Capcom Puzzle World

Z flips the script entirely; instead of falling gems, you'll be confronted with a screen full of them, and they'll slowly rise to the top. To clear them, you'll need to move around a little 2-by-2-block cursor and rotate the gems to form groupings, and you'll then need to rotate in a bomb piece to clear them. It's a little harder than the other two variations, but still manages to be a lot of fun and looks to be a cool update for a 10-year-old game.

But while this is a Puzzle Fighter-centric collection, the other games aren't just tacked on. Well, OK, maybe Block Block is, seeing as it's also included in Capcom Classics Collection Remixed and doesn't appear to feature anything new aside from being refitted for the PSP's screen.

Above: Block Block as it appeared on Capcom Classics Collection Remixed