Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation DLC guide


Turn the power on

When the level begins, you have a choice between two directions. Both paths lead to the power switch eventually, it’s just a matter of which guns you prefer. Facing the quick revive station, the path to the right will eventually take you past the Stakeout shotgun, but little else of note. The left path will lead you past the AK-74u and the M16, as well as the random weapon box (usually - it doesn’t always appear in the same place). We definitely prefer the left path, so that’s the way we’re going to take you.

It costs 750 to clear the first set of debris. From there, head to the right and follow the arrow to the next door (costs 1000). This takes you through a tunnel, at the end of which you will find a room hopefully containing a random weapon box. The AK-74u is also on the wall (costs 1200) which is a great choice. Open the door next to it to continue.

Turn right (follow the arrow). In the red-tinted room you’ll find the M16 (costs 1200) and one more pile of debris to clear.

You are now clear to get the water running, and with it, the power. There are two levers along the wall to flip. All vending machines on the map are now active, and you can now use the mine cart and the water slide. Good luck surviving!


From the spot where you cleared the first debris pile, turn left up the hill, then turn right. If you’ve already opened up the path to the room containing the vertical water jet, you can jump down to it from here without getting hurt. Careful though - the zombies can follow.

Near the shortcut above you will spot a small hut. The mine cart right in front of it is a great way to get around, once the power is turned on.

This is the water slide. You can find it if you choose the right path at the start of play. It dumps out into the room with the vertical water jet.

General Tips

- After you’ve played 2 or 3 rounds, kill all but one zombie so that you can explore the area under stress-free conditions. By that time you should have enough points to unlock a few pathways. The next wave won’t begin until you drop that last straggler.

- For the first few rounds, you should let the zombies in. That way you can reach any power ups they might drop and repair the barricades for extra points. After the first few waves though, you’ll want to kill any zombie any way you can.

- You’ll want to be moving at all times in Shangri La. Zombies can come up from the ground, from underwater, drop from ledges, drop from cave ceilings, etc.

- Watch out for the little zombie monkeys. They can do damage and will steal any stray power-ups they see. If that happens, shoot them before they climb out of bounds to reclaim your power-up. If they start biting at your feet, save your bullets and take them out with a single melee strike.

- Napalm zombies explode when you take them down. The blast damages and disorients any players close enough. You’ll want to take them out from a generous distance, which isn’t too difficult since they are easy to spot and move slowly.

- Shrieker zombies move very quickly and can blind you if they get close enough. You can tell when one is approaching by their distinct sounds. Take them out from a distance.

July 5, 2011