Call of Duty: Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4

Clash of the titans

Two of the biggest shooter franchises are out in the wild, and you want to know which is better. In one corner is Call of Duty: Ghosts, a shooter with a history of revolutionary multiplayer gameplay in confined, fast-paced matches and explosive single-player stories. In the other corner is Battlefield 4, the quintessential massive multiplayer shooter. Whether you're demolishing buildings in a tank or gunning down opponents with an assault rifle, you have the freedom to play any way you want, which has given birth to unforgettable "Battlefield moments."

Which blockbuster first-person shooter is better? That's the question we have to ask, isn't it? It's why you're here. After a few weeks of exhaustive play, we're ready to officially take a look at the features both games have to offer, and determine which does it better. In the end, we'll tally up the score and declare the victor. And none of that "herp derp they're both winners!" nonsense--a real winner.

Single-player campaign

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Call of Duty: Ghosts' campaign is as "more Call of Duty" as you could possibly expect, even with the swap from near-future to slightly-further future. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though--the set piece encounters are absolutely massive, and the story provides you with ample excuses to shoot waves of enemies in crumbling buildings. Oh, and there's a dog in it, which, you know, is pretty freaking majestic.

Battlefield 4: Battlefield 3's single-player campaign was downright terrible, and while BF4 doesn't fix all of the problems, it definitely moves in the right direction. Missions throw you into explosive situations and allow you to choose how to approach them, mimicking the feel of multiplayer extremely well. The characters are even likable this time around--more so, even, than Ghosts' leading brothers. It has some issues with pacing, and it definitely feels like levels were cut due to time (or to make DLC) that would have explained some of the missions better, but it's still surprisingly enjoyable.

Single-player Winner: Call of Duty: Ghosts

So, yeah, it's not super original, but we're fans of the world created in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The post-war locations provide a unique take on the areas we've already battled through, and though the characters aren't all that interesting, the Ghosts themselves are absolutely awesome. Call of Duty has never had that super awesome squad of mysterious badasses, and with the Ghosts it finally has its Spartans.

Battlefield, on the other hand, provided a campaign that felt much more in line with the multiplayer, but it faltered when it tried to wrangle it all into a cohesive story. Weird transitions between levels made it feel more like a montage than an actual campaign, and the characters--although interesting--never fully come into their own like Bad Company's.

Multiplayer gameplay

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Ghost's multiplayer has been honed and polished to a fine sheen over half a decade of annual releases. The level design is superb, as each environment supports various play styles with long view distances for sniping, multiple layers for vertical gameplay, and silky smooth controls the series is known for. You might feel like you've done it all before, but if you enjoyed it before, why won't you enjoy it now?

Battlefield 4: Four words: "Only in Battlefield moments." Yeah, it's marketing lingo slung out to describe the stuff you can't do in any other shooter, but, damn, it's true. What other game lets you mow down infantry from the gunner seat of a helicopter, jump out of said chopper before it gets hit by an anti-air rocket, parachute to the ground while dropping C4 on an enemy tank, then set off the multikill explosion as you touch the ground and then y--DUH NU NUN NUN DUH NUN? Every match can play out entirely different from the last, and you never know what to expect when you drop into a new game.

Multiplayer Winner: Battlefield 4

With Ghosts, you're really just getting more of the same. Every match will have you running down the same corridors and sniping across the same kill lanes. All of the gameplay remains distinctly Call of Duty, without much that is surprising or feels new.

In Battlefield 4, sure you'll be playing on the same maps, but its really who you're playing with that makes the matches amazing. Your squadmates' loadouts and play styles can change the way you approach your objectives match-to-match. In addition, any random location on the vast maps can suddenly breakout into an epic firefight that can feel completely different from any other spot in the environment. It all creates a breeding ground for some of the most memorable, and unexpected multiplayer moments you may ever experience in a competitive shooter.

Launch stability

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Infinity Ward has been down this road before, so despite launching on six platforms at once (holy wow), the game hasn't struggled too much so far. Sure, there are some scattered reports of technical issues here and there, but things are holding up well across every platform the game has released on.

Battlefield 4: Though the PlayStation 4 (and last-gen) versions of Battlefield 4 have been fairly stable, the PC version has had it rough. Sometimes everything works fine, and you're able to enjoy incredibly fun multiplayer matches without a problem. Other times? Lag spikes, server kicks, and weird audio glitches. Things are getting better, but we're still a few weeks away from a glitch-free experience.

Launch winner: Call of Duty: Ghosts

Chalk it up to experience or--rather--regularity. Whatever it is, there's no arguing that Activision is simply handling this launch better. There are less issues with Call of Duty, and the online systems are functioning well.

There are other problems with Battlefield's online component as well that are compounded by the issues. Leaving a game (or getting kicked out for absolutely no reason) means you lose all of the points you've earned that round, and if you're using an experience booster you still lose the time spent before being kicked.


Call of Duty: Ghosts: With dozens of weapons, perks, attachments, killstreaks, and character skins to choose from, Ghosts definitely has some of the most elaborate multiplayer customization features in the series. I mean, holy shit, you have 30 perks to choose from, you can finally make a female soldier, and the loadout system supports any run and gun shooter play style you'd want. You might feel overwhelmed by the options.

Battlefield 4: In Battlefield 4, when you're choosing a class, you're choosing how you'll play the game. Assault can load up on the best grenade launchers to wreak havoc, or take a medicine bag and defibrillator to support the team. Recon can hang back and provide sniper support, or strap on some C4 and a carbine for close quarters sabotage. Just about anything you could think to do on the battlefield you can do in Battlefield 4 thanks to the vast customization options.

Customization Winner: Battlefield 4

Call of Duty might not be as much of a sausage fest anymore thanks to the new female soldiers, but Battlefield 4 still outdoes Infinity Ward's shooter with much wider spectrum of gameplay options in its customization features. Unlocking new weapons is awesome, but being able to swap the weapon parts to make it more specific to your play style can make a huge difference. Want a long-range shotgun that fires a deadly slug? Go for it.

Every class feels unique from the others. Then, once you get some new gadgets and weapons unlocked, you can really make each class your own. Just the fact that you can create a character that doesn't even need to shoot a gun to help your team is a testimony to how versatile the gameplay options can be. Seriously, when was the last time you left the killing to your teammates and decided to help the team by setting down an ammo case or spotting tanks in a Call of Duty game?


Call of Duty: Ghosts: What's the next best thing to shoot besides zombies? Aliens. Obviously. This year, developer Infinity Ward unleashed an alien horde for players to pit their squad tactics and skills against. Like Treyarch's Zombies mode, Ghosts' Extinction co-op puts you through a single, progressive map to which you can blast every skittering alien standing between you and destroying their gooey, nasty nests.

Battlefield 4: There might not be a dedicated co-op mode in BF4, but the squad system alone is one of the best cooperative experiences you'll have in a shooter this year. Every soldier class supports the others, and if you have a full squad of friends dedicated to taking one for the team, you're group is essentially unstoppable in a match.

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