Burnout Crash! officially coming to XBLA, PSN this fall

After weeks of leaks and rumors, EA and developer Criterion officially announced the newest Burnout game today, Burnout Crash! (the exclamation point is their’s, though we’re excited too). Planned as a premium downloadable for a fall 2011 release on XBLA and PSN, Crash! is being sold as a return to the franchise’s roots, though the first screens have a new viewpoint that's throwing us for a loop.

With the classic Crash mode at the forefront of the game, the new top-down perspective took us by surprise, though perhaps that vantage point will showcase crashes better. In the press release for the game, Richard Franke, Creative Director of Burnout Crash! said it’s “a crazy mix of pinball and game shows… We’ve evolved the core gameplay which everyone loved about Crash Mode, and expanded the whole experience using music, style and Autolog to create what we feel is the most mindless fun you can have on any gaming platform.”

The game has 18 different “Crash Junctions,” and we’re guessing those junctions are referreing to four-way intersections like the onesin all the screens. This certainly looks scaled back from what we know Burnout as, but we have far from all the answers right now. Look for our first impressions very soon.

Jul 7, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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