Cheats from the Crypt


Nick Scryer, the tortured hero of Midway’s Psi-Ops, has the potential to be evil. Really evil. Not only can his telekinetic powers drain the life force from certain individuals, but he can also make their heads explode. Undisturbed by their horrific screams, Nick can cook a man’s brain to exploding point. Don’t feel sorry for his victims, mind. After all, they were the ones that turned him into this Psi-powered killing machine in the first place.

Choose a victim

Having just been informed that he can now drain the life from unsuspecting victims, Nick puts his new skills to the test on a fallen soldier. So long as the enemy has his back to him, Nick can set about sucking him dry.

Drain his brain

Target selected, Mr. Scryer sets about cleaning out the contents of his foe’s head. The process sees them hover above the ground, lightning sparks flashing from their torso, and the now scared-stupid guy starts jabbering inanely for mercy.