Buzz! The Big Quiz

The range of question categories - including movies, geography, politics, natural history and sport - is wide enough to satisfy any trivia buff without being off-puttingly in-depth. And to reflect this range, the question types have evolved - asking you to identify pictures of local landmarks, buzz in with the nationality of globe-trotting popstars and pick your way through a multiple-choice minefield of William Hague's biography subject.

But despite the range of topics, the loss of the musical snippets saps the game of some of its atmosphere. Instead, The Big Quiz relies on its participants to provide a soundtrack of guffawing laughter and embarrassed shouts.

Some rounds, such as Pass the Bomb, have been subtly overhauled to improve their play dynamics, but there are still too many rounds which don't quite work: how can you buzz in to identify the nearest example when you don't know how many examples are going to be shown? And, despite attempts to shape each game with Pointbuilder and Pointstealer rounds, there's still no real sense of progression - or of mounting excitement - as the show comes to an end.

The problem now for Relentless is that, with the success of the current version, there can be little impetus to do much more than tweak the game in the future. But, hopefully, later editions will see the game reach its full potential.