Brad Pitt steps in to the ring for The Fighter

One of the few really useful elements of all those Ocean’s movies – at least if you’re a director looking to fill a suddenly gaping actor-shaped hole in your film – is that the sprawling cast all know each other and can suggest replacements from among their heist-happy number.

Take Darren Aronofsky, who has been faced with losing Matt Damon as the lead in his next movie, The Fighter, about boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward and his strange path to the world title.

While Damon’s schedule has become too crowded, Brad Pitt has stepped into his place, and will play the storied boxer’s brother Dicky Ecklund, who managed to overcome a life of crime to coach him on a stunning championship effort.

Mark Wahlberg is still on board to play Mickey, and is hoping Pitt will find time to join the film once he finishes State Of Play. Hmm… So, then - Darren Aronofsky working again with the man who effectively shut down the original version of The Fountain? Seconds out: round two…

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