Bruce Wayne and Damian come face to face in Batman vs. Robin #4 preview

Batman Vs. Robin #4 pages
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Batman Vs. Robin #4 promises "total annihilation" when it lands on December 20, kicking off DC's big 2023 Lazarus Planet event in which the DCU is remade and reimagined through the power of the life-restoring Lazarus Pit.

But before all that, Bruce Wayne will come face-to-face with his son and opponent Damian, who is out to kill his own father at the behest of the villainous Devil Nezha, who debuted in a flashback story told in Batman/Superman: World's Finest (a title which is also written by Batman Vs. Superman writer Mark Waid).

Batman's not having it though, ready to engage his own son as he chastises him for bringing a sword to fight him, going so far as to call Damian a coward for bringing a weapon to the fight.

Batman Vs. Robin #4 is written by Waid with art from Mahmud Asrar, Scott Godlewski, and Jordie Bellaire, with letters from Steve Wands.

Here's the gallery of interior pages, showing Batman and Damian's face off:

Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul who was genetically created to be the perfect warrior for the group of assassins known as the League of Shadows. But after just a few years, Bruce Wayne brought him home as his son, teaching him to become the latest Robin.

However, Batman Vs. Robin has awakened troubling violence in Damian as he's come under the influence of the Devil Nezha, who will remake the world using the power of the Lazarus Pit.

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