Bungie on Halo 3 Beta secrets

"I wouldn't read too much into any information that people allegedly found buried in the Beta code," reckons Brian Jarrard, Bungie's community top bod. After all, it was only a test run." Anything and everything can and will change," Jarrard informed us after we pinned Bungie down for an in-depth quiz on the recent Halo 3 Beta fallout.

The customizable Spartan suits hinted at by lines in the code have certainly been confirmed. Images of the different armor bits were splashed through a recent issue of GamePro. But Jarrard stresses that "some of those items were still relics from last year," left in because there just wasn't enough time to scrub them out.

Though Jarrard has told us that Bungie enjoyed seeing you get into a tizzy: "It was fun to see the Halo community getting into a frenzy. In that regard, you might even wonder if some of that code WAS left in there intentionally... Hmmm..."

Bungie's leftovers certainly kept the Halo hype motoring on after the Beta had finished. Given Bungie's drip-feed traditions, we'll be amazed if there aren't more eye-opening revelations still up the developer's sleeve, ready to be deployed at just the right time.

To read the full interview,click here. We ask why the Crackdown sign-up cracked, how many players smashed into Bungie's Beta servers, and just what's with the shotty snipers mode, anyway?

June 28, 2007

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