Capcom ponders Dead Rising 2

Thursday 10 August 2006
It looks like Capcom is planning on turning Dead Rising - its incredible zombie mashing Xbox 360 action game - into a series, as it's asking gamers what they'd think of a sequel.

Despite not seeing a UK release until 8 September, Capcom is currently running a Dead Rising online survey in which one of the questions is: "If a sequel to this game were to be released, would you buy it?"

While this isn't exactly confirmation of another Dead Rising Capcom has always recognised the value of strong franchises, with series like Street Fighter and Resident Evil being the cornerstone of its success, so it wouldn't take too much of a leap of imagination to expect a Dead Rising sequel.

Also, Capcom is doing all it can to make the game a success as its giving away free game content on Xbox Live. There are eight access keys available, each of which provides a new character costume.