Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player shows off a brutal tomahawk killstreak

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
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A Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War player has perfectly demonstrated why the tomahawk is one of the supreme weapons in the game.

Just below, you can see a Black Ops Cold War gameplay snippet that was uploaded to the game's official subreddit earlier today. In the clip, the player beats one person to death on the Nuketown map with their bare fists, before going on a killing rampage with the tomahawk, massacring five enemy players with the throwing weapon.

Why tomahawks are my 4th most used weapon from r/blackopscoldwar

This is a pretty impressive demonstration of just how deadly the tomahawk can be, provided you're accurate. The tomahawk is a one-hit-kill weapon, so you're guaranteed a kill if your throw is accurate enough. We'd absolutely be up for rampaging around Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer maps with the tomahawk as our only weapon, but we're just not accurate enough.

In the comments underneath the subreddit post, users are expressing their gratitude for the tomahawk being an unstoppable force. If you're going to try using the weapon for kill streaks like this though, we'd recommend watching out for Trophy Systems, which can actually destroy a tomahawk before it reaches its intended destination.

The tomahawk is perhaps more powerful than the two new weapons Black Ops Cold War just added to the roster in Season 2. The LC10 and the FARA 83 are available through the game's new battle pass with the launch of Season 2, and they're both pretty lethal weapons at close and mid range.

For all the latest changes and improvements made to Treyarch's new game, head over to our Black Ops Cold War patch notes guide for more.

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