Call of Duty: Black Ops infinite care package glitch uncovered on day one

A potentially frustrating multiplayer exploit in Call of Duty: Black Ops has already been found. The exploit allows greedy gamers to receive infinite supply crates by following just a few simple instructions.

Ahh, remember the days when everyone played fair? Yeah, neither do we.

This particular glitch is the first of manyto appear online after Activision made the official call for gamers to send in proof of bugs, glitches or other game-breaking tomfoolery.

Inan earlier statement, Activision community head, Dan 'One of Swords' Amrich explained, "Every game has bugs; it's a reality of gaming. And the bigger the game, the more likely you will find bugs that would never even come to light in less popular titles. So the best way to help get rid of those bugs is to share what you've learned with the team that has the power and insight to fix them."

If Activision is really committed to making CoD:Black Ops a fair playing field, we hope this and other similar exploits will be fixed ASAP.

Like this even more horrendous, game-breaking bug:

Nov 9, 2010

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