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[DQ2B] Darknonium and Shrine! [DQ2C] Visit Palish and Madame Rummy! [DQ2D] The Sun Temple! [DQ2E] The Moon Temple! [DQ2F] Fert Isle & last Shrine [DQ2G] Domus and Metal Menagerie [DQ2H] Find Commissioner Snap! [DQ2I] Into Tarturus! [DQ2J] Ending, finally! [DQ3] Post-story and Side quests! [DQ3A] Advance Monster Scout Proficiency Test! [DQ3B] Arena! [DQ3C] Estark! [DQ3D] Captain Crow! [DQ3E] Seed Hunting! [DQ3F] NPC List! [DQ3G] Uncharted Islands! [DQ3H] Heligator! [DQ4] Wrap up and Credits! Version History: 1.0 - Released draft. 1.1 - Added to the skill seed section and updated Introduction. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Legality This guide is copyrighted to Thomas Gazay. If you would like to host it on your site, please contact me at qwerty45230@yahoo.com All outside sources which have contributed to the making of this guide in some form have been cited in the last section of the guide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DQ1] Introduction Name: Thomas J. Gazay E-mail: qwerty45230@yahoo.com NOTE: Please not e-mail me for help, advertisements, or anything other then suggestions or notes you wish to share. Also, I will delete any e-mail I receive from anyone requesting help. Dragon Quest Monster fans rejoice! We have another game on our hands, though a bit shaky on the storyline you'll find it both satisfying and ahead of its competitors (namely Pokemon) by leaps and bounds. If your reading this guide then you obviously made the right choice; read on fans of DQM read on! For first timers who ask, what is Dragon Quest Monsters? You travel with your monster party and beat up monsters and other people's monsters. Sounds like Pokemon right? Well, technically they are similar but comparison wise you'd find a lot of different things about it. The monsters are designed differently, for one skill's and abilities and the way they are passed on. By Synthesizing (we'll get to that later) you can give monsters the skills you want and even make stronger versions of them. Unlike the pocket monsters, you are not limited by four moves instead you can have a wide array of abilites at your fingertips. Skills come in sets which your monster starts out with, along with extra traits that are similar to abilities. You can fight with up to three monsters at once with and assigned designated tactics to their AI (did I mention you have the option of letting your monsters Semi-Auto-Battle?) Instead of Elements there are families which monsters come from: @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ | Monster Family | Description | |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Slime | Shapeless monsters with unmatched potential | | Dragon | Fearsome lizard-like monsters | | Nature | Monsters uprooted from the earth | | Beast | Savage monsters who carry a feral power into battle | | Zombie | Undead monsters that walk among the living | | Material | Monsters that sometimes pose as lifeless objects | | Demon | Unholy monsters from the underworld | | Incarnus | A mysterious breed of monster relevant to the story | @----------------+-------------------------------------------------------@ You do not win badges. Instead you travel to several Islands in search of items that will help you complete the storyline (as little spoilers as possible.) Synchronizing passes down skills and stats, that's right! This is where the big differences are; depending on your level you could end up with a completetly different monster stat-wise and skill-wise offering a higher level of personalization then you could ever dream of! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DQ1A] Scouting Scouting is the bread and butter of DQM: Joker. With this easy to learn method you can capture monsters in the wild and even from other trainers! Simply get into a fight with a random monster or trainer and use the scout command to attempt to win favor. The percentage bar in the upper-left corner tells you how well you're doing with your monsters. Ranging from 0 ~ 100 the game determines if a monster will join you depending on how much the percentage rises. Your monsters psychical strength is the key to a good Scouting. Psyche is a trait you may be familiar with if you ever played Dragon Quest VIII. If not here is a short introduction. Psyche is a trait only obtainable with certain monsters. With the trait (not skill but trait) is that when using it you can achieve a high level of attack power if you keep charging. Since using Psyche will increase your attack power by the truckload why not use this power to scout hard to get monsters? The problem is that once you use it you have to charge all over again to achieve the same result. 5 -> 20 -> 50 -> 100 During those charge turns you can attack at anytime however know that you risk exposing yourself to enemy attacks. Attack increasing spells can have a dramatic effect when scouting. Spells like Oomph can increase the power of the attacking monster temporarily, when combined with Psyche it could turn the tables for any Scout. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DQ1B] Monster Rank Rank is the basic overall rating of a monster; for a small description here's a table of the Ranks. @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ | Rank | Description | |~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | Rank F | Super Weak | | Rank E | Weak | | Rank D | Bad | | Rank C | Okay | | Rank B | Average | | Rank A | Above Average | | Rank S | Super | | Rank X | God-like | @~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Rank F is the lowest ranking monsters and also the ones you start out with, as time passes you will either synthesize those lowly F ranks into much higher classes or discard them. However some monsters are not obtainable in the wild, some need to be synthesized and others are so rare that they have special requirements; all of them are X/S rank monsters though which aren't necessary to beat the game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DQ1C] Synthesizing Synthesizing has replaced Breeding in the last DQM (yes this is a sequel >.>;) and with it many monsters (from other Dragon Quest games, including the final bosses) have been unlocked. Basic Synthesizing takes place a Scout Base (which are located on almost all islands.) In order to synthesize you must have two level 10 monsters, other then that you're set. Inheriting stats is pretty basic. Let's set an example: Monster A (100 Att.) + Monster B (100 Att.) Okay, let's say that you wish to synthesize 'Monster A' with 'Monster B' and want to know what Attack Stat the new monster will receive. If both Monsters have an attack of 100 you can expect that stat to be halved to 50 when it carries over to the newly synthesized monster (stat growth is still the same.) Inheriting Skills gets trickier, but easy once you understand. Each Monster is capable of inheriting skills from the synthesized monster (grand total of three.) Let's say for example you wanted to get a monster with Attack Boost, how would you get it? The first step would be to 'Scout' a monster with Attack Boost, if you want to go a step further you could synthesize that monster with Attack Boost and the synthesized monster would inherit the skill. By choosing Attack Boost in the skill menu you can actually choose which skills you wish your monster to inherit? Sounds great because it is! Going deeper into it, there are plenty of monsters in the game to synthesize, a word of advice though, don't start too early. If you get caught Synthesizing too much you'll end up with monsters with stats that could be better. Some suggest waiting for awhile, while others say it's alright. The great thing about this game is that either way you go it won't hurt you in the long run. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DQ1D] Battle Battling goes a little like this. @-----------------------------------------------------------@ | Battle Preview | |--------------------+--------------------------------------| | Top Monster | Monster most likely to get hit | |--------------------+--------------------------------------| | Middle Monster | Monster less likely to get hit | |--------------------+--------------------------------------| | Bottom Monster | Monster even less likely to get hit | @--------------------+--------------------------------------@ Like in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King; the front one is more likely to be hit by the opponent's monster. Here is a layout of the menu: @----------------------------------------------------@ | Battle Menu | |--------------------+-------------------------------| | Fight | Fights using AI | |--------------------+-------------------------------| | Give Orders | Manual control | |--------------------+-------------------------------| | Tactics | Change your monsters tactics | |--------------------+-------------------------------| | Scout | Scout a monster | |--------------------+-------------------------------| | Item | Use an item | |--------------------+-------------------------------| | Flee | Run away | @--------------------+-------------------------------@ Easy as breathing; most of the time you just let your monster work on the AI. Depending on what Tactics you give them... @---------------------------------------------------------------------@ | Tactics for AI | |--------------------+------------------------------------------------| | Show No Mercy | Attack sparing no MP | |--------------------+------------------------------------------------| | Mix It Up | Fight using a variety of spells and abilities | |--------------------+------------------------------------------------| | Focus on Healing | Pay attention to party members HP | |--------------------+------------------------------------------------| | Don't Use Magic | Fight without spells and abilities | |--------------------+------------------------------------------------| | View Attributes | Views a monster's attributes | @--------------------+------------------------------------------------@ You can customize your team's AI. This can be useful for tournament as you are not allowed to give your monster's orders during battle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DQ1E] FAQ's Q: What is with the animation, did I walk into another DBZ? A: The Dragon Quest series and Dragon Ball series was done by the same animator, Akira Toriyama. Q: How long does this game last? A: Some clocked 30 hours just finishing the storyline; others choose to build better teams which can clock in easily at 100+ hours. Seriously, you'll be using most of that time to Scout Metal Slimes. Q: How do I Scout a monster? A: Like I said it's easy; just select the command Scout during an enemy encounter. Depending on how much psychical power you have there are chances of making the monster join. Q: Why did they censor my monsters name! A: Square-Enix doesn't like potty-mouths (probably the Enix part, blame ESRB.) Q: What are Scout posts for? A: Scout posts are literally the main base and the only place where you can synthesize monsters, rest until night turns to day, and save your game. It's also a good place to meet your fellow rivals and see who is ahead in the race. Q: How can I make it night/day? A: Resting at a Scout post can turn it either day or night. The reason why you want this is because different monsters come out at night/day. Q: Where do I buy items? A: There is a machine in Scout posts that offer basic items and yes, weaponry for your monsters. Eventually you will be able to unlock a department store on Domus that sells scrolls, weaponry, and more. Q: How does Storage work? A: A very interesting difference between Pokemon and DQM: Joker is that even stored monsters receive a small amount of EXP. To check your storage you simply check with an attendant at the Scout post. Q: How does Substitution work? A: It's a sub-storage system that allows you to keep up to three monsters in a separate but accessible container. In other words you can switch your monsters with a substitute on the field without having to return to a Scout post. Q: Where can I find all the Darknonium! A: It's scattered around the islands. Know that collecting Darknonium is literally 80% of the game, so don't rush it. Also, I'll mention a few places where you'll find it, the rest are just common sense places you run into anyway. Q: The Hero gets skills/spells? A: Yeah, not grand spells since he cannot help in battle; however he can eventually gain helpful abilities. Here is a short list of spells: @----------------------------------------------------------------------------@ | Skills Obtainable | |--------------------+---------+---------------------------------------------| | Skills | Shrine | Description | |--------------------+---------+---------------------------------------------| | Zoom | First | Returns you to Scout post last used | |--------------------+---------+---------------------------------------------| | Evac | Second | Returns you to outside of dungeon entrance | |--------------------+---------+---------------------------------------------| | Whistle | Third | Summons random monsters of the area | |--------------------+---------+---------------------------------------------| | Vanish | Fourth | Makes party members invisible | @--------------------+---------+---------------------------------------------@ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DQ2] Walkthrough Before we begin take a look at the location table example: @-------------------------------------------@ | Location | |---------+---------+---------+-------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |---------+---------+---------+-------------| | (None) | (None) | (None) | (None) | @---------+---------+---------+-------------@ Each will display the Island, the middle shows the Monsters, Ranks, Family, and time of Day. [DQ2A] Get the Scout Pledge! CELL HQ The game begins slowly, obviously it's not the perfect storyline but we're not here for the storyline but the easy going game play. Starting in a small cell you are jostled by a man named Black Jacques; opening your cell you arrive in none other then 'your' father's office. Oddly enough he agrees to send you to the Scout tournament on a mission. Mysterious, odd, and a bit confusing; its just the way the story unravels. Make your way towards the Jetty; here you'll learn basic navigation off the maps. Remember the L button and the R buttons are your best friends; with the navigation controls you can shift the camera in the 3D environment. From here you can mingle with the random NPC's but really it doesn't matter. You'll meet the strong-armed fellow by the Jetty, get used to these guys because they are generic NPC's. Anyway, before leaving we come to a crucial moment where you'll need to decide which F Rank Monster you'll begin with. They are Mischievous Mole, Platypunk, and Dracky. Mischievous Mole can be a great starter, as it has Psyche which comes in handy. However it's not great for later Synthesizing. If you can ignore the fact then Mischievous Mole might be the one for you. Dracky was my choice, great if you want speed. Most people choose this one because of the fact it can be synthesized with Komodo dragon to make Frou-fry (the best F ranked monster.) Dracky has some okay skills as well; Dark Knight is a great beginner skill. All and all, Dracky is a good all-around monster. No one ever chooses Platypunk. Platypunk has Naturalist which is basic skills 101. He has no precious skills or potential since Frou-fry can be made from Dracky. If you want a loner take Platypunk. All these creatures and more can be found on Infant Isle. So no worries, it's just a formality. Domus Isle @----------------------------------------------@ | Domus | |----------+----------+----------+-------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |----------+----------+----------+-------------| | (None) | (None) | (None) | (None) | @----------+----------+----------+-------------@ Heading to Domus on the Jetty you'll be saddened to find out that the tournament is not ready, getting the appropriate information, head to Infant Isle where your adventure begins. You might want to visit the Scout base before departing; take a look at the machine that sells you items. @----------------------------------------------------------@ | Shop (Domus) | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Item | Price | Description | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Medicinal herb | 8 | Restores 30 HP | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Antidotal herb | 10 | Cures poison | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Moonwart bulb | 30 | Cures paralysis | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Chimaera wing | 25 | Teleports to Scout post | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Exodust | 50 | Teleports to outside dungeon | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Cypress staff | 150 | 4 attack | @-----------------+--------+-------------------------------@ Medicinal Herbs are a must; you don't have a lot of money so just get a few of those. You always want to have a few Medicinal herbs on hand. If you're done with shopping, head to the Infant Jetty. Infant Isle @------------------------------------------------------@ | Infant (Peak) | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Slime | Rank F | Slime | Day | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Platypunk | Rank F | Beast | Day | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Mischievous Mole | Rank F | Beast | Day | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Gigantes | Rank A | Beast | Day | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Ghost | Rank F | Zombie | Night | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Dracky | Rank F | Demon | Night | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Stump Chump | Rank F | Zombie | Night | |-------------------+---------+---------+--------------| | Winky | Rank F | Demon | Night | @-------------------+---------+---------+--------------@ This is where all beginners start, and for good reason. Infant Isle is the easiest Isle to navigate hands down. Infant Isle works like a spiral going in a counter-clockwise direction (right and keep going.) Make sure you get at least one of every monster (going Noah.) If you want, at night go capture four Winky's outside of the Monster Proficiency tent (it's the only tent on the island, plus it leads to the upper ramp.) If you feel adventurous you can experiment in synthesizing. By combining four Winky's, by combine I mean synthesize two sets of two Winky's and make an early C Rank monster known as Diemon. You can do this exact formula to make King Slime as well which is a really early healer. Getting back to the scene, go around until you see the tent (you might see a bridge but there's no way you can get there right now.) You can go into the tent and address the old man; here he'll give you a serious of mini-quests that involve gathering monsters. Here is a short list to the answers of Beginner's Monster Scout Proficiency Test: 1. Slime Knight 2. Spitnik 3. Stump chump 4. Dragon family 5. E Rank monster 6. Living Statue 7. Dingaling 8. Jumping Jackal 9. King Slime 10. A Rank monster Answers by arline6. Before we leave take a look at the shop here in Infant, it's in the Scout post. @--------------------------------------------@ | Shop (Infant) | |-----------------+--------+-----------------| | Item | Price | Description | |-----------------+--------+-----------------| | Medicinal herb | 8 | Restores 30 HP | |-----------------+--------+-----------------| | Antidotal herb | 10 | Cures Poison | |-----------------+--------+-----------------| | Copper sword | 270 | 10 attack | |-----------------+--------+-----------------| | Stone axe | 120 | 7 attack | |-----------------+--------+-----------------| | Oaken club | 90 | 3 attack | |-----------------+--------+-----------------| | Stone claws | 75 | 5 attack | @-----------------+--------+-----------------@ Now we start our climb to the top. Head up the obvious ramp when you feel prepared, now when I say prepared I mean you have at least three monsters in your party. Slimes are okay but there are far better monsters (Dracky, Platypunk, and Mischievous Mole) but you're free to choose. Okay, if you followed the ramp upwards you should have ended up in a cave. @-----------------------------------------------------@ | Infant (Cave) | |-----------------+---------+-----------+-------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |-----------------+---------+-----------+-------------| | Dracky | Rank F | Demon | N/A | |-----------------+---------+-----------+-------------| | Lips | Rank F | Demon | N/A | |-----------------+---------+-----------+-------------| | Shadow | Rank F | Material | N/A | @-----------------+---------+-----------+-------------@ Worthless, Dracky is the only monster worth recruiting in here (unless you are seeking to complete your library.) And chances are you already have him, by now your in a small area. This can be tough as it means a lot of fights; Lips will try to attack you more then once out of nowhere. Find your way out of the cave and proceed to the pixilated light and climb the rope. @----------------------------------------------------@ | Infant (Peak) | |-----------------+---------+----------+-------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |-----------------+---------+----------+-------------| | King Slime | Rank C | Slime | Day | @-----------------+---------+----------+-------------@ King Slime is one of the first re-spawn monsters you can find. Of course there are Slimes there when the King Slime is absent along with his party sometimes being slimes. King Slime is different from Gigantes because unlike Gigantes you actually have a slight chance of capturing it with the right strategy (Psyche Moles.) King Slime is incredibly hard to recruit, however get used to it. For if you get above 10% consider yourself lucky. This game requires a little bit more dedication when it comes to hard monsters but you'll need strong monsters to finish the game. However the first time you get up there head around to witness a fight. Oh noes! A mysterious creature called an Incarnus as described in the booklet is fighting with another blue-haired angry looking girl (phew!) After the Incarnus flees, she will introduce herself as Solitaire (another card name, how original.) When the dime store dialog is over retrieve the odd Scout Pledge and proceed to the neat shortcut that places you oh so near the Scout base. Heal up and head back to Domus Isle when you ready. [DQ2B] Darknonium and Shrine! Wow, talk about generic. We're back in Domus with the ceremony about to take place; take this time to examine your bearings along the mini-map. Just walk around because the Islands are all attached Domus, it's kind of like the main base of the islands and central HQ of the spectacle (because it is a spectacle.) Anyway, after the opening ceremony remember the face of Dr. Snap as its important to the storyline. After that you head towards the Monster Scout HQ, it's not hard to miss. It's surrounded by water, yeah, great. Register with the secretary here now you will be required to collect Darknonium, ten pieces to be exact. Here we have the game in a nutshell; collect the Darknonium then 80% of the game is done. Once you've finished this it's pretty much towards the end. So enjoy collecting it or else you'll regret it. Here the scene will open up, someone's complaining; we call this a head- lamp/lantern (meaning the creators know the plot is bad but roll with it.) Now actually quite limited; in fact the only place you can really go to is Xeroph Isle. You can tell what Ranks the Islands are by running up to the Jetty and checking. In this case you will need to head over to Xeroph, you can't really do anything right now however you can purchase some items depending on how much money you made. Xeroph Isle Let's take a look at the shop items here at the Xeroph Scout post: @----------------------------------------------------------@ | Shop (Xeroph) | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Item | Price | Description | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Medicinal herb | 8 | Restores 30 HP | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Antidotal herb | 10 | Cures poison | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Moonwart bulb | 30 | Cures paralysis | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Chimaera wing | 25 | Teleports to Scout post | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Exodust | 50 | Teleports to outside dungeon | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Divine dagger | 530 | 13 attack | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Iron lance | 310 | 11 attack | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Woodcutter axe | 650 | 14 attack | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Sludgehammer | 400 | 12 attack | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Leather Whip | 380 | 2 attack | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Cypress staff | 150 | 4 attack | @-----------------+--------+-------------------------------@ Spend what you have and leave. Notice that there are certain weapons for certain monsters; not all can equip the most powerful items. Load up on some Medicinal herbs and a few Antidotal herbs in case you get poisoned by a Scorpion. @------------------------------------------------------@ | Xeroph (Outer Bowl) | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Healslime | Rank F | Slime | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Scorpion | Rank F | Nature | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Spitnik | Rank F | Material | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Crabid | Rank F | Nature | Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Fire Spirit | Rank F | Zombie | Night | @-------------------+---------+-----------+------------@ Healie is here to save the day. Make room for Healslime as soon as you set onto land. Scorpion is the first Nature monster you find, as well as Fire Spirit being the first Zombie. Healslime is the first healer type monster you'll know, battles will become a lot easier when you get him. Setting his tactics to Focus on Healing and he will live up to his name. Xeroph Island is also one of the best places to get Skill Seeds. They are Seeds that appear only at night and re-spawn when you leave the island. Moving on, we find the island is a bowl, right now we are on the outside of the bowl. First after getting your Healslime (come on, you gotta be crazy if you don't) head to the Scout base for some healing and a little shopping. Xeroph Island is the earliest time to synthesize monsters so if you want to go synthesizing go crazy. You might need to level to get it, which is when we proceed down into the bowl itself. @------------------------------------------------------@ | Xeroph (Inner Bowl) | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Komodo | Rank F | Dragon | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Dancing Flame | Rank F | Material | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Skullgon | Rank D | Dragon | Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Chimera | Rank F | Nature | Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Frostburn | Rank F | Material | Night | @-------------------+---------+-----------+------------@ Skullgon is a re-spawning monster, meaning it appears rarely. Though its level is 5 you have very little chance of scouting it without a gimmick (Psyche, Oomph, any attack boosting power.) Also, Skullgon only comes at night, let me repeat that, it only comes at night! Komodo's are the best part of this place monster-wise, because there are so many of them. Komodo's can help you with your first synthesizing, of course you have to train hard but if you get Dracky and Komodo to level 10 you can synthesize them to create Frou-fry, which I mentioned before is one of the strongest F Rank monsters. Moving on, lets look at the map. Do you see that blue chest in the bowl? Use the L button or the R button to rotate the camera and find it. Rush over there and recover your first Darknonium! *Play hackneyed victory fanfare* That was easy, maybe if you put a boss between it but oh well. Anyway, when you feel confident (actually you should go to the scout post and save.) Observe that swirling sand-trap, it's behind that tent. Without further ado let us jump in! Hey it's rover-I mean the Incarnus! Oh noes, it's an evil spear-wielding Orc! Here we will be thrown into a boss battle! Your first Boss battle is with some simple rules, first thing is that you cannot Scout them. And as any Boss battle would tell you, you cannot flee, no flee for you. The Orc is evil incarnate (whatever the heck that means) so watch out! A good strategy is to bring Healie (the Healslime) and two attackers. Have Healslime take care of the two, and if they are leveled enough then this battle should be nothing more then a cake walk. Unfortunately you lack any means to revive your fallen party members, which will make it harder (though you really shouldn't use them until endgame anyway.) If you prevailed then you will end up at the Scout post, if you failed then reset your game (you lose money when you die.) If you lost try to train on Komodo's or Scout one into your party, their not half-bad. When you boosted a few levels try tackling the Orc again, and win! Now then victor you're back at the Scout post with an injured Incarnus, but who knows how to fix him? Is your Incarnus doomed to die!? No, but it would be an unexpected twist, sigh... oh, who's that ugly old guy? It's none other then Dr. Snap! Here the seemingly fine old man takes the Incarnus away to heal. After a brisk talk head to the Scout Den and note the odd conversation between man and Incarnus; then Dr. Snap leaves you with the Incarnus pup. And what a surprise, he wants to join you! Making a deal that he receives the Scout's Mark when you win, he joins your party and you must decide what to name him. As the Incarnus is a major part of the story, he will often be the center of almost all dialogs from now on. Be sure to name him something pleasant rather then something not so (not that you can will the swear-ban.) After all is said and done you will need to head back the sand-trap to reach the other side of the island. Stock up on supplies as we will be spelunking into our first Shrine! After you have lightened your wallet travel towards the sand-trap and fall... @----------------------------------------------------@ | Xeroph (Hidden Cavern) | |-------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |-------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Winky | Rank F | Demon | N/A | |-------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Muddy Hand | Rank E | Zombie | N/A | @-------------------+---------+---------+------------@ Muddy Hand is the new monster on the block, plus it's a rank up. Don't let the rank fool you though, Muddy Hand is awful, terrible. Once again if you are only interested in training here or getting a Muddy Hand there is no reason to linger. Head towards the only path (it's not hard to miss) and after a few monster battles emerge from the cave. @----------------------------------------------------@ | Xeroph (Northern Cave) | |-------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |-------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Demon Rider | Rank E | Demon | Night | |-------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Funghoul | Rank F | Zombie | Day | @-------------------+---------+---------+------------@ You've ran into Funghoul in the Inner Bowl, I personally never used him other then to Scout him to complete my library he is useless. Demon Rider gives you a slight leg up, however if you plan on Scouting him try leveling him a bit afterward. Demon Rider is blessed with Counterattack which is a very valuable Trait (however traits cannot be passed down.) Demon Rider is also pretty fast compared to your Infant characters, if after all this time you have a creature left from Infant Isle (other then King Slime) it might be time to replace it! Now, do you see that Jetty? Take a look towards the coast and you should see a wooden bridge, now? That's Palish; it's where we will be heading to next. Once you've lowered the bridge near the brown chest head back to the Scout base to heal up. We're suiting up for this next step, because there are very good Scout-able monsters here. Once again head back towards the shrine or the "!" dot on your map and into Xeroph Shrine! @------------------------------------------------------@ | Xeroph (Shrine) | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Bag o' Laughs | Rank F | Material | N/A | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Hammerhood | Rank F | Beast | N/A | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Mummy boy | Rank E | Zombie | N/A | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Imp | Rank E | Demon | N/A | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Dessert Demon | Rank D | Demon | N/A | @-------------------+---------+-----------+------------@ Hammerhood first of all, and foremost, is another monster with Psyche. There are plenty of these guys, however they know how to use Psyche themselves so watch out! Hammerhood is a must for a party that needs an extra edge. With any Nature monster Hammerhood can turn into a Rank D monster Brownie (while still keeping its Psyche Trait.) Imp's aren't too bad, but they have amazing synthesizing potential! An Imp and a Wax Murderer can create a Green Dragon! Imps themselves are little mages that like to zap things like no one else. If you are looking for a caster then this guy is the perfect starter. Now we arrive at Dessert Demon. You probably noticed its Rank D, which means it's even harder to Scout. When taking a wrong turn in the Xeroph Shrine a Dessert Demon is there to greet you. Getting a Dessert Demon early is great but he doesn't have an amazing amount of potential. In fact mid-game its better left in storage, you can Scout it later when you're a higher level, it's easier. Soon as you get in you'll notice a three doors on three separate floors. Which one is the right door? Simply follow the + or - signs on the ground and it will lead you to victory! If you 'accidentally' get lost you'll be face to face with Dessert Demon and two Imps. It's an unavoidable fight however unlike a boss battle you can flee if things get too rough (one of your monsters probably died because you didn't listen to me right?) When you feel like beating the place merely follow the symbols on the floor to their respective doors and after a few fights with Mummy boy and Hammerhood you'll be facing a Blue chest and a brown one. The brown one contains the revival item (I can't spell that good... =0) and another Darknonium piece making a total of two and filling up another piece of the storyline. If you feel you need to go back and heal first then do so because the boss is Rank A, Golem. Golem is not what you would expect; he has Psyche but mostly likes to pound your monsters randomly without much strategy involved. Crying shame to the rest of the DQ series it does. The same strategy goes, have Healslime bathe the party and hopefully you put some skill points in his healing ability. Or have Imp totally rock him with a series of spells. Maybe you want to have a Psyche contest with Golem with your new Hammerhood? Just remember a good training is what they need before taking Golem on, I would suggest your Wulfspade if your having trouble. Concluding this battle, you should be aware of Golem's desperate attacks, they can do serious damage when he is backed into a corner and pretty much can kill any weak party member. After putting that monster of materials of... blocks in his place watch as your Wulfspade becomes an unsightly freak of nature. Others call this form Hawkheart, I call it dinner. WHAT IS THIS!? A book on how to Zoom! Sweet merry mother of Goddess, you've found 'How to zoom' off the Golem. Huh? Well of course it's not working; you need to actually access the book in your inventory. When you do that, try to wrap things up in Xeroph. Our next course lay in Palish! [DQ2C] Visit Palish and Madame Rummy! As soon as you depart, you'll notice right away the "!" showing yet another shrine. It's a bit further then you might think. Visit your friendly Scout post and buy items (new weapons woot.) @----------------------------------------------------------@ | Shop (Palish) | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Item | Price | Description | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Medicinal herb | 8 | Restores 30 HP | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Strong medicine | 50 | Restores 60 HP | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Magic elixir | 300 | Restores 30 MP | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Panacea | 550 | Cures all ailments | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Exodust | 50 | Teleports to outside dungeon | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Raiper | 840 | 18 attack | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Pitchfork | 780 | 16 attack | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Thorn whip | 1400 | 8 attack | |-----------------+--------+-------------------------------| | Rune Staff | 730 | 12 attack | @-----------------+--------+-------------------------------@ Gather your bearings after you leave. It's not all too hard to navigate, but gaze every so often at the mini-map to make sure you know where you are. I'd like to note that Palish is another good place for gathering Skill Seeds, it's also one of the best places you can visit for EXP (more on that later.) After you exit the Scout post take a look below the large staircase to the laddater. You'll need to lower that so remember that for later. Right now we want to head up those massive stairs. As your walking, you face Madame Rummy's palace (remember her name later for comic relief.) Very impressive right? The person who owns this place must be rich, and gorgeous! Let's explore further inside to find a man standing in front of an odd door. Here he'll give you a chance to take Madame Rummy's challenge. We have to do this, but right now let's talk to the lady. Ewww... gross. Madame Rummy turns out to be rather 'unpleasant' to look at (putting it mildly.) The woman seems to have no mirrors around, suspicious, I think so. After talking with the 'unpleasant' woman go back down stairs and we can start our little game. Yes, we have to play two ridiculously boring games. It involves killing slimes and yes, they are really easy. So what is problem? The time issues, as you receive a small amount of time to defeat a certain number of slimes. In order to get to the shrine we must play two rounds to unlock both parts of the garden. Some tips are, don't use monsters with Double Trouble (it's a great trait that you don't have so don't worry.) Double Trouble is a great ability except when here; as Slime around here have an ability called Clang. Clang protects the user from one turn from any attacks. With Double Trouble at work you could waste time attacking a Clanged Slime twice. Secondly, it's not the best idea to bring weak monsters because it really should take you one turn to down three slimes (sometimes they come in two.) Also, the area is split into three, but mostly you'll stay in areas one and two. It should be enough even if you want to unlock Metal Menagerie (more later.) First Round: You have 2 minutes and ten seconds to kill 9 slimes. Second Round: You have 3 minutes and forty seconds to kill 15 slimes. Remember this area as you'll be here really often (if you plan to get skill seeds.) Anyway if you fail, it means you brought weak monsters. If you win it means you're the man (or woman!) And you unlocked the garden which is sweet! @------------------------------------------------------@ | Palish (Garden) | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Capsichum | Rank F | Nature | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Sea Urchin | Rank F | Demon | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Dragonthorn | Rank F | Dragon | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Goodybag | Rank E | Material | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Khalamari Kid | Rank E | Nature | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Spike Hare | Rank E | Nature | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | King Kelp | Rank E | Material | Day | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Shell Slime | Rank F | Slime | Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Chainine | Rank E | Beast | Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Seasaur | Rank D | Dragon | Night | |-------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Angel Slime | Rank D | Slime | Night | @-------------------+---------+-----------+------------@ Capsichum is alright, he has some synthesizing potential as he can become a Dragonthorn. You can recruit a Dragonthorn here but it's a re-spawn monster. You might be better off capturing a Dragonthron. As for abilities Capsichum is neither the cream of the crop (pun intended) nor a good party member. Seasaur appears next to the ladder, in front of the Scout base. It's also the place where you can get a Skill seed. If you want to capture use a Psyche, or Oomph, or both strategy. Seasaur has excellent synthesizing potential (Octavian Sentry, Abyss diver, Sea Dragon.) Seasaur also gets Dragon Lore and Artful Dodger which are both really useful at this point. Spike Hare gets Psyche, which if combined with Hammerhood can make an E Rank monster Fencing Fox. Fencing Fox has the skill guerilla and can come useful when facing later enemies. At last we arrive with Angel Slime; Angel Slime can be combined to make Dragon Slime, Green Dragon, and Red Dragon (which has MP regenerator.) Angel Slime is probably the best thing you can find here; it can replace your Healslime in a second. Try to capture this thing at night; it spawns randomly on one of the pillars surrounding the garden. They have ladders attached to them so getting up there is easy. Eventually you'll make to an area of drawbridges, see that blue chest? I'll give you a hint; you've seen two like it before! There is no real order in lowering the bridges but the small areas sometimes have Sea Urchins which are an unavoidable battle. Get the third Darknonium and head towards the second Shrine with the "!" on map. @--------------------------------------------------@ | Palish (Shrine) | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Floor | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Bubble Slime | Rank F | Slime | 2nd | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Gold Golem | Rank D | Material | 2nd | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Green Dragon | Rank D | Dragon | 3rd | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Sea Urchin | Rank F | Demon | 3rd | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Jailcat | Rank E | Nature | 3rd | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Cannibox | Rank D | Material | 3rd | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Skipper | Rank E | Zombie | 3rd | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Lump Wizard | Rank E | Demon | 4th | |-------------------+---------+-----------+--------| | Fencing Fox | Rank E | Beast | 4th | @-------------------+---------+-----------+--------@ Notice the special format on this one. Some monsters can only be found on certain floors, lucky for you I care enough to state where. Now, you know where to find these monsters. Gold Golem is a bad monster. Literally, he is good for making other monsters and that's about it. Even with Psyche he is still a par below; since we are about to transition from a D Rank environment to a C Rank. Gold Golem comes too late and offers too little, but its your choice. He spawns occasionally on the second floor. Green Dragon doesn't re-spawn. He is a one time encounter, which means once you defeat/Scout him that's it. I would try to capture him if you don't already have one, even if you don't he is still a good investment. Cannibox can make a Slime Knight with combined with a Bubble Slime. It can also make a Mimic if synthesized with a Lethal Armour. And he is used in the synthesizing combination that creates Trap Box. Needless to say Cannibox has varied potential. Fear monger and Desperado are nothing worthy, so he's not exactly a team player. It's a must get! Lump Wizard is another spell casting monster. Great Wisdom stat, along with Wisdom boost he is a good replacement for Imp if you're looking to trade up. Fencing Fox looks cool; I get him for his speed though. Guerilla isn't half-bad in fact it's a darn good skill for this part of the game. Fencing Fox is hard to recruit but often worth it. Now we move onto navigation. This Shrine is controlled by levers, pulling a lever will make the floor rise or fall. Our objective is the get to the top floor so we can get to the lever and hoist our way to the highest floor. While on your merry way you'll encounter Bubble Slimes that drop from the roof. Disgusting I know but rewarding as Slime Knights are pretty awesome. The first device you see is for the first floor, which we are already one. Go past that and if you find a brown chest then you're on the right track. If that wasn't epic enough you'll eventually find the second lever; pull it and you should be on the second floor. From there you can encounter Gold Golem if you like. Also, it's not hard to miss the Green Dragon over yonder. Remember that he will not re-spawn when felled/run away from so put your Psyche/Oomph strategy to the test. Behind the Green Dragon is none other then a chest containing Phoenix Staff! It allows a monster to keeps its form when synthesizing. This is good when you want a monster to inherit good stats with compromising its form. Moving on you'll find Lump Wizards which I mentioned before are pretty good casters. Maybe you'd prefer two attackers over an attacker and spell caster (I did.) Now head up some stairs and you'll come across a brown chest, keep going until you find a balcony with the golden lever that will take you to the next floor. Pull it and head up. It won't be long now, walk around and down some stairs. After emerging in the middle area with the striped floor, just go south and up some stairs. If you want you could Scout some Cannibox's. After lurking around you'll see the Nexus chamber and the blue chest containing your next Darknonium. If all is said and done heal up and head into the chamber where you'll encounter a Moosifer! Moosifer has Psyche along with a series of spells that could render your party dead. A good strategy is to have one monster Psyche and the other attack; the third should be focused on healing rather then anything else. At this point you should have monsters over Rank F in your party, anything else besides Frou-fry is asking for trouble. Another is simply have two attackers go at him while the third heals up. Never go into a Boss fight without a healer, at least have one monster that knows Heal even Multi-heal. Just stay calm and deal a steady stream of damage, eventually you'll pull through. If you lose it means you either didn't heal enough or your monster's levels were too low. The third means you have some monsters that are too weak to go on; if that happens then chuck them into storage of synthesize. When the Moosifer is dead your Hawkheart, in all its ugliness, will transform once again into a Cluboon. Get used to the ugly yellow colored armor because the next stop is in Celeste. After this use the 'Joy of Evac' we need to head out using it. Go back to the Scout post and take a breather, we are not done yet. Head back to Xeroph and then to Domus, from there we will head to Infern. [DQ2D] The Sun Temple! @-----------------------------------------------------@ | Infern (Before Endgame) | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Ranks | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Flyguy | Rank D | Zombie | Day | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Skeleton | Rank D | Zombie | Day | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Walking Corpse | Rank C | Zombie | Day | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Metal Slime Knight | Rank D | Slime | Day | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Dark Slime Knight | Rank B | Slime | Night | @--------------------+---------+---------+------------@ Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Dark Slime Knight is the first and easiest Rank B monster you find. Dark Slime Knight is a must, a must synthesize! Being one of the first B Rank Monsters you find the versatility is beyond anything you have. Scout as many as you can, because Dark Slime Knight can make Archdemon, Bone Baron, King Cureslime, and more. Now more then ever is it possible to get A Rank monsters, so when you synthesize go train them beforehand. Seriously though, this really gave me a leg up, I was able to advance to the point of getting a Metal Dragon (Frou-fry chain of breeding) and make an awesome King Cureslime. Dark Slime Knight isn't half bad as a monster either. Skeleton monsters can be combined to create a Rank B Skeleton Solider. Metal Slime Knight is useful for combining, anyway collect the local color and move on. Go to the left and up the ramp; there is no Scout post on this island but a stand where you can easy heal HP (works great if you use whistle, you can heal after every battle.) You don't have whistle yet so let's move on. Once on top navigate east towards building and walk over the top to the other side. Then head south and discover the Jetty hidden by the landscape (it appears a blue square on the mini-map.) Hop aboard and we are ready for South Celeste! @-------------------------------------------------------@ | South Celeste | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Headhunter | Rank D | Demon | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Mecha-mynah | Rank D | Material | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Great Sabrecub | Rank D | Nature | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Great Sabrecat | Rank C | Nature | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Hunter Mech | Rank C | Material | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Metal Slime | Rank D | Slime | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Nardragon | Rank E | Dragon | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Restless Armour | Rank C | Zombie | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Lesser Demon | Rank D | Demon | Night | @--------------------+---------+-----------+------------@ Metal Slime isn't as great as it sounds. You may or may not already know that Metal Slimes give a lot of EXP however finding them among the monsters is rare. At best you encounter a Metal Slime in one out of every ten non-NPC related random battles. Great Sabrecat's are difficult to recruit. Even with the right strategy there is still the fact that his attack power could make mincemeat out of your party. Great Sabrecat isn't all too well when it comes to synthesizing, you might get a higher rank family by synthesizing but that's about it. Other then that he has Psyche which I hope by now you already know has great advantages. Hunter Mech can later be combined with Phantom Swordsman to make a Killing Machine (an S Rank Monster.) Hunter Mech is pretty useful because he has Anti- metal which can help you out later when hunting Metal Slimes. As soon as you arrive on Celeste, head into the Scout post and buy some well needed items until flat broke. @--------------------------------------------------------@ | Shop (Celeste) | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Item | Price | Description | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Strong medicine | 50 | Restores 60 HP | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Magic elixir | 300 | Restores 30 MP | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Anitdotal herb | 10 | Cures poison | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Moonwart bulb | 30 | Cures paralysis | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Wizard's penny | 310 | Increases magic resist. | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Insulade | 350 | Increases breath resist. | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Steel broadsword | 2000 | 30 attack | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Holy lance | 2850 | 34 attack | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Iron hammer | 1540 | 24 attack | |------------------+--------+----------------------------| | Iron claws | 1150 | 19 attack | @------------------+--------+----------------------------@ Once done head out due west across the mini-map. You can explore the building which yields many treasures and battles, if you feel confident in moving on then head towards the "!" marked on the mini-map. Before you get there you should discover a Blue chest by a ramp sometimes patrolled by a Hunter Mech, there you should get another Darknonium piece. @-----------------------------------------------------@ | Temple of the Sun | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Lesser Demon | Rank D | Demon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Wrecktor | Rank C | Demon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Notso Macho | Rank C | Beast | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Skeleton Solider | Rank B | Zombie | N/A | @--------------------+---------+---------+------------@ 1st Floor: You don't hear me right now, but if you could you would hear me groaning. The developers woke up one fine morning and said "Hey, I bet we can make this more frustrating by..." giving birth to the Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon. We start by going right, around the outer perimeter of the place and press that switch located on the mini-map (it's a blue "!".) Now that the door has been opened simply find your way to it proceed all the way around and head north up the stairs. Before you do, see that door by the stairs? You can't get through it yet however behind this door is a Sun Tablet you'll need to get. Our objective here is to retrieve that Tablet. After you remember that head up the stairs and onto the second floor. 2nd Floor: Head north and talk to the mirror, yes the mirror can talk. Warp to the Temple of the Moon which is basically a blue version of the Temple of the Sun. @-----------------------------------------------------@ | Temple of the Moon | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Phantom Fencer | Rank D | Zombie | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Hacksaurus | Rank C | Dragon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Restless Armour | Rank C | Zombie | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Gryphon | Rank C | Zombie | N/A | @--------------------+---------+---------+------------@ 2nd Floor: Head around until you get to the stairs leading down. They'll take you to the first floor. 1st Floor: You want to head towards the 'other' set of stairs leading to the 'other' area of the second floor. You want to make a sort of "U" turn then go into up the stairs. 2nd Floor: Head up the stairs after getting the treasure chest. 3rd Floor: Head out to the Great Looking Glass through the left door. It will explain it needs the Sun Tablet and Moon Tablet to get the Incarnus to the Nexus chamber. This is our objective for now, to retrieve that Sun Tablet and bring to the Great Looking Glass. Head west and into the red door leading back into the third floor of the Temple of the Sun. Pull the lever and proceed back all the way to the first floor where we entered the temple (you should be able to walk down the stairs to the first floor.) There we will find the opened door and the Sun Tablet. Make your way back to the Great Looking Glass and insert the Sun Tablet. None other then Black Jacques, the man you met briefly at CELL HQ when the game began. He states that his father has a mission for you, which you have no choice to accept. You must challenge Commissioner Dr. Snap to a fight, a monster battle! The Incarnus notes how strange that man was (ironic when you have a talking Cluboon.) He leaves and you're forced to leave; besides you can't do anymore on this island anyway. [DQ2E] The Moon Temple! Domus Isle Go back to the Celeste Scout post; take the Jetty back to Infern then to Domus. From there head to Domus HQ and into the building. Remember that random NPC who wanted to see the commissioner? He was standing in front of his office, anyway navigate to the Commissioners Office and talk to the woman standing in front of the door. Oddly enough she'll let you in without much a fight; then she'll convince Dr. Snap to have a battle with you. The two of you head to Xeroph and begin the fight. Dr. Snap will basically show you some tournament monsters as practice, you don't need to win and it won't affect your outcome if you lose. When all is said and done you and Dr. Snap will head back to Domus. Someone will address Dr. Snap, saying that someone has ransacked his office! It turns out his secretary was involved! Oh noes! Could you have played an evil part in it? Only time can tell. Once the mess has blown over exit the HQ, you suddenly find a note in your pocket saying your mission was accomplished. You are rewarded by the lowering of the bridge back in Infant! Head there to discover what the letter said was true! Infant Isle @-----------------------------------------------------@ | Infant (Bridge) | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Hades Condor | Rank C | Nature | Day | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Winky | Rank F | Demon | Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Slime | Rank F | Slime | Night | @--------------------+---------+---------+------------@ Forget Winky or Slime, its Hades Condor you should go after. Though it's high in the sky, when present it will try to swoop down an attack. It's not impossible to capture, plus if you really want you can combine with a Jamirus to make a Garuda. Head towards the ladder on the back of the island, remember to get anything you see here and you'll eventually find a Jetty. Use this and head to North Celeste, from there depart and heal your monsters using the stand. North Celeste: @-----------------------------------------------------@ | North Celeste | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Dancing Devil | Rank D | Demon | Day | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Headhunter | Rank D | Demon | Day | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Gargoyle | Rank C | Beast | Day | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Night Emperor | Rank D | Beast | Night | @--------------------+---------+---------+------------@ Climb your way on the only path fighting Headhunters and such. Recruit a Headhunter and anything else you need to fill your monster library. Finally make way to the Temple of the Moon where we need the Moon Tablet. @-----------------------------------------------------@ | Temple of the Moon | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Phantom Fencer | Rank D | Zombie | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Hacksaurus | Rank C | Dragon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Gryphon | Rank C | Demon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Restless Armour | Rank C | Zombie | N/A | @--------------------+---------+---------+------------@ 2nd Floor: Phantom Fencer combined with Bone Baron can make Dullahan (Rank S Zombie Monster.) Other then that just Scout what you don't already have. Moving on, we start on the first floor, where we make a "U" turn towards the blue switch with a blue "!" on the mini-map. Head through the door we just saw in cutscene and beware of flying Phantom Fencers. Proceed through the staircase. 1st Floor: We want to go all the way around towards the top of the outer room where a mirror is present. Have this mirror take you to the Temple of the Sun once more. @-----------------------------------------------------@ | Temple of the Sun | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Lesser Demon | Rank D | Demon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Wrecktor | Rank C | Demon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Notso Macho | Rank C | Beast | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Skeleton Solider | Rank B | Zombie | N/A | @--------------------+---------+---------+------------@ 1st Floor: Stay within the inner area and head south until you see a set of stairs, climb those to make it to the next floor. 2nd Floor: Continue left up the staircase. 3rd Floor: Exit immediately through the door and wind up in the Great Looking Glass's presence. Visit the Temple of the Moon on third floor. @-----------------------------------------------------@ | Temple of the Moon | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Phantom Fencer | Rank D | Zombie | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Hacksaurus | Rank C | Dragon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Gryphon | Rank C | Demon | N/A | |--------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Restless Armour | Rank C | Zombie | N/A | @--------------------+---------+---------+------------@ 3rd Floor: Go into the room on yonder where you'll find a familiar looking lever. Pull it to open the door containing the Moon Tablet. Head down the set of stairs all the way to the first floor. From there you'll be able to find the Moon Tablet easy. Proceed back to the Great Looking Glass and insert the Moon Tablet. It's finally able to take us to the Nexus chamber; we worked hard on getting this one, pat yourself on the back. Collect the Darknonium and the revival item and go inside, make sure your monsters are in top shape before they do. Once in you'll face none other then a Great Dragon! Great Dragon is mostly an attacker, he'll hit you hard so be ready with your healer (preferably King Cureslime.) If your monsters are killed then try leveling up next time, if not then good job. Great Dragon doesn't have Psyche so no worries about him psyching up. If one of your monsters has a weakness to Ice it might be better for it to stand out as it has an array of them. When all is said and done you should come out victoriously, claim your prize and let your Cluboon become a Diamagon. Use the 'Learn to Whistle' book to... learn to whistle! Leave the temple and say goodbye; with a little luck we will never see this place again. Head back to the Jetty, notice that there are two of them now! Sweet! This one leads to Fert Island where our last Shrine and last Darknonium lay in wait. [DQ2F] Fert Isle & last Shrine @-------------------------------------------------------@ | Fert | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Argon Lizard | Rank F | Dragon | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Frogface | Rank E | Demon | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Hell Hornet | Rank D | Nature | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Bodkin Archer | Rank C | Beast | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Hades Condor | Rank C | Nature | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Scissor Beatle | Rank C | Nature | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Hacksaurus | Rank C | Dragon | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Great Argon Lizard | Rank B | Dragon | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Beetleboy | Rank B | Nature | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Goreilla | Rank B | Nature | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Boss Troll | Rank B | Demon | Day | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Mud Mannequin | Rank C | Material | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Lump Wizard | Rank E | Demon | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Dingaling | Rank C | Material | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Hellhound | Rank C | Zombie | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Giant Moth | Rank B | Nature | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Jargon | Rank E | Dragon | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Treeface | Rank C | Nature | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Fang Slime | Rank D | Slime | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Wailin' Weed | Rank A | Zombie | Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Metal Slime | Rank E | Slime | Both | @--------------------+---------+-----------+------------@ Here it is the biggest list you'll ever see. Fert is one of he largest islands in the game and hardest to navigate. Here lies your last Darknonium and Shrine. Hopefully you've been keeping up with that, if you do not have all nine then there is a good chance you missed it. Go back to all the locations we've visited and see if there is one you overlooked. If all else fails ask online. Anyway, here are my brief monster descriptions. Right off the bat you'll see one re-spawn monster (Great Argon Lizard) and one that will never re-spawn (Boss Troll.) Meaning that you must Scout Boss Troll or you will never find him in that location ever again. You'll have to breed him from now on from Gigantes and Buffalorge, see zelos71's list for more information. Boss Troll has a good amount of breeding potential, by now you might have Rank A monsters and want to trade up. It's not easy; depending on what you want you'll have to sacrifice time and monsters to obtain the perfect beast. Giant Moths, never used it in a fight. Its uses lay one extremely important factor, Drakularge. Drakularge can later be with an Atlas or a Pazuzu to create Drakulard. Drakulard can be synthesized with Mechan-o'wyrm to create Alabast Dragon a Rank S monster. Easy right? Beatleboy is a great attacker, one of the first wild monsters that will be able to do some damage on Metal Slimes. Gorerilla doesn't have a lot of synthesizing talent; he does get Huntsman and Critical Massacre which are super. Visit the Scout post on the island when done hit the outdoors. @----------------------------------------------------@ | Shop (Infern) | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Item | Price | Description | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Strong medicine | 50 | Restores 60 HP | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Multi medicine | 600 | Restores 30 HP to all | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Panacea | 550 | Cures all ailments | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Antimag powder | 100 | Seal enemies magic | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Oomph powder | 900 | Increase attack | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Dragonsbane | 4700 | 41 attack | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Dragon lance | 5300 | 45 attack | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Woodsman axe | 2150 | 32 attack | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Razor claws | 3100 | 33 attack | @------------------+--------+------------------------@ Notice right next to it is a ladder that has yet to be let down? Obviously they want us to shift over there. I won't lie to you; Fert is one of the hardest islands to navigate. Luckily you have me here (^_^;;.) Start by heading east, continue that direction until you round up north, reaching a ramp collect the treasure and continue along the path in a counter-clockwise motion of the islands outer perimeter. You should find a small ramp that will take you into a cave. To the left, a Boss Troll that only spawns once; I repeat this, he only spawns once. If you feel confident go at him, perhaps you can return later with stronger monsters, up to you. Head west-northwest along the long path; you should emerge outside once more on an upper plateau. From here you want to make a "V" path on your mini-map, you should see a small wooden ramp, we want to cross that. After heading across a larger wooden bridge you'll want to head towards the ladder leading up first, the one down will continue our path to the fourth Shrine. Up here you might be surprised to discover Darknonium! Take it from the Blue chest and head back down, then once again towards the other red ladder. Head across the wooden bridge, watch out for Hades Condor around here because they pop out of nowhere. Head around the path, here we will drop the ladder down by the Scout post. Go in and rest up, save, then head back out. Once done head up the wooden ramp to the northwest, head around on a spiral like path. Finally, we head across the wooden bridge and into the last Shrine (don't forget the last Darknonium!) At last we are here. Now heal up and go inside the Nexus chamber, only to discover a Demon-At-Arms! Demon-at-arms has a special ability, its called Double Trouble. You may have monsters like this already, like Jamirus, or a Demon-at-arms for yourself (it's possible when you combine Dingaling and Jamirus.) Demon-at-arms gets to attack twice making him a pretty nasty boss, try your best to heal up and deal more damage then he dishes. After awhile he'll die, but once again, if you should lose then train. Once the fighting is over pick up a copy of 'Art of Vanishing' and read it. Pretty nifty but you'll end up using Whistle a lot more. Watch as the Incarnus changes into Wulfspade Ace, cool. From this point on all you must do in order to get the adult forms (or Ace forms) is to fuse your Incarnus with Rank A monsters of a certain Family. @-----------------------------------------------------------@ | Incarnus Forms | |--------------------+--------------------------------------| | Monster | How to get | |--------------------+--------------------------------------| | Wulfspade ace | Adult Incarnus with Nature Family | |--------------------+--------------------------------------| | Hawkheart ace | Adult Incarnus with Demon Family | |--------------------+--------------------------------------| | Cluboon ace | Adult Incarnus with Material Family | |--------------------+--------------------------------------| | Diamagon ace | Adult Incarnus with Beast Family | @--------------------+--------------------------------------@ For those who have a hard time reading make sure that the monster you synthesize the Incarnus with a Rank A monster or better. When all is said and done return to Domus Island for the Finals! [DQ2G] Domus and Metal Menagerie Breath some of that nice fresh air and sigh, we're back in Domus. Before you ring the bell, you can explore the sewers. Though you'll have to wait until the tournament is over to get a Heligator, we will mention that later. As for Estark, he's behind that door in the sewers. You can't get to him yet, but at least you know where he is. Also, in the sewers there is a strong armed NPC that sells weapons, lets take a look. @----------------------------------------------------@ | Shop (Sewers) | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Item | Price | Description | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Yggdrasil leaf | 1500 | Resurrect an ally | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Positive Puller | 7300 | Lures a Plus monster | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Think Negative | 7500 | Lures a Minus monster | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Zombiesbane | 3850 | 36 attack | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Hunting spear | 4400 | 40 attack | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | War hammer | 3200 | 31 attack | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Sidewinder | 4000 | 21 attack | |------------------+--------+------------------------| | Sacred claws | 2500 | 25 attack | @------------------+--------+------------------------@ Go to Infern Isle if you have yet to collect Dark Knight Slime and/or a Metal Slime Knight as they will no longer be available after the tournament. If you have more then enough of each then head to Domus HQ. Go to the HQ and talk to the secretary. She'll tell you to go ring the bell, be a good little boy and head up the stairs. Go right and outside, from there you should follow the path to the bell and ring it. Now that you've rung it the tournament should begin. Have a talk with Solitaire, who cannot believe you made it to the finals. After she finishes bragging about how your Incarnus will soon be hers so walks away. Pretty soon after the conversation you're approached by Black Jacques, who hands you a letter from your father. Congrats, your mission is accomplished; now you can focus on defeating the tournament enemies. Now that you are free and clear its time to reap the benefits, now more then ever is the time for you to train at Metal Menagerie! Simply head to Palish, and approach the man who gave the challenges to unlock Madame Rummy's garden. First of all, you have 300 seconds to kill 15 slimes. Sounds easy right? At first it does, however you need to keep doing this every time you want to visit the Metal Menagerie, and worse, you have 150 seconds in the Metal Menagerie! And the nail that seals the coffin is that every time you re-challenge, the amount of slimes you need to kill increases by one! Right now, it's the best thing you got. Even a Metal Slime gives you huge amounts of EXP! My advice is to bring at least one monster with Anti-metal skills. If you mastered it you might be able to take on Metal Slime King! Hatchetman can kill a Metal Slime King in one hit; if you manage this before the time runs out you will get truckloads of EXP! Scouting Metal Slimes should only be done with monsters that have at least 500+ Attack. Metal Claws (obtained from Xeroph tournament) and Obsidian Sword (Sewers) are the earliest anti-metal weapons you get. Metal King Sword is the best but only drops from Metal Kaiser Slime (Solitaire's monster, you face her after beating the game.) Even people whose monsters have 999 Attack have trouble against Metal Slimes, so be patient. Metal Slimes are 'the' hardest monsters to Scout hands down. They are the Endgame, Endgame Scout monsters. There is a silver lining to all of this; you can get Liquid Metal Slime by obtaining 100 monsters, Metal Kaiser Slime by obtaining 150 skills, and Metal King Slime obtaining 100 skills. Not bad at all if you ask me. Take this time to surf the department store on Domus. Weapons, Scrolls, and some of the best items can be found here. Some suggest the Matchmaking place upstairs, but I personally found no use for it. @---------------------------------------@ | Weapon Shop | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Weapon | Price | Attack | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Steel Broadsword | 2000 | 30 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Silver Broadsword | 11200 | 62 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Partisan | 2300 | 28 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Halberd | 9600 | 57 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Iron axe | 990 | 23 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Battleaxe | 6700 | 52 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Iron hammer | 1540 | 24 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Giant wrench | 7300 | 49 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Iron claws | 1150 | 19 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Steel claws | 5500 | 43 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Rune staff | 730 | 12 | |--------------------+--------+---------| | Crystal staff | 3600 | 34 | @--------------------+--------+---------@ @---------------------------------------------------------------------------@ | Scroll Shop | |-----------------+----------------------+----------------------------------| | Scroll | Price | Description | |-----------------+----------------------+----------------------------------| | Warrior | 2x Rank C Slimes | Basic warrior techniques | |-----------------+----------------------+----------------------------------| | Mage | 2x Rank C Demons | Basic mage techniques | |-----------------+----------------------+----------------------------------| | Priest | 2x Rank C Natures | Basic priest techniques | |-----------------+----------------------+----------------------------------| | Martial Art. | 2x Rank C Materials | Basic martial artist techniques | @-----------------+----------------------+----------------------------------@ Mud Mannequins are the easiest Rank C monsters to acquire on Fert Isle. For Nature get Scissor Beatles on Fert Isle too. You can find Rank C Demons easily on Celeste Island, either Gryphon or Wrecktor. As for Slimes, you're going to have to capture a few Angel Slimes and make them into Cureslimes. @------------------------------------------------------------------------@ | Item Shop | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Item | Price | Description | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Medicinal Herb | 8 | Restores 30 HP | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Strong Medicine | 50 | Restores 60 HP | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Multi Medicine | 600 | Restores 30 HP to all | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Magic Elixir | 300 | Restores 30 MP | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Sage's Elixir | 750 | Restores 90 MP | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Panacea | 550 | Cures all ailments | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Antimag Powder | 100 | Seal enemy magic | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Oomph Powder | 900 | Increase ally attack | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Wizard's penny | 310 | Increase Magic resistance | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Wizard shilling | 960 | Increase Magic resistance to all | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Insulade | 350 | Increase resistance to Fire and Ice breath | |-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------| | Jumbo Insulade | 1050 | Inc. resist. Fire & Ice breath to all | @-----------------+--------+---------------------------------------------@ A final note, not all items will be available as soon as the shop opens. Only when the tournament begins is then the full potential of the department store is unleashed. After you feel more confident we finally get to the tournament! Here you're match up is against these four, Slimon, Missy, Tyger, and finally Solitaire. You'll face them one by one; Slimon is the easier, while Tyger has the toughest. Also, we found out the hilarious fact that Solitaire is related none other then the 'unpleasant' Madame Rummy. Her real name is in fact Ginny Rummy (it's another card related name; go figure.) Your Incarnus eats it up like no ones business; calling her Ginny Rummy reminds her of what her later years are going to look like. Anyway, guess what happens? Your Incarnus gets her so wild she attacks the Incarnus with a kick; it's a good thing because she would have moped the floor with you (seriously, you would have lost.) After she is dragged off-stage the title of champion is anti-climatically yours. Well that's it for the guide; I'll see you...oh yeah. Remember that odd fellow we meet before? Dr. Snap makes his appearance. The reward ceremony is a flop. After going to his office to pick the Scout's Mark he forgot to bring with him; Dr. Snap assaults you with a Darknonium Ball and changes your Incarnus to Ace of Spades! After pushing you aside, Solitaire wakes you up. Depart from the HQ and head towards Infant, you should have talked to someone about this (some random NPC.) [DQ2H] Find Commissioner Snap! Infant Isle Go to the Scout post and find the blue haired NPC leaning against the wall. He'll tell you he just saw Dr. Snap a minute ago, said he went to Celeste Island. Celeste Isle Talk to yet another blue haired NPC and he'll tell you Dr. Snap went to Fert Isle, take the Jetty right to Fert. Fert Isle Head inside the Scout post and go to the Scout den to find the coward Black Jacques tending to his 'wounds.' He will mention something about a secret Jetty which can be found heading straight out of the Scout post and towards the ramp where he got the treasure in the brown chest. Not up the ladder. Anyway keep going straight until you see a Jetty on the outskirts, take that to CELL HQ. CELL HQ @-----------------------------------------------------@ | CELL HQ | |------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Dingaling | Rank C | Material | N/A | |------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Jargon | Rank E | Dragon | N/A | |------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Metal Dragon | Rank B | Dragon | N/A | |------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Hacksaurus | Rank C | Dragon | N/A | @------------------+---------+-----------+------------@ Depart immediately and head into the elevator, and through the room. Head upstairs past the small room and make a "U" turn and head into your father's office. Here, he will explain his motives in a few short sentences and give you the item that will save your Incarnus. After that we head out and to Infern! [DQ2I] Into Tarturus! @---------------------------------------------------@ | Infern (Endgame) | |------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Dragurn | Rank D | Dragon | Both | |------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Lethal Armour | Rank B | Zombie | Both | @------------------+---------+---------+------------@ No Scout post here. Don't go up to the ramp, instead we're going to that odd looking temple at the end of the series of houses. Head through the door and here you might find something out of place (you have to see it to believe it.) Make your way through the small cave and emerge into hell itself. The mini-map might as well not be there, because this place is difficult to navigate. Oh, by the way, there are a bunch of Cockateer's around, which I find very 'comic reliefy.' @---------------------------------------------------@ | Tarturus (Outside) | |------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |------------------+---------+---------+------------| | Cockateer | Rank B | Beast | N/A | | Skeleton Soldier | Rank B | Zombie | N/A | | Tyrantosaurus | Rank C | Dragon | N/A | @------------------+---------+---------+------------@ From here head west, circling around the path until you see some Skeleton Soldier's. Move past them (or fight them, these guys are a pain.) Go up the small slope; keep going you should be getting higher and higher. Finally, you should arrive at the mouth where you face none other then Ace of Spades! At this point you should have a diverse three monster team consisting of a healer, an attacker, and an attacker/healer or attacker/mage. Be sure to have a heavy healer, and a good attacker; you shouldn't need luck to beat him. After inserting the item into the Incarnus body he returns to the weaker Incarnus (which is disappointing.) He rejoins your party in search of vengeance against Dr. Snap and to undo the evils that he committed. Take a deep sigh of relief he doesn't go on about this; head inside the entrance. @-------------------------------------------------------@ | Tarturus (Main) | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Monster | Rank | Family | Day/Night | |--------------------+---------+-----------+------------| | Fallen Priest | Rank B | Demon | N/A | | Soulspawn | Rank B | Zombie | N/A | | Phantom Swordsman | Rank B | Zombie | N/A | | Mimic | Rank B | Material | N/A | | Trap Box | Rank B | Material | N/A | | Silvapithecus | Rank B | Beast | N/A | | Liquid Metal Slime | Rank C | Slime | N/A | | Metal Slime King | Rank S | Slime | N/A | @--------------------+---------+-----------+------------@ Head down the lava path, keep going until you reach a fork. Here you have two choices, the path to the left leads to the same room as the other. It doesn't matter because you end up in the same basic point. For guides sake we'll just have to pick one over the other. Notice that one has a Red Square while the other exit has a Silver Square on the mini-map? Well, pick and choose, for the guide we're going to choose the red path. Head across the outer wall; be careful of that treasure chest as it contains a Mimic. Once you beat it, it will never come back. Try to Scout it (if I had to tell you that then shame.) Enter Tarturus again and head south-southwest; stop at the odd looking climbable membrane. Climb up and be prepared to face a Black Dragon! You can't recruit it but... it's a cool fight ^_^;; Collect the treasure and climb down, find the red square on your mini-map and proceed through. You should be on the outer wall; walk down the path. The next room may look empty however it's filled with Silvapithecus that ambush you from nowhere. Collect a treasure chest or two; after a few fights you should exit the room. Once again we find a Silver Square and a Red Square on our mini-maps; for our sake we're going to take the red square again. Okay, this is it. There is a Trap Box in the chest along the path! Be sure to have some #1 Scouters ready for this one, because if you fail Trap box will never come back! After you Scout him (hopefully,) continue on until you enter the complex of Taturus again. Head north-northeast, follow the path until you get to another fork. Head in the direction of the brown chest and head up the ramp; watch out for Soulspawn! You should finally pass through a Red Square and reach the upper level of the Tarturus. Keep going through this room until you're stopped by an Atlas! Defeat him or Game Over! You can't Scout this one, oh well. Head to the next room. Ooooohh, lightening. Glad they splurged on that, anyway from here on out navigation is easy. Before you go to the middle, collect the treasure from the two treasure chest on the western side of the mini-map. Head to the Altar in the middle of the Tarturus and approach Dr. Snap. After a scenario you'll face Buffalorge and Mohawker, two bosses from a side-quest in Dragon Quest VIII. After a rather ugly transformation, you'll face Dr. Snapped, Demon-at-arms, and Tortured soul. This will be your toughest fight. Dr. Snapped can heal himself though it takes both of his turns. Try destroying Demon-at-arms and Tortured soul first. Keep your monster's health up as high as you can. Always have a monster constantly healing, go ahead and use any item you may need to beat him. When you finally defeat him watch the ending and rejoice... [DQ2J] Ending, finally! Domus Isle Anyway, we're not done yet, head to the 'new' commissioner's office. Here we are assaulted by the fact that Solitaire (using her mother's connections) has become the commissioner. Being that you are champion you have to compete. Head to Infant Isle...sigh. Huh...? The odd thing is that we're not allowed to travel to any other island, wonder what's up? Oh for the love of god... flashbacks. Let's reminisce about our Incarnus; if you gave him a bad name then you'll have deal with scenario. When it's through you'll end up on the top of Infant Isle. Take the Scout's pledge by the stone and... watch the ending You'll be given to option to save over data, I recommend you should. END ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DQ3] Post-story and Side quests! Yeah, there are a whole lot of things to do after the story is done. Some don't even require you to beat the game. Most pertain to out-of-the-way monsters like Captain Crow, Estark, and more. [DQ3A] Advance Monster Scout Proficiency Test! When you start the saved game (after defeating Dr. Snapped and beating the game) Solitaire invites you into her office. Explains a new tournament has come, and since you're the champion you 'have' to attend. First requires answering the questions in the Advance Monster Scout Proficiency Test; then pass the Battle Arena in Xeroph. You can choose either to do; the funny thing is that these things are unlocked before the game ends. Head on over to Infant and head towards the tent (it appears before the ramp leading into the cave.) Talk to the old man inside, first of all you've probably been neglecting to do the beginner questions. If that is the case then jump back a few pages to the start of the walkthrough. Anyway, he'll give you a series of hard to answer questions. Because this is a guide it would be shameful for me to not give them out... In table format! @---------------------------------------------------------------------@ | # | Answer | How to get | |----+-------------------------------+--------------------------------| | 1 | Slime Knight | Phantom Fencer + Slime | | 2 | Spitnik | Xeroph | | 3 | Green Dragon | 2nd Shrine or Imp + Jargon | | 4 | Monster with 'great' in name | Far too many to list | | 5 | Monster with 'man' in name | Far too many to list | | 6 | Living Statue | Buffalogre + Golem | | 7 | Cannibox | Palish Shrine or 2x Goodybags | | 8 | Tortured Soul | Rank A monster + Zombie | | 9 | Malroth | Demon-at-arms + Buffalogre | | 10 | Species you chose at start | Demon or Beast | @----+-------------------------------+--------------------------------@ Don't you love it when things start coming together? After spending a few couple of hundred hours gathering these rouges keep them on your main team and present them to the old man. Be sure it's your main team as he does not recognize substitutes. [DQ3B] Arena! Prepare for the most downgraded version of the Monster Arena ever! If you are looking for its peak, then play Dragon Quest VIII. Head over to Xeroph and into the bowl; and finally into the tent. Talk to the strong-armed dude and he'll give you a series of fights based on Rank. @--------------------------------------------------------------@ | Rank E | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | 1st Team | 2nd Team | 3rd Team | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | Scorpion | Hammerhood | Skipper | | Crabid | Mischievous mole | See urchin | | Scorpion | Hammerhood | Skipper | @--------------------+--------------------+--------------------@ @--------------------------------------------------------------@ | Rank D | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | 1st Team | 2nd Team | 3rd Team | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | Dracky | Firespirit | Dragonthorn | | Chimaera | Dancing flame | King kelp | | Dracky | Firespirit | Dragonthorn | @--------------------+--------------------+--------------------@ @--------------------------------------------------------------@ | Rank C | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | 1st Team | 2nd Team | 3rd Team | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | Bag o laughs | Angel Slime | Fencing Fox | | Muddy Hand | Slime | Phantom Fencer | | Goodybag | Healslime | Chainine | @--------------------+--------------------+--------------------@ @--------------------------------------------------------------@ | Rank B | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | 1st Team | 2nd Team | 3rd Team | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | Scissor beatle | Frogface | Jumping jackal | | Beetlebully | Headhunter | Great sabrecat | | Scissor beatle | Dancing devil | Jumping jackal | @--------------------+--------------------+--------------------@ @--------------------------------------------------------------@ | Rank A | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | 1st Team | 2nd Team | 3rd Team | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | Demonrider | Cannibox | Hunter Mech | | Grim rider | Trap box | Mumboh-jumboe | | Demonrider | Mimic | Hunter Mech | @--------------------+--------------------+--------------------@ @--------------------------------------------------------------@ | Rank S | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | 1st Team | 2nd Team | 3rd Team | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | Lethal armour | Dessert demon | Gigantes | | Restless armour | Archdemon | Atlas | | Roseguardin | Belial | Gigantes | @--------------------+--------------------+--------------------@ @--------------------------------------------------------------@ | Rank X | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | 1st Team | 2nd Team | 3rd Team | |--------------------+--------------------+--------------------| | Khalamari | Demon-at-arms | Megalodon | | Octavian sentry | Don mole | Ruin | | Gracos | Wight king | Megalodon | @--------------------+--------------------+--------------------@ [DQ3C] Estark! When you're done with both the Advanced Test and the Battle Arena then you will be able to take on Solitaire! Simply head to her office and challenge her, if you beat her you will receive a key. @----------------------------------------------------@ | Solitaire | |-------------+---------------------+----------------| | 1st Monster | 2nd Monster | 3rd Monster | |-------------+---------------------+----------------| | Atlas | Metal Kaiser Slime | Mumboh-Jumboe | @-------------+---------------------+----------------@ Head towards the sewers, head past the entrance (where the strong armed man is selling weapons.) You should arrive in another area (there is a blue-haired NPC and a Walking corpse.) Head towards the end to find a metal door, use the key to unlock it and face Estark! [DQ3D] Captain Crow! Remember the ole Cap from Dragon Quest VIII? Captain Crow makes an appearance as a swashbuckling scum in this game. Details of when you unlock this are still up for grabs. However check the "Piracy Report" down at any Scout den. It will describe events of 'piracy' happening between Jetty rides. For example: Infant ~> Celeste You will need to Jetty between islands 'at night.' Once again, you will only encounter Captain Crow at night even if you're traveling between the specified islands. It's random so you will not be able to control when you encounter him; most however rarely encounter him before the sun rises. You will first be pulled into a series of battles, five battles including the final fight with Captain Crow. None of the monsters you battle are Scoutable however they dish out a whole lot of EXP (starting at 1000!) It's been recently discovered that synthesizing the Captain Crow you have will actually bring back the event (save the four battles.) In other words, you can have infinite amounts of Captain Crow (yummy!) Just be sure to synthesize Cap away or else he won't come back (until you synthesize him or just turn him loose.) [DQ3E] Seed Hunting! Skill Seeds to be exact! This entire section could not have existed if no for the help of NDLord! Skill seeds are scarce (seemingly scarce) items that increase a monsters skill points by 3. Say you have three skill seeds, and use them on a monster; that monster now has 9 skill points! Since skills are the bread and butter of monster its hard to imagine a good game without them. Thanks to the contribution of NDLord, we have a list of the best locations to hunt for Skill Seeds. But first, we need to learn how to hunt skill seeds. Remember traveling between Palish and Xeroph in order to get back to Domus? Remember how the brown chest on the island miraculously refilled? It's not magic; it's just how the game is programmed. Skill Seeds work in the same way. Skill seeds look like floating glowing balls of light, and they are only obtainable during the night. Let me repeat this, they are only obtainable during the night! Now, where are these magical seeds? Here is a list provided by NDLord: Xeroph Isle Outside the crater - By the trees in the south-west (Near the treasure chest dock) - At the center of three quicksand pits on the north side. - Lower beach in the north-west. (?) Inside the crater - On the ridge west of the Scout post. - Behind the tent. - Up the ridge by the giant quicksand pit. Palish Isle Garden Area 1 - Across from the brown chest Garden Area 2 - On top of one of the pillars (Look out for Angel Slime) - Across from the gate to area 2 (Spiked Hares may be sleeping around it) - On the walkway leading to the Domus Isle Jetty (Chainines Patrol the area... Usually) Garden Area 3 - The Pool (Near the ladder) - The Walkway above the Pool (Chainine patrols it) From first glance it looks like a heck-of-a-lot right? Yes, but (I hate buts) they only appear at night; and they don't always re-spawn. Skill seeds will ALWAYS appear in the same place, however they don't always re-spawn. How do seeds re-spawn anyway? You simply leave the island and go back; obviously done through Jetty. Some believe you have to sleep in-between visits in order to get them to re-spawn. This theory has yet to be disproved. Submitted by zeldalovesme: I have some information about the skill seeds. I have found that there will almost always be 2-4 seeds on an island at any given time; you do not need to sleep between visits to cause the respawning, and the locations of numerous seeds not listed: Fert Isle 1: On top of one of the flowers by the wolves to the right of the outpost (go to where you can see across the river) 2: between two of the trees by the jargons you find after climbing above the outpost 3: In the center of the pillar with the lump wizards 4: On the pillar across the bridge from the shrine Infern Isle 1: In the small circle by the ramp leading to the upper portion Celeste Isle South Side 1: In front of main entrance to shrine (patrolled by Hunter Mech) 2: Underneath the bridge guarded by Hunter Mech. 3: On an upper platform in the ruins (not positive which one, maybe 2) North Side. 4: Middle of village full of headhunters. I am positive about all of the ones on Fert isle, and the one on Infern isle can be found both before and after the disaster, but there may be more that i simply don't remember. Fert and Xeroph are the two best that I have found. Vanish makes it much easier as well. An easy way to cause the respawning on Xeroph is upon arrival, visit the outpost, clear out the crater, zoom back to the outpost, and claim the rest before you take the jetty to Palish isle. Upon arrival at Palish, zoom back to Xeroph, and repeat. On Fert, visit the outpost, climb the ladder, gather the one by the jargons and near the shrine. Look across at the other pillar to see if the seed is there, if so, get it after using zoom and getting the one by the wolves. Always zoom back to the outpost, rather than running around. [DQ3F] NPC List! You couldn't scroll through a guide of this magnitude without hearing about the legendary Zaraf. No, he's not a monster; but a major contributor to the Dragon Quest Monster: Joker board. Zaraf has given me permission to use his NPC list in my guide. Here is a detailed but user friendly list of people and where to find them! @----------------------------------------------------------------@ | NPC Name | Type | Monsters | Locations | |----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------| | | | *Night Emperor | | | | | Gorerilla | Xeroph | | Sweetie | Teenage Girl | Notso Macho | Palaish | | | | Riptide | Celeste | | | | King Slime | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Anchorman | | | | | Rockbomb | Infant | | Daisy | Teenage Girl | Metal Dragon | Celeste | | | | Gold Golem | | | | | Hunter Mech | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Red Dragon | | | | | Archdemon | Infant | | Destiny | Teenage Girl | Dark Slime Knight | Palaish | | | | Dark Slime | Celeste | | | | Diemon | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Funghoul | | | | | Giant Moth | Infant | | Fauna | Young Girl | Crabby | Xeroph | | | | Hell Hornet | Celeste | | | | Scorpion | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Lumpy Wizard | Infant | | | | Wrector | Xeroph | | Maggie | Young Girl | Cure Slime | Palaish | | | | Lesser Demon | Celeste | | | | King Metal Slime | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Hunter Mech | | | | | Mum | Palaish | | Milicia | Young Girl | Boh | Celeste | | | | Boe | | | | | Jum | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Beshemoth | | | | | Great Argon Lizard | Xeroph | | Victoria | Farm Wife | Horned Dragon | Celeste | | | | Dessert Demon | | | | | King Cure Slime | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Metal King Slime | | | | | Metal Dragon | Infant | | Orephelia | Farm Wife | Hunter Mech | Palaish | | | | Metal King Slime | Celeste | | | | Mimic | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Frou-frou | | | | | Great Dragon | Infant | | Wyrma | Farm Wife | Great Dragon | Palaish | | | | Megalodon | Celeste | | | | Red Battle Rex | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Great Dracky | | | | | Gryphon | Xeroph | | Wingle | Skinny Man | Archdemon | Palaish | | | | Silvapithecus | Celeste | | | | Great Dragon | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Khalamari Kid | Infant | | | | Octavian Sentry | Palaish | | Percy Weed | Skinny Man | Octavian Sentry | Celeste | | | | Seasaur | Fert | | | | Gracos | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Great Sabrecat | | | | | Heligator | Infant | | Sebastian | Skinny Man | Hellhound | Celeste | | | | Orc | | | | | Hades Condor | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Merman | Infant | | | | Jumping Jackle | Xeroph | | Norm | Cool Guy | Hackasaurus | Palaish | | | | Dessert Demon | Celeste | | | | Gigantes | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Jargon | | | | | Gigantes | Palaish | | Francis Drake | Cool Guy | Boss Troll | Celeste | | | | Night Emperor | | | | | Silvapithecus | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Fencing Fox | | | | | Octavian Sentry | Infant | | Kelvin Klein | Cool Guy | Phantom Swordsman | Palaish | | | | Archdemon | Celeste | | | | Grim Rider | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Chainine | | | | | Fencing Fox | Palaish | | Christough | Muscle Man | Gorerilla | Celeste | | | | Gigantes | | | | | Boss Troll | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Dancing Flame | | | | | Belial | Infant | | Nick | Muscle Man | Lumpy Wizard | Palaish | | | | King Slime | Celeste | | | | Beshemoth | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Wild Slime | Infant | | | | Gigantes | Xeroph | | Seedy Player | Muscle Man | Spike Hare | Celeste | | | | Dark Slime | Fert | | | | Headhunter | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Treeface | | | | | Funghoul | Palaish | | Gardini | Old Man | Wailin' weed | Celeste | | | | Soulspawn | | | | | Phantom Swordsman | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Skullgon | Infant | | | | Bone Baron | Xeroph | | Grandead | Old Man | Mummy | Celeste | | | | Mimic | Fert | | | | Soulspawn | | +----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------+ | | | *Lethal Armour | | | | | Notso Macho | Xeroph | | Wilhelm Splitz | Old Man | Skeleton Soldier | Palaish | | | | Bone Baron | Celeste | | | | Restless Armor | | @----------------+--------------+--------------------+-----------@ All these monsters are Scout-able. [DQ3G] Uncharted Islands! Welcome my friends to the uncharted islands. You've been around the block a few times if you're reading this. The uncharted islands are exactly what they are called, uncharted. You find them randomly traveling between islands. It's hard to find these things when you want to; but easy if you're not trying (I'll let you linger on that.) Here is a short list of monsters that appear. @---------------------------------@ | Uncharted Islands (Normal) | |-------------+---------+---------| | Monster | Rank | Family | |-------------+---------+---------| | Slime | Rank F | Slime | | Dracky | Rank F | Demon | | Stump Chump | Rank F | Zombie | @-------------+---------+---------@ I say normal because this is probably one of the first islands you come across. This island contains nothing special, collect a treasure, Scout a few you haven't yet scouted and leave. @------------------------------------@ | Uncharted Islands (Slime) | |----------------+---------+---------| | Monster | Rank | Family | |----------------+---------+---------| | Slime | Rank F | Slime | | She-Slime | Rank E | Slime | | Behemoth Slime | Rank D | Slime | @----------------+---------+---------@ The Slime only islands. Here you can encounter She-slime and Behemoth Slime; both are otherwise not obtainable in the wild. Behemoth Slime spawns every other battle. @----------------------------------@ | Uncharted Islands (Dracky) | |--------------+---------+---------| | Monster | Rank | Family | |--------------+---------+---------| | Dracky | Rank F | Demon | | Great Dracky | Rank C | Demon | @--------------+---------+---------@ Poor, poor Dracky because by now you have a smashing team that leave Rank C monsters in the dust. You may encounter it earlier but Great Dracky has no synthesizing potential. Just Scout to fill that library of yours. @----------------------------------------@ | Uncharted Islands (Dragon) | |--------------------+---------+---------| | Monster | Rank | Family | |--------------------+---------+---------| | Argon lizard | Rank F | Dragon | | Frou-fry | Rank F | Dragon | | Great argon lizard | Rank B | Dragon | | Frou-frou | Rank B | Dragon | @--------------------+---------+---------@ Make sure you visit this island at least once, because it's full of monsters that only appear there. Otherwise, you'll have to synthesize to create them. Is your endgame adventure time better spent looking for monsters you could have captured here? [DQ3H] Heligator! Heligator is a Rank A monster that is difficult to synthesize. There is an alternate method of acquiring this beast. Head down to the sewers (near the metal door where you fight Estark!) Find the blue-haired NPC and he will want to know which monster to leave behind before going back to the mainland. You can choose either a Mechan-o'-wyrm or a Heligator. Depending on which one you choose you shall receive! [DQ4] Wrap up and Credits! It's been a long game; even though this wasn't the best Square-Enix could have offered. Making this article for you has been a privilege; and working with people made the effort worth it. Before I go let me offer a list of names who helped me out during this project. Zaraf Arline6 Demonwing13 NDLord TheMatrixMaster Wikipedia zeldalovesme And as always GameFaqs!</p>