Boy this Rick & Morty season 3 promo sure is… something

Rick & Morty has always been a weird, gross program. The pilot episode has Rick convincing his underage grandson to smuggle giant seeds in his rectum, after all - that's just part of the show's charm. But even so, this new promo for the upcoming Rick & Morty season 3 premiere might be the weirdest, the grossest, and the hardest to wrap your head around it's ever been:

The short was produced by animation studio Titmouse and features more than 20 animation styles. I feel like my personal favorite is the scene with Morty as a giant bug monster that spews larvae from his mouth, while my least favorite is the one that immediately follows it - watching Morty be popped out of a pimple, claymation-style, is an image that's gonna stick with me in all the wrong ways.

Rick & Morty season 3 begins July 30.

Image: Titmouse

Sam Prell

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