Build your own Halo Infinite warthog and more with these new toys from Mega Construx

(Image credit: Mega Bloks)

Mega Construx and the Halo brand are bringing more toys inspired by Master Chief's world to ours. 

Mega Construx is a licensed offshoot of the Mega Bloks company which focuses specifically on known IP and brings them to life through Lego-like playsets. The company has previously worked on other franchises like Call of Duty, Game of Thrones, and Assassin's Creed. It's been responsible for some awesome Halo building toys for years already and the company's Twitter has now revealed some new playsets arriving alongside the fall launch of Halo Infinite

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The warthog is unquestionably the most iconic vehicle from the long-running Halo series, but Mega Construx has given builders an entire fleet of wheels and wings to create. You can also pick up the Pelican aircraft which can fit several of your Spartan heroes in the back, or the co-op classic Mongoose, and of course they can all be customized and rebuilt how you see fit - maybe you'll even give 343 some ideas.

If you need even more Halo Infinite toys in your life, the brand has also teamed up with Nerf to bring fans some replica blasters, including the famous needler which, thankfully, does not come with explosive rounds like it does for the Covenant. With toy aisles starting to fill up with more and more Master Chief memorabilia, you know it's nearly time for us to drop into Halo Infinite. The game itself looks impressive so far, but like other Xbox Game Studios titles, it comes with the added bonus of hitting Xbox Game Pass on day one. 

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