Bullet Witch rides her broom across the Pacific

If there's a 360 game from Japan that's creating plenty of buzz right now, it's Dead Rising. Wait... we meant a game that actually hadn't yet been announced for US release. So scratch that: we're talking about Bullet Witch.

The game puts you in the magical shoes of a feisty witch named Alicia. By 2013, the world has become overrun with demons - and the human race is on the brink of being wiped out. The best solution, apparently, is to send a sexy woman with a gun shaped like a broom into the fray. It's not exactly Spielberg, but it'll do.

The big news here is that Atari plans to bring the game to the US. It's already out in Japan, but we were getting impatient... now, we'll have to fume about the lack of a solid release date, because Atari hasn't coughed one up yet.

In the meantime, you can check out ourprevious story on the game, laden down with screens from the near-final Japanese version. We've also got a couple of new images to go along with the US release announcement, so don't forget to take a stab at the Images tab up above to see them all in their delicious 360-powered high resolution.

August 9, 2006