1: Cannoli First, turn to Cosmic (spaceman) Wario. Wait till a blue dot appears above his head. Then keep jumping and shooting it till the machine falls down. Then turn to Thief Wario and jump on top of him. Repeat 2 more times. 2: Cannoli Wait till the giant owl opens his eyes, the turn to Cosmic Wario and shoot it in the eye. Then turn to Arty (painting) Wario and draw a block on top of his head. Now quickly turn to Thief Wario and jump on top of his head. Now look out for all the bombs he sends. Repeat 2 more times. 3: Sphinx Answer all 3 of his riddles. 4: Carpoccio This works best if you have the Arty Mastery Gem. Just keep making the buttons in the center right-side up by walking. Then draw a block on top of it; repeat with the other buttons. Just keep drawing yourself hearts and you'll be okay. Don't worry about the humongous spitballs or missles. 5: Pharoh Turn to Cosmic Wario. Then wait till the Pharoh's head lands. Watch to see which nostril he flares, that's the side the big booger boulder will come out. Then jump and shoot his blue dot. Now turn to Genius Wario and boxing glove his statues till one of 'em hits his mouth. Now quickly turn to Dragon Wario and torch his undies. Now look out for his nose hairs. Repeat 2 more times. 6: Giant Flower Do stuff till the flower turns red. Then dragon-torch it. If it's out of reach, use the see-saws to get it. Repeat till it dies. You don't need to get the tiny plants it spits at you, but you can if you want. 7: Barfatronic Lavachomper First turn to Captain (ship) Wario. Fire torpedoes at the 3 statues at the bottom. Look out for the eye-blasts. Then a bunch of bombs will fall down. Turn to Genius Wario and box them toward the B.L. Then a toilet should appear. Get to a spot with no bombs (so they don't explode on you) and turn to Arty Wario. Draw a line across the glowing red thingy, in any direction. You should hear a little *ding*. Then a heart should appear. Turn to Theif Wario and jump on it till it breaks. Then all the lava will come back. Repeat 2 more times.</p>