Brothers in Arms PS3 tilt plans

Friday 25 August 2006
The developer of Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway has revealed that it is currently experimenting with ways to utilise the tilt function of the PS3 controller.

After demoing the impressive third game in the Brothers in Arms series, we asked Gearbox Software's president, Randy Pitchford, whether the game would make use of PS3's tilting powers.

"There's a recon team that has a jeep and we're thinking about steering the jeep or playing with that... There's a couple of other things, with aiming mortars and stuff."

However, Pitchford was quick to point out that he "didn't want to make any specific promises about what goes into the final game because we're just now experimenting with this technology."

Above: BIA3's developer is working on ways to use the PS3 controller's tilt function

We also asked Pitchford whether creating one game with rumble (Xbox 360) and one without (PS3) was causing trouble in terms of development. "We're not having trouble, but we're missing it - we like feedback." Don't we all, Randy, don't we all.