Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation DLC guide


Map Tour

Silo is one of the less symmetrical maps in the Black Ops catalogue. Being on a slight hill, players at the top will have an advantage over those below. There are a couple of decent perches, but most of the combat will be close-quartered thanks to the multiple cluttered structures. Also be aware of theconstant missile launches, which sound a lot like an enemy RPG or M72. This may cause people new to the map to frantically look around in anticipation of an incoming explosion, possibly compromising their position in the process.

This perch is, well, interesting. Yes, you can snipe one or two enemies from up here, but the fact that you have almost no cover along the edges means you’ll quickly be spotted. The real fun lies in hiding in the corner near the top of the ladder, killing anyone who comes up. Eventually you will be smoked out, but hopefully not before you drop a tactical insertion. There’s something very satisfying about spawning right behind the smug jerk that just dethroned you.

Above: A shattered ankle is better than a knife in the back

If things get too heavy on top of the telescope, you can leap safely onto the pipes as seen above. From there you can try to turn the tables on your pursuers or drop down and loop behind them.

The command center at the top of the hill offers a decent perch with a good view of the hill below. But this relatively dark room is also the scene of many a death on Silo. The second floor features a window for sniping, but there are several entrances meaning the traffic flow is very high. Instead of vying for the upper walkway, you can rack up more kills by just lurking in the shadows on the lower level.

This plywood fortress on the eastern side of the map offers a nice view of a high traffic path. Make sure to keep your eye out for snipers at the window in the building across from you.

Above: Spoiler - the guy going off on his own gets killed

Don’t be tempted into crawling through the pipe sections too often. You may think they offer great cover, but they’re actually more like coffins. Players will be watching those and can easily smoke you out with a grenade or simply cut you down with bullets.

There is a small underground tunnel connecting two of the silos. It’s a good way to get across the map without exposing yourself, but be very weary of players with the same idea coming from the other end. Always have your weapon up and ready when entering.


Map Tour

Drive-In is a small, cluttered map that favors short-range weaponry and tactical ambushes. Short and mid-range weaponry works best on this map. Be especially careful when moving around the perimiter - enemies can be lurking behind any one of the numerous different obstacles.

If you begin on the side of the map behind the movie screen, keep your distance from said structure (it’s not a great perch anyway) and pick off the members of the opposing team that flank around to this spot at the start of the match.

Crouch or go prone in the tall grass found along the eastern edge of the map. Doing so makes you nearly invisible (depending on your character model), and can all but guarantee you a kill.

Above: Remember that in CoD, knife > gun. It doesn’t have to make sense

There are so many places to spring an ambush from on Drive-In. Regardless of how you feel about camping, it works especially well here.

The middle of a map is usually where you don’t want to be, but Drive-In offers lots of cover at its juicy center. Stay low around the edges and you’ll have a clear shot at all the runners.

Above: Don’t be distracted by the charming ad for asbestos - there could be a sniper behind that screen!

Between the movie screen and the projector room, the latter is the better perch. It’s indoors and easier to defend.