Bungie's bigass 20th anniversary documentary may contain a look at its upcoming Activision title

From Minotaur to Myth, Marathon to Master Chief, the House of Halo wasn%26rsquo;t built in a day. Bungie%26rsquo;s got your proof right here, with a ginormous, feature-length documentary that%26rsquo;ll take you on a two-decade journey through one of the biggest developers in the universe. Clear you schedule, because this incredibly well-produced doc is well worth a watch. I mean, for no other reason than it could very well contain your first look at that unseen title Bungie has in development with Activision%26hellip;

We%26rsquo;re hard at work here, so we didn%26rsquo;t have the required hour to watch the whole thing (but there%26rsquo;s nothing stopping you from reviewing the film in the comments below!). However, we saw plenty of great shit while scrubbing through the vid at the speed of professional journalism, including damn everyone ever involved in Bungie, prototype Halo footage, the Penny Arcade boys, Cap%26rsquo;n Malcolm %26ldquo;Nathan Fillion!%26rdquo; Reynolds, AND potentially the first ever footage of Bungie%26rsquo;s upcoming Activision-published project codenamed %26ldquo;Tiger%26rdquo; rumored to be a sci-fi massively-multiplayer, first-person shooter.

Above: Daggum, ya'll! This shore ain't no Halo mapI ever seed...

Watching the teams' excitementduring the final minutes of the video certainly adds some credence to that speculation. Oh yeah, then there's this tiny emblem:

Above: This innocuous symbol at the end of the doc could be your key to "Destiny"

We'll let you know more as soon as we do.

Aug 4, 2011