Call of Duty 4: Fastest airstrike ever

Want to call in air support in under 10 seconds? Want to level up your character in the least amount of time? You don’t need to bother with lame aim bots that’ll get you banned from your favorite servers. In fact, you don’t even need to be that good at Call of Duty 4.

Racking up ridiculous kill streaks can be easy if you’re playing under the right conditions. Head to the server “=OG= 24/7 Shipment SlaughterHouse” (their IP address is 69.3115.39:29460). This server supports up to 53 players on CoD 4’s tiniest map, Shipment.

There’ll be lots of incoming fire and grenades flying at you from the second you hop in, so expect to die a lot. Get out of harm’s way as soon as possible and grab a sweet spot where you can crouch near cover or lie prone with a clear view of any of the map’s spawn points. For a brief moment, even the clumsiest player can rack up an impressive kill streak in no time.

Above: Spawning into four live grenades and incoming fire can get pretty annoying. But the unbalanced chaos on this server is part of the fun

Is it cheesy to blast away at a spawn point with a steady stream of helpless traffic? Most definitely. But it’s also a blast – especially if you’re in the mood for a break from the usual rotations of maps and game types. Playing on Shipment with way too many people is also great for those who want to complete challenges quickly and unlock some shiny golden weapons.

=OG= 24/7 Shipment SlaughterHouse usually has about 20 or 30 players spamming grenades and taking free hits at one another, and most of its regulars are pretty laid back and fun to play with. Check out our video below for a look at one of Call of Duty 4’s silliest servers where the airstrikes flow like wine and your average lifespan is about one second.

Below: If you can survive spawning, racking up kills and XP on this server is a piece of cake. See it for yourself

May 7, 2008