Celebrate Fallout 4's launch with real Nuka Cola from Target

So you weren't lucky enough to score a limited Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition. That's okay, because starting next month, you'll be able to grab a real-life version of Nuka Cola Quantum from Target. You could even grab a copy of the game while you're there and call it your "Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Edition."

The blue soft drink, produced in conjunction with Jones Soda Co., will be sold exclusively at Target starting November 10 - the same day that Fallout 4 launches. Take a peek at the delicious, hopefully-not-actually-irradiated beverage below:

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It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like this Nuka Cola Quantum might be a repackaging of Jones' Berry Lemonade soda, which I can personally attest is freaking delicious. Very much worth fighting off radroaches for.

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Sam Prell

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