Brothers Of The Head review

Best known for Lost In La Mancha, their revealing portrait of Terry Gilliam’s doomed efforts to shoot his Don Quixote project, American duo Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe return with this eccentric mockumentary, charting the rise and fall of a pair of conjoined twins (played by real-life siblings Luke and Harry Treadaway) and their band, The Bang Bang, on London’s mid-’70s music scene.

Adhering to the rock’n’roll mythology of exploitation, excess and madness, Brothers Of The Head stitches together dream sequences, scenes from invented Ken Russell movie Two-Way Romeo, fake period footage from an imaginary US documentary, and present-day interviews with ‘survivors’. All this structural game-playing dilutes the emotional impact, but the Treadaways and Tania Emery, as the journalist whose affections tragically drive a wedge between the twins, are strong.

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