Built-in PS3 hard drive confirmed

Sony's PlayStation 3 is to come bundled with the necessary 60GB hard drive when the next-gen console launches in November, it has been confirmed.

After the announcement made atlast week's PlayStation business briefing, everybody knows that the PS3 will require a detachable 60GB hard drive. The drive will also double up as a home server, provide online access and even has Linux installed, as your mother could probably tell you.

But there was one crucial detail that was left unclear - would PS3 owners have to buy the HDD, or would it be bundled with the machine? Eagle-eyed readers will remember that it's the latter, as we confirmed in anews post last week, but now that confirmation has been backed up by our sister site,Next-Gen. Larger HDDs will also be made available when the PS3 is released.

Which, of course, sounds perfectly reasonable. So there you go, console war fans - PS3 is officiallythree times better than Xbox 360, or something.