Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War glitches are making players lose their heads and legs

Black Ops Cold War headless glitch
(Image credit: Treyarch/nommas)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War dismemberment glitches sounds really creepy, but they're actually hilarious.

The glitch has been reported to appear in various places throughout the game, and what it does is rather cleanly remove bits of your operator. Could be their head, could be their entire lower body, could be anything. It doesn't seem to be a painful process, and it isn't even permanent. In this video from Reddit user thunder_spud, you can see their legs seem to get a little ahead of them before they realize their error and let the rest of the body catch up.

The funniest bug I have seen. My legs .... ran off without me ? from r/blackopscoldwar

Here's the same thing happening from another perspective, complete with confused "What?!" from the uploader Vlyer.

Just had this weird 3rd person glitch for a second from r/blackopscoldwar

Another post from nommas shows their character having trouble keeping their head in the game.

You guys need to relax. The bugs in this game are nothing to lose your head over. from r/blackopscoldwar

It seems like we're actually looking at two different kinds of glitches here: one that causes the lower body bits the game shows you when you point the camera straight down to get out of sync with the player's first-person perspective; and another that mysteriously removes pieces of operators. Two separate issues that unite to make Black Ops: Cold War the body horror/comedy event of the season.

While those glitches are mostly harmless (though it's hard to get a headshot on somebody who doesn't have a head), Treyarch has been working on fixes for more pressing issues like broken weapon XP rates in multiplayer and zombies.

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