Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 collectibles guide

The Call of Duty wheel of bullet-ridden fortune has spun yet again and it’s time for Treyarch’s Black Ops series to step back into the limelight. Black Ops 3’s robo-tastic campaign has a total of 56 collectibles to add to your virtual swag bag, but don’t be put off by that gargantuan number - we've got you covered with a detailed guide to every last one of them.

The collectibles aren’t all the same this year either - each one is a unique item, so don’t expect a bunch of conveniently flashing laptops. Grab all the collectibles in any one level to earn the Walking Encyclopedia trophy or achievement. Swipe them all and you’ll be deemed a Curator and have another satisfying ping for your troubles.

Warning: This guide will contain spoilers, so if you want to avoid them you should play the campaign through normally before collecting each item.

Mission 1 - Black Ops

Collectible #1 - NRC Comms Earpiece

As soon you blast your way out of the air control room, head left down the stairs, crouch under the burning landing gear and turn right. You’ll see a flashing computer terminal with an NRC Comms Earpiece in front of it.

Collectible #2 - Dud RPG

After Hendricks stabs the guard and opens the gates, follow him through the compound to another door. Hendricks will take out the two guards sitting down and motion for you take control of the cameras. The Dud RPG you’re looking for is opposite the terminal, on the floor to the right of the big window.

Collectible #3 - Egyptian Army Cap

After your first proper gunfight in the service tunnel, follow Hendricks upstairs and breach the door to the right. Immediately to the left, you’ll find an Egyptian Army Cap in a pigeon hole (if you’re looking at the cap, the interrogation room will be to your right).

Collectible #4 - Replica Nano Drone

When you reach the hangar with the APC (the one trying to rip you to shreds, you can’t miss it), head inside and turn left - there’s a room adjacent to the stairs with a forklift truck inside. Head around the other side of it to find a Replica Nano Drone.

Collectible #5 - VTOL Panel

During the first section of the mission, and after your first encounter with the robot soldiers, head inside the garage. Once you’re in, run over to the other side of the room and you’ll see a VTOL Panel on a table to the right of another parked APC. Be quick though as you only have a short window before you’re attacked again.

Mission 2 - New World

Collectible #6 - Defective Robot Hand

After the destroying the generator, head through the same route you followed as a drone (through the big room with the girders and turn left into the refinery). You’ll see a wall of fire where you shot one of the hot metal containers. On the other side, in front of another spilled container, is a Defective Robot Hand.

Collectible #7 - Bomb Detonation Cap

During the third section of this mission, you’ll start off in a robot-filled train station. Take out the first few droids then head up the staircase to your left. It’ll lead to a dead end, but in front of an overturned bin you’ll see a Bomb Detonation Cap.

Collectible #8 - Model Maglev Train

When you reach a large, multi-storey room with a train carriage at the back you’ll have a big firefight with a bunch of robots and human enemies. When they’re all cleared, head down the stairs to the lower floor and cross to the far end of the room. At the back you’ll find a Model Maglev Train on some shelving.

Collectible #9 - Premium Liquor

During the train section, you’ll drop through a glass roof into a carriage. Once you regain control of your avatar, head into the next carriage where you’ll see a bar. Take out the robot with your Takedown ability, then hop over the bar to collect your well-earned Premium Liquor.

Collectible #10 - Train Pass

A couple of carriages into the train section, you’ll find yourself in a carriage with stairwells on either side. Deal with the robots that drop down then make your way to the upper floor. Head to the left and you’ll see a Train Pass on the empty window seat of the front two chairs.

Mission 3 - In Darkness

Collectible #11 - Broken Respirator

After the cutscene with exploding collar you’ll have a firefight with a bunch of normal enemies and one tough Warlord. Once they’re all toast, head towards the big rubble pile then enter the the doorway on your left, On the other side of the partition you’ll find a Broken Respirator waiting for you.

Collectible #12 - Urn with Incense Sticks

After anchoring your way through the water surge section, you’ll turn right and see a large apartment building across another flooded area. Move through the water (watching out for a couple more surges), then head around the right-hand side of the building. Hop the fence and you’ll see an Urn with Incense Sticks.

Collectible #13 - Child's Toy

After leaping from the crashing tanker, you’ll find yourself at the entrance of a submerged subway. Head down into the water and follow the path around to the right. Now keep swinging straight on into the blue seaweed and you’ll find a Child’s Toy on a bench below you.

Collectible #14 - Warlord's Helmet

Following the underwater sequence, you’ll assault a lounge bar with a bunch of robots outside (there’s a huge ‘51’ written on the wall as soon as you enter the building). Clear the room, then head to the far end of the ground floor. Go through the double doors and turn left. You’ll find a Warlord’s Helmet in a room with candles.

Collectible #15 - Fu Dog Figurine

After speaking with Kane, you’ll head towards the compound with Hendricks. Before heading inside, turn right and follow a red staircase to the top. Turn right, take a run-up and leap over the gap to the building on the other side. Head through the room and into the next - a Fu Dog Figurine waits for you on the dresser to your immediate left.

Collectible #16 - Therapy Session Recording

Once you meet back up with Kane in the blacksite, head up the stairs that head around to the right. When you reach the top, bear left and you’ll find a Therapy Session Recording on a table. Nab it to complete the collectibles for this mission.

Mission 4 - Provocation

Collectible #17 - Gangster Bling

As soon as the mission starts, you’ll see three buildings divided by two alleyways. Jump down to the ground and head right - the blue building on the far-right is the one you’re looking for. Head into the open garage and you’ll find some Gangster Bling on top of a red generator.

Collectible #18 - Supertree Souvenir

After picking up Collectible #17, head down the far-right alley. After dispatching a Warlord, move towards a neon sign with four characters in red. Head through a small gap to the left of this stand and you’ll see a Supertree Souvenir on a table.

Collectible #19 - Dud Slave Collar

After leaping over a short gap towards a building with a flashing neon sign on one side, take an immediate left and head into the doorway. Head up one flight of stairs and you’ll a Dud Slave Collar propped up on a table to your right.

Collectible #20 - Antique Vase

When you reach a pile of broken cargo containers, Kane will ask you if you want to go left or right. Go right, climb up into the orange container, turn left, then left again before crossing a small bridge with barriers on either side. At the end of this bridge you’ll see an Antique Vase sat on the lip of a blue container.

Collectible #21 - Mineral

As soon as Kane mentions the Wraith, and how you shouldn’t engage it, head up the stairs to the upper floor (it’ll have lots of a giant stone column covered in ivy in the middle). Just before the column, you’ll see a display cabinet with a light inside. Head to the other side of it to collect a Mineral.

Collectible #22 - Bullet Shell Necklack

After crossing the bridge leading to the burning Supertree, take the left path (the ‘exterior’ path). Head up the staircase - instead of taking the Z-Trak in front of you, take the one behind you and to your left. Once on the left-hand side of the map, move up the stairs and make your way across the bridge. On the other side, take the stairs to your left that lead to the lower floor. On top of a white container you’ll find a Bullet Shell Necklace.

Mission 5 - Hypocentre

Collectible #23 - 54i Data Pad

As soon as the mission starts, follow Hendricks as his runs down the green slope to the right. As you head down, you’ll notice a tent covered in tattered yellow cloth. Sneak inside and you’ll find a 54i Data Pad waiting inside.

Collectible #24 - Contamination Test Kit

After entering the Coalescence Centre reception (the one with all the big screens that come to life). Head left and following the corridor as it curves around. At the end you’ll find a Contamination Test Kit on a table.

Collectible #25 - Coalescence Marketing Material

After descending to the bottom of the giant circular shaft, head to the right (keeping to the edge of the chamber) until you reach an open door. Go in and you’ll see some Coalescence Marketing Material on a table.

Collectible #26 - Bio-containment Canister

After you and Hendricks locate the damaged the damaged recon droid, head through the doorway with the red-lite doors. Take an immediate left into an office and you’ll see a yellow Bio-containment Canister on the floor to the your left.

Collectible #27 - E-Ink White-board

As soon as the cutscene where you and Kendricks discuss being wary of Kane concludes, head to the right-hand side of the human test trials chamber. In an alcove, you’ll find a E-Ink White-board.

Collectible #28 - Prototype DNI-Implant

After the encounter with the zombie robots in the flooded laboratory, head to the other side, exit the water and enter the doorway. Take an immediate left and on the left-hand side of the room you’ll find a Prototype DNI-Implant on a shelf.

Mission 6 - Vengeance

Collectible #29 - Damaged Optical Camo Cloak

As soon as the mission begins, turn left and head down the alleyway. Turn left and you’ll see a Damaged Optical Camo Cloak lying near a lit doorway.

Collectible #30 - Bio-Luminescent Orchid

In the large compound with the pond in the middle, take out all the guards first (ignore the drones). When the coast is clear, head into the compound from the right-hand entrance (from the direction you begin this area). Keep to the left and move through four different sections of the compound. When you reach the fourth, turn right and you’ll see a Bio-Luminescent Orchid in the shadows.

Collectible #31 - HCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot

After your dust-up with snipers, the regular 54i soldiers and the AVC robot, head through the giant rectangular hole in the wall left by the giant ‘bot. Turn left and you’ll see a HCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot on the floor.

Collectible #32 - Dragon Necklace

After entering the burning facility, head up two flights of stairs, blasting robots as you go. At the top, head through the hole in the wall to your right. There’s another hole in a wall to your left. Destroy the robots inside and head to the right-hand side of the room. You’ll find a Dragon Necklace on a table next to an armchair.

Mission 7 - Rise & Fall

Collectible #33 - NRC Helmet

As soon as you finish your tour of Ramses Station with Khalil, head over to the table to your right, In front of a set of screens you’ll see an NRC Helmet just waiting to be added to your collection.

Collectible #34 - Broken Stained Glass

As soon as the NRC assault begins, head into the main room of the station (a VTOL with crash through the ceiling as you approach). Turn left and go up the escalators. At the top, turn right and you’ll see a large, red-tinged container. In between the container and the wall is a table - on that table is a piece of Broken Stained Glass.

Collectible #35 - NRC Propaganda Poster

After boarding a truck with Hendricks and Khalil you’ll soon find your way barred by a portable wall. Once you’re off the truck and back in control, go through the small door that opens to your left. Turn left immediately and you’ll see a NRC Propaganda Poster on the wall.

Collectible #36 - Officer's Military Sword

On your way to Abdeen Palace you’ll move through a dimly lit building before emerging onto some brightly lit rooftops. Head to the right, mopping up any NRC soldiers as you go and head into through a hole in the wall to your right. Move down the darkened staircase and out into a room with circular rug, and greenish sofa. An Officer’s Military Sword will be on a dresser to the left.

Collectible #37 - Piece of Broken Statue

After fighting your way across a large courtyard, you’ll make your way into a burning building. You’ll soon soon come across a crashed VTOL. Turn right before the VTOL to find a Piece of Broken Statue on a table.

Collectible #38 - Etched Glass Bottle

After you emerge from the fallen VTOL, run to the right-hand side of the area, through a blasted open entrance and up a gold-lined staircase. At the top of the staircase, turn right, then left, then left again. In front of a large vase you’ll find an Etched Glass Bottle.

Mission 8 - Demon Within

Collectible #39 - Shell Casing

After falling into the battle of Bastogne, move to the right-hand side of the area you’re in. Follow the wall along until you reach a small wooden dugout. Inside the dugout you’ll find a Shell Casing ready for collection.

Collectible #40 - WWII US Field Radio

As you progress through the snowy battle, a pair of German armoured cars will drop into place as part of the environment. Behind the cars and to the left you’ll see a wooden platform with camouflage webbing over the top. Head onto the platform to find a WWII US Field Radio on a table.

Collectible #41 - Field Binoculars

After Sarah turns the map from day to night, you’ll face down a pack of direwolves. The wolves will keep coming so head to the left of the map and you’ll find a pair of Field Binoculars on a table.

Collectible #42 - Russian Field Compass

After the revelation regarding the ritualistic killings at the blacksite, you’ll be thrown back into the WWII battle. After leaving the house, fight your way over to the barn. Head through a hole in the wall on the left-hand side of the structure, head up the stairs and you’ll find a Russian Field Compass on a table in front of you.

Collectible #43 - Russian Hat

Once you’ve progressed to the next battle, you’ll see the battlefield in the distance has been pulled up Inception-style. Clear out a few German soldiers, then head left towards a small outhouse. Once inside you’ll find a Russian Hat (however, keep in mind it’s really dark inside so it’s easy to miss).

Collectible #44 - Wagner Gramophone Record

The final collectible for Demon Within is found near your first encounter with the Sherman tank. Run past the tank towards the half demolished house (the rubble now forms a nice ramp straight into the house. Turn left and you’ll see a Wagner Gramophone Record on the wall.

Mission 9 - Sand Castle

Collectible #45 - Postcard

After landing your VTOL for the first time, hop off your plane and head towards a multi-storey cabin directly ahead of you (it has the words ‘Pivot controls’ written on the outside). Go up one flight of stairs and enter the cabin. A Postcard can be found on the shelf to your immediate left.

Collectible #46 - Industrial Drillbit Parts

Land your VTOL a second time, leap off and move off the landing pad. Take a left and you’ll see some Industrial Drillbit Parts on the floor. Grab them to complete the collectibles for Sand Castle.

Mission 10 - Lotus Towers

Collectible #47 - Hamsa

As soon as Khalil takes you up to the upper levels of the Lotus Towers, head across to a shop with a yellow bar of lights across its top. Inside and on a wall to the left you’ll find a Hamsa.

Collectible #48 - Taylor's Insignia

After moving through the vents, assault the control room with the orange screens. When all of the NRC guards have been taken care of, head towards the lockers on the left-hand side of the room. You’ll find Taylor's Insignia inside one of the lockers.

Collectible #49 - Hookah

As soon as you seen an Egyptian soldier run over by a robot ball of serrated death, turn left and head up the blue-tinted stairs to the right.Turn left at the top and you’ll find a Hookah sat on the table at the end.

Collectible #50 - Wall Hung Carpet

After crossing the half-destroyed skybridge, climb up the rubble and you’ll see a blue sign on its side. Turn 180 degrees and head across the roof of the area you just crossed. Halfway across, underneath a rail you’ll find a Wall Hung Carpet.

Collectible #51 - Decorative Lantern

After moving up a collapsed tunnel, you’ll emerge onto another burning platform. Run past the shorted-out robot charging station, turn right and rum up the short ramp. Behind a partition to your immediate left you’ll find a Decorative Lantern on the floor.

Collectible #52 - Melted Robot Part

After leaving Hendricks behind to fend off the robots, head up to the roof to confront Taylor. Once the giant ship starts attacking you, take the right-hand exit out of the room you resume control in and head for the ruins in front of you. On the floor in front of a destroyed console you’ll find a Melted Robot Part.

Mission 11 - Life

Collectible #53 - Promo Poster

As soon as the mission begins, turn around and head over to the Zurich Coffee House across the road. On the wall beside a door you’ll find a Promo Poster just waiting to be grabbed and added to your collection.

Collectible #54 - Prototype Robot Part

After leaving the lift with Kane, follow the marker until you come to an office with a large glass display directly in front of you when you enter. Turn left and you’ll find a Prototype Robot Part on a desk with monitors on it.

Collectible #55 - Fulgurite

After entering the Egyptian desert-esque dreamscape you’ll come across one of the temporary walls, with a set of buildings behind it. Deal with the enemies that materialise through the door, then head to your left. You’ll see a stone block beside the left-hand building, climb it and use it to climb the two ledges above. At the top, go right around the wall then wall to the end. Climb up one last time and you’ll see a Fulgurite in front of you.

Collectible #56 - Raven Feather

The final collectible can be found after you begin the purge of Corvus. While the screen says ‘Purge’ and a counter slowly rises to 100%, move out the door and towards the big ‘Coalescence’ sign. There’s a desk there - move to the other side of it and you’ll see a rather fitting Raven Feather waiting for you.

Congratulations, you've found every collectible in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and unlocked the Curator trophy or achievement.

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