Chaos Theory: Splinter Cell 3 named

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory will hit Xbox and PC in time for Christmas, while other formats will have to wait until the first quarter of 2005. What exactly 'other formats' means isn't specified beyond a confirmed appearance on N-gage, so expect a PS2 announcement after a contractually binding period of Xbox exclusivity.

Chaos Theory pits Sam Fisher into a chaotic global meltdown. The year is 2008, energy supplies are intermittent, stock exchanges are under attack from info-terrorists and there's only one response - wall-hugging. Your mission is to infiltrate the terrorist networks, gather intelligence and, more than likely, snap some necks.

Other 'supression' techniques involve your combat knife, a modular SC20K rifle and, if you choose to explore the extensive multiplayer options, delegation.

For more info and shots , for footage of the game in action .

While you're here, check out the swanky Quicktime screenshots below. Once you've loaded one you can click and drag to move around the action or zoom in and out.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory will hit Xbox and PC in time for Christmas. Other formats, including N-gage, will have to wait for 'Q1' 2005