Bungie updates Halo 3

Dec 10, 2007

Bungie is revamping Halo 3 playlists to coincide with tomorrow’s release of the Heroic Map Pack.

The developer has this to say of the update:

"This playlist is going to include a playlist specifically for the new Heroic DLC maps (so that early adopters can get their fix in), as well as incorporating those maps into the general playlists.

"In addition, we're reasonably sure that variety updates to almost all of the playlists will be included. This includes some long requested BR Start variants, wider map selection in the Ranked playlists, and a couple of map variants that we're going to try in BTB to start with.

"We're a little hamstrung on this first update because the studio resources are giving priority to finishing and testing the Heroic DLC maps, but we do have more in mind for December."

What that "more in mind" equates is a second update due December 18 that'll include the Team Hardcore playlist. Further details on this are yet to be released but Bungie has said it's "trying to stay true to Halo 2's THC playlist, which means nothing crazy, but a solid variety."

Bungie adds, "The current plan includes an overhaul for Team Objective. This playlist will henceforth be focused on CTF (both One Flag and Multi Flag variants, as has been frequently requested) and Assault (One Bomb, Multi Bomb, and Neutral Bomb) variants. VIP is out, until we have some time to bang on it and get something we're happy with."

The developer also says that it's introducing Team Control playlist - "which is based on zone control gametypes like Territories, Land Grab, and a little bit of Team King" - and that early in the New Year a Ranked BTB (Big Team Battle) playlist will be introduced.

Courtesy of CVG.