Capcom Puzzle World

But Buster Bros. Collection - which includes Buster Bros., Super Buster Bros. and Buster Buddies - hasn't been available since the PSone days, and adds a few new extras to go along with its rapid-fire, Space Invaders-with-bubbles gameplay. Not only will it enable you to pair up with a friend (or upload your scores to their PSP) via an ad hoc connection, but it'll let you import your own photos for use as backgrounds.

Above: The PSP version of Buster Bros. (which will probably look a little different from the arcade version pictured here) will let you replace dumb ol' Mount Fuji with your own pictures

Aside from offering seven retro puzzle games (counting the Puzzle Fighter variations, two of which are being released stateside for the first time), Capcom Puzzle World is remarkable for being the first PSP game to let players take their own in-game screenshots, letting you immortalize your victories in jpeg form. Old-schoolers scouring eBay for Puzzle Fighter will definitely want to take notice, but even if you've never played these games before, Puzzle World will be worth keeping an eye on.