Celeste bids farewell with a massive new DLC pack coming in September

Celeste is getting a bunch of new content via the free DLC Pack Chapter 9: Farewell, which will add over 100 new levels and over 40 hours of music by BAFTA-nominated composer Lena Raine. The update will be available free-of-charge on all platforms September 9, which is the most numerically appropriate release date ever. To note, the Xbox One version "might" come at a later date due to development challenges.

The announcement detailed a number of other additions coming to Celeste, as well as news about the newly-formed Extremely OK Games studio and a brief mention of the studio's next project, code-named "EXOK1."

"Saying goodbye is never easy. Finding the right way to send off the characters and world of Celeste was especially difficult for us, but we're very excited about what this chapter became," the letter reads. On top of loads of new levels and music, Chapter 9: Farewell will send Celeste out with new mechanics and items. All you need to do to unlock the new DLC is complete Chapter 8 of Celeste.

The developer blog also touches on the upcoming Limited Run physical release of Celeste, to which the studio says they'll have more time to dedicate now that the DLC is finished and being released. A specific release date isn't provided, but the studio says it will "enter production shortly."

If it wasn't abundantly clear already, this will be the final chapter of Celeste and the last major content update. The studio is currently in the very early stages of developing a new game, which we'll learn more about "when the time is right."

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Jordan Gerblick

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