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Bungie says “There will be another Gjallarhorn in Destiny...”

Still dreaming of a Year Two version of Gjallarhorn making it to Destiny (opens in new tab)? Well, the bad news is that we're not getting it for the April update (opens in new tab), which is live now. However, Bungie knows that we all want it, and it will be a part of the game's future in some way. Ok, let me explain.

Speaking to me about the new update, Bungie's community manager DeeJ was keen to chat about the highly desirable Exotic. When asked straight-up about 'when is Gjallarhorn coming to Year Two' he laughed and told me “That's a question I won't answer”. But... we then got chatting about Zen Meteor, the new PS4 exclusive Exotic Sniper, and he opened up about the team's ambitions for certain pieces of kit.

“A lot of people thought players loved the Gjallarhorn because it was so powerful,” says DeeJ. “And we said 'yes, that's true, but we only made the Gjallarhorn the most powerful weapon because it was so beautiful'. You asked me before about what makes Zen Meteor so special - and that's really what we're trying to do now. We're trying to create the next thing that captures the imaginations of the players because it's such a beautiful weapon, and it makes them feel so powerful. Hopefully there will be another Gjallarhorn in Destiny's future, whether it's the actual Year Two Gjallarhorn or a spiritual successor.”

It's clear that Bungie loves stand-out weapons like Gjallarhorn, Thorn (opens in new tab), Vex Mythoclast... and Zen Meteor could be the next to join this exclusive list. But as for the Gjally itself? We'll have to wait a little longer for that to happen, although we may soon get another teasing glimpse at the weapon on Twitch.

“We were in Emerald City ComicCon over the weekend, and we did a creative session where we showed people sketches of the Gjallarhorn, and how it evolved throughout the creative process,” says DeeJ. “I'm going to get those guys up on Twitch so they can show it to everyone who plays Destiny, not just the people in Emerald City, because the Gjallarhorn was quite a fan favourite, and a genuine phenomenon.”

No arguments there. Now, can we have our Exotic Rocket Launcher back, please, Mr?

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