CHAPTER 1 After receiving your guns, go through the door and jump over the crates towards the elevator, and take it up to the second floor. Execute a close range attack on the guard to obtain the "Up Close and Personal" achievement. In yo' face! Walk up the wooden ramp into the lodge, and open the door into the construction zone. Walk into the elevator lift and go up to the top floor, then walk through the white door onto the rooftop. Climb up the ladder. Now jump up on top of the air conditioner vents, walk across the wooden plank, and jump through the window to enter the room. Proceed down the hall into the room, watch the television, and then open the closet. In through the window you go. After the short cut-scene, head down the stairs and follow the corridor outside to the graveyard, walking toward the eastern side of the graveyard and down the stairs. Follow the corridor around until you meet the bum Frank Rottenburg. Ask him where the exit is to the graveyard, and then head back out the way you came. Another cut-scene pops up, allowing you control of the Darkness. Follow the short tutorial instructions about your new found powers. Spawn a berserker and have it run up the wall, killing the guard on the other side of the gate. Now walk through the gate, and control the creeping dark, making it go down the airshaft and kill the guard. Now walk down the stairwell and open the gate to the Canal street subway station. Get to the nearest phone and dial Jenny's number to update your objective to get to her apartment. Enzo Scardina is going to pester you about recent happenings. Speak with him and continue towards Chinatown, heading through Mulberry Alley. Grab the outfit to add some wardrobe functionality to your darklings. As you follow the signs in the subway towards Chinatown, Nicky Barucci will talk to you, warning that you have a hit out on your head, which means it's time to be cautious in this next zone. When you exit the subway, walk towards the alleyway and break the glass on the flashing box. Inside is the potato sack outfit for your berserker. Continue down the alley and follow it around until you face off with a few goons. Since you're in the alley, and it's dark, you can spawn a berserker to help you kill off these bad guys. After they're killed, make your way to Jenny's apartment. Once you're at the apartment, talk with Jenny. You'll have a variety of dialog choices -- we decided to tell her the truth. Pick up Butcher Joyce's note sitting by the phone, dial the phone and give Butcher a call. He wants to meet you at the Green Olive Grove restaurant, through the back door. Now you'll wind up on the couch with Jenny, and if you decide to sit there for awhile, you'll grab the Ladies Man Achievement. After she falls asleep, get up from the couch and head towards the Green Olive Grove restaurant. You can get there through Doyer's Alley which is right across the street from Jenny's apartment. The creeping dark is your friend. Use your creeping dark ability to take care of some of the goons you encounter while you stay hidden in the dark. If you've been devouring hearts (like you should be!), you should have accumulated 15 by now, which will upgrade your Darkness ability.Continue towards the restaurant and arrive at the back door and meet up with Butcher and follow the instructions during the interactive cut-scene. TIP: If you are lost, there are map stands located on the sidewalks. Remember, you want to head towards Doyer's Alley. Look for it on the map, which marks your location with a red dot After your brief chat, head towards the dining area of the restaurant and engage with the police officers bursting into the room. Head out the side door, and creep behind the trash container. Use your creeping dark ability to move up on the police officers and kill them. Don't move from this position until you take them all out. Now proceed over the corner of Clark and Thompson Street, peer around the corner, and shoot out the light post above the parked police car. Move into the shadows and use your creeping dark ability to take out the officers. Go into the alleyway, where a police car blocks the path, to avoid the helicopter gunfire. Walk acros the wooden planks to ditch the helicopter. Walk to the end of the alley, climb the ladder, walk across the wooden planks, and drop down on top of the steel container to your right. Continue towards Whitefish Street and you'll see a large locked gate, with an open hole on the right side. After you walk through the hole, a police car will crash through the gate, unlocking it for you. Go through the unlocked gate and down the basement stairwell into the Whitefish Pool Hall. Once inside, the pool hall, make your way out the back entrance and talk to Matty Forehand. Ask him about Dutch Oven Harry and he'll let you know the password that you'll need to get into the underground hideout, which is just a quick jump on top of a trash container and through the cracked fence on the side of this alley way. As long as you don't pull out your guns in the hideout, you'll pick up an Achievement. At the door, tell Dimitri Mihailov what he wants to hear and make your way through this hideout, but don't kill anyone. Make your way to the back and talk to Roach Librizzi, asking him about Harry. As long as you didn't bust out your guns, you will obtain the Gandhi Achievement. Kill Roach quickly, and then shoot all the lights in the room and use your creeping dark attack to kill everyone else in this hideout. Use the intercom near the wall where Roach was sitting. As you make your way outside, you'll be ambushed by goons on the fire escape from the building above you. Climb the ladder up the fire escape, and go up to the third floor, where you will see a lighted room. Use creeping dark to enter the room and move through this large apartment building, killing any goons you come across. Continue moving through this apartment until you get to the rooftop and a short cut-scene will start. Use your creeping dark to enter the apartment through here. Drop down to the railroad tracks by using the air conditioner units jutting out the side of the building. After you drop down to the railroad tracks, be sure to eat the heart of Harry and summon a gunner darkling. Now walk towards the vacant subway tunnel allowing the darkling to destroy the approaching subway car. Keep your distance so you don't get crushed. Now walk down the vacant subway tunnel towards the Canal Street station. Once you get to the station, call Jenny and then call Paulie. Go meet Jenny at the Fulton subway station, near the entrance to the orphanage. After you arrive at the Canal Street station, follow the signs towards the orphanage and talk to Jenny and Jimmy the Grape. After a short talk, Jimmy will mention that he wants to talk to you alone. Speak with him about a plan of attack to take down Paulie. Your new objective is to invade his drug house at Grinder's Lane Abattoir. Follow the Subway signs towards Grinder's Lane. A dead giveaway of where you can happen across a can of gasoline. Once you arrive, talk to Frank Morris, the bum in the orange shirt. He'll tell you to hit a switch in order to get past the gate which leads into the drug house. On the other side of the gate, you'll see a portal on the ground. Summon a berserker, who will bust the lock open on the large gate. At the end of this courtyard is a workshop. Pick up the can of gasoline (you'll need it later). Now go inside the warehouse through the large freezer door. Burn the money and run. Move through each of these meat lockers by shooting out the lights and using your creeping dark ability to slice through the enemies. Your objective is to find the room with the piles of cash and set it on fire (aren't you glad you grabbed that can of gasoline?). Now that's all taken care of, go back to the Canal Street station and speak with Jimmy the Grape, who is hanging out on the ground underneath the St. Mary's Orphanage sign. Head up the stairs towards the orphanage and take out the goons by the car, and then hang a right and into the orphanage itself to look for Jenny. There are no enemies in this section, so explore the house, and follow the ghostly apparitions to guide your way to the long and inevitable cut-scene to end this chapter. CHAPTER 2 As soon as the level starts, equip your guns and kill the zombie prison guard. You have to eat his heart or else he'll just reanimate and come after you. The same for every zombie soldier you face in this chapter: you must eat their hearts or they will come back to life. You'll also obtain a new power, Demon Arm, useful for knocking out nearby lights, and moving or destroying heavy objects and boxes. Continue down the trench and use your demon arm to destroy the boxes. Creeping dark your way up to these zombie guards and kill them. At the end of the trench you'll find a crashed airplane, and a summon portal which will introduce the Kamikaze Darkling to your arsenal. Use your creeping dark ability to navigate through the airshaft near the plane's wreckage and kill the two guards in the small room (eat the hearts!). Now go back to Jackie, crouch and move through the shaft and proceed through to the end of the trench and hop out onto the battlefield. Your destination here is to run towards your left, towards the Pestilence statue. Behind the statue is a wooden catwalk. Follow the catwalk around and run towards the bunker. Straight of the trench, head for this statue to get your berrings. On the far right side of the bunker is a summon portal. Summon a kamikaze darkling to blow the door open for you and enter the bunker. Kill off any of the zombie soldiers you encounter, and then shoot out the lights. Use creeping dark to navigate up the side of the wall, above the doorway, and into the air vent. Follow it through and then unlock the door, so Jackie can walk through it and head out the backside of the bunker. Run straight across the battlefield until you come across the allied trenches. Run to your left and speak with Corporal Greenwood who will tell you to get into the sewers. You oblige. Follow the sewers through to the ladder, climb it and enter the town. Make your way to the field hospital inside the church. There, talk to Anthony Estacato. Walk out of the hospital and then across the walkway bridge towards the open door marked "Beware" with the skull head. Move the giant bell from the passageway. In the steel works room, get down to the bottom floor and destroy the lights. Switch to your demon arm ability and move the bell away from the passageway it's blocking. Go down the corridor, until you approach the exit to the battlefield. While staying in the shadows, use your creeping dark ability to go out onto the battlefield and take out as many zombie soldiers as you can. Eventually, you'll continue down the marked path, the one between the two stone walls, which will lead to trench on the side of the hill. At the top of this hill is a dead tree. Walk up to it and turn on the darkness, revealing the needed weapon. Congratulations, you now have darkness guns. After you're done interacting with the human-monolith, return to the town and speak to Anthony Estacato once again at the field hospital, and he'll send you into the sewers. The only way you'll be able to see this guy is to turn on your darkness powers. When you enter the flood control room, knock out some of the lights nearby so you can use your creeping dark attack to get rid of some of the zombie soldiers. Go up the staircase to the top deck, through the doorway towards the large mechanism, and turn the valve. The second valve is located right after you pass through the doorway. The only problem is that it is out of power. Luckily, you'll gain the ability to summon lightning darklings, which are useful in powering up large machines. So, summon a lightkiller darkling, turn the valve, and go back down to the bottom floor of the flood control room, and open the door to the sewers. A lightkiller darkling will solve your problems here. Once in the sewers, follow the sewer tunnel towards the ladder. Climb up the ladder to the upper level, walk around and through the narrow passageways, and climb another ladder towards the German bunker. In the small passageway that leads to into the main area of the bunker, shoot out the light above you and the light in the bunker itself. Using your creeping dark attack to slide up the stairs and kill the three zombie soldiers. Now, as Jackie, walk up the stairs to the upper area of the bunker and through the doorway which will reveal the large train. Walk behind the train and climb up the ladder to get inside the train. Prepare for a close quarters assault at the end of this level. Once inside, shoot out the lights and summon a gunner darkling to help you take care of the zombie troops inside. Continue down the walkways and open the door to go outside of the train. Keep moving up the stairs towards the control room of the train. Open the hatch to drop inside the control room and start the engine. Chapter complete. CHAPTER 3 The level opens as you're pushed from the subway car. Talk to Jimmy the Grape standing by a pillar in the station, who tells you to visit your Aunt Sarah in the Lower East Side. And if you talk to him again, he'll give you an extra mission. Jimmy asks you to silence Pete "Pajamas" before Pete talks. But the only info you have is that he's in a room marked 261. It's optional at this point, but if you want to complete the Pete "Pajamas" mission now, go to Grinder's Lane and proceed into the only available apartment building. Two guards stand outside room 261. Shoot all the lights out as fast as you can, and spawn a gunner darkling, taking out everyone guarding Pajamas. And, if you're lucky, even Pete himself. Otherwise, just clean up whoever's left over, grab the list off the body, and report back to Jimmy the Grape. Now for the main quest from Jimmy the Grape. The service entrance to Gun Hill, just a quick hop over the subway tracks and you'll be in the clear. Proceed to the Lower East Side and go to your Aunt Sarah -- it's the building on the corner of Thompson and Rasberry. After your chat, she'll tell you to meet Abe Hunter on Gun Hill, and the only way to get there is through the service door at Fulton Street Station. It's easy to find: it's just on the other side of the subway tracks (it's best to go over there after the subway train passes you by). Walk down the corridors to Hunter's location. Ask him for more information, and he'll give you the scoop on Shrotes' location and give you the key to his apartment. Go into the elevator and take it up to the apartment. Finding the apartment is easy; it's marked "E. Shrote" on the door. Chase Eddie through his apartment. Once you get to the top floor, a police helicopter will open fire on you. Take cover from the bullets until it fires a missile, blowing a large hole in the wall. Go through this hole to make your escape, then head up the ladder and across the ledges of the apartment buildings, towards the police headquarters. Wait until the helicopter blows this large hole in the wall, and then make your escape. Shoot the glass window in order to make your way to the precinct. It's best you shoot or turn off most of the lights in this area, so you will have the chance to spawn some gunner darklings, who will take care of most of the police without any problems. Make your way up to the roof of the precinct to face off with the helicopter...again. Except, don't attack it. Instead, jump off the ledge for a brief cinematic. Now that you're back on street level, head through the door and back to the Fulton Street Station. Once there, use one of the payphones to contact the Butcher. He'll let you know that you should grab a key from the men's public restroom at Fulton Street Station. It's in the stall marked "out of order." Once you have the key, proceed to the locked gate by Mitch Deval on Fulton Street Station. Entrance to the abandoned subway tunnel system. NOTE: Do not start into the subway tunnels unless you have collected 160 hearts. You will need your Black Hole ability in order to continue through the rest of this section. If you need more hearts, begin some of the side quests by talking to Vinny Mortarello, who'll send you out on a few hit missions to boost your heart collection. At the end of the abandoned subway tunnel, talk to the bum Emerson Darke to know more about these tunnels. Continue through the tunnels, and be careful when you're near the sewer pipes, because of the traps around the area. You'll come across an electric pool of water. To make it safe for you to jump it, shoot the electrical box (pictured below). Shoot the electrical box so you won't get shocked in the water. Once you've reached the door covered by trap wires, shoot the air vent above the doorway. Now that the air shaft destroyed, go into your creeping dark ability and slither your way through the air vent into the next room, then attack the wooden plank locking the door. Enter the small room. Your passage into the next room, through the air vent. Inside, shoot the locks on the gates so you can get into the next area. You'll encounter Mitch Deval's lost brother, but he's psychotic right now, so it's best you kill him. The gate behind him is a little tricky to open up. Spawn a black hole behind the gate and the power of the wind will lift it open. Move down the passageway, and destroy the boxes blocking your path. Continue forward until you come to the construction site. Head towards the two cops kissing each other, shoot the lights, and dispatch the opposition (there's a lot). But if you just use your black hole ability, you'll easily take care of everybody. It's the most powerful attack in the game, able to wipe out groups of opposition in just one single attack. The all mighty black hole attack. Continue up through the construction site, through the stairwells until you come across the heavily guarded small room. Why the heightened level of protection? Because it contains the briefcase you've been after this whole time. Now that you have it, you've got the easiest objective: run! Head back out the way you came it, towards the abandoned subway tunnels. Use your black hole attack against your aggressors and this section should be no problem at all. Back at the Fulton Station, go into the men's restroom (where you picked up the key) and talk to Butcher. He'll plant a bomb in the suitcase. Now, deliver the suitcase to Eddie Shrote. Contact him via a pay phone after he pages you. You'll set up a rendezvous point at the Trinity Church located near the Trinity Cemetery. Inside the church, a small dialog exchange occurs between you and Eddie Shrote. He'll turn out the lights of the church (bad idea for him; good for you) and you'll be ambushed by a bunch of troops. Find quick cover behind one of the large pillars in the church and use your black hole attack. They'll get wise to you and then turn on a bunch of lights in the church. Stay in the shadows of the pillar and you'll do fine, since you'll still be able to unleash your special attacks. Keep this up until they finally throw your weakness at you: flashbang grenades. This is an ideal hiding spot for you to hang out in, behind one of the church pillar's When you come to your senses, you'll be tied in a chair. There isn't much you can do at this point, except picking your dialog choices to continue the cut-scene. When the drill breaks, persuade the cops to your right to come closer, or taunt them long enough so that they'll be blocking the light from the heat lamp, giving you enough shade to unleash the power of the darkness. After the quick cut-scene, the level ends and you'll be back in...hell? CHAPTER 4 The game asks you to fire the cannon...but it doesn't even work! Thanks, game! Climb the ladder out of the hatch and get to ground level. Proceed down the narrow wooden walkway, into the bunker and down the ladder towards the Village. Break down the sewer grate. Once out of the water, talk to the soldier Francis Fox and ask him about Anthony's whereabouts. Head down the wooden walkway for great success. You'll find out he's in the trenches, so meet him to ride around in a tank! What follows is a rail-shooter, where you man the guns on the tank and shoot at anything and everything, while Anthony drives you to your destination. It's a rail shooter! After a brief cut-scene, you'll face off against a large-super-evil-looking-beast guy with bad teeth. Aim at his mouth and open fire to kill him. Talk to Anthony one last time and continue into the bunker towards the Castle Entrance. Shoot his mouth! You'll come across a large cannon shell on wheels. Climb the ladder and pull the switch to open up the hanger doors. Now, climb the ladder to ride the cannon shell on wheels, while manning the rail gun towards the cannon. Now defend the shell and yourself from the zombie soldiers popping out of the woodwork. Defend the canon! By eliminating three or four of these guys, you'll have ample time to climb the ladder back to the cannon's control room. Fire the cannon at the castle door to destroy it. Leave the control room, again, go back to ground level, again, but now walk towards the castle wall, which was recently destroyed, and enter the castle hall. Sucks to be him... Once in the small room, go to each station and activate them by pressing the A button, and the Darkness will appear. Don't fight it, because you'll only make it stronger. Instead, keep your distance and, if anything, fight off the darklings he throws at you. Eventually, he will cease his attacks and tell you to surrender. Do as you're told, walk up to it, and accept your fate. End of chapter. CHAPTER 5 Leave the church grounds, go into the subway and speak to Vinny Mortarello. He'll tell you to go to Aunt Sarah at the Lower East End, where you must talk to her to start the next mission objective. Go to Grinder's Lane and use the radio to call in the boat, Mother of God. You can find the radio in the same workshop you entered back in Chapter 1, when you grabbed the can of gasoline near the warehouse meat locker. Remember this room? Yea, it would have been nice knowing you had to call in the boat, earlier in the game. Calling in the boat triggers goons to arrive in their fancy car. Dispatch them and then contact the Butcher from the nearest payphone you can find. He'll tell you to go to Pier 19 and board the Mother of God and kill the captain, because that will make Paulie mad. And at the end of the day, that's all you really wanted to do in the first place. Enter the boat, kill people, leave boat. Once you arrive at Pier 19, you'll meet some light resistance on your way to the boat in dock. Board the boat, via the ramp, and prepare for combat. None of this should be that difficult for you, especially since you have your blackhole attack. If you're in any of the small rooms on the Mother of God, simply shoot out the lights and let your blackhole ability take care of the rest. Cover-n-fire. Make your way up to the cabin of the boat and kill the captain. Now, fight your way off of the boat and back towards Aunt Sarah's house in the Lower East End. There, you'll get into a large gunfight with a significant number of thugs. Their spawn points will be at each of the various windows in the house, all taking cover behind their cars. The downside is that you can't use your Darkness powers at all. You must kill these guys in the old school tradition of finding cover, and shooting in moments of opportunity (i.e. when they're not firing back at you). After you eliminate them, your objective will be updated. Go back to Pier 19 and board the small boat to confront Paulie on his Lighthouse island. NOTE: If you board this boat, you can't come back to land. So if you have any outstanding side missions, do them now. If you get in the boat, there is no turning back. Once on the island, proceed up the staircase and engage the thugs. Since it's daylight, your Darkness powers are very limited right now. The only way to use them in their limited capacity is to eat the hearts of any goons you dispatch. As you continue to ascend the stairs, it will begin to get darker as the solar eclipse takes shape, and soon your powers will be unleashed. Shoot out the lights in the courtyard in order for you to use your powers. Once you arrive at the courtyard, they'll turn on some flood lights, limiting your abilities once again. Concentrate your fire on these lights, so you can spawn a gunner darkling to help you clear out the courtyard, then proceed inside the mansion. Inside, a series of interactive cut-scenes will ensue. In a few instances, you'll just kill one or two thugs. Once done, just track down Paulie. Kill them all! Go down the staircase and into the hallway to the right of the mansion door for another short cut-scene. Once that's done, proceed back to the entryway; go up the staircase and through the double white doors to your left. Follow the hallway down towards the lighthouse doorway. Kill him or let him live...actually, you have to kill him. No moral choices here, kids. Inside the lighthouse, you must ascend the spiral staircase to confront Paulie. He won't put up much a fight. A short cut-scene will start up, but keep your finger close to your trigger button, because Paulie will attempt to shoot you one more time. Put him down for the count and the game is over.</p>