Bravely Default bestiary guide

Sharpen your swords and dig out those daggers because we’re about to embark on the most dangerous and epic of quests known to man; we’re going to fill out Bravely Default's encyclopedia and it’s no small feat. The forests and seas of Luxendarc house an abundance of peculiar looking wildlife and you wouldn’t expect anything less from a Square Enix title.

Filling in the entries isn’t as straightforward as you’d expect as at the start of chapter 5, the flora and fauna you’ll have become accustomed to will disappear from the world forever to be replaced with even stranger looking counterparts that are ready and waiting to populate the blank entries in your book of knowledge (with the exception of the residents in Vampire Castle).

To make the task of tracking down these wily critters easier, each entry will specify whether the beast can be found before or after the world wipe that occurs in chapter 5 and the items that can be stolen from them. Some encounters are exclusive to a particular chapter and in that case the specific chapter will be referenced, but these are forced encounters that pop up as part of the main storyline and as such can’t be missed.

One last piece of advice for the intrepid adventurer is if you’re looking to avoid spoilers, don’t delve into the Bosses section too deeply as some of the entries will allude to plot points with all the subtlety of the world’s largest whoopee cushion on the world’s smallest chair.

Don’t forget, if you’ve missed an entry before chapter 5 or are having trouble finding some of the rarer beasts (like Guzzler), the bonus dungeon The Dimension Hasp contains every monster in the game, but beware – it’s one tough dungeon with a single save point on the first floor and teleport stones won’t work. Good luck!

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