Bungie hints at Halo 3 campaign mode

Bungie's winks and nudges regarding the Halo 3 single-player campaign continue with this new batch ofteasing, whichnearly drove us to tear our hair out in frustration. We're nearly done with the multiplayer beta, so we're willing to accept more teasing from the boys at Bungie.net. They had this to say:

"We've been playing all the way through the game for weeks now," says Bungie man Frank O'Connor, in the latest Bungie.net update. "Our favorite level at the moment (and it changes week by week) is the challenge presented by the very last level.

"Joe and I were taking turns at a driving challenge somewhere else in the game, created by Dan Miller, one of our Campaign designers. Now being backseat drivers AND backseat game designers, we gave him loads of awesome feedback. We can only imagine how grateful he was for it. In a very real way, he's lucky to have us."

"Speaking of driving," the teasing continues, "I was trying a speed run on one of my other favorite levels (earlier one) which has a spot you're technically not supposed to get a vehicle across. This was slowing me down and cramping my style, so I used my top-secret new vehicle to nudge some bits of debris around to make a ramp. Massive justice! Leap achieved. When I reported this to that level's designer, Chris, he was all, 'Well dur, how come it took you a year to figure that out?'

"Sketch and Luke, meanwhile, have been trying out Legendary. Sketch was playing through the first level, while Luke tried one of the middle ones. 'Jackals are jerks!' and 'Even Lee can't throw a plasma that accurately!' are the yells coming from their monkeypit."

We've still yet to get a look at what the Halo 3 single-player campaign actually looks like, but a bunch of beta hackers recently uncovered the names of thenine campaign levels(spoilers ahoy), which is probably as much as we're going to get until September.

The multiplayer beta meanwhile wraps up this Sunday, so don't forget to get your kills in before we're left pining for three lonely months.

June 4, 2007