Call of Duty: Warzone Gulag exploit is letting players rack up easy kills

Call of Duty: Warzone
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Call of Duty: Warzone players have discovered a way to break into the Gulag. The new exploit allows living players to enter the area without dying, letting them keep their full loadouts as they do so.

In a clip shared on Twitter (via VGC), a player heads towards the new Gulag, which was introduced to the game alongside the integration of Black Ops Cold War, and calls in a loudout drop. Rather than moving away from the drop, the player stands directly underneath it as it falls. Normally, that would kill you, but in this instance, the impact pushes the player through the ground, leaving them in the post-death area.

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The glitch lands them outside the actual arena, but after a few attempts, they manage to find a vantage point on one of the walls that allows them to see into the Gulag as the players within it gear up for a fight. Invisible walls seem to prevent them from moving any further, but their viewpoint gave them a clear line of sight on both of the formerly-deceased players vying for a second chance. Given that they'd managed to enter the Gulag with their full loadout intact, it was easy for them to bag a whole bunch of kills against their unsuspecting prey.

Their fun was cut short by the arrival of the gas. With the new Gulag positioned towards the edge of the map, it's not long before the zone begins to close in, and with no means of escape, the player is soon downed, and carted back to the arena - legitimately, this time.

This particular glitch is the latest in a long line of Warzone exploits. Late last year, players worked out how to turn invisible and unlock unlimited Juggernaut suits, while just yesterday, a third-party app was forced to make changes after players started using it to manipulate the matchmaking system. In happier news, Raven Software has confirmed it'll be nerfing the much-maligned DMR rifle and Mac-10 guns, which have been dominating the game's meta since their arrival.

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