Call of Duty Mobile developer has opened a new studio to make a AAA console shooter

Call of Duty Mobile
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Call of Duty Mobile developer TiMi has announced that it's working on a AAA game set to be headed up by Halo 4's lead designer.

The news was announced in a press release that outlined the new project and vision for TiMi, a subsidiary of Tencent Games.  News of the game was revealed alongside the opening of a new studio for the developer, TiMi Seattle. 

The title, which is only broadly outlined, will be an original, service-driven shooting game for multiple platforms. The team working on it has 25 staff members and is said to have made "considerable progress", but is also looking to actively expand. The studio's offices are set to open in Bellevue, Washington later this year. 

Scott Warner, who has worked on Battlefield and Halo, is acting as a design and studio director. It seems his team is being given massive access to resources and freedom to craft this new game. 

He said: "Opportunities to have the creative freedom to make new games with the support of a leading development studio like TiMi just is not the norm. Usually, the best talent is offered a choice between making another sequel or taking a personal risk to make a smaller-scale game."

TiMi international director Vincent Gao also added: "We want to exceed the AAA expectations of players today and this team will have the resources and talent to make it happen. Through collaboration and access to TiMi’s global resources, this team in Seattle can make AAA console games ready for global audiences on multiple platforms.” 

TiMi's resources should be extensive also. In a recent Reuters report, it was said that the developer generated over $10 billion last year. TiMi obviously has a lot of capital to throw around, so it's not surprising that they may consider splashing out on getting further into the console space. 

We will have to wait on further details on just what this game is, but it's certainly possible that TiMi could become a household name in the console gaming space.

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