Buzz Uncut: Out Of This World

Edgar Mitchell: "I got involved with the program because I wanted to know what was out there. At that point in history our concept of the universe was God in the heavens, man in the middle and everything else below. And that was as sophisticated as the public concept of space was.

And the thing for me was to find out what was out there; let’s go find out. Discovery; being pioneers.

I think with the missions being thirty five years in the past we have a better perspective. We see ourselves more in the perspective of history.

I agree with Buzz, one of the more disturbing questions was ‘what it’d feel like?’ And I realized very shortly I didn’t know what it felt like because I was too busy doing and thinking to concentrate on feeling. I did hypnotherapy and found that going to the Moon was mostly a sense of awe and wonderment of something new."