Call of Duty: Blacks Ops pre-order bonuses include art and avatar gear

As if the remote-controlled spy cars, SteelBook cases and collector's medals weren't enough, now gamers who pre-order their copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops through Amazon and GameStop can look forward to even more swag.

Starting today, those who preorder Black Ops through will receive one of 100,000 limited edition %26ldquo;laser cels%26rdquo; (pictured below), and those who do so through GameStop will receive a download code for a %26ldquo;high-altitude flight suit avatar," available for both PlayStation Home and Xbox Live avatars.

While 100,000 doesn't necessarily scream %26ldquo;limited,%26rdquo; this is a Call of Duty title. If you want the fancy artwork, you better double-time it.

CoD: Black Ops is due out November 9th.

Sep 15, 2010

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