Can't wait for Smash Bros? Try Super Smash Flash 2

Just look at that picture above. That's Mario, Wario, Final Fantasy's Black Mage, and Tales of Symphonia's Lloyd… duking it out in Super Smash Brothers! Well, sort of. You're looking at Super Smash Flash 2, an action-fighting game whose title perfectly describes itself--this is a flash version of Smash Bros for PC, and you can play it right now.

If you just can't wait until October to smash some Nintendo characters together on 3DS, then give this a try. Developer McLeodGaming is committed to keeping Smash Flash 2 completely free, and because the team works on this project independently, any character can be included. Hell, I booted up the game and immediately started swashbuckling as Kingdom Hearts' Sora.

If this sounds good to you, give Super Smash Flash 2 a download. It's totally free, and totally fun.

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