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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Perks, Exos, and Wildcards

Build a better soldier

Your loadout is the most important part of the Call of Duty online experience, no doubt about it. If your selection of guns and abilities doesn't cater to your playstyle, you'll be far less effective--and you won't be having nearly as much fun as you would with a perfectly tuned loadout. That's why it's so crucial that you figure out your Pick 13 before diving into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer--and we've got the info to give you a leg up.

Start plotting out the Perks, Exos, and Wildcards you'll want for your loadout by checking out the full range of those currently available. If you plan ahead now, you'll be that much more ahead of the curve on launch day.

Perk 1

These are the perks you can assign to your Perk 1 slot.


Increase movement speed

Low Profile

Invisible to UAVs and Tracking Rounds.

Danger Close

Increased explosive and scorestreak damage.


Extends your Exo Ability battery life and shocks enemies on impact of a boost slam.

Flak Jacket

Reduce damage taken from explosives. No slowdown from explosive damage. Reset grenade times on throwback.

Perk 2

These are the perks you can assign to your Perk 2 slot.


Increases mini-map coverage. Take out enemies without displaying death icons.

Blind Eye

Undetectable by tracking drones, explosive drones, and all Scorestreaks except the UAV.