget about Reflex, there are no physical attacks used on Lu in this fight, so there's no need to increase our Evasion. As Seymour uses his spells on Lu, have her Focus 5 times, healing herself with Hi Potions when necessary (Alchemy helps a lot here). After five Focuses you'll need to use Bio on Seymour, make sure you use Bio on him right before his Fira turn, this will be important for surviving his attacks attacks after you defeat Anima. After 5 turns of taking Poison, he'll Summon Anima. Before his fifth turn, you'll want to either Switch Weapons, or use an item on Lu if she needs to be healed. You also need to make sure that she has a FULL OVERDRIVE before Anima is summoned, as well as having Lu equip the Lightningproof armor. The reason why we need to have Lu switch weapons or use an item before Seymour Summons Anima is that she's so slow, the only way she could get an attack in before Anima uses Pain is to use a Rank 1 or Rank 2 action, using an attack or spell will result in Anima using Boost and Pain in consecutive turns, killing Lu. Once it's Lu's turn (while Anima is in Boost), unleash a -ga Fury. This will most certainly kill Anima. You need at least 7 -ga hits (go for 8 just to be sure) to deal enough damage to kill Anima. If you made sure to Poison Seymour right before his Fira turn, he will use Multi-Blizzara (dealing roughly 2800 damage to Lu total), and then Multi-Thundara (which will deal 0 damage due to our Lightningproof armor). Finish Seymour off with a few spells after healing Lu. These steps are essential to ensuring victory, make sure you follow this game plan exactly as I've laid it out. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Now, that was quite intense, wasn't it? Seymour & Co can drop nice Weapons/ Armors: Silencestrike, Silenceproof, Sleeptouch and stuff. If it is for Lulu: quite cool, if it isn't: RESET and fight him again (JUST KIDDING). Well, another story. Blah, blah. 4th Cloister approaching. The hardest one in my opinion. Save. Some blah blah blah again. Kimahri's "away" is quite cool. Run away from the temple and you'll be forced to fight at least two battles. Only the fights with the Evil Eyes can be dangerous if you are ambushed and if they inflict confusion on Lulu. Make sure you take out the Guado Guardians first unless they Summon Evil Eyes. 6.12 LAKE MACALANIA ------------------- Out of the Temple? Good. Run back towards the Macalania Travel Agency. Make sure Lu has a full Overdrive prepared for the next fight. Make sure you have your First Strike weapon equipped before the fight starts (I WILL keep reminding you to do this!) as long as your Tough Bangle for the much needed Hp boost. SAVE AT THE SPHERE! /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: WENDIGO + 2 GUADO GUARDIANS HP: 18000 Overkill: 1432 AP: 2000/3000 Begin the battle by switching to your Evade and Counter weapon (I hope to God you Blitzed for a Teleport Sphere, if not, you better have gotten those Hp Spheres from the Thunder Plains). Wendigo has two attacks, a one-handed punch, which can be Evaded with E&C, and a two-handed punch which can't be Evaded. He will also counterattack any physical attacks that you use on him, when his hands are raised, but you won't be attacking with anything other than Magic and Fury anyway. After you've switched to your Evade and Counter weapon, open up with a -ga Fury of your choice (there are no elemental strengths/weaknesses in this fight). This will take out the Guado Guardians, who will then cast Protect and Shell on Wendy on their way to the Farplane. Don't bother with Reflex or Focus for this fight, simply cast spell after spell on Wendy and use Lu's Overdrive when it's available. Make sure to heal her when necessary. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Now here's the deal. We're thinking ahead here. For Flux, we'll need an SOS Haste armor, and there are two places we can get that. We can either get it now from Wendy, or later on by capturing a Bashura on Mt. Gagazet and fighting it repeatedly for a three slotted SOS Haste armor. Wendy can only drop an SOS Haste armor with one extra slot, so I'd advise that you get it later on from a Bashura (and get it with two extra slots, so we can Customize Auto Med on it for the Flux fight, and then Deathproof on top of that for the Lady Y fight). Of course I recommend getting it from Bashura (in fact, I'm telling you, GET IT FROM A BASHURA), but it should be noted that getting one now will aid you on your way to Mt. Gagazet. That being said...just wait until you capture a Bashura. Wendy will throw a fit and break a hole in the icy surface on which you're standing. The party well then end up on top of Sin (little do they know, until it starts moaning). Pick up the treasures lying around and continue with the conversations until you wake up in Bikanel. 6.13 BIKANEL AND HOME --------------------- Grab the 4x Remedy in the chest floating in the water and Save. You'll go in a forced battle with a Zu. Tidus dies and Auron comes to the rescue, if Auron has a full OD, you could Shooting Star the Zu into the next county. If not, he'll die and Lu will join the group. Cast Bio on the Zu and then attack with your -ga spells. The fiends here can present one heck of a challenge, especially if you didn't get a First Strike weapon. <> 2x Mech Guard----------------------------------------------: ++ 2x Mech Guard + 1x Mech Gunner-----------------------------: + 1x Cactuar-------------------------------------------------: --- 1x Zu------------------------------------------------------: + 2x Alcyone + 1x Sand Wolf----------------------------------: -- 1x Sand Worm-----------------------------------------------: - 1x Sand Wolf + 1x Alcyone + 1x Mushussu--------------------: O 3x Sand Wolf + 1x Chest------------------------------------: -- 1x Mushussu + 2x Alcyone-----------------------------------: - <> Sand Wolf 450HP One Fira or Blizzara is enough to kill him. First Strike is the only way to prevent this fiend from acting before Lu can. Alcyone 430HP Again, one Fira for overkill. But, again, it is very agile. Mech Guard 1280HP It's slow, but hits quite hard. One Thundara should be enough for Overkill. Mech Gunner 2800HP Slow again and strong again. Thundaga should Overkill it. Mushussu 680HP It's Fire Breath is devestating and it's hit is also very powerful, although it will miss quite often. Hit it with Blizzaga. Sand Worm 45000HP You can kill it, cause it will miss a lot. Demi (Fury) works good against it. Every seventh turn it will use Earthquake, which hurts hard. If you target it 10 times, it will respond by swallowing you, ending the fight, so let Poison do the work (4500 Hp loss per turn). Zu 18000HP Hits hard, but just like Sand Worm, it will miss quite much. Every fifth turn it'll use Sonic Boom. Be aware. Demi is useful again. If it has lost 2/3 of it's HP, it will land and Sonic Boom is no longer used. No elemental weaknesses. Cast Bio and let Poison kill it. Cactuar 800HP 255 Magic Defense and immune to Demi. You can't kill it. You'll really notice the downfall of not getting a First Strike (+ Initiative) weapon in Bikanel, if you decided to ignore my advice. Follow Rikku to Home and make sure to pick up some useful items: 10000 gil, lvl.2 key sphere and some Al Bhed Potions, make sure to pick up the two Teleport Spheres in the Sandragora pit, they will be helpful later on. MANDATORY FIGHT Sandragora 12750HP Enter the battle and use Firaga Fury to overkill it. You'll get the chance to act first if you have a First Strike weapon. If not, you might get Confused by its Seed Burst attack. You're pretty much screwed if you get Confused. Save and go inside. Fiends here tend to Ambush you, if you have an Initiative weapon, you won't need to worry about it. Things will be MUCH easier if you listened to me and got a First Strike weapon. FORCED BATTLE: BOMB x3 (2200HP), GUADO GUARDIAN (2600HP): When Lulu gets a turn: Blizzaga Fury (8 hits) to win. If one Bomb is still alive take it out with Blizzara. The Bombs might drop Fireproof. Dance if they do. Heal afterwards. FORCED BATTLE: DUAL HORN x2 (3750HP), GUADO GUARDIAN (2600HP): The Guado Guardian takes priority in this fight. A single -ga spell will kill off the Guado. Take out the Dual Horns with a Firaga Fury or a couple Firaga spells. Death works as well, but it's not guaranteed, and you won't gain extra Ap due to the lack of an Overkill. Run to the Save point and save. Pick up the items after the doors. Rikku yells: "No, not that way". You'll get random encounters here. The bomb party, the Dual Horn party or two different ones: First: EVIL EYE x2 (430HP), GUADO GUARDIAN (2600HP): If you have a full Overdrive gauge as the fight starts you should use it, as this group of enemies can put Lu out of commission very quickly. A standard -ga Fury of your choice shall suffice. A Confuse Ward armor isn't necessary for this fight, but there's little chance that you'll make it out fine without one. Kill the Guado first, as its Confuse spell will cause Confusion regardless of Lu having Confuse ward or not. After that you'll want to use a single -ra spell one both of the Evil Eyes. Second: CHIMERA x2 (9000HP), GUADO GUARDIAN (2600HP): Once again, kill off the Guado first, Confuse can be a huge pain in the ass. An 8 hit Blizzaga/Thundaga Fury should be just enough to take them both out. Any less than that and you might have to cast another spell on one of them, keep in mind that they receive half damage from Fire and Water attacks. Charge up your overdrive gauge and Save. In my opinion, the next few cutscenes are among the best in the game, especially this very scene, enjoy! You'll be forced into another battle at an inappropriate time. FORCED BATTLE: CHIMERA x2 (9000HP), GUADO GUARDIAN (2600HP): The exact same strategy from the last fight applies to this fight. Take out the Guado first, then the Chimeras. VERY IMPORTANT ITEM ALERT: Don't forget the Level 4 key sphere lying beneath the stairs! Another great scene, watch it and enjoy! 6.14 BEVELLE ------------ Tidus gets tossed around by an old man, then we celebrate with "happy festival fireworks, ya?" As soon as you have control over Tidus, go to Rin and receive 99x Underdog Secrets for collecting all Primers. Make yourself a nice little Double Overdrive weapon, if you don't have all the Al Bhed Primers, you'll be missing out. I would seriously recommend that you level up until Lu learns Flare for the next fight. I haven't discovered an easy way to deal with Evrae without it. It can most likely be done, but I didn't spend the time to figure it out, considering we'll need to be highly leveled eventually, there is no time like the present. Don't bother going for Double Cast right now, as we'll be able to get by without it at the moment. If you have a Serum Bangle, equip it, but it's not necessary. Do yourself a huge favor and start the fight with a full Overdrive. /\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: EVRAE HP: 32000 Overkill: 2000 AP: 5400/8100 First, a little about our new friend. Evrae's attack pattern (up close) is simply Attack, Attack, Inhale, Poison Breath. It will stick to this attack pattern unless you trigger its Stone Gaze attack. Stone Gaze is used once the "Stone Gaze counter" is raised to 6. The following attacks will have the following effects on the counter. -A strength based attack adds two points. -A magic based attack adds one point. Evrae will use Haste on herself when her Hp depletes past the 10,650 mark. In a perfect world, the fight would go like this. Lu starts with First Strike, then switches to her Double OD weapon, she then uses Flare Fury, Evrae then attacks both of the other characters (resulting in their death), Lu then has her next turn (filling her OD bar to 32%) and then switches weapons, Evrae inhales, (OD bar at 64%) Lu switches weapons, (OD bar at 96 %) Lu switches weapons, (OD bar FULL) Lu uses Flare Fury killing Evrae. The problem is, this isn't a perfect world. Evrae most likely won't kill off both of the other characters, meaning that Lu can't charge her OD gauge (Loner) on her next turn, meaning that we will undoubtedly see Poison Breath. It really isn't that big of a deal, but it will extend the length of the fight. If the others don't die, they'll be killed off by Poison Breath anyway. Make sure to only attack Evrae with Flare Fury, and DO NOT TARGET EVRAE WITH ANYTHING ELSE. Just heal and cure Poison (if afflicted) until Lu gets a second Overdrive. Even if Evrae kills off both characters with the physical attacks, there's still a chance (50%) that Evrae will get her fourth turn before Lu's Overdrive gauge is full again, meaning that we'll be dealing with Poison Breath. This is due to what's called the Initial Counter Value, which determines how quickly a character or monster acts in battle. The random variance dictates that in this fight it's possible for Evrae's fourth turn to come before Lu's sixth (based on this strategy). Either way, Poison Breath isn't too much to worry about. If you have a Poison ward armor equipped, there's a chance you won't be poisoned. If you ARE poisoned, just toss an antidote and heal on the subsequent turn. Evrae's attacks really aren't enough to worry about survival, unless you are reckless and attack at will, possibly activating Evrae's Stone Gaze move, which will either Petrify you (99% chance without protection), or inflict a seemingly eternal slow, which will allow Evrae to pick Lu apart without her getting in a turn. Do yourself a favor and follow my strategy. The only times you should attack Evrae is with Flare Fury, two of which shall kill this giant Wyrm. You should also be aware that if you bring her Hp below 10,650 without killing her, she'll use Haste on herself, and most likely kill Lulu. I've said this before, but it deserves to be mentioned twice. While this last bit may have seemed somewhat redundant, and over-analyzed, I wanted to explain to you exactly why you need to follow this strategy. This can be a very easy fight, but it's just as easy to make it difficult on yourself. \/\/\/\/\/\/ Save? Of course not! First, you will enter five forced battles with Bevelle monks and machina, who can be quite annoying. As soon as you can control Tidus again, DON'T run forward to the Monks, cause they will kill you. Equip any armor that protects against Fire that you may have in your inventory. The fights are fairly easy. One spell is enough to kill each of the monks, but watch out: If you leave the YKT-63s alone in battle, they will use Thrust Kick, and unlike Kimahri's Ronso Rage, this one will Eject the target from the fight. Make sure to heal between each battle. The last battle is a little bit more difficult. Forget about the Flamethrower monks and focus at the cannon in the distance. I underestimated it and used a Fury. BAD IDEA. It has 129 Magic Defense and survives four -GA spells. Just cast Firaga or Waterga (it's weak against it) until it falls. Heal if you're fealing weak. AFTER this, kill the monks. Yuna can fly...sure. Complete the Bevelle trials, pick up the Knight's Lance if you can, it'll help with the boss fight on Mt. Gagazet. I would remind you to pick up the Hp Sphere on the way out, but since you can't miss it this entire sentence is deemed pointless. 6.15 VIA PURIFICO & HIGHBRIDGE ------------------------------ Hang around and listen to the music "Path of Repentance," if you feel the need to. Once you're done listening, make a run for the Save Sphere and save. Now, make a run for Lulu! From Save Sphere: Go west, north, west, north, east. There she is, standing in a dead end. Find the 10000 gil and a White Magic Sphere. Once Lu is in the party, make sure her First Strike weapon is equipped. There isn't much need to fight the monsters in this area, so don't be afriad to escape from the battles (although Lu could easily deal with these mere annoyances). Don't worry about getting Kimahri, he'll find his way out if you don't pick him up, without saying a word about you ditching him. Get ready for a relatively easy fight, in which we are forced to use Yuna and her Aeons. Oh, darn. ROUND 1 Grothia (Ifrit): Shiva is the way to go here. Cast NulBlaze at the start of battle, because this guy comes with a full OD bar, after Hellfire, you'll have a full OD. There really shouldn't be a problem with this fight, if Shiva runs low on Hp, use Blizzara to replenish it. Round 2, Pterya (Valefor): Once again, I recommend Shiva. Same deal here, physically attack and heal with Blizzara if needed. Use Shield just before Energy Ray to greatly reduce the damage received. Round 3, Spathi (Bahamut): Summon Shiva again, same deal as the last two fights. Make sure you use Shield before Mega Flare. Next part is Tidus, Rikku and Wakka. Make sure Tidus has the Sonic Steel at all times, so the party can escape from the battles. Save at the Save Sphere, then make your way to the Evrae Altana fight. ---VERY IMPORTANT ITEM ALERT Before you fight Evrae Altana, get into a random encounter and Steal one Water Gem. We'll need it for the Geosgaeno fight later on. There are no random encounters in the Via Purifico after you defeat Evrae Altana. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: EVRAE ALTANA HP: 16384 Overkill: 2000 AP: 5800/8700 This is another snoozer. Use a Phoenix Down on Evrae. Bam. 8192 damage. Evrae's turn, he Petrifies and shatters someone. Next turn: another Phoenix Down. Bam. 8192 damage and overkill. Easy, ya? \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ The random encounters in this watery Via Purifico stop once you defeat Evrae again. ---IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT: Pick up Wakka's Rematch with Evade & Counter, it'll help a great deal with the Geosgaeno battle in Baaj Temple later on. Yay, Seymour. -_- Blah blah dead Kinoc, blah blah idle threats. This area is ungodly helpful if you want to hang around and earn some Sphere Levels. You don't really need to level up any more, but this could take some of the busy work out of the later part of the game. The machinas are very strong. It's not easy to kill them. I suggest casting Demi once and a -GA Fury after it. <> - 2x YAT-99 + 1x YKT-63-------------------------------: -- - 1x YAT-99 + 2x YKT-63-------------------------------: - - 1x YKT-63 + 2x Flamethrower Monk--------------------: ++ <> YAT-99 2700HP Target him before his turn and he'll only use his single target cannon attack, which can be Evaded with Evade and Counter. YKT-63 4200HP It has more HP, but is a lot easier. Low Magic Defense allows Lu to make short work of him. Always take these guys out first. Flame Monk 1400HP Not really that threatening. If you have no protection from Fire attacks, they can be a nuisance, but only if you leave their machina friends alive. Had enough training? Well Seymour's still hanging around waiting for us. You don't need overdrive. Equip the Cactuar Scope and your. Save. I'd say equip your First Strike weapon, but the party order is predetermined, so just switch Lu in at your first possible chance. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SEYMOUR NATUS AND MORTIBODY HP: 36000 Overkill: 3500 AP: 6300/9450 This is perhaps one of the easiest fights in the game, although it's not short by any means. Equip any elemental protection armor you may have at your disposal before the beginning of the fight. The starting party for this fight is always Yuna, Tidus, and Kimahri, switch in Lulu at your earliest opportunity. Let me outline exactly what will happen in this fight. Lulu uses Bio and Flux becomes Poisoned. For the rest of the fight, you will be defending and using Hi Potions to heal. As long as you don't target Natus or Mortibody, Seymour will not change phases, which would cause him to use Break + Shattering Claw. That would be very bad, considering we don't have a Stoneproof armor yet. After that phase, he'll use Flares while Morti heals him. Flare wouldn't be anything to worry about, but we'll just make this fight as easy as possible. Poison him and just heal when necessary (you should have more than enough Hi Potions). Each turn he takes while Poisoned will deplete 4% of his Hp, or 1,440 Hp. After he takes 25 turns, he'll be dead. If you want, you can unleash a Fury on him when he's just about to die to attain an Overkill on him. I repeat, DO NOT TARGET HIM AT ALL, unless you're sure that you'll kill him. NO SPELLS, NO FURIES, NOTHING, just let the Poison do its work. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ 6.16 Calm Lands --------------- With the -GA spells, you won't be in much trouble here. <> Calm Lands 1x Malboro.......................................: + 2x Coeurl........................................: + 1x Coeurl + 2x Mech Scouter (on fire)............: + 2x Chimera Brain.................................: - 2x Nebiros + 1x Skoll + 1x Mech Scouter..........: + 1x Skoll + 1x Flame Flan + 1x Mech Scouter.......: ++ 2x Anacondaur....................................: + 1x Nebiros + 1x Shred + 1x Flame Flan............: + 1x Ogre + 2x Skoll...............................: O <> Malboro 27000HP It has quite a lot HP and it's spit hurts. However, three Firagas will be enough to take him out. Coeurl 6000HP Two spells (Firaga or Waterga) is enough to kill them. Watch out for Silence and Blaster. Mech Scouter 2750HP Thundaga will result in an overkill. Chimera Brain 9800HP I suggest to run from them, because they always appear in a duo and they are stronger than their brothers. If you want to kill them, use Demi once or twice and luckily overkill them with a Blizzaga or Waterga-Fury. Remember that Meggido Flame can be reduced/nulled by Fire protection. Nebiros 700HP Blizzard (!!!) is enough for overkill. Skoll 1000HP Use Firaga or Thundaga once/twice to overkill them. Flame Flan 1500HP Blizzara will be enough for an Overkill here, if you're not wearing Fire protection, make these guys your top priority in any battle. Anacondaur 5800HP Their Stone Gaze can't kill you with Stoneproof and their regular attack does minor damage(if it connects). Sonic Tail is used after it is targeted three times, but you'll kill it before then. Shred 1950HP A lot of Magic Defense. Firaga three times to kill them. It attacks hard, so keep an eye on your HP. Ogre 9400HP If Firaga does 9999 damage; you can kill them in one hit. If not, two Firaga's. Get back to the Calm Lands and buy the Saviour Bangle from the Hovercraft merchant. Alrighty, you have a decision to make. You can go to Remiem to race for some Three Stars which will allow you to Customize the One Mp Cost ability on one of our soon-to-be-acquired Magic Booster weapon. Along with Double Cast and this weapon, we'll be nearly unstoppable. Find the Chocobo Lady in the North-West of the Calm Lands and complete all the challenges (might take a while) to earn a Level 3 Key Sphere and a free ride on a Chocobo. Now, ride a Chocobo to Remiem Temple. Take part in the race here. you're rewarded with a prize for opening a certain number of chests without touching any poles. The first time you win you'll always be awarded with the Cloudy Mirror, so don't bother opening any chests on the first race. First time: Cloudy Mirror 1 chest: Elixir 2 chests: Megalixir 3 chests: 30x Wings to Discovery 4 chests: 30x Pendulum 5 chests: 60x THREE STARS The Three Stars help out a lot, but aren't necessary, so if you really can't get 5 chests, then just head back to the Calm Lands. I'd advise getting all of the prizes, as you can sell the Pendulum and Wings to Discovery for a good amount of cash. If you get the Wings to Discovery, make sure to hold on to at least 4 of them, as they will make a certain underwater boss much easier later on. Head to the Monster Arena and buy a capture weapon for Lulu. This is another reason why those Strength Spheres from Luca and the Thunder Plains are so handy in this game. Another great asset while capturing is Demi. It's incredibly useful, because it can never kill an enemy, just reduce their Hp. Capture one of every monster in the Calm Lands, because we'll want to make use of those Farplane Winds, not to mention we'll want to repeatedly fight some monsters for certain weapon drops. I'll go over how to get each and every enemy in the Calm Lands. First off, I recommend that you use a Teleport Sphere to Customize Evade and Counter on to your Capture weapon, this will allow you to more opportunities to attack the more annoying enemies (Skoll, Nebiros), but it's not necessary to do so. Malboro - Not incredibly difficult, if you know what you're doing. Cast Demi once for 6,750 damage, then two Firagas for 9999 damage each. One physical attack after that should be enough to capture the Malboro. You won't have to worry about Bad Breath as long as you don't allow it's Bad Breath counter to reach 7. Each attack adds one to the counter, and Fire based attacks add two to the counter. Ceourl - First off, kill its companions (either another Ceourl or two Machina) and equip Lu with her Saviour Bangle (Stoneproof). Use Demi Fury and/or Demi multiple times until you get its Hp low enough to physically attack and capture this fiend. Skoll - Single this guy out by killing its companions, then just attack until you've captured it. Nebiros - Same deal as the Skoll, although you'll have a difficult time making contact with this enemy, just keep at it. Shred - Single it out, then use Demi once. After that simply attack until you've captured it. Chimera Brain - Kill off its companion, Flare should do the trick. Use a Demi Fury to deplete its Hp by a large amount, and then attack until you've captured it. Flame Flan - If you have any Fire protection, equip it. Single out the enemy and then use Blizzard to deplete most of its Hp (hopefully it doesn't kill the Flan). Simply attack until you've captured it. Ogre - Use Bio to Poison him, after he has taken 3 turns use and Antidote to cure its Poison. After that use a few Demis to lower his Hp even further, and then attack until you've captured it. Go hit up the Monster Trainer and get your 60 Farplane Winds. DO NOT use them to customize anything yet, we'll be saving them to customize on to an armor that we don't yet have. Make your way to the northern exit of the Calm Lands. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: Defender X HP: 64000 Overkill: 4060 AP: 6600/9900 Start off the fight with your First Strike weapon, and immediately switch to an Evade and Counter weapon. The Defender's attack pattern is three normal attacks (which can be evaded) followed by Haymaker, which can't be evaded and won't deal more than 3,000 damage to Lu. DoubleCasting Flare would make extremely short work of this guy. Once he gets below 16,000 Hp, he'll use Mighty Guard, so don't bother with Elemental spells at that point (there's no reason not to use Flare). Just make sure that Lu's Hp is above 3,000 before every fourth turn Defender gets to make sure that she doesn't get Haymaker'D. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ 6.17 CAVERN OF THE STOLEN FAYTH: -------------------------------- After you've defeat him, take path under the second bridge to enter the Cavern of the stolen fayth. Save before enter it, cause the fiends here are very annoying. They can pose as much threat as the ones found on Mt. Gagazet. There really isn't much to do here except to obtain Yojimbo. I know, "But this is a Lulu Only game!" The point in obtaining Yojimbo is to allow us to pick up a Strength Sphere later on in the game after speaking with his Fayth. This is entirely optional, and I skipped it, but it can be helpful with capturing later on. You can also pick up a Fortune Sphere in the Cavern, although it isn't really that necessary. 6.18 MOUNT GAGAZET: ------------------- Time for Kimahri's solo fight against Biran and Yenke. It's not necessary to write out a full strat for this, because they are pathetically easy. Equip the Knight's Lance that you got in Bevelle (if you got it) to increase Kimahri's damage output by a considerable amount. Proceed through Mount Gagazet and fight the monsters. With Doublecast, they are too easy. <> 1x Mech Leader + 2x Mech Defender------------------: ++ 2x Grat + 1x Grenade-------------------------------: + 2x Grat + 1x Bashura-------------------------------: + 2x Grenade + 1x Imp--------------------------------: ++ 1x Bandersnatch + 1x Nidhogg + 1x Mech Leader------: + Nidhogg 2000HP Blizzaga. Bandersnatch 1800HP Doublecast Firaga for overkill. Grat 4000HP Firaga. Watch out for Seed Burst's confusion. Grenade 7500HP Blizzaga. Mech Defender 8700HP Thundaga. Mech Leader 3700HP Thundaga. Bashura 17000HP DoubleCast Firaga. A single Thundaga or Blizzaga or whatever does not mean that you should not use Doublecast, it means that one spell is enough. The other spell can be used on a different fiend. ---VERY VERY IMPORTANT WEAPON ALERT!: For the love of God make sure you speak with Wantz. He is selling a very important item called the Booster Cactuar. It has Magic Booster, Magic +10% and Magic +5%, and a free spot. If you don't know what to add to this weapon, go jump out of a window, because it's hopeless for you. (PSST! One Mp Cost). This will be your primary weapon. Buy a healthy supply of Holy Waters, you'll need them for three of the next four bosses, so you might as well buy 40 or so. With One Mp Cost, Magic Booster, and DoubleCast you should be casting Flare on anything that moves for the rest of the game. I'm dead serious, even if you're fighting a Dingo I better see you DoubleCast Flare on it! ---VERY VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: You're gonna hate me. We need to capture a Bashura and repeatedly fight it until it drops an SOS Haste armor with two free slots. Go do this now. To capture a Bashura, DoubleCast Demi, then Flare, in that order. The Demi will take off roughly 4300 damage, and the Flare will undoubtedly deal 9999 damage. This will leave him with about 3000 Hp left, simply attack (and counter attack) until you've captured it. Make sure to keep an eye on your Hp. Teleport down to the bottom of Mt. Gagazet and run to the Monster Arena. Save at the Save Sphere and repeatedly initiate battles with the Bashura, DoubleCast Flare to take it down in a single turn. This may take a while, but Lu needs this armor for the Flux and Lady Y fights, she's simply too slow to win these fights without them. We need two slots on this armor, one for Auto Med, and one for Deathproof. You should have 12 Remedies if you've collected all that have been made available to you up to this point. Time to get the rest. You'll need 20 for Auto Med. You can get two for finishing 2nd place in a League, and two for each Top Scorer you have in that League. I won't go through the entire process of walking you through this, it's rather self explanatory. Once you have 20 Remedies, Customize Auto Med on your SOS Haste armor. Save at the last save point, equip your First Strike weapon. If it wasn't so sad, I'd say Seymour was just a bad running gag in FFX... /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SEYMOUR FLUX AND MORTIORCHIS HP: 70000 Overkill: 3500 AP: 10000/15000 Yay. The most difficult of all the Seymour fights that we'll face in this game. The Booster Cactuar will help out a lot here, as will DoubleCast and Flare. Start the battle with your First Strike weapon, and then switch to the Booster Cactuar. This will give us a turn after Seymour's Lance of Atrophy and before Mortiorchis's Full Life, use that turn to cure Zombie. Take the time to Focus five times to help reduce the damage Flare and Total Annihilation do to us. Cross Cleave can be a pain in the ass, especially because of its stong delay effect. It'll deal about 2000 damage. Don't be afriad to use an X Potion if needed. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ <> 1x Behemoth-----------------------------------------: - 1x Dark Flan----------------------------------------: -- 1x Mandragora---------------------------------------: + 2x Bashura------------------------------------------: + 1x Grendel + 1x Ahriman-----------------------------: + <> Behemoth 23000HP It's Heave is a guaranteed kill. Three spells is enough to kill it. Dark Flan 12800HP Killing it is quite impossible, cause it uses Drain, Flare and Demi. Besides, you can't break its 200 Magic Defense very easy. Mandragora 31000HP Doublecast Firaga twice and it dies. However, it's Poison attack is powerful. Watch out. Bashura 17000HP Doublecast Firaga for an instant kill. Because they come with two, you have to watch out. They are heavy-hitters. Ahriman 2800HP Again, the irritating Confusion-inflicting Eye-Balls. Give it first priority and Doublecast Flare. Some small mini games in here (Wakka's ball throwing game and the "swim thrugh the right hole"-game). Complete them and proceed. Use Tidus's Sonic Steel to escape from the underwater-monsters. Make your way up to the save sphere right before the cave's exit and save your progress. Highly optional armor recommendation: If you desperately want some Confuse or Sleep ward armor for the upcoming fight, you can get them as an equipment drop from a Mandragora. It's not necessary, because we'll only be seeing Photon Wings (the attack that inflicts these statuses) once. In fact, I highly recommend that you just stick with your SOS Haste + Auto Med armor. Equip your First Strike weapon and SOS Haste/Auto Med armor. "It comes!" /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SANCTUARY KEEPER HP: 40000 Overkill: 6400 AP: 11000/16500 Yeah, not too difficult of a fight, but there is some luck involved. You'll start off with your First Strike weapon (VERY important here), then switch immediately to your Booster Cactuar. On your next turn, DoubleCast Flare on the Sanctuary Keeper, this adds up to about 14,000-15,000 damage. His first turn will be Photon Wings, which hopefully doesn't Confuse you, put you to Sleep, or Silence you (50% chance for both Silence and Sleep without protection, 25% chance for Confuse). If you're confused, chances are that you're screwed. If you're put to Sleep, or Silenced, you'll be fine, but not if both happen at the same time. Silence will be remedied by our Auto Med armor, but not if we're confused/asleep at the same time. Pretty much just fight him until you aren't afflicted with Sleep or Confuse on his first turn, and you can easily win the fight by DoubleCasting Flare before we see his Curagas. If you successfully get through Photon Wings without being put to sleep or Confused, then you'll defeat him before he even gets his third turn. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Proceed with some cutscenes and here we are, the final destination... 6.19 ZANARKAND -------------- Last time I saw this scene, I thought I had accidentally reset my game. No joke, I was freaking out. ^_^ Enter the road to the Dome after this. The battles here are the same as in Mt. Gagazet. You'll encounter Mandragoras, Behemoths, Ahrimans and Grendels. ---VERY IMPORTANT ARMOR ALERT: Yeah, you hate me, don't you? You have two options here, but one isn't really any better than the other. You'll have to fight Mandragoras repeatedly for a Berserk Ward armor (if you don't already have one). This armor is absolutely necessary for Spectral Keeper. The reason why I didn't tell you this on Mt. Gagazet? Because Mandragoras appear more frequently on the road to Zanarkand. It sucks, I know, but it's all a part of the challenge. If you have a stonetouch weapon, use it, if not, just Double Cast Firaga twice on them. Equip your First Strike weapon and have your Booster Cactuar in reserve. You'll recognize most of these fiends: <> 1x YAT-97 + 2x Fallen Monk (rifle)-------------------------: + 1x YKT-11 + 2x Fallen Monk (flamethrower)------------------: + 1x Defender Z----------------------------------------------: -- 2x YKT-97 + 1x YAT-97--------------------------------------: O 1x YKT-97 + 2x YAT-97--------------------------------------: O 2x Fallen Monk (rifle) + 1x Fallen Monk (flamethrower)-----: ++ <> YAT-97 3700HP They are back and have more HP. But with Magic Booster and Doublecast, you can kill him easily with Firaga or Waterga Rifle Monk 3300HP Easy as pie, a single spell for a kill. Don't heal yourself with any Potion/Cure if it's attack connects, cause their shot add Zombie. Flame Monk 3300HP Nothing to worry about, a single -ga spell will be enough. YKT-11 6200HP Firaga or Blizzaga should be enough. It still hits hard, be aware. Defender Z 42300HP It's Haymaker is still an instant kill. I suggest to escape from this battle, cause the machina battles are easier and give more AP. Otherwise, Three Doublecasts is enough to kill him. Fight a lot of machina battles in here. They give 10000+ AP per battle. Too bad that the encounter rate of them is low (and that we've already accrued as many Sphere Levels as we'll need for this game). Are you ready for the next boss? Good. Complete the Zanarkand Trials and... Save. Equip the Serene Bangle and the Booster Cactuar. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SPECTRAL KEEPER HP: 52000 Overkill: 8000 AP: 12000/18000 Berserk Tail is a pain in the ass, but can be completely protected against with a Berserk Ward armor. Double Cast Flare on every turn, unless Lu's Hp drops below 2,000. Toss an X Potion when you need to heal. Keep an eye on the Glyph Mines, as they're a one hit knock out if they explode under Lu. There's nothing really to mention about this fight other than to heal when necessary. Don't ever use Fury, the delay from it is liable to get you Glyph Mined. I wouldn't bother with Reflex or Focus in this fight, it'll just eat up time, causing you to use more curative items. Just stay on your toes and keep up with the Double Casting Flares. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Take the time to Customize Deathproof on your SOS Haste/Auto Med armor, we'll need it for this next fight. Equip your First Strike weapon and your newly refined armor. This is the time to choose, m'lady... /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: LADY YUNALESCA FORM I HP: 24000 This lady is fast, and its apparent right off the bat. As always, use your first turn to switch to the Booster Cactuar. Lady Y will alternate between her slap attack, that deals roughly 250 damage and dispells any positive status (which doesn't matter for us), and her Absorb attack, which drains 50% of your MAX Hp, so it can kill you. Once your Hp drops below 50%, heal before she uses Absorb, if her next turn is her slap attack, you don't have to heal right away, just make sure you always have more than half of your Max Hp before she uses Absorb. Double Cast Flares on her, she will counter with Silence, but that will be automatically fixed due to our Auto Med armor. Two DoubleCast Flares will take her to her second form. FORM II HP: 48000 She opens with Hell-Biter which brings Lulu in Zombie status, making her vulnerable to any curative spells, good thing we have our Auto Med armor. Her attacks in this form are Hell Biter and Curative spells, too bad for her that we'll never be zombied for more than a couple seconds at a time. You might as well take the time here to use Focus five times, it will decrease the damage dealt by Mind Blast (used in her third form), more importantly, it'll increase the damage that our Flares do to her. Once you've finished Focusing, go ahead and kill off her second form. FORM III HP: 60000 Overkill: 10000 AP: 14000/21000 Normally Lady Y's most devastating form, the end of this fight is pretty simple. She. Can't. Kill. You. (Unless you do something REALLY stupid). How does that suit you? Mega Death is completely prevented by Deathproof. Her curative "attacks," will only aid us because Auto Med will cure Zombie every single time. Even if Mind Blast happens to Confuse us (50% chance), we really don't have to worry about it. If for some reason you get below 1000, toss an X Potion, but the likelihood of that happening is ridiculously low. Simply fire away with your Dual Flares, she'll be dead after 4 turns of Double Casting. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Right, that's it for now. Do yourself a favor and head to the Highbridge before you do anything else, you might as well get this out of the way now. Now, prepare yourself for the... 6.20 SIDEQUESTS: ---------------- You simply won't be able to beat BFA at this point, so we must prepare. You CAN get the Onion Knight, but it is not necessary to complete the game. The Booster Cactuar will allow you to deal more damage to Omnis and BFA than the Onion Knight because of its Magic +x% abilities. The Onion Knight's only real use in this challenge would be to Overkill Sin's Left Fin, so that it drops two Hp Spheres instead of just 1. The extra Hp is not really necessary, but in BFA's second form he can kill you with a physical attack followed by Triumphant Grasp, or Sword Swipe followed by Ultimate Jecht Shot if you don't get this extra Hp Sphere. Either way, he's reasonably easy to beat with or without the Onion Knight. Pretty much two birds with one stone right here. We're going to pick up a No Encounters weapon along with Lu's Onion Knight. 6.20.1 GEOSGAENO ---------------- Use the Airship Search feature to find Baaj Temple: X Coordinate: between 11 and 16 Y Coordinate: between 57 and 63 Make sure Wakka has the Rematch equiped and Tidus his Sonic Steel. Rikku should have a full Overdrive gauge before starting this battle. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: GEOSGAENO HP: 32767 You need some luck in this battle, if Rikku gets killed, reset. Rikku mixes Trio of 9999 with two Wings to Discovery (that we picked up at Remiem Temple). Now, you only have to throw our Water Gem (from Via Purifico) to kill him. If Geosgaeno tries to hit Wakka, he'll miss and Wakka will counter him. Remember that you should NEVER finish him when he has swallowed a character, cause this will cause a nasty Game Over. Chances are that he won't Swallow a character in a battle this short, though. If you didn't receive a No Encounter weapon (it doesn't have to be for Lulu), Reset and try again. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Alrighty, equip your Trapper Mog and get ready for some capturing. 6.20.2 DJOSE HIGHROAD --------------------- Snow Flan/Bunyip/Garm/Simurgh/Bitebug: Takes some turns to hit them, but don't worry. Kill the other fiends with Doublecast Flare to make it easier on yourself. (Remember that Ochus only appear on the Moonflow road, not on the Djose Highroad). One or two physical attacks should have these guys captured. Next: Head to the Monster Arena and pick up your Petrify Grenades. Customize Stonestrike on a capture weapon if you want, it really isn't necessary. 6.20.3 THUNDER PLAINS --------------------- Get your Stonestrike Capture weapon equipped if you have one. Melusine/Aerouge: Takes some to turns to hit them, but be patient. Gold Element: Use Demi a few times to lower its Hp, then attack a couple times to capture it. It is immune to petrification. Kusariqqu/Larva/Iron Giant: All of these enemies will be captured from a hit from your Stonestrike weapon. Qactuar: Eeew! Here he is, they come in parties of three and like to run away. You have about a 19% chance to hit capture them with your Stonestrike capture weapon. Claim your Chocobo Wings from the Trainer. 6.20.4 MUSHROOM ROCK ROAD ------------------------- Garuda: Use Bio on it, then toss an antidote on it after it takes three turns. Two or three more physical attacks should result in its capture. You could also just hack away with a capture weapon instead of poisoning it. Red Element/Lamashtu/Raptor/Ganderewa/Funguar: No real big deal here. Ganderewas will be the biggest hassle, but you'll take it down eventually. Just keep physically attacking with a capture weapon to get all of these little buggers. Claim your Candles of Life from the Trainer. 6.20.5 Capturing 4 of all Eyeball enemies (HIGHLY OPTIONAL) ----------------------------------------- First off, we don't even need Auto Potion, but we do have an extra slot on our armor. It's a big hassle to find four of each of these enemies, not to mention that we would need to go to the Omega Ruins, which is not a safe place. You can find all the Eyeball enemies in the following places: Floating Eye - Mi'ihen Highroad Buer - Thunder Plains Evil Eye - Macalania (Snowfield) Ahriman - Mt. Gagazet (Cave)/Inside Sin Floating Death - Omega Ruins 6.20.6 ARMOR ------------ Go to Macalania and find Wantz. He is at the entrance. Buy a 4-slotted-armor from him. Now, let's customize our final armor: 80x Chocobo Wing from capturing in the Thunder Plains - Auto-Haste 20x Petrify Grenades from capturing on the Djose Highroad - Stoneproof 10x Candle of Life from capturing on Mushroom Rock Road - Zombieproof (HIGHLY OPTIONAL) 4x Stamina Tablets - Auto Potion 6.21 AIRSHIP ------------ Well, let's kick some Sin. Equip the Booster Cactuar (or if you have it, the Onion Knight) and our newly customized Armor. Save. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SIN (LEFT AND RIGHT FIN) HP: 65000 With Auto Haste, neither Fin will get an opportunity to attack Lulu. Four turns Doublecasting Flare will finish him. The Left Fin drops 2 Hp Spheres if you Overkill him (you'll need the Onion Knight or another BDL + Magic Booster weapon to do this). It's not necessary, but it sure helps for the BFA fight later on. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ No time for saving, on to the next fight. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SIN AND SINSPAWN GENAIS HP SIN: 36000 HP GENAIS: 20000 DoubleCast Flare on Genais, if you have the Onion Knight or another BDL weapon, this will kill him, if not, he'll counter with Waterga, which isn't too much of a problem, and you'll be able to kill him with a physical attack. Once you get to Sin's Core you'll simply need to cast Flare 6 times, 3 turns of Double Casting will do the trick. Don't worry about Gravija. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Save and go find Yuna on the outside deck. /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: "OVERDRIVE" SIN HP: 140000 Even without Lu's Onion Knight or another BDL weapon this fight will be easy. Simply DoubleCast Flare on every one of your turns. After your seventh turn (if he hasn't perished) he'll counter with an attack that inflicts a small amount of damage and either Petrification, Confuse, or Zombie. Obviously the only one of these that we need to worry about is Confuse. It's pretty much Game Over if you're confused unless Lu can hit herself with her own attack (which is not very likely to happen, given her extremely high Evasion and poor Accuracy stat). \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Don't go to the Sea of Sorrow yet. First, go to the Battle Site on Cid's map: the coordinates are: X between 39 and 43, Y between 56 and 60. Pick up the Phantom Bangle. It has three elemental eaters: Ice Eater, Fire Eater and Water Eater. Now, we are ready for the last battles. 6.22 INSIDE SIN --------------- Right, moving on, you can smell the end already. Walk the long end through the Sea of Sorrow (Bless your No Encounters weapon). Save before the stairs and climb the upstairs. Equip Booster Cactuar and the Phantom Bangle. Who's there? I'll give you one guess... /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: SEYMOUR OMNIS HP: 80000 This is an easy fight as long as you picked up the Phantom Bangle that I told you to get. We're not gonna bother with our Auto Haste armor because it simply isn't necessary. Start the fight out by Focusing five times, I know, it's been a while since we bothered to do this, and it still isn't really necessary, but I like to see as much damage on screen as possible! Seymour will use his Quad-Firaga until after we've targetted him five times (after our third DoubleCast), then he will use Dispel, which has absolutly no effect on us, and then uses his Ultima spell (which ignores the Shell status, but since we aren't using Shell, it doesn't matter), I call it "Uberma." Anyway, this won't even deal 2000 damage to Lu, considering her ridiculously high Magic Defense. Don't bother healing, as he won't get another chance to damage us before he dies. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ The finish line is a stone's throw away. Pick up the Hp Sphere and Defense Sphere in the City of Dying Dreams and allocate them to your Sphere Grid. With the Booster Cactuar and the Haste Bangle, you're all set. Let's just make sure we have what we need before you initiate the final battle. Lu should have 5880 Hp. This would be her base Hp (380) + her Hp from her Sphere Grid (2,200) and then the Hp gained from the eleven Hp Spheres we've found on our quest (3,300). There's a chance that you only have 5,580 Hp, because you might not have Overkilled the Left Fin (due to not picking up the Onion Knight), and that's fine. We only need 5,880 Hp if BFA decides to follow up a regular attack with an Overdrive in his second form before Lu gets a chance to heal herself (which will rarely happen), even then, we'll probably die if he gets that combo off. Our weapon will be the Booster Cactuar, our armor should consist of at least AUto Haste, Stoneproof and Zombieproof. If you felt the need to get Auto Potion then you'll have an easier time (practically invincible) but it really isn't necessary to have it. If you went back to the Temples to pick up the treasures and allocated those stats Spheres to Lu's grid, you'll be more than prepared. They are highly unnecessary. Save at the last Save Sphere and complete the game in which you have to obtain 10 crystals. Try not to hit any upcoming stalagmites. If you do, you might encounter a Great Malboro, which would most certainly mean your demise. If you have the ten crystals, you will be teleported automatically to Jecht. Are you ready for the final real fight of the game? Booster Cactuar/Onion Knight and Haste Bangle present? Ok. Good. Jecht, here we come... /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ BOSS: BRASKA'S FINAL AEON FORM I HP: 60000 Triumphant Grasp will deal roughly 1400 damage per hit, resulting in no more than 2900 damage total. Make sure to always use an X Potion after this attack or when your Hp drops below 3000. Jecht Beam will deal a pathetic amount of damage, around 300 or so. Simply keep DoubleCasting Flare on BFA. Don't bother at all with the Yu Pagodas, killing them would result in more trouble than you'd want to ask for and we can easily negate the 3000 combined that they heal BFA for each turn. Keep in mind that all of Jecht's physical attacks carry a strong delay, so don't be surprised if you don't act when you should have based on the CTB bar. BOSS: BRASKA'S FINAL AEON FORM II HP: 120000 Triumphant Grasp gets a decent damage boost in BFA's second form, it'll deal upwards of 4000 damage to Lu, which can be devastating if he gets in a sword swipe or a physical attack in on Lu right before his Overdrive. Lu will dodge sword swipe more than half the time, but when it does connect it'll deal around 2400 damage. Keep DoubleCasting Flares on him with your Magic Booster weapon and heal whenever Lu takes ANY damage aside from Jecht Beam. Ultimate Jecht Shot will deal close to 3500 damage, so a Sword Swipe followed by UJS will most likely kill you. It really isn't a difficult fight, when you're not healing, you're Double Casting Flares, when you're not Double Casting Flares, you'll be healing. Eventually, Jecht will fall... \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ You've done it! The challenge is completed. I'll leave the Aeon + Yu Yevon fight in your hands (here's a tip, just don't petrifiy yourself). I hoped you liked the challenge and found this guide to be helpful. 7.0 CREDITS ----------- - I thank Squaresoft for creating one of the best games ever existed. - I thank Split Infinity many times for allowance to use his guides. I used it a lot for information for fiends/bosses and the Enemy Party part. - I thank my brother (known as The@N from GameFAQs) for giving the needed mental support. - I thank Juarezmj and Split Infinity for giving strategies/tips for beating Evrae and True_Chouji for providing a better Oblitzerator strategy. - I thank Theoden for giving the exact formula for Magic Damage attacks. - I thank GameFAQs for posting this walkthrough. If there are any questions, improvements, additional info or info I forgot, get in this list by mailing me at: thedarkprince_1@hotmail.com Yours, ZZanmato _Mace_'s CREDITS - Thanks to zzanmato for allowing me to overhaul his FAQ, changing to the more difficult Own Sphere Grid Lulu Only challenge FAQ. - Thanks to SoulSpark and Blitz_Ace470 for always being ready to answer any and all questions that I had during the editing of this guide. - Thanks again to SoulSpark for running through the updated version and pointing out anything that I should've taken out from the original draft, or suggesting that I add something else. - Thanks to Tyrant_Wave and BBK_Kid for looking over the finished product and pointing out mistakes. - Thanks to all regular board members of the FFX board on GameFAQs for making that board a great place to hang around and discuss the game, without them, I wouldn't be writing FAQs (or updating them, in this case). If you'd like to contact me, you may do so at: scratchgamer@hotmail.com Thanks, Mace</p>