CONTENTS / POWER STAR CHECKLIST THE TERRACE Gateway Galaxy Grand Star Rescue ❒ GatewayÂ’s Purple Coins ❒ Good Egg Galaxy Dino Piranha ❒ A Snack of Cosmic Proportions ❒ King KalienteÂ’s Battle Fleet ❒ Purple Coin Omelet ❒ Dino Piranha Speed Run ❒ Luigi on the Roof ❒ Honeyhive Galaxy Bee Mario Takes Flight ❒ Trouble on the Tower ❒ Big Bad Bugaboom ❒ Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race ❒ Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom ❒ The HoneyhiveÂ’s Purple Coins ❒ Loopdeloop Galaxy Surfing 101 ❒ Flipswitch Galaxy Painting The Planet Yellow ❒ Sweet Sweet Galaxy Rocky Road ❒ Bowser JrÂ’s Robot Reactor MegalegÂ’s Moon ❒ THE FOUNTAIN Space Junk Galaxy Pull Star Path ❒ KamellaÂ’s Airship Attack ❒ TarantoxÂ’s Tangled Web ❒ Pull Star Path Speed Run ❒ YoshiÂ’s Unexpected Appearance ❒ Purple Coin Spacewalk ❒ Battlerock Galaxy Battlerock Barrage ❒ Breaking into the Battlerock ❒ Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe ❒ BattlerockÂ’s Garbage Dump ❒ TopmaniacÂ’s Daredevil Run ❒ Luigi under the Saucer ❒ Purple Coins on Battlerock ❒ Rolling Green Galaxy Rolling in the Clouds ❒ Hurry-Scurry Galaxy Shrinking Satellite ❒ BowserÂ’s Star Reactor The Fiery Stronghold ❒ Sling Pod Galaxy A Very Sticky Situation ❒ THE KITCHEN Beach Bowl Galaxy Sunken Treasure ❒ Passing the Swim Test ❒ The Secret Undersea Cavern ❒ Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls ❒ Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone ❒ Beachcombing for Purple Coins ❒ Ghostly Galaxy Luigi and the Haunted Mansion ❒ A Very Spooky Spirit ❒ Beware of Bouldergeist ❒ Matter Splatter Mansion ❒ BouldergeistÂ’s Daredevil Run ❒ Purple Coins in the Bone Pen ❒ Drip Drop Galaxy Giant Eel Outbreak ❒ Buoy Base Galaxy The Floating Fortress ❒ The Secret of Buoy Base ❒ Bubble Breeze Galaxy Through the Poison Swamp ❒ Bowser JrÂ’s Airship Armada Sinking the Airships ❒ THE BEDROOM Gusty Garden Galaxy Bunnies in the Wind ❒ The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows ❒ Gusty GardenÂ’s Gravity Scramble ❒ Major BurrowÂ’s Daredevil Run ❒ The Golden Chomp ❒ Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube ❒ Freezeflame Galaxy The Freezy Peak of Baron Brrr ❒ Conquering the Summit ❒ FreezeflameÂ’s Blistering Core ❒ Hot and Cold Collide ❒ Frosty Cosmic Mario Race ❒ Purple Coins on the Summit ❒ Dusty Dune Galaxy Soaring on the Desert Winds ❒ Blasting through the Sand ❒ Treasure of the Pyramid ❒ Sunbaked Sand Castle ❒ Bullet Bill on Your Back ❒ Sand Blast Speed Run ❒ Purple Coins in the Desert ❒ Honeyclimb Galaxy Scaling the Sticky Wall ❒ Bigmouth Galaxy BigmouthÂ’s Gold Bait ❒ BowserÂ’s Dark Matter Reactor Darkness on the Horizon ❒ THE ENGINE ROOM Gold Leaf Galaxy Star Bunnies on the Hunt ❒ Cataquack to the Skies ❒ When It Rains, It Pours ❒ The Bell on the Big Tree ❒ Cosmic Mario Forest Race ❒ Purple Coins in the Woods ❒ Sea Slide Galaxy Going After Guppy ❒ Faster than a Speeding Penguin ❒ The Silver Stars of Sea Slide ❒ Hurry, HeÂ’s Hungry ❒ Underwater Cosmic Mario Race ❒ Purple Coins by the Seaside ❒ Toy Time Galaxy Heavy-Metal Mecha Bowser ❒ Mario Meets Mario ❒ Bouncing Down Cake Lake ❒ The Flipswitch Chain ❒ Fast Foes of Toy Time ❒ MarioÂ’s Purple Coins ❒ Bonefin Galaxy KingfinÂ’s Fearsome Waters ❒ Sand Spiral Galaxy Choosing a Favourite Snack ❒ Bowser JrÂ’s Lava Reactor King KalienteÂ’s Spicy Return ❒ THE GARDEN Deep Dark Galaxy The Underground Ghost Ship ❒ Boo in a Box ❒ Bubble Blastoff ❒ Ghost Ship Daredevil Run ❒ Guppy and the Underground Lake ❒ Plunder the Purple Coins ❒ Dreadnought Galaxy Infiltrating the Dreadnought ❒ DreadnoughtÂ’s Colossal Cannons ❒ Revenge of the Topman Tribe ❒ DreadnoughtÂ’s Garbage Dump ❒ Topman Tribe Speed Run ❒ BattlestationÂ’s Purple Coins ❒ Melty Molten Galaxy The Sinking Lava Spire ❒ Through the Meteor Storm ❒ Fiery Dino Piranha ❒ Burning Tide ❒ Lava Spire Daredevil Run ❒ Red Hot Purple Coins ❒ Matter Splatter Galaxy Watch Your Step ❒ Snow Cap Galaxy Star Bunnies in the Snow ❒ BowserÂ’s Star Reactor The Fate of the Universe ❒ Loopdeswoop Galaxy The GalaxyÂ’s Greatest Wave ❒ Bubble Blast Galaxy The Electric Labyrinth ❒ Rolling Gizmo Galaxy Gizmos, Gears and Gadgets ❒ BooÂ’s Boneyard Galaxy Racing the Spooky Speedster ❒ Grand Finale Galaxy The Star Festival ❒ GENERAL ADVICE YOU SHOULDNÂ’T LEAVE THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM WITHOUT Game structure The game is arranged into groups of galaxies – each group is housed within one room in the main Comet Observatory, and there are six groups in all. Hop into a galaxy to collect Power Stars: these in turn will unlock new galaxies. But the only way to unlock new groups of galaxies is to complete the big boss battles. Clear? There are 120 Stars in all (plus one super-secret Star). YouÂ’ll need to re-enter galaxies to collect them all: most of the main galaxies have six or seven Power Stars; secret bonus galaxies have one or two. BUT, just to confuse thingsÂ… A word about Comets Â… youÂ’ll need to watch out for Comets. There are five types in all, and when they settle over a galaxy theyÂ’ll activate a special Power Star thatÂ’s related to their type. Comets appear after every other Power Star you collect – so if you canÂ’t see any on the map, just bag a Power Star (it can be one youÂ’ve already collected) and theyÂ’ll reappear. The five types areÂ… Speedy Comet: This comet challenges you to complete a level against the clock. Daredevil Comet: This one challenges you to defeat a boss with just one health segment – and you wonÂ’t find any coins or Mushrooms to bump your health back up. Tricky. Cosmic Comet: The mysterious Cosmic Mario will challenge you to a race across a level. Fast Foe Comet: Pretty rare, this – but when it appears, youÂ’ll be asked to complete a section of a level with everything speeded up like mad. Purple Coin Comet: The Purple Coin Comet only appears after youÂ’ve collected 60 Stars and defeated the final boss. And it appears a lot. It distributes 100 Purple Coins across a level, and challenges you to find and collect them all – sometimes against the clock. Handy moves Long Jump As youÂ’re running forward, duck by pressing Z, then quickly press A. This can fling Mario across some very wide gaps – and you can waggle the remote to spin at any time, which a) provides a bit of extra lift/height at the end of the jump or b) stops you mid-jump to prevent you overshooting. Note too that MarioÂ’s very responsive to mid-air twists and turns: wiggle the analogue and experiment. Back Flip Stand still. Hold Z to duck. Press A. YouÂ’ll jump backwards – high. This is the tallest of MarioÂ’s jumps. Again, you can spin at the top for extra height – crucial for collecting some of the gameÂ’s highest coins, power-ups and items. Side Flip This takes a bit of practice if youÂ’re not a Mario 64 veteran. Run in one direction, then quickly flick the stick in the opposite direction and press A. Get it right and Mario will execute a high backwards leap. ItÂ’s not as high as the Back Flip, mind. Again, spin for extra height at the top. Wall Jump Jump against a wall and press A as you hit it: Mario will bounce off in the opposite direction. Spin at the top for extra height – and, if you push back against the wall, another opportunity to wall jump. Dead handy for clawing your way back onto a platform if you fall off. THE BEGINNING GATEWAY GALAXY Star 1: Grand Star Rescue ❒ A big NGamer welcome to Super Mario Galaxy. This is going to be fun. But before we can get properly started on our Star-collecting quest, thereÂ’s some rabbit huntinÂ’ to be done. So: chase the rabbit. HeÂ’ll actually slow down after a bit, so donÂ’t think youÂ’re rubbish if it takes a while. YouÂ’ll then need to chase three rabbits – oneÂ’s down the green pipe nearby; the otherÂ’s found by jumping down the big hole with the coin atop it. Hop up the little tower that appears and have a chat with your new friend and possible Peach love-rival Rosalina. SheÂ’ll bestow Luma power on you – which means you can now waggle the remote to spin like a top. Try it on that big block of ice in front of you, then jump into the golden Launch Star and – whoosh – youÂ’ll be blasted off to another planet. YouÂ’ll be doing a lot of that in Super Mario Galaxy. New planetoid, then. The idea here is to find the five Star Chips thatÂ’ll create the Launch Star out of here. One of themÂ’s trapped in ice – smash with your spin attack as before. Then hop into the Launch Star. Chat with the Luma trapped in the cage next, then see off all the Goombas to get the key that unlocks him. HeÂ’ll transform into another Launch Star. This sucks you over to another Goomba-infested planet: spin-attack the large spike to knock the big fella over, then kick him to bag the key. Now pop down the pipe. This bitÂ’s easy: just run all around this area, activating every panel you see, dodging the Goombas and electric barriers. ThisÂ’ll unlock the Grand Star at the centre. Now the adventure proper can start. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • Goombas give out Star Bits if you spin-attack them; a coin if you stomp them. • Grey Goombas are slower and less aggressive than their brown counterparts. • A Backflip (crouch with Z, then press A) can get you to the 1Up on the Star Chip planetoid. • Revisit Grand Star Rescue later to see the fancy-schmancy transparent version of the Grand Star. Star 2: GatewayÂ’s Purple Coins ❒ You wonÂ’t be able to access this star until much later in the game – so skip forward to the Good Egg Galaxy if you donÂ’t want to spoil one of the gameÂ’s best secrets. So. Once youÂ’ve unlocked the fifth area of the Comet Observatory – the Engine Room – youÂ’ll find a little house has been unlocked on the way up (drop off the top of the steps to the Bedroom and run into the little transport device at the end of the brown platform). This provides access back to Grand Star Rescue – but thereÂ’s also a new star. Which is what weÂ’re about to describe. Run up the tower and chat with the Red Luma. HeÂ’ll create a Red Star, which – hurrah – lets you fly. Grab it – now jump, then spin, and youÂ’re off. There are 100 coins to collect in all (the Red Star reappears once flight power runs out; thereÂ’s another on the ground, too). Nabbing them all unlocks the Power Star at the peak of the tower. BOOÂ’S BONEYARD GALAXY Access: Luma outside Gateway entrance – feed with 1200 Star Bits. Star 1: Racing the Spooky Speedster ❒ As above: once the entrance back to the Gateway has appeared (after youÂ’ve unlocked the Engine Room), you can ‘payÂ’ the hungry Luma outside to open up this Galaxy. Jump in the golden pipe on the skull to reach the racing Boo, grabbing the Boo Mario powerup on the way and waggling to get through the solid walls. The race is nice and easy if you learn to waggle just before each solid platform, and always take the lower routes heading straight down. Beat Boo and thatÂ’s a Power Star for you. THE TERRACE GOOD EGG GALAXY Access: 1 Star Star 1: Dino Piranha ❒ YouÂ’ll land on a central ‘hubÂ’ that youÂ’ll be returning to several teams in this Galaxy. But for now thereÂ’s only one real ‘routeÂ’ open – and thatÂ’s the bridge off to the left. Follow it around, up, and to a little Luma. Talk to him and heÂ’ll turn into a Launch Star, letting you reach the one above. It leads to what we at NGamer call ‘Peanut PlanetÂ’. BECAUSE WE CAN. Collect the five Star Chips here – avoiding the rolling lava-rocks – then shoot off to the little green bean-shaped planetoid. Spin-attack the Piranha Plant to create a Sproutle Vine that you can climb (waggle the Wii remote like an idiot). Then hop onto the square chequered platform on the next planetoid to reach a Piranha Plant in a pipe, who doesnÂ’t respond well to a spin attack. Drop down his pipe. This bitÂ’s simple enough: just colour all the blue tiles yellow by stepping on them. The Launch Star thatÂ’s created shoots you to another small bean-shaped island: hop up the tiny block mountain, and use the Launch Star at the top to reach Mr Dino Piranha. HeÂ’s his own worst enemy, this fella. Spin-attack the rock on the end of his tail and heÂ’ll emerge from his egg. Then repeat. Three times. And he dies. Grab the Power Star, and weÂ’re on our way. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • The little Star Bit meteor showers continue indefinitely as long as you hang around the Luma on the lower, darker side of the starting island • The orange pipe on the underside leads to a little room where you can grab a 1-Up: more on this later. • You can smash the lava-rocks – just spin-attack when their lava side is facing you. • ThereÂ’s a 1-Up round the back of the grey staircase on the way to Dino. • That big rectangular cannon thatÂ’s pumping out lava rocks? You can leap on top with a Back Flip, then jump straight up to the next island. Saves needlessly killing a Piranha Plant, eh? • When you see the mysterious footprints in the sand, spin-attack as close as possible to them to uncover a monster. Kill him for a metric tonne of Star Bits. Star 2: A Snack of Cosmic Proportions ❒ Back to the initial ‘hubÂ’ then, but this time youÂ’re going to run down the righthand path rather than the lefthand one. Hop up the steps – bashing the blue bouncing fella on the way – then continue up the twisting path to meet a blue Luma. HeÂ’ll transform into a series of Pull Stars – by pointing at these with the Wii remote and pressing A, you can drag Mario from star to star, and up to the Launch Star. On the next pear-shaped planetoid, smash open the icy stalacmites to find the next Launch Star. YouÂ’ll fly through another Launch Star as you soar – wiggle as you pass through to land on a giant Yoshi egg. ThereÂ’s a hungry Luma here. YouÂ’ll be needing to feed him 100 Star Bits – run around the egg collecting more if you havenÂ’t got enough. Once heÂ’s had his fill heÂ’ll transform into a new planetoid, and leave a Launch Star behind that you can use to reach it. Climb to the top of this little ‘mountainÂ’ – the Side Flip (run, then press Z while quickly doubling back on yourself) should come in handy here. If those red spiky plants are blocking your path, waggle near the green balls to fling them their way, smashing them to bits. YouÂ’ll reach a Launch Star at the top, which gets you over to that enticing-looking transparent capsule youÂ’ve glimpsed already. The entrance is on the side, near the opposite end. Inside, itÂ’s a brain-befuddling upside-downey nightmare: just keep running to the right, letting gravity take you where it wants. The important thing is to not let the rising blocks push you back down at any point. Another Launch Star at the top, which catapults you over to a star-shaped platform. This bitÂ’s easy: just scamper around and upside-down until youÂ’ve found all five blue Star Chips, then stand opposite a blue star in a way that means, when you grab onto it, youÂ’re dragged straight to the Star. Star 3: King KalienteÂ’s Battle Fleet ❒ Back to the hub, then: thereÂ’s a Launch Star on the roof of the house ahead. The entrance is actually down below on the dark side of the hub: enter the gold pipe, then scamper around the walls to reach the exit in the ceiling. But if youÂ’re feeling acrobatic, stand in front of the house, do a Back Flip up to the roof (youÂ’ll need an extra spin), then jump and spin again to reach the top. The small beach you land on is home to a spiky red plant. Kick a melon at it with a spin-attack, then jet out of there. The next little planet is the same deal, except with a Pokey where the spiky red plant should be. Ignore the Chomps on the next globe and go straight for the next Launch Star. The large Torpedo Ted-infested island isnÂ’t too scary – just climb the steps and smash the icy stalacmite to access the Launch Star. YouÂ’ll land on a pirate ship, with two big basts blasting melons at you. You get the idea: spin-attack at the right moment to pelt them back in their faces. This drops the bridge to a small staircase and another ice-encased Launch Star. ThatÂ’s about it for the lead-up to King Kaliente: heÂ’ll burst from the lava on the very next planetoid. Dodge his fireballs, then spin-attack the melon he blasts at you – itÂ’ll shoot straight for at his bonce. YouÂ’ll need to repeat this a few times – but heÂ’ll start batting the melons right back at you, so be ready to spin-attack twice or three times. Grab that Star! Star 4: Dino Piranha Speed Run (Speedy Comet) ❒ Simply, four minutes to complete everything you did in Star 1 – which shouldnÂ’t tax you too much. Run! Star 5: Purple Coin Omelet (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ This is the first of the 100-coin challenges, where the game plonks Purple Coins all over an existing galaxy, and tasks you with grabbing them all. This oneÂ’s pretty simple, but hereÂ’s a quick guide. • You should be up to 15 coins on the first planetoid before Launch Starring out of there and activating the second Launch Star – taking your total to 30. • Get up to 45 on the Yoshi Egg, then Launch away – youÂ’ll be up to 65 when you land. • Take your total to 80 on the planet of rolling rocks, then smash open the Launch Star. Take the next launch star, too, and thatÂ’s 100. Star 6: Luigi on the Roof ❒ You can only go for this Star after youÂ’ve a) rescued Luigi in Ghostly Galaxy and b) received your first “IÂ’m lost!” postcard from the little mailman near Rosalina at the Comet Observatory. Done that? Then youÂ’re around 10 seconds away from the Star. Get on top of the roof on the initial Good Egg Galaxy ‘hubÂ’ (instructions in Star 3). ThereÂ’s Luigi, and thereÂ’s your Star. HONEYHIVE GALAXY Access: 3 Stars Star 1: Bee Mario Takes Flight ❒ Yay – itÂ’s Bee Mario time! Head straight forward and scamper over to the big gold coin in the fountain. ThisÂ’ll activate the Bee Mario powerup down below. Grab it and float up to the top of the waterfall – avoiding enemies and water, as theyÂ’ll both frazzle your suit. Through the tunnel, hop into the hole and down the slide. ItÂ’s then a short journey around the cliffside to a Launch Star, which drags you over to a mini watery paradise. ItÂ’s important not to touch water or enemies here, as youÂ’ll need the Bee Costume to stand on the floating flowers. Look for the flower at the back to float up high – thereÂ’s a Bee Costume powerup nearby if you do lose it. Up top, jump around the purple flowers to the largest one – the Launch StarÂ’s up high. YouÂ’re now in Queen Bee territory. Jump up to the honeycomb – youÂ’ll stick onto it – and climb to the top of the island, dispensing with the Piranha Plant in the pipe in order to create a handy vine up. Then simply buzz over to the Queen Bee and attach yourself to your back, crawling around to find the four Star Chips (oneÂ’s at the front). The StarÂ’s yours – youÂ’ll just need to hop into the Launch Star at the back of the area to reach it. Star 2: Trouble on the Tower ❒ Run straight forward and look for a bit of rock that looks like a completed Trivial Pursuit playing piece. Butt-slam it to make a Sproutle Vine appear from the ground, and ride it up to the area by the big tree. Use the Launch Star on the other side of the stream to reach a little platform with a Wiggler running around on it, with a switch you can slam to create a new bridge. Smash the little cylindrical platform on the other side of the bridge to create a set of platforms leading to the top of the waterfall. YouÂ’ll need some wall-jumping skills on the left to reach the top – then some more wall-jumping skills to bounce off the wooden barriers above the waterfall and reach the next Launch Star. This flings you up to a very unusual-looking island in the sky, and another Launch Star. On the next island, you really do need to fall down that hole – take the plunge, and Mario will tumble all the way back down to the main area, and a series of wooden platforms. All you need to do here – using running, jumping and, if youÂ’re in a playful mood, swinging – is reach the big red switch over the other side. This activates the windmill nearby, which you can use to reach the tip-top of the tower – and a cute pair of purple bugs. Use your butt-stomp to deal with them both (daddy gets really mad when you kill his son), and unlock this areaÂ’s Star. Star 3: Big Bad Bugaboom ❒ Sounds like a boss battle, right? It is a boss battle. ItÂ’s initially the same route as the first star – up the waterfall and straight through the tunnel. YouÂ’ll bump into the Queen Bee, whoÂ’ll create a Launch Star for you, leading up to a new island. Grab the Bee Suit and waggle your way up the flowers to float over to the big tree. So hereÂ’s Bugaboom. All you have to do is stomp on his shell three times. There are flowers nearby thatÂ’ll help you get up high enough to hover over him and come crashing down. And thatÂ’s about all the help youÂ’ll need – even when he starts fluttering around and turning red, his vulnerable back proves his undoing. Once heÂ’s toast, grab the Star and laugh menacingly. Star 4: Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race (Cosmic Comet) ❒ Oh, blimey, is that Water Mario from Super Mario Sunshine? Well, no. ItÂ’s ‘Cosmic MarioÂ’. But he likes to run just as much as his liquidy forebear. The routeÂ’s pretty simple and clearly marked with blue arrows. To make it up the waterfall, use backwards somersaults (face away from where you want to go, then hold Z and jump, waggling at the top if you need extra height). Avoid the honey on the approach to the finish. And thatÂ’s it. Star 5: The HoneyhiveÂ’s Purple Coins (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ This takes some doing – Purple Coins are hidden in the sneakiest of places. What weÂ’ll do for 100-coin challenges like this is just direct you to the coins youÂ’ll probably miss – the ones we donÂ’t mention are in plain sight, or easily found just by looking around. HereÂ’s HoneyhiveÂ’s sneaksiest Purple Coins. Make sure you smash the rock ahead of where you land to create Sproutle Vines to the upper areas. • 1 over the little fence behind where you came in • 1 up high along the path – use a Back Flip topped off with a spin • 8 in the back area, to the right of the swing. Use a wall jump once youÂ’re round there. • 3 by sliding down the slope after the Sproutle Vines • 1 on spring in upper area: butt-slam bounce off the corner and spin to get high enough. • 5 for climbing the wall behind the big tree, then... • 36 for... smashing the red switch, crossing the bridge and butt-slamming the rock switch to climb to the peak for several more, including up on the sides and wall-jumping the two wooden walls. And, grab that one on the back wall, right at the top, to see the camera swing round, showing your route down to even more. Downstairs, Back Flip and spin off the wall after the slide to reach the honey-drenched platforms. • 10 on the platform to the right of the waterfall, and the little path leading behind the waterfall from it – drop off the peak to reach it. • 1 behind the little tree near the big red switch. Star 6: Luigi in the Honeyhive Kingdom ❒ Another of those stars youÂ’ll need a postcard from Luigi to access. HeÂ’s trapped on the big tree: simply grab the Bee Mario costume, float up to the tunnel behind the waterfall, then double-back up to the tree. Jump and spin-attack Luigi to knock him down and bag the Star. LOOPDELOOP GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: Surfing 101 ❒ We donÂ’t like this bit much. But itÂ’s pretty much the only tilty-control race in the entire game, so weÂ’ll live with it. And it ainÂ’t half pretty. Run forward and have a chat with the penguin to start the race. WeÂ’d err on the side of caution when it comes to speed – itÂ’s all too easy to topple off the side if you push forward, especially in the later stages of the race. Slow down for those corners, kids. Slow down hard. Right, grab that Power Star and letÂ’s get out of here. FLIPSWITCH GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: Painting the Planet Yellow ❒ Another short, sweet Power Star for you. Just switch all the ‘?Â’ blocks so theyÂ’re yellow rather than blue. BackgroundÂ’s good, eh? You might want to leave the corner with that laser-spitting device until last, as thatÂ’s where the Star will appear. Hop on its metal bonce to reach it. SWEET SWEET GALAXY Access: Luma outside entrance, feed 400 Star Bits Star 1: Rocky Road ❒ Well, you donÂ’t need our help here. ItÂ’s a straight run to the finish. Just keep pressing forward – your Z+A jump will come in very handy. Just pick a spot and jump for it and youÂ’ll – usually – land safely past the numerous holes. DonÂ’t forget you can waggle to spin at the end of a jump if you need that bit of extra height to avoid a frazzly lazer. BOWSER JRÂ’S ROBOT REACTOR Access: 8 Stars Star 1: MegalegÂ’s Moon ❒ Probably the best boss name in Mario history – and a great little boss, too. Sorry: great big boss. First, find the Torpedo Ted turret, stand nearby to coax Ted out, then lure him over to the Launch Star trapped in a cage. Now use it. And, er, thatÂ’s the lead-up to Megaleg. Short, that. To finish off Megaleg, you need to get on him. Wait until one of his feet comes crashing down, then jump on – the green arrows handily show you where to go. Scamper past the Torpedo Teds, over the revolving cogs, and up to MegalegÂ’s head. YouÂ’ll now need to lure a Torpedo Ted into that cage surround the Power Star. Trouble is, heÂ’s got a back-up cage. Lead a couple of Teds into that to break open a path to the Star, then smash the cage. ThatÂ’s your first boss dealt with. Well done, you. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • ThereÂ’s a 1-Up on one of MegalegÂ’s megalegs. • ItÂ’s just possible to climb onto MegalegÂ’s nose with a bit of handy jumping. Serves no purpose whatsoever, of course. THE FOUNTAIN SPACE JUNK GALAXY Access: 9 Stars Star 1: Pull Star Path ❒ We played this level so many times in the E3 demo version of Galaxy, we can do it in our sleep. See if you can too. So this levelÂ’s all about those blue Pull Stars. Grab the first one with the pointer, then waggle (or press Z) to drop down to the turquoise capsule thing. On the other side of the capsule is a quick Pull Star path through a rocky area, then five Star Chips to collect on three transparent balls. Look at those reflection effects! Swoon. Then use the new Launch Star to reach the rocket ship (recognise it from anywhere?). Run to the top of the ship, then tap the Pull Star at the centre of the little transparent ball to get dragged up. Land on each of the balls in turn, then Pull Star yourself over to the next. A long Pull Star path through more rocks follows, ending up in a big T-shaped platform infested with bugs. Run forward and over the top. Toads trapped in ice here – spin-smash to rescue them all, and the little Toad ship will drop to meet you. Jump straight up to get pulled onto Captain ToadÂ’s head, then scamper up to the Launch Star up top. Final challenge: a brain-meddling platform test, where the floor is only ‘builtÂ’ as you approach. ItÂ’s not tricky, though: just follow the materializing platforms to the left and right, collecting the five little silver stars. Then scamper back to the first platform to pick up your prize. Star 2: KamellaÂ’s Airship Attack ❒ So, hop into that Launch Star and over to the pirate ship. Wiggling near the switch next to the bridge will bring it crashing down. Smash the crate on the other side and use the Launch Star to reach the next ship. HereÂ’s where the Magikoopa attacks start. Spin attack or chuck a shell to get rid of the purple bast, then attack the chest at the end of the boat with a Koopa shell to uncover another Launch Star. Next ship. YouÂ’re getting pelted with fireballs by those fellas on the other side of the bridge – just grab more Koopa shells, then face them, jump, and flick the Wii remote to destroy them from afar. ThatÂ’ll bring the bridge down, at the end of which is a Launch Star leading to Kamella herself KamellaÂ’s got two wand attacks. One is a fireball, which you should avoid. The other is a green shell, which you should grab (by spinning near the magical sparks) and throw back her way. Repeating that will get rid of her for good – just spin-attack near the pesky little Magikoopas to avoid embarrassing death incidents. Grab that Star. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • ItÂ’s just possible to crawl out to the masts on the pirate ships, but you have to be pretty careful. WeÂ’d like to see photo proof of anyone who manages to walk all the way to the end. • On the second ship, you can blow out the torches with the spin-attack for extra coins. • On the third ship, stomping on the grate on the deck (or leaping over to the big funnel from the platform you land on) will get you into a Star Bit-filled galley. • The right-hand chest on the third ship can be smashed open with a Koopa shell for a Life Mushroom treat. Star 3: TarantoxÂ’s Tangled Web ❒ Jump over to the red Toad spaceship, and follow the usual path until you land on a transparent planet. Find the entrance to the inside, then follow the log-laden path around to the Launch Star. And weÂ’re off – to a small rock structure infested with bugs, and you first pull device – that grey spiky thing that the ToadÂ’s stuck on. Grab it and pull it back to catapult the Toad out of the area (in any direction you fancy), then hop on yourself and pull back to shoot yourself over to the next catapult. YouÂ’re then able to blast Mario to the rocket ship, onto an L-shaped rock structure, and finally over to the planet where Tarantox resides. Use the catapult to smash his cocoon first. Then, dodging his green gunge, catapult yourself into his glowing behind. ThisÂ’ll flip him over, revealing three red vulnerable points on his underside, which you can attack using the catapult. He doesnÂ’t like that one bit – but youÂ’ll need to flip him over once more and pummel those red tummy-bubbles again before heÂ’s down for good. You can attack his ‘plungersÂ’ with the catapult if that green gunk is proving a real problem. All done? Grab that Star and get out of there. Star 4: Pull Star Path Speed Run (Speedy Comet) ❒ Yep – itÂ’s that first star, at speed. Four minutes. The secretÂ’s in the speed of your Pull Star pulling – work that Wii remote! Star 5: YoshiÂ’s Unexpected Appearance ❒ Well, weÂ’ve spoiled that for you, eh? But itÂ’s not much of an appearance: itÂ’s YoshiÂ’s big wooden head, rather than the man/woman/dinosaur it/him/herself. You reach this secret Power Star via the third star. Get back to that transparent planet from before, but this time feed the hungry Luma on the outside: he wants 50 Star Bits – you can find them all within the planet if you hunt around, spin-attack the Goombas and all that. The Luma transforms into the Yoshi planet, which is having a bit of a Goomba outbreak. Bop them all to access the secret Power Star. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • Note that the game will keep count of how many Goombas you stomp in succession without touching the ground. We havenÂ’t managed that many – see if you can find out if anything special happens for, say, 10 in a row. Star 6: Purple Coin Spacewalk (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ All the Purple Coins here are in groups, and only accessible with those mad here-again-gone-again space platforms. You can save a lot of time by performing Long Jumps (run, then briefly crouch with Z and press A) between the little coin clusters: the platforms will always come and meet you. Remember that a spin at the top of your jump can save you from a nasty death. BATTLEROCK GALAXY Access: 12 Stars Star 1: Battlerock Barrage ❒ Welcome to Battlerock, which really wants to kill you. Preferably with a giant cannonball to the stomach. Five Pull Star Chips to collect first – have a good run around the metal discs to find them all. Then use the resulting Pull Stars to reach the Launch Star to the next section. Which is more metal discs, as it turns out. You need a big jump off the turret on the first one to let gravity suck you up to the second – then spin-attack the screw to go on a strange, frightening journey past a structure that really doesnÂ’t want you there. You can shoot the cannonballs with Star Bits. WeÂ’re going to keep telling you that, because itÂ’s important. You can run all around this disc, so use the underside to dodge the lasers where necessary, and backward somersaults where that fails. When you reach the end, run as far as possible to entice some Torpedo Teds from the wall in the distance, and guide them to the large glass cage furthest away from them. ThereÂ’s your Star inside, see. Star 2: Breaking into the Battlerock ❒ Hop, hop, hop, over the silver discs. Grab a Bob-Omb and you can throw it (with a flick of the Wii remote) over to the Launch Star trapped in a glass cage over at the back-left. Use it to reach the Multi-Coloured Multi-Ball Planetoid, as we call it. ThereÂ’s a Bob-Omb waiting for you on the green bit – carry it over to the red section and free the trapped Luma from the glass cage for a new Launch Star route. Then itÂ’s just a short (but mine-laden) Pull Star route to the next Launch Star. Drop down the pipe into another cylindrical futur-o-room – grab a Bob-Omb and blow up the glass cage in the centre. You then need to blast out of the cannon so you smash through the icy spiky thing, revealing a Launch Star straight out of Battlerock. Finally, on the final cigar-shaped planetoid, grab a Bob-Omb and take it over to the opposite end to free the cannon, then time your blast so you hit the Star in the middle of the revolving gates. Sweet! Star 3: Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe ❒ Long one, this. Start by leaping between the shiny discs, then taking the Pull Star route up to the (remarkably ineffective) Launch Star. Then ride the lift to the next. That little spinny red thing? ThatÂ’s one of the Topmen, as far as we can make out. The only way to kill them is to spin-attack them straight into electrifying lasers – which, coincidentally enough, is exactly whatÂ’s surrounding that trapped Luma. Once freed, the Luma transforms into a Launch Star, leading to a small mountainside platform. Smash the box at the back to find a pipe down. Gravity-meddling platform test? Yes. To start with, spin-attack the arrow to drop down. Run right a bit, then – hereÂ’s our tip – climb onto the gold ‘?Â’ box and jump up into the blue-background area. Keep left and youÂ’ll be dragged all the way up to the ‘ceiling bitÂ’. Watch the squashy boxes, and scamper right all the way to another pipe. A cylindrical room, and a laser turret. Jump on top for a Launch Star, and a lift ‘upÂ’ (down?) to a room contained two Topmen. Luckily, theyÂ’ve installed some electrical barriers that are just the thing to fry them with. Do so to drop down to a (remarkably pretty) Launch Star. Last bit, then: itÂ’s Topmaniac. Run around the planet and up to the top arena, then smash Topmaniac on the head before spinning him into the green barriers. HeÂ’ll put up with that three times, then die. What a sap. The Star is yours. Star 4: TopmaniacÂ’s Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) ❒ YouÂ’ll get sent straight to Topmaniac for this. And, despite the one-health-segment limitation, itÂ’s easy. Just make sure you stay well out of the way of the centre after bashing him into the barrier, so you donÂ’t get spiked when he bounces back. We actually had more trouble avoiding instant electrocution on our way into the arena than we did with the boss himself. Because weÂ’re idiots. Star 5: Purple Coins on the Battlerock (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ The good news is: thereÂ’s an automatic lift thatÂ’ll take you to every purple coin you need to collect. The bad news? YouÂ’ll need some fancy acrobatics to grab every coin. Remember that you can fire Star Bits in order to bop the explosive cannonballs. Also of note: itÂ’s almost (totally?) impossible to escape the gravitational pull of that metallic disc, so you make a last desperate grab for coins you missed and still get dragged back to safety. The tricky bit is reaching the coins sitting high over the electric grids – best to go for a crouching backwards somersault rather than anything fancier. You can sort of ‘walkÂ’ on the electrified wires during your brief period of invincibility after first touching them, which might help if youÂ’ve really messed up. Star 6: BattlerockÂ’s Garbage Dump ❒ You probably arrived at this Star by accident when you tried to do Breaking into the Battlerock. Everybody does. If not, itÂ’s done like this: get back to the Multi-Coloured Multi-Ball Planetoid, but hunt for the Hungry Luma on it and feed him up. The challenge, then: use the Bob-Ombs to blow up all the garbage. You know what makes it a lot easier – and which it took resident brain genius Matthew to work out? If you grab your first Bob-Omb and run along lighting up all the other Bob-Ombs, they all explode much, much quicker. Which helps a lot. Otherwise, itÂ’s just a case of getting the Bob-Ombs in the centre of groups of three or four piles of garbage: you can usually manage this with a simple jump and throw. Star 7: Luigi under the Saucer ❒ This is the last of the three Luigi-finding Power Stars, and youÂ’ll need the relevant postcard from him before you can access it. Select Star 1, then follow the usual route all the way to the cages at the end. Luigi is trapped in a cage underneath the second-to-last disc. Stand underneath the last disc, close to where the Torpedo Teds emerge, to lure a Ted over and free Luigi. This is your first of three green Power Stars: see page 108 for what happens when you bag the lot. ROLLING GREEN GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: Rolling in the Clouds ❒ Ah, this is hilarious. Hop onto that ball in front of you, and youÂ’re off on a rolling run thatÂ’ll make you giggle like a chimp. You need to hold the Wii remote vertically, like an aeroplane joystick, and tilt to move the ball. You can also jump with A, which comes in very handy. You can see the route – the only difficult bits are the choice of route near the end (take the righthand path for an easier ride) and the final jump. Pop into the hole after the second big blast, and youÂ’ve got the Star. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • Yes, itÂ’s possible to do a big jump onto the metal wire slide, rather than fall through the hole. HURRY-SCURRY GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: Shrinking Satellite ❒ Nothing too complicated going on here: just a simple race across platforms that donÂ’t fancy sticking around. Long jumps will see you across bigger gaps if you donÂ’t fancy taking the long route. Drop through the platform when you reach the question mark block to hop into the Launch Star. Keep moving on the dodecahedron (yep, thatÂ’s what itÂ’s called), and the notes will be yours in no time. Then simply drop through to the Star. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • Want to try NGamerÂ’s patented Jump Forever Trick? ItÂ’s a flagrant case of false advertising – itÂ’s not quite forever. Anyway: get rid of all the tiles on the Satellite – a challenge in itself, as it requires plenty of Long Jumps over the big gaps you create. Then, with the Power Star in place, perform one huge Long Jump as far as you can. Keep pushing forward and youÂ’ll spin around the Star for ages. Tops. BOWSERÂ’S STAR REACTOR Access: 15 Stars Star 1: The Fiery Stronghold ❒ If you remember ye old Bowser levels from Super Mario 64, this is going to make your tummy all excited. Run, Mario, run! Dodge the flaming spinny things, duck under the Thwomp and stand on the green platform. Wait until itÂ’s settled before daring to step off. The next bitÂ’s a gravity-switching funhouse. Jump against the pink background when you can to walk on the ceiling, then continue to run right, avoiding the dangers. The yellow platform at the end carries you over to a dangerous disc – just run to the other side – and a series of Twomp-laden steps up to the final section. DonÂ’t worry if you accidentally get burned by the flames – we do it all the time. Big-a Bowser will then appear to cause platform-disintegrating hassle for you – just run for you life, but do try to find time to grab that Life Mushroom in the corner. Bowser, then. See those blue circles on the planet? You need to coax Bowser into smashing into one of these – which is as simple as simply loitering on one of them until he spins into the air, then clearing off so he doesnÂ’t land on your hat. His tail will catch fire and heÂ’ll go pelting around the planet: wait for him to approach and skid to a halt, then spin-attack his tail when he turns around. HeÂ’ll then rotate around the planet on his back – judge where heÂ’ll appear and get ready to spin-attack him again. Bowser being Bowser, this needs to be done a few times before he gives in. Take care to dodge his butt-slam ‘tremorsÂ’, and youÂ’ll be fine. Your second Grand Star. Not bad, eh? SLING POD GALAXY Access: Luma outside entrance, feed 400 Star Bits Star 1: A Very Sticky Situation ❒ This is a Galaxy full of those catapults. ItÂ’s not a complicated path to the end – just time carefully to avoid the roving cannonballs. When it comes to the Pull Star path through the mines, make sure MarioÂ’s at rest before the next drag – the funny angles you end up with if you take things too fast will inevitably lead to a nasty explosion. THE KITCHEN BEACH BOWL GALAXY Access: 16 Stars Star 1: Sunken Treasure ❒ Ah, itÂ’s lovely this. Your first mission here is to find five Star Chips – all of which are underwater. ThereÂ’s one inside the clam thatÂ’s opening and closing his mouth; one on top of a rock near the back; one just in front of the giant snapping Eel; and a last one just hanging around the seabed; and the last is in a wooden crate next to a penguin – waggle to smash it open. Then all thatÂ’s left is to use the Launch Star to reach the Star itself. Bonza. Star 2: Passing the Swim Test ❒ Easiest Star in Galaxy? Yep. Talk to the big penguin. Swim down to the little group of penguins swimming underwater. Spin to grab the gold shell carried by the leader. Take it to the big penguin (just ‘walkÂ’ out of the waterÂ’). Aaaaaand – thatÂ’s it. Next! Star 3: The Secret Undersea Cavern ❒ Dive underwater and find the little penguin guarding a big broken-ish area in the wall at the back. Grab a Koopa shell from nearby, and chuck it (by waggling the Wii remote) to break through. Swimming through, youÂ’ll emerge in an underwater cavern. Break the boxes at the back to reach a switch you can stomp, unveiling a Launch Star thatÂ’ll whoooomph you up to Cyclone Stone – a spinning concrete spiral in the sky. ItÂ’s a pretty linear path to the Star – albeit quite a difficult one to stay alive on. Just make sure you position yourself under the Tox Boxes so that their ‘emptyÂ’ side harmlessly smothers you. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • Spin-attack to knock the Goomba under the first Thwomp. It. Is. Hilarious. • Lots of lives to be had on Cyclone Stone, if youÂ’re brave enough. Star 4: Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone (Speedy Comet) ❒ This is tough – a speeded-up version of Cyclone Stone from star 3 – but we canÂ’t offer you much help beyond: be careful. ItÂ’s worth taking your time on the path above the cyclone itself and using the triangular platforms to pause for breath: this bitÂ’s much tougher this time around. Star 5: Beachcombing for Purple Coins (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ In your own time, thankfully. This Galaxy isnÂ’t very big, so you should be able to track down most of the coins with a minimum of exploration of the beach and the waterbed. HereÂ’s the ones you might miss: • 1 above the big penguinÂ’s head: triple jump to reach it. • Several at the top of palm trees – explore the tops of all of them • On the far side of the level is a little bamboo swing: jump onto the leaves of the lower tree nearby, then Z-jump onto it to reach the coins • Use Spring Mario near the waterfall to reach the very top of the area – there are several coins high above the rock nearby, and the palm tree at the peak. • 1 sneaky coin hidden behind the waterfall on the upper level. Star 6: Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls ❒ Select star 3. Grab a Koopa shell from under the water, then get back up on the beach and find the treasure chest over on the far right-hand side of the level (near the bamboo swing). Throw the Koopa shell at the chest to unlock a Launch Star up to a new area. And very clever it is, too. You need to coax a Cataquack over to the big coin thatÂ’s hanging in the air in front of the waterfalls, and get thrown up. This makes an Ice Flower appear. Grab it, and scamper over to the waterfalls. You can now – and how cool is this? – wall jump up the pairs of waterfalls, as long as youÂ’re Ice Mario. After a Launch Star at the top, thereÂ’s a Power Star floating right at the back of the pool. To reach it, become Ice Mario again and coax the Cataquack over to its platform – youÂ’ll need to create a bridge for him by walking on the water, making sure he doesnÂ’t fall in the drink or hit the icicles. Smart, that. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • You can blow out the torches with your spin-attack. • ArenÂ’t drowning Cataquacks cute? GHOSTLY GALAXY Access: 20 Stars Star 1: Luigi and the Haunted Mansion ❒ Bit of a giveaway, that level name, eh? Hop into the Launch Star to reach your first spooky platform. Those pumpkins arenÂ’t pumpkins – theyÂ’re Goombas with pumpkin heads on. Bless ‘em. Dodge past the spider and head along the twisted bridge, using the coin platforms to dodge the rolling Chomp as it comes trundling by. Into the mansion, then. Waggle-attack the switch next to where you came in to activate a light from the ceiling. YouÂ’ll then need to lure the Boos into the light so the keyÂ’s dropped. YouÂ’re then free to step through the door up top. Five Star Chips in the next room – not too much trouble to grab – then a Launch Star out the window. This leads to a blue star path around the outside of the castle – you need to temporarily let go (i.e. waggle) to drop Mario down to the key you can see, then quickly grab back onto the star to avoid a horrible tumbling death. Along the next corridor, grab the giant coin at the end of the room to nab yourself the Boo Mario powerup. With a shake to turn invisible, you can hover through the wire mesh in the corner of the room, then straight through into LuigiÂ’s cage. YouÂ’ll need to step into the light before bouncing over to rescue Luigi, though – heÂ’ll just stand in the corner shivering if you appear in ghost form. The StarÂ’s yours. Star 2: A Very Spooky Sprint ❒ Run to the underside of the Toad spaceship to reach the Launch Star thatÂ’ll shoot you over to the main planetoid. YouÂ’ll then need to use blue stars to reach another Launch Star, which takes you over to the race proper – with a behelmeted Boo. Bit of a pain, this race. The important thing is to take a Long Jump straight for the blue star when you start, to get ahead of the Boo – heÂ’ll really get in the way otherwise. From then on, itÂ’s all about Wii Remote dexterity. Make sure you hold the A button as youÂ’re grabbing a star – itÂ’ll get Mario over there faster – and be ready to shoot for the next one as soon as MarioÂ’s in spot. Where most people go wrong is grabbing for the next star before MazzaÂ’s completed his journey to the next one – which sends you shooting off in an odd direction and often straight into an obstacle. ThereÂ’s a Launch Star in the corner after the big hunks of meat thatÂ’ll save you some time. Star 3: Beware of Bouldergeist ❒ Scamper around the Toad spaceship, then – there be a Launch Star waiting for ye, leading back to the haunted house. Enter as before – then wonder when the Changing Rooms team found time to rearrange the room. Collect the Star Bits around the painting on the back wall – from then on, the painting is a generator for Bomb Boos, which are some of the funniest things NintendoÂ’s ever invented. Spinning nearby lets you grab the buggers by the tongue and swing them around – when they hit something, they blow. Lure one over to the statue in the fireplace, grab it, and smash it up to reveal a Launch Star. In the next area, see off the spiders (theyÂ’re called Scuttlebugs) with a double-spin, then leap up to the catapult. Catapult your way up to the Launch Stars at the top. YouÂ’re flung around to the opposite wall, where there are five blue Star Chips to scoop up. Judicious use of the spring, the catapult and the Launch Star will see you right. Use the Pull Star to the left to reach the spinning planet, then hold A until youÂ’ve got a clear path to the Pull Star in the middle. Wait again, and pull yourself out to the Launch Star. YouÂ’re then dumped on a springy planet – bounce up to the Launch Star when youÂ’ve got clear skies above. ItÂ’s Bouldergeist time. Run around like an idiot to dodge his rock attacks, and watch for the black rocks – these will turn into Bomb Boos, which you can grab and lasso straight into his big face. Successfully smash him three times and heÂ’ll transform into a floating spirit – one more Bomb Boo hit, and thatÂ’s it. OR IS IT? No, it isnÂ’t. Because he returns – with hands. These have a nasty tendency to crush or punch the unawares, so stay alert. ItÂ’s the same method as before to hurt him up real nice, though – just grab those Bomb Boos and lasso your way to victory, and BouldergeistÂ’s Star. Star 4: BouldergeistÂ’s Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) ❒ One health segment to defeat the boss from star 3. Nasty, because Bouldergeist has several fast, unpleasant attacks. First: donÂ’t grab a Bomb Boo until youÂ’re sure itÂ’s safe – you donÂ’t want to get caught in an attack while youÂ’re still spinning. Second: spin-attack the stalacmites that Bouldergeist erupts out of the ground, as they can really get in the way. Third: when Bouldergeist reverts to his scaredy-spirit form, get close before you grab a Bomb Boo – if you canÂ’t reach him, the explosive ghost will spiral in and hit you. Star 5: Purple Coins in the Bone Pen (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ One minute?! This is tight. Remember the secret with speedy Pull Star moments: wait until youÂ’re in the centre of the Pull Star before making a grab for the next one, or youÂ’ll be bounced around like a berk. This is especially important when youÂ’re squeezing between the big hunks of meat. Grab all the coins around the outside before attempting the middle – then focus on the strings of four at the top-left and top-right. There are more than 100 coins in total, so you can avoid the ones you really donÂ’t like. The really important thing is to make sure you leave time to grab the Star at the end. DonÂ’t panic! Star 6: Matter Splatter Mansion ❒ Select star 2 to access this Secret Star. ItÂ’s easy to reach: after the first Launch Star, look for the rock to the right thatÂ’s sparkling unnervingly, and smash it open to find a secret Launch Star. In Matter Splatter Mansion, you can only step on platforms that are visible. Walk forward to activate the ‘liftÂ’ ahead, then jump towards the camera to grab a key that opens the door ahead. Pick up the big coin and double-back up the staircase thatÂ’s gradually being revealed, and up and around to the ‘piano roomÂ’. Grab the key, then the big coin behind the door, to activate a path up. Pocket the next key and keep bouncing upwards. The Power StarÂ’s behind the final set of doors. DRIP DROP GALAXY Access: Luma outside entrance, feed 600 Star Bits Star 1: Giant Eel Outbreak ❒ ItÂ’s an outbreak of Giant Eels, isnÂ’t it? Plunge into the water and deal with them all – there are four in all. There are plenty of Koopa shells around: simply grab one, swim up behind an Eel, aim up (using the Z-brake if you like), then let loose with a spin. BUOY BASE GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: The Floating Fortress ❒ Dive into the water and bear slightly to the right to find a Torpedo Ted turret in the wall. Hover close by to get TedÂ’s interest, then flip to the left and guide him toward the giant glass ball hanging from the main tower statue. With that destroyed, the tower rises up, ready for a-climbing. Hop up over the floating yellow buoys and wall-jump up to the next level – then wall-jump again when the moving wall permits. Keep going, past the purple fellas and the Thwomps, being very careful to dodge those bubbles chucked out by the FLUDD lookalikes. Run past the little pink robot fella (girl?) to a switch on the far left: spin on top of this to make a Topman appear, and jump on him to reach the next level up and a blue screw. Spin on it. Five blue Star Chips to collect then. OneÂ’s straight above you. The second is up and to the right. The third is sitting on top one of the Thwomps below. The fourth is on a platform very near the top of the tower (opposite the 1-Up Mushroom if you can see that). The fifth is high above the turret on the towerÂ’s peak – just jump on top to reach it. After the Pull Stars, youÂ’ll land on a small planetoid with a golden screw at the top. Unscrew it andÂ… if we had to pick our favourite moment from Super Mario GalaxyÂ’s hundreds of brilliant moments this would probably be itÂ… the hatch opens to reveal A FLOATING DOME OF WATER FLOATING IN THE AIR FORTHELOVEOFGOD. The StarÂ’s in the middle of it. Gasp. Remember: that whole level was constructed by Nintendo for just one star. Oh, except the other one. Which weÂ’ll tell you about now. Star 2: The Secret of Buoy Base ❒ You might have stumbled on this by accident. Plunge into the depths again, but this time use the Torpedo Ted to smash open the pipe thatÂ’s trapped in a cage nearby. Hop in. YouÂ’ll actually at the ‘bottomÂ’ of the level here, but upside-down, if you get our meaning. Lure a Torpedo Ted to the cage on the centre platform, and the green Power Star is yours. See page 108 for what happens when youÂ’ve collected all three green Stars. BUBBLE BREEZE GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: Through the Poison Swamp ❒ Oh, those poor Toads. Ignore their bleating and head straight for the bubble machine at the end of the passageway. This is one of those one-off Galaxy moments: youÂ’ll be pushing the bubble around with a little remote-directed fan. ItÂ’s not quite as easy as it looks. Head south-west, then double back past the Toad ship and float north. You should see your first Star Chip directly ahead of you. ThereÂ’s also a fan thatÂ’ll blow you straight into a Giant Coin – the coin path will lead the way straight to the second and third Star Chips. Dodge the mines and head into the big mess of fans to the west: the fourth Star Chip is floating around inside. The fifth is a little further on – and, thankfully, the Launch Star appears very close by. Another bubble machine? Yep. Just follow the coins this time. YouÂ’ll end up in a rotating wooden contraption – head north and follow another coin route around, up and east. ThereÂ’s no need to activate any of the gates – when you reach the first, just head southwest until you reach the island with the Star on. Yay! BOWSER JRÂ’S AIRSHIP ARMADA Access: 23 Stars Star 1: Sinking the Airships ❒ Boss number three, then. Except thereÂ’s a little way to go before you actually reach him. So letÂ’s get to it. On the first ship, hope up to drop down into the cannon – then blast over to the pole on the ship opposite. Drop down, then pop into the next cannon, and over to the next pole in the distance. Dodge the Wigglers and purple bug, then waggle next to the switch to send the wooden platform pelting past the cannon-ships. ItÂ’s a test of your Scuttlebug-spinning and cannonball-dodging skills. Then you can hop in the Launch Star and up to the boss battle with the ‘mightyÂ’ Bowser Jr proper. Not too tricky, this. Just leap on the Koopa Troopers to grab their shells, aim at BowserÂ’s ship, then jump and flick the remote to smash him up. HeÂ’ll invite some Magikoopas to the party after a bit – just chuck Koopa shells at them or spin nearby to get shot of them. As long as you donÂ’t get hit by one of Bowser JrÂ’s fiery meatballs, the battle should be over in no time. Grab the Grand Star, and on we go. THE BEDROOM GUSTY GARDEN GALAXY Access: 24 Stars Star 1: Bunnies in the Wind ❒ ItÂ’s ‘say what you seeÂ’ for GalaxyÂ’s translation team, clearly. So. Spin into those flowers and grab onto one to get wafted from the island you start on. Try to align yourself with those white gusty ‘tunnelsÂ’ of wind, as theyÂ’ll give you a boost when you waggle the remote for extra lift. A couple of waggles should get you there. Spin the next batch of flowers as before, and aim for the little island in the distance. You can deal with the moles here by butt-slamming the ground when they pop up, then spin-attacking them. Under the island is an odd little ‘spoutÂ’ – fire a gem at it to make a vine appear, which you can climb to reach the top, and another set of flowers. ThisÂ’ll let you reach the nearest of the cluster of little grassy ‘kidney beansÂ’ in the distance. Spin-attack or butt-slam the Piranha Plants here to create a vine over to a dusty brown-looking island, where dealing with another Piranha Plant will get you a vine to Purple Piranha Plant Central (as we call it). Ignore this Piranha Plant, though: instead, head under the island to find another ‘vine spoutÂ’, which takes you to a second purple snapper – youÂ’ll need to deal with this one, by stomping on his head when he brings it crashing to the ground. The resulting Launch Star will take you over to a big grassy cube maze. All you need to do is catch the rabbit – not too much bother. The Star is yours. Star 2: The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows ❒ Grab onto those flowers again then – but this time watch out for the spiky red floating plants that have appeared from nowhere. When you reach the spherical planet, youÂ’ll have to deal with a burrowing mole – a simple case of butt-slamming the ground nearby, then spin-attacking him out of existence. ThatÂ’ll create a Launch Star to the question-mark shaped planetoid, where there are three more of those moles to smash before the next Launch Star appears. Through the ringed cage, and over to the fruit. Smash the ‘switchÂ’ down to bring a giant worm-platform out of hiding, then do the same again on the next planetoid to make it over to the red apple. A final switch makes the next Launch Star appear. ItÂ’s then one final Launch Star to ‘boss islandÂ’. You deal with this mole the same way you dealt with the previous ones: butt-slam to draw him out of the ground, then spin-attack his face off. ThatÂ’s when he gets angry. All you need to do now is wait for him to pop out of the ground (keep just ahead of him until his blue shell appears), then butt-stomp and spin. When heÂ’s really fuming, you wonÂ’t need to wait for him to emerge from the ground. And thatÂ’s your lot. Star 3: Gusty GardenÂ’s Gravity Scramble ❒ Float past the red spiky things to the next island as usual, continuing until you reach a new Launch Star at the top of a vine. YouÂ’ll land on a blobby island teeming with rolling rocks – thereÂ’s a Launch Star at the end. (Oh, and if youÂ’re wondering about that golden Chomp – check star 6). Five Star Chips to collect in this area. The first is directly under the platform youÂ’re standing on; the next is on the second disc platform. The third is at the top of the pole underneath this second disc – donÂ’t worry about jumping backwards off the pole to reach it, as the discs have enough gravity to suck you back to safety. The fourth Star Chip is at the top of the pole under the third disc; the fifth is on the rim of the third disc (disguised among the yellow coins). Now use the new Launch Star to whoosh over to the Gravity Scramble itself. The route creates itself: spin-attack the green arrow when you reach it to get sucked to the rotating blocks. Spin-attack the red arrow at the top for another climb. Waggle for the green arrow at the top, then head down the next pile of blocks to another green arrow. Run down again to where thereÂ’s a near-constant stream of cannonballs, and scamper to the right to reach the Power Star encased in ice. Star 4: Major BurrowsÂ’s Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) ❒ You know the routine: one health segment. Burrows isnÂ’t the most complex of bosses, so you wonÂ’t be needing any help from us. Star 5: Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ Yep, thereÂ’s a nasty time limit. But thereÂ’s double good news: all the purple coins are on this cubular planetoid, and – important – there are more than 100, so you donÂ’t need to bag them all. Head whichever way you like, but make sure you travel between cube-faces by Back Flipping up to the corners, as there are coins on the high hedges all the way around. In fact, Back Flips and Side Flips are crucial for getting up to all the Purple Coins not found on the ground. The main thing is to remember the path you took – the Power Star appears back at the fountain where you started, and you havenÂ’t got any time for getting lost on your way back. Star 6: The Golden Chomp ❒ If youÂ’ve completed Gusty GardenÂ’s Gravity Scramble, youÂ’ll probably have glimpsed a beautiful golden Chomp, and wondered if it serves a special purpose. It does. You need to follow the route from star 3 – but itÂ’s very important you collect every big floating ‘?Â’ coin on the way. Wait until youÂ’re in the ‘tunnelsÂ’ of wind before waggling and youÂ’ll easily float up to them. There are threeÂ’?Â’ coins on the way to the second island; one at the top of the vine that follows; and a final on the island above. If you nabbed them all, youÂ’ll shoot through a Rainbow Star on the way to the golden ChompÂ’s island. Now youÂ’re invincible, you can simply walk into him and smash him to bits: revealing the Power Star inside. FREEZEFLAME GALAXY Access: 26 Stars Star 1: The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr ❒ You start this beautiful galaxy on a transparent ring of ice – spin a bit, and you can ice-skate around it. Genius. Have a chat with the penguin waiting for you, and heÂ’ll challenge you to catch him. Easy: and the rewardÂ’s a Launch Star. YouÂ’re dumped at the base of a tall ice mountain. Slide to the bottom of the slope, then bear right and jump the floating wooden blocks and ice platforms. Grab the coin to unlock the Ice Mario powerup over at the fountain, and grab it. Ice MarioÂ’s able to both run on water – creating little hexagonal bridges of ice – and freeze the top of water spouts to create new platforms. And we can prove it now: head over to the steps in the corner, and jump to land on the two little spouts. At the top, head left and along the platforms, grabbing the Ice Mario powerup near the wall if your last oneÂ’s already run out. ItÂ’s then a simple 2D-esque run across the back of the area, over the moving bridges, to another Launch Star. YouÂ’ll need to make it quick, though, as you need Ice Mario still activate to bounce up on the water spouts above. Baron Brrr, then. Hop around the platforms on the left to smash some icicles beneath BrrrÂ’s little tower – thereÂ’s an Ice Mario powerup here every time your existing one runs out. Run around the icicles and over to the wooden shaft at the front of the tower, and walljump up. You now need to jump and spin near to Brrr to ‘suck awayÂ’ his deadly chilliness, then spin-attack the naked little spiky ball that remains. Repeat this a few times – jumping his ground tremors when he smashes down to avoid being thrown off the mountain – and thatÂ’s the end of that cold snap. Grab the Star. EXTRA STUFFÂ… • You might not realise you can ice skate as Ice Mario – just spin-attack while youÂ’re on the water. ItÂ’s prettier, and faster, too. • After you pick up the Ice Flower in the lake, run left to find a wall-jump area thatÂ’s probably a quicker and easier shortcut to the next level up. • You probably know you can spin-attack the icy enemies to drop them to the floor: but if you touch them, youÂ’ll get rid of them for good. • During the boss battle, it is just about possible to backflip off the little wooden fences and spin to reach Baron BrrrÂ’s platform. But thatÂ’s only for those who really find picking up the Ice Flower a job too far. Star 2: FreezeflameÂ’s Blistering Core ❒ YouÂ’ll start on the ice platform again, but this time there are five Star Chips to collect – smash all the icicles and skate upside-down to find them all. YouÂ’ll then need a long jump (run, then Z+A) to reach the Launch Star at the centre. This is your introduction to Fire Mario. Follow the platforms along and to the right, smashing the crates as you go, to reach a pole leading up near a stone structure. Climb the pole and drop down to the stepping stones in the lava. YouÂ’ll reach a new area with a large coin floating near a gate: grab it to make your first Fire Flower materialize nearby, then flick the Wii remote to light the torches back at the gate. Now run back around to that stone structure near the pole, and light the torches there, too. Hop up the steps, then jump to flip gravity around, and continue up to another gate. Two more torches to the left and right to light here: itÂ’s a pain with those spiky things hassling you, but theyÂ’re vulnerable to a touch of heat, too. You might need to jump, then flick, to avoid your fireballs tumbling into the lava when youÂ’re aiming for those torches. Wall jump up the next bit, then follow the platforms around. One last bit before the Power Star: yes, more torches. This time youÂ’ll need to grab the Fire Flower on the right, then scamper all the way around the to stand on the moving platform. ItÂ’s quite the timing test to fling the fireballs over to the unlit torches, but keep at it: thereÂ’s a Power Star waiting patiently for you inside. Star 3: Hot and Cold Collide ❒ YouÂ’ll land on an arcing ice platform with plenty of fiery balls and roving fireballs to avoid. Head to the end, smash the ice, and walk ‘offÂ’ onto the opposite side – youÂ’ll find a Launch Star at the end. The aim in the next icy room is to spin on the screw next to the wall with the down arrow printed on it. Watch out for the water – itÂ’s ‘bad waterÂ’. YouÂ’ll open up a path to a lava area: take the lefthand path, pausing for the rising fire, and look for another screw to spin-attack. Now grab the Fire Flower, run all the way back to the ice room, and light the two lanterns with your fireballs. This activates a Launch Star for you. The final bitÂ’s a long series of essentially very hot platforms. Grab the Ice Flower nearby and scamper over the top, jumping up at the end to flip up to the ‘ceilingÂ’. YouÂ’re then faced with a near-identical rerun: except this time you need to be quick, as thereÂ’s another Ice Flower you need to grab before your time runs out (hence the tempting 1-Up off to the right). Flip again, and the StarÂ’s yours. Star 4: Frosty Mario Cosmic Race (Cosmic Comet) ❒ Short and sweet. Spin to start skating for that extra burst of speed and be ready to jump when the race flips on its head – but, really, the real trick is to use long jumps followed by spins to take massive shortcuts. You can cut right across the centre of the first area this way, and, if youÂ’re brave, cut out the right-hand side of the second area altogether. Star 5: Purple Coins on the Summit (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ Again, these are the coins that might fox you. • 2 behind you when you drop off the slide. • 1 high up above spout where you collect the Ice Flower (use your Back Flip) • 1 above a pillar near a second ice spout in the lake (Back Flip then spin to reach) • 2 for wall-jumping up near that second ice spout • 7 on the snow-covered upper level after wall-jumping above • 2 on some steps leading up near where you bagged the big ‘?Â’ coin • 2 up high above the Thwomps on the upper level, and 1 high near the wall just past them • 17 leading up the summit. Grab the Ice Flower and bounce up the two water spouts at the back of the area, as per star 1. But this time continue on to another two water spouts ahead. YouÂ’ll need a continuous triple jump to make it up to the platform ahead: keep running as you do one jump up to spout one, another up to spout two, and a third up to the platform. To get past the snowmen here, youÂ’ll need to power up as Fire Mario and bung flames at them: youÂ’ll often need to jump, then flick, to get high enough to reach. ThereÂ’s a snowman at the top of the moving walls, so youÂ’ll need to negotiate the steps fast to avoid returning to non-Fire Mario. Continue around the mountain to reach all the Purple Coins, wall-jumping at the top when the tower of moving blocks recedes, then... • 2 for Long Jumping off the top of the mountain and steering yourself onto the pillars faaaar below Star 6: Conquering the Summit ❒ This is a ‘secretÂ’ Star, but youÂ’ll probably have guessed where itÂ’s hiding if youÂ’ve already completing the Purple Coin mission above. Follow the instructions from the Purple Coins On The Summit challenge to nab the Power Star at the very top of the mountain. DUSTY DUNE GALAXY Access: 29 Stars Star 1: Soaring on the Desert Winds ❒ Yep, weÂ’re going all the way to the top of that tower. Hop over to the whirlwinds, dodging the Dry Bones. These whirlwinds are good things – by spinning at the top, youÂ’ll turn Mario into a little helicopter, allowing you to reach the pipe over on the righthand side of the level. Once youÂ’re down below, smash the blocks on the right to reach the sandy tunnel sloping down, which youÂ’ll need to duck (with Z) to squeeze into. There are several routes through these caves now, but the best thing to do is: drop down to the bottom as soon as possible; keep heading right; grab the Fire Flower to make the trip through the Piranha Plants easier; donÂ’t panic when the hot rock comes rolling towards you; then use the Launch Star to reach the pipe out of the area. The next Launch Star gets you to that tower. The whirlwinds and platforms provide a fairly obvious path to the top – you need to run around the tower to the right after the second whirlwind. YouÂ’ll also need to touch the big golden coin near the top to make a couple of Launch Stars appear where you need them. Wall jump up the final bit, drop all the way down the next shaft, and climb the steps on the right. You can use a spin-attack to stop Mario in mid-air if you overshoot a jump – handy. A few sandy platforms later, youÂ’ve got the Star. Star 2: Blasting Through the Sand ❒ YouÂ’ll see what looks like an empty platform ahead: but collect the coin at its centre, and five green heads come bouncing out of thin air. Wait until theyÂ’re close, then spin to destroy them all. This in turn causes a Pokey to pop out of the sand: jump and land on his head to kill him in one go. Then take the Launch Star out of there. Press forward and activate the Launch Star at the centre of the ring of rolling rocks. ThereÂ’s another Launch Star in mid-air on the way. YouÂ’ll land on a snaking loop of sand, with the aim being to scoop up five Pull Star Chips dotted around it. Three are just lying around on the rocks or the sand ‘tunnelsÂ’ – you can push left and right while riding the sand to spin around and reach them. One is trapped in ice on a platform halfway around. The last is in a treasure chest – grab a Koopa shell from one of the platforms and use it to smash the chest open. ThisÂ’ll open up a Pull Star path leading from the treasure chest to another sandy planetoid. Which way, eh? WeÂ’d follow the green arrow – but youÂ’ll have to be quick, as the platforms are moving towards you the whole time. Pop in the pipe and run to the exit in the ceiling. Follow the arrow through the hole in the platform, and run past the whirlwinds to another hole. Watch the whirlwinds on the next bit: they come with rocks attached that will hurt your head bad. Climb the little tower and butt-slam the blue switch: youÂ’ve then got a limited amount of time to scamper all the way back to where you originally popped out of the pipe, and around to another tower thatÂ’s popped up. The Power StarÂ’s at the top. Star 3: Sandbaked Sand Castle ❒ Smash that big red switch, then. Now play ‘dodge the blockÂ’ – the walls come tumbling down, and you can use the shadows to avoid a squashing. Eventually a Launch Star will hover down from above. Use it. There are five Star Chips to collect on this sandy disc – but only one of them is as easy to collect as the one sitting right in front of you. Once youÂ’ve got it, smash the blue switch nearby to bring a tower tunnelling out of the sand. The second Star Chip is on a little platform on the opposite side to the switch; the third on the other side near the top (you can walljump up from the bottom if you need to); the fourth is on the platform where the four Dry Bones appear; the fifth is in a treasure chest about halfway up (use a Koopa shell to bash it open). You can keep hitting the big switch as many times as you like to lower and raise the tower as needed. Got ‘em all? Then use the Launch Star at the top. All you need to do on the next tiny planet is use a melon to smash the giant red spiky plant, activating a Launch Star. The next planet has a Pokey you need to kill – but nothing nearby to kill him with. The trick: use the Launch Star at the bottom to reach a neighbouring planet overloaded with melons: you can kick one onto PokeyÂ’s planet, then hop back to smash him up. The reward: another Launch Star, which sends you over to the top of a glass tower. So this bitÂ’s really nasty. Drop to the bottom of the tower, and smash the crate to reach a pipe. Yes, you need to reach the ‘topÂ’ of the tower in gravity-reverse-o-mode – with the sand rising below you, and crates to spin-smash all the way. It might help to stand on your head. Make it to the ‘topÂ’ with a big final jump, and the StarÂ’s all yours. Star 4: Sand Blast Speed Run (Speedy Comet) ❒ Four minutes and thirty seconds to repeat star 2? Fair enough. The real time-waster is that Pull Star Chip hunt on the snaking sand loop: be sure to grab a Koopa shell straight away and smash that chest pronto. Otherwise, easy enough. Star 5: Purple Coins in the Desert (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ This is horrible. One false step means instant quicksand death: so take extra special care at all times, and use the whirlwinds wherever possible to float over platforms and choose your landing spot, rather than risk mistiming a jump. There arenÂ’t many Purple Coins that arenÂ’t in plain sight – most of the tricky ones are leading away from the top of whirlwinds – but watch out for: • 3 atop the giant Thwomp: Back Flip, then wall jump off him, then spin to get up there. • 1 hidden behind the tower where you stomp the switch, at ground level • 1 behind the same tower, but very near the top • 1 high above the switch itself Star 6: Bullet Bill on Your Back ❒ Oh, this secret Star is sneaky. Sure you donÂ’t want to work it out for yourself? Sure? Alright then. Select star 3. But this time, when you reach the sandy planetoid with the red spiky thing on in: wait. Wait some more. Yep: the planetÂ’s shrinking. Eventually, enough sand will disappear to reveal a cork-like switch. Smash it to make a series of musical notes appear: grab them all to create a Launch Star over to a new area. ItÂ’s an area with a Bullet Bill launcher, and – if you butt-slam the blue switch – a rising tower and a whole lot of Dry Bones. HereÂ’s the trick: stand on the blue switch and then, as soon as a Bullet Bill emerges, stomp the switch. Now, as the tower raises, run to the left around the outside of the arena, and, just as you to the points thatÂ’s roughly at 7 oÂ’clock (if the blue switch is 12 oÂ’clock), a cage will emerge from under the sand. Lure Bill into it, and collect the Power Star inside. Tops. Star 7: Treasure of the Pyramid ❒ Another of those secret Stars. Select star 2 again, but after dealing with Pokey and landing on the little sandy platform with ice-encased Star Bits, run underneath to find a hungry Luma. Feed him up and heÂ’ll provide you access to the pyramid. In the pyramid, standing on the green strip will start the sand shifting around you, creating an automatic path up to the top. Then – if you round around to the right and activate the strop again – another path to the bottom. Then – when youÂ’re trapped in a little gap with only the strip for company – jump to re-activate the sand and run around up to the right. As you go, youÂ’ll collect five little silver stars: then all you need to do is jump back down to the bottom of the level to pocket the Power Star. Yep, itÂ’s a green one: see page 108 for more on what this means. HONEYCLIMB GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: Scaling the Sticky Wall ❒ Not hard to work out what you have to do here. And not hard to work out that youÂ’re actually going to need that Bee Mario powerup to do it. Make sure you grab the giant coins on the way – theyÂ’ll bring roving platforms into existence that make the climb much easier. There are four Launch Stars in all before you reach the Star itself, at the top of the section with the purple bugs. BIGMOUTH GALAXY Access: Luma outside Bedroom – feed 800 Star Bits Star 1: BigmouthÂ’s Gold Bait ❒ Yep, you tried – the Koopa shell didnÂ’t open that golden chest. What it WILL do is smash a hole in the big wall of bricks, waiting for you at the bottom of that pool nearby. Bop the crabs on the head, then kick them in the ass. Swim through your new hole to reach a big circular area with one hemisphere of water below and one on top. There are five star shards to collect here – four hiding in the reeds on the circular route patrolled by those bug-eyed little snake things, and one in the middle guarded by four cutesy jellyfish. Collect that one last, as the Launch Star will appear there and shoot you up into the top hemisphere. This is where youÂ’ll find the golden Koopa shell. Push down to escape the top hemisphere and land back in the bottom, and pop back through that hole you created. ItÂ’s Boo central back past the wall for reasons weÂ’re not entirely sure of – then you can bung the shell at the chest to free a Toad and get the star. BOWSERÂ’S DARK MATTER PLANT Access: 33 Stars Star 1: Darkness on the Horizon ❒ Like gravity, do you? Well it doesnÂ’t like you on this level. Follow the roving yellow platforms to the top first, then race across the revolving candy-coloured platforms to what we call The Gravity Wall. This is a real mindbender. WeÂ’ll take you through it step by step. • On the pink bit, jump over to the L-shaped block. Then, when it starts moving, keep on the same side you landed on (the ‘inside cornerÂ’ of the L) • On the green bit, jump left and up, and over to the moving red platform. YouÂ’ll land on another L-shaped block: keep to the inside again. • The blue bitÂ’s where gravity returns to normal: hop up to the pole, climb it, then run along to some innocuous-looking pink platforms with bits missing. Wait for them to start moving, and run along, dodging the bits of sky. YouÂ’ll arrive at some yellow platforms leading up a wall – watch for those deadly dark matter blobs – and an upside-down leading to Gravity Wall 2. Jump into the green area so you land on the righthand side. Now... • Wait for the blue platform and jump so you land on the left (i.e. ‘topÂ’) of it. Wait, then jump to the T-shaped block below and stand in the ‘inside cornerÂ’ on the left. • In the blue bit, gravityÂ’s normal. Jump over to the cross-shaped platform, then stand in the top-left quadrant. • Once youÂ’re in the green bit, jump around to the left of the platform until youÂ’re standing in the bottom-left quadrant of the cross-shaped platform. • In the pink bit, jump around the bottom of the cross-shaped platform so youÂ’re standing in the bottom-right quadrant. • In the white bit, stand on the bit of the platform poking to the right and jump to the L-block, standing on the inside corner as it starts to move. • Finally, in the blue bit, gravity reverts to normal and you can escape right. A lift leads up to Bowser: free the Luma halfway up to complete the staircase. The actual battle is identical to the one you had at Fiery Stronghold the first time, except with more rings of death to jump and a faster Bowser. YouÂ’ll probably need to dodge some fireballs, too. Otherwise, itÂ’s a very familiar route to the Grand Star. THE ENGINE ROOM GOLD LEAF GALAXY Access: 34 Stars Star 1: Star Bunnies on the Hunt ❒ Five blue Star Chips to find here. And we can tell you where they all are. To find the first, take a left and wall-jump the back-left side of the level – youÂ’ll find the Star Chip nestled within three Piranha plants. For the second, wall-jump off this platform to a Launch Star nearby. ThereÂ’s a fountain where you land – stand at the centre so youÂ’re pushed up to the Chip. For the third, head right to the back of the level – where the lava rocks emerge from – and butt-stomp the three tree stumps to reveal a Launch Star. Hop in to shoot yourself up to Chip two. The fourth chip is inside a crate behind the waterfall, on the upper level. Spin-attack to open it. For the fifth chip, head right back to where you came in, and waggle up the flower at the very edge. Grab the Bee Mario suit from the lily, and hover over to the purple flower in the distance to make it up to the next platform. ThereÂ’s a spring here that bounces you straight up to Star Chip Five. Now youÂ’ve got a series of Pull Stars to negotiate, over at the start area. The Launch Star at the top shoots you over to a small planet, and one of those bunnies who likes to play catch. So play catch with him – making sure to smash the red switch nearby, creating walls thatÂ’ll slow him down. And win. Eventually. HeÂ’ll cough the Star up then, the little tyke. Star 2: Cataquack to the Skies ❒ Bit of a change in the Gold Leaf Galaxy – an invasion of Cataquacks from Super Mario Sunshine. WeÂ’re going to need them. Run forward until you meet the first Cataquack, trapped in his ‘penÂ’. Simply run into him to get a leg-up to the upper area. Grab the Bee Costume from the lily pad, and wait the next couple of Cataquacks up – youÂ’ll need both their help and a bit of fluttering to make it up to the top level, where you can run along and to the left for a Launch Star. YouÂ’ll land on a Wiggler-infested wooden planetoid. Lure the Cataquack here over to his symbol on the floor – this is the spot to get chucked upstairs to the next, cuboid planetoid. The idea on this one is to coax the Cataquack around the little maze to the next Cataquack symbol – youÂ’ll need to smash several wooden boxes to clear the path, and keep close to the Cataquack to prevent him losing interest. By now youÂ’ve probably got travel sickness. But, again, lure a Cataquack to his symbol – itÂ’s on the very end of this thing W-shaped wooden block – and get thrown up to a Launch Star. This little planetÂ’s got a Jenga tower on it – and a Bee Mario costume which is too high to reach. Lucky thereÂ’s a Cataquack around to get you up there, eh? With another heave from the Cataquack, you can buzz up to the top of the Jenga tower, then over to WigglerÂ’s platform and the purple flowers beyond. The StarÂ’s at the end: just be sure to use your flight power wisely. Star 3: When It Rains, It Pours ❒ So this ostensibly simple task – use dark rainclouds as platform to reach the top of the level – is made tricky by Bee MarioÂ’s tendency to go wrong when you touch water. ItÂ’s important to float up so you only touch the top of the clouds. A single raindrop can ruin your fun instantly. Back Flip and spin up to the Bee Mario powerup ahead, then follow the purple flowers up to the next level. Use the swing to make it up to the pathway of roving rainclouds and over to a little wooden mid-air maze – floating overÂ’s easy, but watch for the rain and purple bugs. Hover all the way over to a wooden spring in the corner, and up to another hanging swing. Follow the route up around the tall column until you see a fence on the right: float over this and stomp the switch to send the rainclouds scattering. A bit further up is a concrete pillar to stomp and a vine to waggle up. Then itÂ’s miniboss time. Seeing off moley is a simple case of getting high enough to stomp on his little ‘pilot capsuleÂ’. DonÂ’t worry about preserving Bee Mario here: if you stomp the red switch at the back of the arena, a set of platforms raise that can get you high enough to give the mole a headache. Three stomps and itÂ’s all over. Star 4: Purple Coins in the Woods (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ Oh, it would be timed, wouldnÂ’t it? And itÂ’s a pretty tight time limit at that. Luckily, itÂ’s a fairly linear path to collect all 100 coins – and the friendly bees will let you know how many you should have collected at each stage. The trickiest bit is the jump up and left after the “You should have 70!” bee. YouÂ’ll need at least a Side Flip and a spin at the top. DonÂ’t miss: • 4 on the tree stump just after the start • 3 in a column to the left as you start the ascent of the tower Star 5: Cosmic Mario Forest Race (Cosmic Comet) ❒ Yes, heÂ’s back. This is a clearly-signposted race, following the same route as the Purple Coin challenge. ItÂ’s short, though, without too much shortcut potential: the best place to embarrass him is over the wooden ‘scaffoldingÂ’ – a long jump straight forward avoids the little detour to the right. Star 6: The Bell on the Big Tree ❒ Secret Star, this: select star 2 to find it. Hop on the Cataquack to get to the Launch Star that blasts you to the big tree, then find the bubble at the base. This is a bit like the Bubble Breeze Galaxy: use your pointer as a fan to blow the bubble around. Travel up, then use the pointer to touch the bell hanging halfway up. This wraps a series of musical notes around the tree, which Mario needs to collect in this bubble: tough work. The time limitÂ’s quite generous, though. Grab them all for the Power Star. SEA SLIDE GALAXY Access: 36 Stars Star 1: Going After Guppy ❒ GuppyÂ’s the shark – but, as you should be able to tell from his dopey expression, heÂ’s really a friendly shark deep down. Swim over and have a chat with him, and heÂ’ll kick off an underwater challenge. All you need to do is swim through the eight numbered rings that emerge from his backside: just make sure you grab the red shell thatÂ’s sitting between one of the four seabed obelisks standing in a row, as itÂ’s easy to lose him if you donÂ’t keep up. And donÂ’t forget about your precious air. Guppy will leave the Star on the island that you started off on. HEÂ’S YOUR FRIEND NOW. Star 2: Faster than a Speeding Penguin ❒ This is a straight underwater race, and – yay! – none of that tilty-remote Manta Ray nonsense this time. Have a chat with the little red penguin directly ahead to kick off the race. YouÂ’ll need to grab as shell as fast as possible: thereÂ’s a red one just under the little island directly ahead, and you can wiggle to spin until you get there – this speeds you up. ItÂ’s not a tricky race – just watch for that circular metal gate, the snappy Eels and the damaging whirls of water. The metallic gate that slowly falls and rises is a real pain, too – but using the red/yellow speed gates, you should get far enough ahead that even a direct collision wonÂ’t cost you. Collect your Gold Medal from the red penguin. Yes, itÂ’s a Star. Star 3: The Silver Stars of Sea Slide ❒ Five little silver stars to collect here, and youÂ’ll need Bee Mario for them all. So, first things: head straight forward to the little palm-tree island to scoop up the Bee powerup. Now float straight up to the top of the tree, and over to the roving cloud. From here, you can reach the top of the stone arch: and silver star number one. With deft hovering – short taps rather than holding A down – you can just make it to the next palm tree island, up to the treetop, and over to the beach. Hop in the cannon to the left and blast yourself up to the Toad spaceship. Using the Pull Stars, you can reach the second silver star on the right, and the Launch Star back to earth. Continue clockwise to the next palm tree island and the lighthouse area. The third silver star is at the top of the tall palm tree here – use the blocks to get up, then hover straight into the air. Then use the Launch Star to blast yourself back to the start. Silver star four is at the top of the big tree. Stand on the dock to float to a stepping stone in the water, and over to the nearest bit of tree. Take a clockwise route up and around the tree for the easiest route to the top (you can float higher and farther than you might think – be brave!). ItÂ’s best to ignore the Scuttlebugs entirely and float straight up to the silver star at the peak. Now turn towards the green-and-white egg-like structure below and float down to the metal platform nearby – GuppyÂ’s hanging out nearby. Waggle on top of the green switch to create a water slide to an odd little island in the sky, and jump to the top to find your last silver star. The Power Star lands back where you started: the Launch Star that appears will take you back to GuppyÂ’s platform, and the Launch Star there will plonk you right where you need to be. Star 4: Hurry, HeÂ’s Hungry ❒ Select star 3 for this Secret Star. ItÂ’s as simple as heading over to the beach where the cannon lies (see The Silver Stars of Sea Slide for info) and feeding the hungry Luma nearby. Then grab the Bee Mario powerup – important! – and use the cannon to reach the new island. ItÂ’s very similar to Shrinking Satellite, but with a musical note on practically every shrinking square. Which is why be brought the Bee Mario costume, see – so you can float over gaps to reach the last of the notes. Fall straight through a platform to reach the Power Star when it appears. Star 5: Underwater Cosmic Mario Race ❒ Luckily for you, Cosmic MarioÂ’s not that strong a swimmer: this is an easy race to win. Long Jump forward as soon as the race starts, then dive underwater and aim for the red shell on the seabed directly ahead. Aim for the boost rings through the water then, when youÂ’re beached, spin to get rid of the shell. The Power StarÂ’s at the back of the lighthouse. Have that, sparkly! Star 6: Purple Coins by the Seaside ❒ Gnnn. WeÂ’d be hard pushed to name more than three or four Super Mario Galaxy stars we wish Nintendo had never invented – but this comes top of our list. It takes ages to float around collecting all 100 Purple Coins – and thereÂ’s no secret to it beyond ensuring you fully explore every area you saw while completing star 3. The clouds around the big tree are the most time-consuming bit: thereÂ’s a path of cloud lifts and Toad spaceships leading you to every coin, but you can happily float back and forth if you miss any. Switch to first-person view (D-Pad Up) from the top of the tree to check there arenÂ’t any strays left to get. You can just about reach the egg-shaped island in the sky from the nearest cloud – just make sure you float right to the top, as itÂ’s possible to slip off if youÂ’re too far down. The rest of the areaÂ’s coins are all in plain sight (again, use the first-person view if youÂ’re stuck), but you might miss: • 3 at the side of the lighthouse, just above water level • 3 hovering underneath the race start gate TOY TIME GALAXY Access: 40 Stars Star 1: Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser ❒ How cute are little Toads riding a toy train in a neverending circle? Very cute. Anyway. Jump on one of the trains from the starting platform, and jump off at ‘your stopÂ’ – i.e. the Launch Star. YouÂ’ll land in a confusing little clockwork ‘townÂ’. Press forward until you see a purpley patch on the wall to your left: this is essentially fly paper for Mario, flipping gravity so youÂ’re standing on the wall. Run down and to the end of the platforms on the left to a golden screw. Spin-attack on top of it to unscrew it. Drop into the new hole youÂ’ve created, and repeat the trick for the blue screw down below. This extends a bridge that gets you over to another sticky purple wall: from this one, you need to do a looong jump over to the right to land on the bright green platform. Somersault up to the purpley wall above, and use the spinning-cog platforms to make it over to the left. Spin the golden screw out, revealing a Launch Star to another group of platforms. This time thereÂ’s something special waiting for you, though. Grab the golden coin to get your mitts on the Spring Mario powerup. Holding A when Mario hits the ground will perform a crazy-high leap, which allows you to soar up to the next set of platforms above. ThereÂ’s then an L-shape of conveyor belts to negotiate – tricky, as a laser-spitting turret wants to knock you back to being normal Mario. Use little jumps and left and right movements to dodge, then spring up to top of the next tower, and another Launch Star. YouÂ’ll land on a dinnerplate this time – madness! Grab the Spring Mario powerup here so you can butt-slam the rock at the top of the bottle. Finally, we meet the robot ‘bossÂ’. Wall-jump up his left ‘footÂ’, and use the sticky green platform to reach a blue screw you can spin-attack away. Pop down the pipe to the other leg, and deal with the second blue screw there. Launch Star! This leads to the ‘chestÂ’, where there are four golden screws to deal with – drop into the lower ‘holeÂ’ when the green panel slides away, and enter the pipe. Scamper past the mecha-Bowsers on this new platform, and jump onto the sticky greenness of the robotÂ’s arm. You can happily run all the way up to the left arm, where a golden screw becomes a Launch Star to the robotÂ’s head area. Grab the Spring Mario powerup to the left and, avoiding the fireballs, bounce up to the top of the bonce and butt-slam the monster pile of rock cylinders. Your Star then appears back on the conveyor belt. Sorted. Star 2: Mario meets Mario ❒ Hop onto the train: you need to be taken to the new Launch Star off to the left. The planetoid you land on has five Star Chips to collect. The first is on the bottom of the widest part. The secondÂ’s on the opposite side. The third is above the cuboid turquoise section. The fourth is trapped in ice on the same turquoise bit. The fifth is on the end of the big screw section. Launch Star time, then – youÂ’re off to meet Mario. So there are five silver stars to nab here. TheyÂ’re all in plain sight – but those disappearing green platforms never reappear after youÂ’ve stepped on them, and the yellow platforms are a nightmare to stay on once they start spinning. ItÂ’s a good idea to collect the silver star nearest where you landed last, because thatÂ’s where the Star itself will appear. Those gits. Star 3: Bouncing Down Cake Lane ❒ Choo-choo – itÂ’s back on the train for another Launch Star, this time to an entirely separate section of the Toy Time Galaxy. First: a giant wall to wall-bounce up. Grab the Spring Mario powerup nearby – youÂ’ll actually autobounce up the wall once youÂ’ve pinged off one of the sides. ItÂ’s landing at the top without falling off thatÂ’s the tricky bit. If you manage it, sproing along the blue conveyor belt – leaping over the delicious chocolate barriers – and fall down onto the slice of cake below. Now you need to get up onto the main cake, hope all the way around while dodging the holes (use biiiig, early jumps), and spring up to the Launch Star. Yes, now youÂ’re on an ice cream cone. Run to the top, then use the hanging poles to the right to reach the rotating lollipop sticks. ThisÂ’ll get you over to a very hairy hopscotch test across a series of icy platforms, then another round of lollipops. Watch for those lasers, thatÂ’s all weÂ’re saying. Hop up the pole on the next icy platform and get in the cannon. You need to aim right for that Launch Star in the middle, whichÂ’ll fling you over to the final cake. There are a few robo-Bowsers to crush here as you head to the top. What now, eh? ThatÂ’s the sneaky bit. Stand on the pink layer of the cake, run around and spin as you approach each candle. Once all five candles are blown out – tada! – you unlock the next Launch Star. And now itÂ’s Moley. Just grab the Spring Mario powerup thatÂ’s nearby, jump on his little piloting pod, and butt-slam to make him unhappy. After a while his vehicle will go into some kind of electric meltdown, which makes it occasionally dangerous to touch – just time your jump so that you avoid a frying. Three stomps and heÂ’s gone. Star 4: The Flipswitch Chain ❒ Select star 2 for this secret Star. When you land on the platform with the Star Chips to collect, run around until you find the hungry Luma floating happily about at the top of the one of the columns. He wants 50 Star Bits: youÂ’ll find them all on this platform. The Luma transforms into a very nasty platform test, where there are multiple Flipswitches to step on, guarded by Tox Boxes and spiky lifts. For your information, here are the Flipswitch locations: On the square platform you start on... • 1 on top between the blue and yellow corners. • 1 on the side between the orange and yellow corners. • 1 underneath the square platform between the orange and red corners. And on the other (which you can reach by a Long Jump)... • 3 on the outside between the green and red corners. • 3 on the side between the red and orange corners. • 3 on the side between the yellow and orange corners. • 3 on the outside between the yellow and green corners. The Power Star then pops up on that solitary orange corner. Star 5: MarioÂ’s Purple Coins (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ Well. A couple of goes on this and youÂ’ll probably think it canÂ’t be done. DonÂ’t worry – it is possible. One important thing to remember: there are more than 100 Purple Coins on the board – so we donÂ’t need to collect them all. ItÂ’s also crucial to know that the Power Star appears right where we started, so itÂ’s best to save the coins on the starting platform for last. Our recommended route goes: • Ignore the coins on the starting platform and jump to the yellow blocks on the left. Collect coins here. • Run onto the next green bit for more. You can grab the coins floating in space: jump to them, then spin in mid-air and push right to land back on safe ground. • Run right and double back to reach the small group of four yellow blocks. Quickly line the camera up behind you, then do a Long Jump through the coins over to the next little set of yellows. • Jump to the green area opposite, collect the coins, double back, line the camera up again, and repeat the Long Jump trick through more coins. • Make a general beeline for the far corner from the start, collecting the 1-Up Mushroom, until youÂ’re up to 90 or so. Then head back with Long Jumps, and make the start platform coins the last you collect. At least thatÂ’s the theory. Star 6: Fast Foes of Toy Time (Speedy Comet) ❒ Oh, do us a favour. This is star 4, The Flipswitch Chain, at horrifying high speed. To activate the Flipswitches protected by Tox Boxes, youÂ’ll need to press yourself right up against a box, then quickly step on it and step back when thereÂ’s an opening. If youÂ’re just trying to get past a Tox Box, a well-timed Long JumpÂ’s the only way. Otherwise, itÂ’s all in the skill of your stick-wiggling and button-pressing. Good luck. BONEFIN GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: KingfinÂ’s Fearsome Galaxy ❒ This isnÂ’t as nasty as it looks. Hop into the Launch Star from the Toad spaceship and dive into the water. Kingfin appears. HeÂ’s got glowing green eyes and everything. All you need to do to see him off is grab Koopa shells from the water, and fling them at him (spin the Wii remote to let loose). Our favoured tactic is to get behind him and aim for his giant boney head. DonÂ’t forget that holding Z will freeze you in place so you can have a good look around and direct your attack. YouÂ’ll be attacked by beeping ‘torpedo fishÂ’ as you go about your business, but you should worry more about running out of air – there are plenty of bubbles if you need them. It takes five hits for this fish to choke on his own bones. SAND SPIRAL GALAXY Access: Luma outside entrance, feed 1000 Star Bits Star 1: Choosing A Favourite Snack ❒ And by ‘snackÂ’, they mean powerup. YouÂ’ll see what we mean in a minute. Get rid of Magikoopa first, and hop over the lasers to the Launch Star. Run along the grid and – hereÂ’s the choosing bit. You can either grab the Bee Mario powerup, or the Ghost Mario one, in order to get through the tunnel. WeÂ’d plump for Ghost Mario – it means you have to avoid the Boos and the ceiling lights, but Bee Mario needs to keep stopping on poles and plaftorms. Which is a pain. Dodge the bubbles and bats at the end, and aim for the Launch Star right at the back. YouÂ’ll emerge on a very impressive spinning galaxy-like set of platforms, with an Invincibility Star just waiting to be grabbed. From there itÂ’s a formality: just scamper around until youÂ’re close enough to the ‘sunÂ’ to jump on, and nab that Star. BOWSER JRÂ’S LAVA REACTOR Access: 45 Stars Star 1: King KalienteÂ’s Spicy Return ❒ First: letÂ’s get that cage with the Launch Star open. Follow the rocky route around the planet until you reach a Bullet Bill launcher – dealing with the Goombas on the way – then guide Bill back to the cage. If there any Goombas left theyÂ’ll probably get in the way, so be warned. Take care on the sinking platforms next, and run to the end to meet two gits. Spin to send their melons back – you should be able to hit both simultaneously, and bring the Launch Star into being just as the platform youÂ’re on almost disappears. ThatÂ’s all the level you get before King KalienteÂ’s reappearance. HeÂ’s much the same as you remember from the Good Egg Galaxy, but heÂ’ll occasionally throw out some blue bouncing flames: just run around the platforms to leave them behind. The big problem is the sinking platforms, especially when you need to stay roughly in the same place in order to bat KalienteÂ’s melon back two or three times. Best thing is either find the set of three platforms positioned close together – almost in a triangle – and restrict yourself to hopping between those. Or, just keep jumping up and down on the spot: the time you spend in midair should be enough to raise the platform back to where it started. With Kaliente gone, youÂ’re five bosses down and five Grand Stars up. Onwards... THE GARDEN DEEP DARK GALAXY Access: 46 Stars Star 1: The Underground Ghost Ship ❒ We need to light the torches before we can get through the gate on this beach: which means finding a Fire Mario powerup. Pop into the cannon at the centre of the beach and blast to brown planet – preferably aiming through the Rainbow Star. Deal with the pink dudes if you like, then grab the Fire Flower and Launch Star back to the beach. Quickly leg it to the torches and fireball ‘em both. Through the gate, dive into the lake and swim down, following the arrow of Star Bits halfway down. ThereÂ’s a switch under the bricks that opens the next gate, then another switch at the very top of the next shaft that open the gate above. Hop out of the water and – tada! – thatÂ’ll be the Underground Ghost Ship youÂ’ve been looking for. Climb the steps to the deck, and another battle with Kamella. YouÂ’ll remember this from the Space Junk Galaxy: spinning to collect the green Koopa shells and throwing them right back at her. The only twist this time is that Kamella will climb to the top deck of the ship (use the pole to the left to reach her), and summon Magikoopa helpers (spin to destroy them). Kamella drops back down to the main deck for the last phase of the battle. Bung a few more shells her way and the Power StarÂ’s yours. Star 2: Bubble Blastoff ❒ ThereÂ’s a new arrival on the beach when you select this star – a mole in a bubble-blowing machine. Getting caught in one of his bubbles and sent floating to the back of the level is one of the most annoying things that could ever happen to a plumber: so spin-attack the melons nearby to smash him. Use the cannon as before to grab the Fire Flower – this time, light three torches. ThisÂ’ll activate an Ice Flower that lets you scamper across the lake and up four water spouts to the top of the level. Follow the platforms around to a giant coin – this activates a set of Launch Stars, which in turn gets you to the platforms and poles you need to climb to get the FLUDD at the top. Enter the bubble, smash the corks on the next planet, then use butt-stomping to smash the melons into the centre on the big glass planet. The Power StarÂ’s then at the top. Star 3: Guppy and the Underground Lake ❒ Head back to the lake and dive right down to the bottom – it turns out GuppyÂ’s set up home here now. Chat to him and heÂ’ll set you another ring challenge, similar to the one at the Sea Slide Galaxy. This is a bit tougher: youÂ’ll need to grab a Koopa shell as soon as possible, and make copious use of the brake to keep track of GuppyÂ’s tight turns. Get through all eight rings and – yep – thatÂ’s it. Star 4: Boo in a Box ❒ Select Star 1 for this secret Star. Do the usual stuff with the cannon and the planet and the Fire Flower to get the gate open, then dive all the way to the very bottom of the lake. Look for the wreck of a ship surrounded by mines in one corner: you can bung a Koopa shell at the mines to destroy the wreck, unveiling a Launch Star. So this is the Box. And, yep, itÂ’s got a Boo in it. Use the pegs on the wall to swing up to the green arrow, then spin against it to switch gravity. Bounce off the spring and spin again to switch gravity to the top. Finally, use the spring on the ceiling to bounce into a bubble and float over to the arrow one last time, switching gravity to the right. Smash the ice here to create a light beam: lure the Boo into it to free the Power Star. Use the spring in the corner to hit the bubble again and switch the gravity arrow back to where it started. Star 5: Plunder the Purple Coins (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ Sneaky one, this, with plenty of Purple Coins hidden where you might miss them. HereÂ’s the trickiest: • 11 in the pool behind where you start (including 1 right at the back at water level) • 2 underneath the platform you start on • 1 just under a rock hanging from the ceiling above the shop (Long Jump from the top of the ship) • 2 underneath the top ship platform (Wall Jump off the mast and spin) • 3 on an underwater shelf, to the right of the ship Star 6: Ghost Ship Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) ❒ This is the star 1 boss battle against Kamella, with just one health segment. ItÂ’s crucial to dodge the fireballs, spin-attack her Magikoopa helpers as soon as they appear and... er, thatÂ’s it. Collect all the Star Bits that Kamella dumps – you should bag enough for an extra life, which is handy in case you mess up this challenge the first time. DREADNOUGHT GALAXY Access: 48 Stars Star 1: Infiltrating the Dreadnought ❒ Avoid anything fiery and glowing yellow, we would. Run across the disc and up around to the other side, jumping across the centre of the ‘hourglassÂ’ shape to get sucked up by gravity to the opposite side. Stomp on the laser device at the top to reach the Launch Star. On the next planetoid, you need to destroy the armoured things to de-shield the pipe. Spin to knock them over, then jump on their exposed bellies. Bless. Then hop down the pipe. ItÂ’s 2D time now. Wall jump up the moving yellow walls, and continue right. Spin when you see the green arrow to switch gravity, then scamper back the way you came, this time using those squashy ceiling blocks as platforms to get up. Keep going right, spin-attacking the green arrow to switch gravity back. Time your jump on the spring at the bottom to avoid the vice-like moving blocks and the explosive bombs, and head for the pipe on the right. You might not realise it at first, but those spindizzy little green enemies act as handy springs if you jump on their noggins. This fact will get you to the top of the platforms, and along to another wall-jump moment. At the top: another Launch Star. Avoid the roving lasers to reach the Launch Star on the small cuboid metal planetoid. Now get a Bullet Bill interested in you and guide him over to the small glass dome – this floods the planet, and creates a new series of roving hexagonal platforms up above. Follow them round, butt-slamming the robo-Bowsers as you go, and the StarÂ’s at the end. Star 2: DreadnoughtÂ’s Colossal Cannons ❒ 2D platforming test? DonÂ’t mind if we do. But first we need to reach it. Jump onto the big metal nuts, and keep to the right-hand side so that they spin and move forward. On the next sloping platform, you need to turn all the blue ‘?Â’ tiles to yellow (deactivating the lasers), while dodging the Chomps. ItÂ’s actually quite tricky. Once itÂ’s done, youÂ’re onto another set of rolling nuts. Then another set: except youÂ’ve got two irritating fellas chucking melons at you while you teeter on the edge. Spin when the melons get close to see them off and reach the Launch Star. HereÂ’s the 2D bit, then. You can blow up the cannonballs with Star Bits , which helps. YouÂ’ll need to make big jumps up to ‘ceilingÂ’ platforms when you see them to be sucked up – and jump off onto steps when staying on would push you off into oblivion. ThereÂ’s a short vertical bit, then an upside-downey section, then a double red-laser turret waking nightmare. But the last of those turrets is your ticket to the Star: hop on top and do a butt-slam/spin-attack combo to reach the prize. Star 3: Revenge of the Topman Tribe ❒ Jump on the green Topman to reach the first Launch Star. Then, on the next planetoid, spin to smash the two red Topmen into the electrical field surrounding the trapped Luma. Freed Luma becomes Launch Star, and youÂ’re off to a small cubular thing with a red switch on it. Smash the switch to make five Pull Star Chips appear – at least one of which needs you to leap on the green Topman to reach. Take the new Pull Star path over to the Launch Star, and land on a cigar-shaped rocket. ItÂ’s a dangerous Pull Star Path through cannonballs and mines, next: take your time and you should be fine. At the end, drag yourself over to the righthand Pull Star, then very briefly click A on the Pull Star to the left – Mario will lazily float left over to the Launch Star out of here. Now itÂ’s a loooong run past red-ring turrets. Stick roughly to the centre and youÂ’ll find safe spots to jump into as the rings overlap. If you did Venn Diagrams at school, youÂ’ll be right at home. Then itÂ’s the Launch Star over to the miniboss platform – you can ignore the red Topmen and leap straight up and over to the boss fight at the top of the little tower. Topmaniac doesnÂ’t seem to have learned anything from your fight at Battlerock: simply bop his head and spin him into the electric barriers for his Power Star. Star 4: Topman Tribe Speed Run (Speedy Comet) ❒ As above, but with whatÂ’s actually a quite generous time limit of six minutes. The only bit where youÂ’re likely to come unstuck is that Pull Star path through the cannonballs: donÂ’t try to rush it, as itÂ’s safer (and, in the long run, quicker) to pause at each Pull Star and wait for the cannonballs to pass. It is possible to save Mario by grabbing a Pull Star if youÂ’re blasted into the void. Star 5: BattlestationÂ’s Purple Coins (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ Almost identical to BattlerockÂ’s Purple Coin challenge, this. Again, shoot the cannonballs with Star Bits if you suspect trouble (or need a coin or two to top up your health meter). One handy little secret is that the roving yellow lifts always return: thereÂ’s no need to keep up as youÂ’re running along the stationery platforms, as thereÂ’ll always be another lift along if you wait for a bit. The only Purple Coin you might miss is: • 3 on top of the Thwomp – backflip to get on top • 1 after the final Launch Star – so, donÂ’t worry, you didnÂ’t miss one Star 6: DreadnoughtÂ’s Garbage Dump ❒ Select star 3 to reach this Secret Star. ThereÂ’s a pipe underneath the very first platform thatÂ’ll take you straight to the Garbage Dump. The aim, as at Battlerock, is to smash all the garbage up with Bob-Ombs. People who donÂ’t know our secret trick are liable to find this very difficult. The secret trick, for those whoÂ’ve forgotten, is: grab your first Bob-Omb and run along lighting up all the other Bob-Ombs. ThatÂ’ll make them all explode much quicker, and give you extra time to grab more bombs and chuck ‘em. Note too that the little yellow spots in the floor give you a rough guide to where you should be aiming your Bob-Ombs. MELTY MOLTEN GALAXY Access: 52 Stars Star 1: The Sinking Lava Spire ❒ YouÂ’ll be getting very friendly with this level, as itÂ’s reused for both the Purple Coin and the Daredevil challenge. So itÂ’s worth spending time familiarising yourself with it here. Jump around the lava pool and over the platforms to the towers at the back – watch out for those see-sawing cages thatÂ’ll catch slower players out. Run past the little row of steam geysers and butt-slam the concrete block to lower a block into the lava. You can now wall-jump up the shaft, taking care to avoid the geysers at the bottom. ThereÂ’s a Launch Star at the top, then a series of two more that blast you away from the volcano to three glass balls in the sky. Jump to the topmost one, then use the Pull Stars to drag yourself right, avoiding the blazing suns and their fireballs. To avoid a roasting, hold A for each Pull Star to ensure youÂ’re relatively stationary before you make a grab for the next one. The next Launch Star is at the top-right, followed by another Launch Star to a metal platform. Then itÂ’s another Launch Star to a very small spherical planetoid. There are five Star Chips to collect here, but watch for the geysers. You can get rid of the fiery blokes for good by spinning nearby to quench their flames, then running straight into them (donÂ’t spin-attack again or theyÂ’ll be knocked into the flames and burst back into life.) The completed Launch Star shoots you over to some risky topply platforms (Long Jump to avoid first degree burns), and the Sinking Lava Spire. Which, true to its name, starts sinking. Run anti-clockwise fast to avoid the rising lava: an extra platform will crash into the drink just after you see your first fiery git – use it – and youÂ’ll need to pause before the third lava rock comes tumbling out if you donÂ’t want to die. Smash the stone pillar , then wall-jump up the new shaft. ItÂ’s then a fairly simple clockwise run to the top and the Power Star, while youÂ’ll need to spin-smash out of its icy packaging. And breathe. Star 2: Through the Meteor Storm ❒ First job: light the torches on the last platform you can actually reach. ThatÂ’s done by goading the little fiery sprite into following you, and guiding him into the torches. That activates a nearby Launch Star. Hexagonal Thwomp terror next. We lost life after life here, but itÂ’s not too tricky – just be ready to leap straight over the hole after the second Thwomp, and duck into the hole beneath the third one. Dodge the fiery meteorites and go for the next Launch Star. The next bit – which looks oddly chocolatey to us – is Star Chip collection time. Nab them all and hop in the Launch Star to a U-shaped planetoid. That glass dome you land on is what you need to break into here – thereÂ’s a Torpedo Ted cannon at the other end of the area, so coax him out and get him to do his glass-shattering thing, carefully leading him around the walls at the end. Another Launch Star, and a rolly-ball lava challenge. The platformey bit isnÂ’t too bad; the giant lava tunnel is reasonable if youÂ’re brave enough to push forward at speed – itÂ’s the jump at the end that gets everyone. You need to be going at quite some speed to make it – take a run-up from the back of both the concrete platform and that circular lava stepping stone. Drop the ball into the hole right at the end, and You Got A Star! Star 3: Fiery Dino Piranha ❒ Looks the same as the first level this: but new platforms will guide you closer to the volcanoÂ’s base – the platforms are sinky, so be careful – and up a nearby wall. Back Flips are needed to climb the blocks, but time it right so you donÂ’t get geysered. Enter the pipe at the top and youÂ’re back to that small planetoid where you once collected five Star Chips. This time, you need to destroy all the little fiery blokes. Spin nearby to turn off their flames, then kick them – do not spin-attack them again. Take the Launch Star that appears when theyÂ’re all dead. The next bitÂ’s a straight fiery run forward to another Launch Star. Revolving 2D platform nightmare, is it? Yes. Five Star Chips here. The first, second and third are all at the lowest level. The fourth and fifth are up high, between the two sets of blue pointy pillars. The Launch Star appears next to one of the blue pillars, and takes you to a quick Star Bit-laden Launch Star path where hanging about gets you the fiery death. And then itÂ’s our old friend Dino Piranha. Although the method of dispatch – spin-attacking the nut on his tail – is exactly the same as in the Good Egg Galaxy, his business end now spontaneously combusts every few seconds. That only really becomes a problem after the second and third hits, when he starts spitting fireballs and really racing around the planet. The solution: let him see you and run towards you, but duck to the side immediately – you should then be in the right place to attack his tail. Star 4: Burning Tide ❒ HereÂ’s a Secret Star. Select star 1, and get as far as the glass balls hanging in the sky. The one on the left is home to a hungry Luma: feed him up to get shot over to a small molten planet where the path keeps disappearing, annoyingly. There are five silver stars to collect to activate the Power Star, and all you need to do is learn to be patient: run along a path to a safe islands, then wait for the lava to flood in and subside before scampering for the next one. The trickiest islands are the ones where flaming baddies come bouncing for you: a timely spin can see them off and buy you precious time. Star 5: Lava Spire Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet) ❒ As explained back in star 1: this is Sinking Lava Spire, but with one health segment. Which makes it very tricky indeed. Our best bit of advice is to leave the fiery blokes alone, especially when youÂ’re collecting Star Chips – trying to attack them usually ends in disaster, so just sprint past and youÂ’ll be surprised how avoidable they really are. Take your time on the Pull Star Path, too. Star 6: Red Hot Purple Coins (Purple Coin Comet) ❒ Not as easy as it looks: several coins are in precarious places, and itÂ’s quite easy to lose all your health to the fire. Learn to leave the coins and Life Mushroom alone, so you can grab them when you really need them. The actual level combines elements of star 1 and star 3, so have a good look around – and learn to line the camera up before you make a Long Jump for the coins floating over pools of lava. HereÂ’s the coins you might miss: • 12 coins underneath the sinking cages • 1 above the top of the sinking concrete block (before the row of geysers) • 3 on the side of the volcano (drop down instead of activating the second Launch Star) • 5 inside the volcano (you can drop down instead of activating the third Launch Star) MATTER SPLATTER GALAXY Secret Galaxy Star 1: Watch Your Step ❒ As with Matter Splatter Mansion in the Ghostly Galaxy, this level only lets you step on a platform when you can see it. Run straight for the end of the first section, stepping on only the safe patches, and hop down the pipe. In the next section, follow the ‘spotlightÂ’, using wall jumps to make it right, up and left to the next pipe. ItÂ’s then a leisurely climb to the top of this section using the Spring Mario powerup. You can jump through the mesh-like platforms from below, which should make things easier. Activate the Launch Star right at the top to reach a pipe to a spooky platform test: youÂ’ll be safe if you go middle, right, middle (needs two jumps), left, middle, left, middle (keep jumping!), and finally left. SNOW CAP GALAXY Access: Luma outside Garden entrance, feed with 1600 Star Bits Star 1: Star Bunnies in the Snow ❒ Tiny world, this – but just look at those snow effects! On the glass ball, run underneath to collect a hidden Koopa shell thatÂ’ll bash the treasure chest open, revealing a Power Star over to the main planet. Three bunnies to find, then. YouÂ’ll need to activate all the Flipswitches: the first is in front of you, the second and third are under the snowpatch to the right (top-left and bottom-right; use the pointer to clear the snow); the fourth is under the snowpatch further right (bottom-right); the fifth is at the top of the planet. While youÂ’re looking for the fourth, clear a small hole near the top of the snowpatch: the first rabbit is hiding here. Hitting all the Flipswitches opens up a panel containing a Fire Flower. Use it to flame the snowmen until a second rabbit pops out: chase him into the hole where you got the Fire Flower so heÂ’s trapped. The third rabbit is in a chest, on the opposite end of the planet to the Fire Flower. Grab the Koopa shell thatÂ’s hidden in the snow to free him. Got all three? ThatÂ’s your Power Star, then. BOWSERÂ’S STAR REACTOR Access: 60 stars Star 1: The Fate Of The Universe ❒ This is it, then. Once youÂ’ve collected 60 Stars, talk to Rosalina at the Comet Observatory and tell her that, yes, you do want to travel to the Center Of The Universe. This is where itÂ’s going to get very interesting indeed. If, by ‘interestingÂ’, you mean ‘another Bowser battle much like the ones beforeÂ’. Ahem. ItÂ’s good, though. Once the cutsceneÂ’s over with, youÂ’ll be leave to make it up BowserÂ’s shattered castle, using the spotlights that essentially ‘pushÂ’ you onto the walls. After a bit of a climb, youÂ’ll climb a circular staircase and be whooshed over to a lava planet. Jump the platforms here – quickly, because they donÂ’t sit still for a second – to reach a transport stream to a small ice planet. Again, itÂ’s a simple run, but the platforms disappear fast – so donÂ’t hang about. Run over the circular ‘cogsÂ’, past the fiery whirligigs, to get dumped in a 2D section starring those here-again-gone-again space platforms youÂ’ll remember from the Space Junk Galaxy. YouÂ’ll need to do some wall-jumping here – take a deep breath and just jump, as the platforms will come to meet you, honest – while dodging more pesky fireballs. Finally, you need to run straight forward, jumping platforms while dodging Bullet Bills. When you reach the green platforms at the end of each subsection, stay on the ride to be taken to the next ‘tunnelÂ’, upside-down from the previous one. And, you know, watch out for that giant Bullet Bill near the end. The final Launch Star drops you on a straight run up to Bowser himself – donÂ’t miss the Life Mushroom and 1-Up Mushroom as you make your way up the imposing staircase to the final confrontation. But, obviously, you want to be avoiding those fireballs as you go. So the final Bowser battle is, essentially, the same thing all over again. The only thing that might catch you out is the big dinoÂ’s tendency to roll at you encased in rock: the only way to deal with this is to spin-attack when his head is directly in front of you – try it at any other time and youÂ’ll just be knocked back. Repeat this three times (spin-attacking when he spins back around the planet) and Bowser wonÂ’t try the rolling rock trick again. This is also a trick you can repeat with the rolling lava rocks from previous levels, in case you hadnÂ’t worked that out before – theyÂ’ll explode into a shower of Star Bits when you attack them. Bowser wonÂ’t, unfortunately. BowserÂ’s also increased the power and distance of his fireball breath, but careful running and jumping on the spot (rather than attempting to scarper around the planet) should help you avoid a roasted behind. ItÂ’s usually possible to completely avoid his fiery meatballs by just dodging left and right slightly. Later, he might also try rolling up into a ball and knocking you flying like a skittle: this is easy to avoid, but make sure youÂ’re not standing still on a blue platform at this point or youÂ’ll find it hard to dodge in time. Otherwise, itÂ’s back to the usual routine: wait for him to make a big jump straight for you, position yourself on the blue panels so he burns his tail, then wait for him to come to you and whack him bad. Done it? Got the final Grand Star? Yay you! ‘Course, youÂ’ve probably got lots more Stars to collect. And even then, youÂ’ve got a bit more to do... GREEN STAR GALAXIES There are three Green Power Stars in Super Mario Galaxy. The first is yours for rescuing Luigi at Battlerock (see page 41); the second is the secret Star at Buoy Base (page 54); the third is a secret Star in the Dusty Dune Galaxy (page 70). Once youÂ’ve got them all, you can hop in the green Launch Star near the Toad spaceship at the Comet Observatory, and talk to the Lumas to access three Challenge Galaxies. Which are... LOOPDESWOOP GALAXY Access: talk to Luma at blue end Star 1: The GalaxyÂ’s Greatest Wave ❒ Oh, no – another Manta race. But youÂ’ve got three minutes to complete the course – and the good news is that you can still make it (just) even if you take it really slow. The only really dangerous part is the clockwise spiral after the big jump: it gets thinner as you go, so itÂ’s best not to try and take it too fast. WeÂ’re not sure if itÂ’s possible to topple off the loop-the-loop that follows if you havenÂ’t got your speed up, but weÂ’ve certainly never seen it happen. BUBBLE BLAST GALAXY Access: talk to Luma at green end Star 1: The Electric Labyrinth ❒ Nasty. You land on a platform with five green pipes, and each one will take you to a different bubble-blowing test. • Top: The easiest one. Blow the bubble north to the Star Chip, then up to the Launch Star. • Top-left: Through the electric gates. The Star Chip is in the middle of the circular gates; the Launch Star is right at the end. • Top-right: Go gently through the minefield to collect the Star Chip in the middle. The Launch Star back is further on. • Bottom-left: Wait for the FLUDDs to stop gushing fire, then race to the Star Chip. Double-back and head around the pipe for the Launch Star back. • Bottom-right: Follow the route around, dodging the sparkly horrors and grabbing the Star Chip near the start. The Launch StarÂ’s at the end. Once youÂ’ve collected all five Star Chips, the Launch Star drags you to the nastiest bubble test yet: but, fret not, you wonÂ’t have to do those five ‘pipe tasksÂ’ again if you die. The trick to this final section is do not stop, because Bullet Bills will be gunning for you all the way along. After the circular gate, the rotating green platforms and the minefield, youÂ’ll be set upon by hundreds of the buggers (or so it seems) – at that point, push you bubble right as fast as you can and hope for the best. The Power Star is right at the end, but be ready to push down or up to avoid a nastily-placed cushion thatÂ’s just before it. ROLLING GIZMO GALAXY Access: talk to Luma at yellow end Star 1: Gizmos, Gears and Gadgets ❒ We bet you quite liked those ball-rolling moments before this, eh? Take the zig-zaggy yellow bridge carefully, then smash the grey blokes by jumping directly into their middles. Jump and push against the bridge to knock it down, then smash open the blaster thatÂ’ll fling you over to the next section. Drop down the hole and roll to the orange platform, then along the little rotating bridge to a big orange cog. Take care here: you want to time your roll onto the next bit so the grey block doesnÂ’t try to shunt you onto the thin yellow bridge before youÂ’re ready. More cogs, then a horrible platform with Bob-Ombs on – just sprint for it – then more cogs and platforms, then a breather while your ball is rolled up, up, up on some curvy mid-air ramp things. Finally, roll off the final orange cog onto the thin bridge. Wait until the second grey block is under the bridge, then butt up against the blue platform – and roll onto the grey block itself when it appears on the left. It then acts as an impromptu lift, carrying you up to the final platform AND VICTORY. Now go and have a nice cup of tea.</p>