Buzz! The Big Quiz

Your starter for 10: what was the UK's videogame Christmas number one in 2005? Sony's plan was for it to be Buzz! The Music Quiz, presumably thinking that Need for Speed couldn't possibly make it three in a row. But despite its crowd-pleasing buzzer controllers, calculatingly bland presentation and high-energy turn from housewives' favourite Jason Donovan, Buzz only just squeezed into the top 20. So was the whole Buzz venture ill-advised?

Not if its sales since are anything to go by. Buzz has stuck firmly in the charts since its release, and its strong sales are proving, yet again, that Sony UK is leading the way in widening the appeal of the world's most mainstream console.

And since Relentless always had total confidence in the appeal of its idea, it's no surprise the general knowledge version - to be sold both with and without the buzzers - appeared so soon. But it's also no surprise, since there hasn't been much time between the two games, that The Big Quiz suffers from some of the same frustrations as its predecessor.