Breath of the Wild player walks entire world row by row; this map is the result

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a massive game with an equally massive number of things to find in its rolling hills and deep caves. But the biggest scavenger hunt is unquestionably the Korok Seeds. With 900 to find scattered throughout the world, many of those who want to find each and every one will turn to a Korok Seeds location guide. Kind of like that one at that very link.

But not Reddit user J-Ro.

J-Ro posted a map to r/Breath_of_the_Wild showing a trail of the path they took through Hyrule as they sought to discover every Korok Seed without consulting a guide. It's supremely satisfying just to look at, as well as impressive to think about.

So how did they do it and keep track? J-Ro says they would mark off a square area with stamps, then use a glowing pin to mark the first walk north, travel to it, head east, then mark the end of the walk south with another glowing pin, walk to that, and repeat. Once a square had been filled in, J-Ro would move the stamps and start over.

J-Ro writes that the image is actually made up of more than one screenshot, stitched together in Photoshop to show the clearest lines. That said, this is still from one playthrough, completed to 100%, over the course of more than 360 hours. And even with this style of seeking out every Korok Seed, J-Ro ended their journey four short, and had to consult a guide to find the stragglers. So yeah. Nintendo hid these things really well.

Bravo, J-Ro. That is some impressive work. For the rest of you... did I mention we can help you find every Korok Seed?

Sam Prell

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