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Reality-bending deal: Control is just $33 for PS4 and Xbox One at Amazon

Get Control cheap on PS4 or Xbox One right now at Amazon!
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If you're yet to sample Remedy's excellent adventure game, Control, then you're in luck. We've found a cheap Control deal on Amazon, which gets you the game on either PS4 or Xbox One for just $33.74. That's a whopping saving of $26 on the regular price, making this close to half the original cost. If you've been tempted to dive into Control, but have been waiting for the right deal, then now is absolutely the time. Yes, we know the Black Friday game deals are just around the corner, but we honestly think you'll struggle to find a lower price than this in November.

The game itself is listed on Amazon for $15 off, but there's an additional voucher that is automatically applied at checkout that brings the price down to $33.74. The voucher amount varies a little depending on the format you choose, but the end price is exactly the same whether you choose to buy PS4 or Xbox One. Our review of the game praised it enormously, handing it 4.5/5 and describing it as: "a game we'll be talking about for generations." High praise indeed, and definitely something you should check out.

Cheap Control deals on PS4 and Xbox One

Control on PS4 | $33.74 (save $26.26)

Control on PS4 | $33.74 (save $26.26)
This is the PlayStation version for anyone looking to snap up this cheap Control deal for PS4. At only a little over $33 this is superb value for money, as the game is quite long.

Control on Xbox One | $33.74 (save $26.01)

Control on Xbox One | $33.74 (save $26.01)
Weirdly the original price for Control on Xbox One was 25c lower, but hey, the end price is exactly the same. Don't forget the extra saving is applied at checkout.

Our advice on stuff like this is: if you're curious, give the game a try. And don't wait to see if it gets any cheaper. Sure, a random PS4 Black Friday deal might knock a few extra bucks off the price (however unlikely), but is it worth waiting all those extra weeks for the sake of the price of a pizza slice? No, it is not. 

For those looking for more on Control, well, it's a game by developers Remedy. They brought us Max Payne and Alan Wake - so they have substantial pedigree. The critical response to Control has been overwhelmingly positive, and it's likely to be part of most Game of the Year discussions. Sure, it's a new game with no franchise heritage, but all the great stories have to start somewhere. Snap up this cheap Control deal before Amazon sells out or it expires.

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