Call of Duty 4 maps batter Xbox Live

Connection problems plagued users trying to download the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack this weekend, as Xbox Live struggled to meet demand for the popular FPS's first download content.

During the release users experience various connection errors on Xbox Live, while redeeming Microsoft Points became impossible for others. Thankfully, according to Infinity Ward community manRobert Bowling, it's now safe to back onto Xbox Live:

"Just a heads up that it looks like Marketplace is back on it's feet and running as normal. You should have no problem buying or redeeming the new Variety Map Pack," Bowling said on his semi-official blog. "If you tried yesterday when it was down and received an Invalid Code error, be sure to retry today with the same code."

Bowling also provided an update for PS3 and PC owners waiting for the maps, and it doesn't look like they'll have to wait much longer:

"We've been preparing for the launch of the new maps on the PS3 as well via PSN," he said. "So we should have details on that in the near future (hopefully next week).

"On the PC side of things the Patch is in queue to finish internal QA for release," he added. We wonder if the (free) PlayStation Network version will break as well?

Update: For the record, the boss exclusively played the Variety Map Pack ALL weekend and didn't have a single problem. Apart from nearly ending up single on Saturday night.

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Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 7, 2008